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Those images, which had appeared deep inside Qian Ren Xue’s soul, came from her innermost memory. But she had never thought that the third shadow was Tang San. The man who was playing the harp in front of her was Tang San, performing in the Moon Pavilion at his graduation ceremony, wasn’t it?

Qian Ren Xue understood that she had engraved Tang San’s image from that moment. At that time, she was Xue Qinghe’s little sister, attending the graduation ceremony. She had smiled and told that princess to take a look at Tang San, but she didn’t think that her soul had been sinking from then. Now she also understood why she could have a chance to win at that time, but she still hoped Tang San could submit to her. Turned out, she had a desire of conquering him, making him her man.

Hearing Qian Ren Xue calling, the shadow of Tang San in her soul slowly stood up, smiled at her, spreading his arms toward her. The harp disappeared inaudibly, there was only that warm embrace in her eyes.
She didn’t hesitate to storm into his chest, the warm and comfy feelings filled her soul immediately and spreading all over her body. All painful sorrow vaguely vanished at this moment. She hugged that courteous figure tightly as if she wanted to merge herself into his body.

No one knew how, but the clothes on that man had been disappeared gradually. Two naked bodies cuddled passionately. The pleasant feeling which she never had before, embraced Qian Ren Xue’s heart, she even forgot that she was receiving the Angelic God’s inheritance. The shadow of that man had emerged all her soul. She responded wildly, from being passive to taking the lead. She was over thirty years old, but this was the first time she had been with a man.

Her soul was shivering violently, her body gradually came to the peak of the procedure. All extreme sorrow, pains and desires inside her soul burst out at this moment.

From the day she was born, deep inside her innermost feeling, there was always a dark space. During this inheritance of Angelic God procedure, all dark aspects in her mind became the barriers, preventing her from becoming a god. At this moment, she had exuded all the miseries in her mind, the path leading to God title became smoother.

Inside the Angel Hall, Qian Ren Xue’s true body was moving in midair, six big wings on her back were slightly flapping. But her body was struggling and wiggling wildly, gold light on her body rippled unceasingly. Vaguely, her skin turned pink, strange liquid flowed down her thighs. The gold liquid that had been covering all of her body, now detached around one fen [1] apart from her skin, gradually formed into shape.


Qian Ren Xue suddenly screeched, her body violently crouched in pain. The golden liquid on her body was like a stream puffing out from the well. In a flash, with some strange sounds, her body started to change eccentrically.

The patterned golden liquid formed a shape just in a blink. It was a splendid gold armour, which was made perfectly for her generous features: round at the chest and tight at the waist. The lower part of the armour was exactly the length of her slender legs. The shoulder was like half of a circle, together with the other parts covered her perfect body. On her forehead, the mark of the little angel now bloomed with dazzling gold beams, turned into a ring held tight on her forehead. At the central of the ring, there was a sparkling gem with the shape of a little angel. Light waves were rippling from it. There were seven waves in total, making the accessory looked like a queen’s crown.

Feather pattern spread over all corners of the armour. Six wings on her back completely turned into gold. Her body was gently floating, rippling waves spread out one by one from her body. The grey sword had become the Angelic Sword in her hand, waving like an angel wing. The furious gold flame was rising from beneath of her feet, covering her body. Right behind her, a giant illusion of an Angel appeared clearly, enveloped her body and then shrank until it completely entered her body.

The little angel gem on her crown projected beautiful aureole turning into a flow of icy-cold air infiltrated in Qian Ren Xue’s soul and burst out in just a second.

All illusions vanished in just a moment. The man who had brought her to the peak was crushed by the gold light. Qian Ren Xue’s soul awakened immediately. The feeling of having a strange energy replaced that pleasant climax startled her; her body was shivering.

She slowly opened her eyes, everything became clear. She felt like she could hold the sky and the earth in her hands. This formidable force almost made her groan.

Illusion, all were illusions. Qian Ren Xue was floating blankly. She suddenly realised that after she officially took the Angelic God title, she didn’t feel excited, contrastingly, she felt lost. Her soul had gained more desires after being buried in that warm embrace, the pleasant feelings that nothing could compare.

She could feel wet down there. Even her power had become so extreme, she couldn’t wash out the feeling of turning from a girl into a woman.

“I… can’t believe I had lewd thought with him…”

Qian Ren Xue couldn’t understand her tangled feelings now. But she genuinely understood that those three shadows in her mind were the ones who could affect her when she became a god.
Grandpa has sacrificed for me; Bibi Dong, no matter what she is my mother. But Tang San, he appeared last. He is the deepest thought that helped me became a god. How should I behave if I meet him? He’s my enemy, if I want to solve this, I can only choose between conquering him or destroying him.

Aghhh….. Qian Ren Xue screeched again. Gold light on her body surged furiously. The Angelic Armament on her body completely turned into The Divine Angelic Armament. Light pattern, shaped like a feather, radiated one by one, violently swirling around her body.


Spirit City. Elders Hall.

At the central of the hall, the giant Angel statue suddenly shook unexpectedly. Hair-beam of gold light started to appear on the statue, projected patterned gold light.


 In a second, the statue was smashed into countless light dots scattering in the middle of the air. At the central of the explosion, Qian Ren Xue was back. She was covered in gold armour with six wings slightly flapping. To be exact, we have to say, the Angelic God Qian Ren Xue just came back.
Rising the Angelic Sword over her head, the immense gold flame turned into a gold light pillar plunging up, breaking the ceiling of the hall. The formidable surge of power steadily dimmed the light of the sun.

Bibi Dong was in a horse-drawn carriage, cultivating. Her body was fragile. Thus, even she was the Empress of the Spirit Empire, she had only one hundred spirit masters and Hu Lie Na, escorting her now.

It had been three days since they departed from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, but the way to the Spirit City was still too far. Bibi Dong had recovered quite a bit, but it would take a long time to fully heal.

While cultivating, the spider web pattern on Bibi Dong’s head suddenly glowed. She opened her eyes in the middle of the cultivation process, fear couldn’t be hidden in her eyes. She immediately got out of the carriage, looking toward the Spirit City.

What she could see was only the vast horizon. But it seemed she actually saw something, her body couldn’t be controlled. She was shivering. She clenched her fists, didn’t realised her fingernails had cut her palms.

“No. It’s impossible. He is just the Angelic God’s guardian, he can’t become a god? Why this kind of aura exists? Why?”

“Teacher, what’s the matter?”

Getting scared of Bibi Dong’s action, Hu Lie Na hurried to support her.
Bibi Dong had no strength anymore, laying feebly in Hu Lie Na lap, she repeatedly muttered:

“It’s impossible…”

There was another person that had the same feeling with Bibi Dong at that time.

Flying rapidly for three days, Tang San finally reached Star Dou Forest. Right when he just got inside the Star Dou Forest, there was a burning feeling on his forehead that forced him to look at one direction.

Vaguely, Tang San witnessed a gigantic shadow of an Angel appeared on the far horizon. That illusion was so big it could cover the whole sky. The furious pressure, which was like an earthquake, was burning the Seagod Trident’s mark on his head. He could feel his blood was boiling.

This is……

Tang San stopped walking, his earnest face looked toward the formidable pressure. From the direction, it was from the Spirit City! Maybe there’s something strange there! This energy is familiar, just like when Qian Ren Xue performed her six-winged Seraphim spirit, but much more powerful. Is it Qian Dao Liu? But do humankind can project such energy?

The time Tang San had been cultivating wasn’t long enough, his knowledge on the six-winged Seraphim spirit wasn’t as much as Bibi Dong’s. Thus, his sense wasn’t as intensive as Bibi Dong. But he could feel something like a massive block of stone put on his chest, making it hard for him to speak. This feeling was there until the shadow of the Angel ceased, after that, it gradually disappeared.
An unfamiliar light flashed in his eyes. After a while, Tang San slowly calmed down. No matter what has happened there, my critical mission now is to inherit the Sea God title. Only when I became the Sea God, I could have the ability to change this complexion.

With this thought, Tang San holding the Seagod Trident in his hand, started to walk into Star Dou Forest.

Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer spirit had three spirit rings, the Sea God’s Eighth Challenge required him to add enough spirit rings and spirit bones, then kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. This time, he came to Star Dou Forest to find five spirit rings. This was to increase the total number of spirit rings of the Clear Sky Hammer to eight rings. The last spirit ring and spirit bone, he would wait until he could kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.

Star Dou Forest had many kinds of spirit beasts. Even the one hundred thousand years spirit beasts weren’t many, but there were still other fifty thousand years beats. With the superior advantage of the Blue Silver Domain, Tang San wanted to find five spirit rings as fast as possible, then he would gather with his comrades to kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. After that they would return to the Sea God Island, complete the ninth challenge and inherit the Sea God title.

Last time, when Tang San met Tang Chen, Tang Chen also said that he wanted to go to the Sea God Island. This time, Tang San wanted to invite him to return from the Sea God Island. Great grandfather is at least a half-god now, if I can inherit the Sea God title, we can ease our mind regarding the war on the continent. Spirit Empire’s doomsday won’t be so far ahead.

Although the pressure came from Spirit City subdued him, he still believed one hundred percent that, with his father’s assistance, he could receive the Sea God’s inheritance. They wouldn’t be afraid of Qian Dao Liu.

Entering Star Dou Forest, the pleasant scent of refreshing air and plants was everywhere, making Tang San’s emotions changed. He still remembered the first time he was here, his innermost feeling was stimulated. That experience could be seen as the most important gate leading to his improvement later. To this forest, he had some special feelings.

When he came here the first time, he encountered the thousand years Man-faced Devil Spider spirit, also, the first time he experienced pain due to his weak capacity. Of course, it was also the first time he saw Giant Titan Ape Er Ming.

Da Ming and Er Ming sacrificed themselves to save Xiao Wu. If they could witness things from the other world, they would be happy seeing the resurrection of Xiao Wu. But what made Tang San appreciated the Star Dou Forest the most was this place had given birth to Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu had been living here for one hundred thousand years! Xiao Wu, I will protect you, I won’t let anyone or anything hurt you! Wait until we destroy the Spirit Empire, I will definitely give you the biggest wedding ever, making you my wife.

When he thought about Xiao Wu, a tender feeling rose in his heart. Even though they were just separated for a few days, her images had filled his heart already. My dear wife, now I feel what they call “one day without seeing you is as long as three autumns have passed by”. They had been through many things to be together, Tang San really appreciated it. If it weren’t because of the rushing time, he would definitely not be apart from her.

Swoosh. There was a spirit beast that just jumped up not far from Tang San, waking him from his longed thought for Xiao Wu. Tang San couldn’t help but laugh, he realised his temper had changed a lot. If he were the previous Tang San, he would hurry to defend, but now he wasn’t afraid of anything. Even his targets this time were fifty thousand years spirit beasts, they couldn’t threaten him much.

A faint blue light filled Tang San’s eyes, to save time, he used the Blue Silver Domain directly.

The soft blue light was like rippling waves. When Blue Silver Grass on the ground had come in contact with this blue light, they started to move like they were dancing, all the leaves leant toward Tang San, waving in joy. Tang San could feel their happiness deeply.

His mental power released appeasing power, Tang San could feel there were more and more Blue Silver Grass had joined his domain. His mental power was spreading out. Blue Silver Grass became his eyes now. With his stage now, releasing the Blue Silver Domain shouldn’t consume his energy much, because his healing speed was faster that the discharging speed. Twin spirits with the Sea God’s Light brought him big benefits, even if he used the spirit avatar to search, the energy consumed was insignificant.

It seemed the Star Dou Forest could sense the surge of Blue Silver Domain’s energy making the atmosphere became silent. Covered inside Tang San’s immense mental strength, most of the low-level spirit beasts calmed, they didn’t even have the thought of hiding away, they could only lay on where they were, didn’t dare to move an inch. For higher-level spirit beasts, Tang San didn’t let them sense the existence of Blue Silver Domain, this made him merged with the Star Dou Forest, becoming a part of it.

Under the direction of Blue Silver Domain, Tang San continued to fly, directly plunged forward in the middle of the forest. With Blue Silver Domain’s assistance, he didn’t need to use his eyes to avoid obstacles. He was like a blue fog cloud dashing deeper in the Star Dou Forest. Because top rank spirit beasts stayed deep inside the forest.

Soon, Tang San spotted his first target, Blue Silver Domain focused and sensed a spirit beast.

Tang San’s fortune was good enough. He felt this beast when he hadn’t reached deep inside the Star Dou Forest yet. After Blue Silver Domain had evolved one more time, its sensing ability reached a new level. Tang San could calculate the cultivation level of the spirit beats. His target had the cultivation of fifty to sixty thousand years. This was a good target. Moreover, it had the ability that he needed.

With his fast speed, Tang San was shortening the distance between him and that spirit beats. Moreover, with the Blue Silver Domain’s sensing ability, in this vast forest, even an Agility Title Douluo couldn’t escape. Just in a short time, he found his target.
When he was about one hundred meters away from the target, suddenly, he felt his surroundings darkened. Obviously, there was no cloud on the sky, sunlight was shining everywhere, but in this forest, it was a gloomy dark.

Ugh, what happened? According to the Blue Silver Domain, Tang San understood that this spirit beast was a tiger beast relying on strength to upgrade. Because of the Great Sumeru Hammer, what he needed was a strength type, didn’t matter what kind of animal it was. However, this dim light proved that this tiger spirit beats wasn’t an ordinary one, it had a domain.

In the spirit beats world, only one hundred thousand years spirit beasts could possess domains. Also, when the spirit beats had been cultivating for one hundred thousand years, they would develop a domain suitable to its attributes. So, the highest level spirit beasts were even stronger than human Title Douluo. This spirit beast just had a sixty thousand years cultivation, but it had a domain, meant its nature was really astounding. Might be it wasn’t less than the two kings of Star Dou Forest, Giant Titan Ape and the Blue Sky Bull Python. The difference was just the level of cultivation.


This finding made Tang San happy. The stronger the spirit beast was, the better the spirit ring, its attributes and boosting would be. With his capacity, it wasn’t too difficult to kill a one thousand years spirit beats; he didn’t think that this sixty thousand years spirit beast could bring him big troubles. Tang San didn’t hesitate. Followed the Blue Silver Domain’s direction, he flew to the target, meanwhile, raising the Seagod Trident in his hand.

He didn’t want to waste time here, it should be quick, so he could go to the Sea God Hall sooner. The dim light with the constant change of breath surrounded him. Tang San, with his rich experience, could guess that this spirit beast’s domain could be a Demonic Domain. His Seagod Trident’s nature was Water and Light, assisted with the divine breath, it could strongly dominate this demonic domain.

Of course, darkness could beat the light. However, it was impossible to oppress the Seagod Trident. Even a demonic one thousand years spirit beast couldn’t do that because it was a divine weapon. Its features were enough for Tang San to subdue his target.
A Sea God’s Light projected from Tang San’s head shone on the Seagod Trident. Immediately, a dazzling gold light burst out from the Sea God’s Heart. The Seagod Trident instantly returned to its original appearance. Gold light radiated furiously washing the darkness away, lit up the path ahead.

GRRRR…, a low roar lingered with the Sea God’s Light resounded. Concurrently, Tang San saw a giant spirit beats, strongly stood up from its prostrate position. It was gazing at him cruelly.

It was a giant black tiger. Its body was pure black without a single different color hair. Its red eyes were full of dreary pressure, its body was over eight meters, built with muscles, at least was about three thousand jin [2]. The letter Wang [3] on its forehead was also black, but it was different from the black colour of his body. This black was like the colour of the gloomy dark fog. But its tail was the most bizarre thing, it was much bigger than other tiger spirit beasts’ tail. Moreover, it was held up, pointing forward. This tail was made of numerous bones, there was a hook at the end of it, shining with supremacy.

Seeing it, Tang San immediately flicked his brain and came up with a special spirit beast that Grandmaster had told him. The number of this rare kind was even less than the Man-faced Evil Spider.

Moreover, this kind of spirit beast had disappeared for a long time ago. Grandmaster found the information from an ancient book. This species was very peculiar, the number of them was so small. When Grandmaster had taught him about it, he didn’t say explicitly but he confirmed that this was a very special and high-quality spirit beast. This was why they hardly survived in the spirit beast world.

Given by the reading in the ancient book, this species was called the Dark Demonic God Tiger. According to a legend, Demonic God had enveloped the White Tiger and changed it. White Tiger used to be a Light style spirit beast, since then it had turned into Dark style. Two black wings had grown represented degeneration [3], its tail was the Demonic God’s Hook just like the scorpion’s tail.

Dark Demonic God Tiger’s strength was truly powerful. Generally, any spirit beast could become a human’s spirit, but this Dark Demonic God Tiger was an exception, no one ever had it as a spirit. The Dark Demonic God Tiger itself wasn’t the problem, it was the features that the Demonic God had left on them that human being’s body couldn’t bear. From the spirit rank point of view, it was similar with the Six-winged Seraphim.


The Dark Demonic God Tiger had an extremely overbearing instinct. Its development didn’t come from its cultivation because it was extremely hard for it to cultivate. It could only devour other spirit beasts or spirit masters to level up its capacity. That was why whenever this kind of spirit beasts appeared, other spirit beasts would join and kill it before it became stronger. Thus, the thousand years Dark Demonic God Tiger were very rare, not to mention this sixty thousand years one standing in front of Tang San.

According to Grandmaster, this top rank spirit beast could provoke spirit beasts whose level was higher than its. In other words, a ten thousand years Dark Demonic God Tiger could beat a one hundred thousand years spirit beast.

Seeing Tang San suddenly stood up, light sparked in the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s eyes. It was strange that the tiger didn’t have any intention of running away even when facing the Seagod Trident. Its roars were full of excitement. The tiger deliberately lifted it paws, walking toward Tang San.

Encountering the divine light projected from the Seagod Trident without running away, this was enough to tell how strong the Dark Demonic God Tiger was. At the same time, Tang San felt both of his hands was as though it was burning, the exciting energy surging furiously.

This wasn’t the surge came from his Mysterious Sky Skills, but from the spirit bones in his arms. Apparently, the soul of the Giant Titan Ape in the left arm bone and the soul of Blue Sky Bull Python in the right arm had recognised this Dark Demonic God Tiger. Moreover, their excitement wasn’t the joy of meeting an old friend, but full of hostility. They didn’t back off, though.

Tang San was very smart, from this simple detail he could guess that this Dark Demonic God Tiger had encountered Da Ming and Er Ming before. Being the two forest Kings’ opponent but still standing here at this moment had proved that this Dark Demonic God Tiger was formidably powerful.

Tang San’s assumption was correct. Da Ming and Er Ming were almost the strongest spirit beasts in Star Dou Forest, but their capacity wasn’t absolute. This Dark Demonic God Tiger standing in front of him had the cultivation of sixty thousand years, but its ability and power were so tremendous that even Da Ming and Er Ming had to be wary of. They had fought many times, Da Ming and Er Ming could push the Dark Demonic God Tiger out of Star Dou Forest, but they couldn’t kill it.

After Da Ming and Er Ming had sacrificed for Tang San, the breath of these two Forest Kings had disappeared in this immense forest. This Dark Demonic God Tiger was waiting for the chance to come back to this place where it was full of spirit beasts to improve its power. It had come back here silently.

At first, the tiger was so careful, always sensed for Da Ming and Er Ming’s breaths. Its cultivation hadn’t reached level one hundred thousand years yet, if facing them directly, it couldn’t bear the joint-defense of the two Forest Kings.

Soon, when it figured out that Star Dou Forest didn’t have the breath of Da Ming and Er Ming anymore, it decently came back. However, the tiger understood well that its way of cultivated caused more resentment, it didn’t dare to come to the central of the Star Dou Forest. It was just surveying near the edge of the forest, killing some small spirit beasts to enhance its cultivation. The tiger was accumulating power, when enough, it would enter the central of the forest, searching for those top rank spirit beasts to take revenge. The Dark Demonic God Tiger, if it could cultivate to the peak, possibly it could become the Demonic God with the same intelligence as human beings. This Dark Demonic God Tiger standing in front of Tang San was very smart, though.

If it weren’t, it couldn’t have able to live that long and have such cultivation level.

Sensing the divine aura of the Seagod Trident in Tang San’s hand, the tiger wasn’t oppressed. The Demonic God’s blood it had inherited just made it hate the Seagod Trident. At the same time, it could sense the surging spirit power on Tang San’s body, his pure energy stimulated it. The tiger understood very clear that devouring a human like Tang San was much better than absorbing a one hundred thousand years spirit beast. The Seagod Trident in that human’s hand had scared it, but humans had never defeated it. Moreover, its cultivation was sixty thousand years, the tiger was so confident. Thus, it carefully walked step by step toward Tang San, since it felt the smell of danger on Tang San’s body.
Yet, it couldn’t stand the obvious allure from Tang San. If it could devour Tang San’s spirit power, it could break through the limit of one hundred thousand years. Its cultivation didn’t base on time, only needed a real capacity to break through. At that time, even if Da Ming and Er Ming could be back from the death, they couldn’t harm it anymore.


The profile of the Dark Demonic God Tiger flashed in Tang San’s brain, with his assumption, Tang San became thoughtful. If I have to encounter a spirit beast that Da Ming and Er Ming couldn’t destroy, the fight won’t be easy. Of course, killing this Dark Demonic God Tiger, I can harvest better things than slaughtering other fifty thousand years spirit beasts. In Star Dou Forest, I have to find five spirit rings, let this Dark Demonic God Tiger become my perfect start!

Red and black spirit rings started to raise up from Tang San’s feet, spinning around him. Glistening translucent Blue Silver Grass, one by one, started to grow everywhere from where he stood. Blue Silver Domain suddenly shrank, only covered around Tang San within one hundred meters. He didn’t want to take advantage from those Blue Silver Grass in this forest because it would be impossible that every fight he had would have the Blue Silver Grass there to support him. Shrinking the Blue Silver Domain to this scale could boost his Blue Silver Emperor the best. Facing this rare spirit beast, Tang San was solemn, he didn’t underestimate it.

The Demonic God’s Hook from behind the Dark Demonic God Tiger slowly swung, waving slightly. Each time the tail moved, it made an eccentric twisted chain of light in the air. His body was black, but the surging energy radiated was grey, a grey colour that was full of dark breath. Each time the tiger walked over, plants automatically leant aside clearing its path, including the Blue Silver Grass in Blue Silver Domain. The temperature in Star Dou Forest was vaguely lowered, that was the cold of the devil miasma. This kind of cold was like when Bibi Dong using her second spirit, the Soul Eating Spider Emperor.

A faint smile appeared on his face, Tang San slowly rose his right hand, putting the Seagod Trident horizontally. Black, black, black, black, red, red, red, red, red. Nine spirit rings were neatly arranged, the surge was small. He hadn’t released the formidable power, yet all spirit soul surges were being held back.

This was not the first time the Dark Demonic God Tiger had faced a human spirit master. Watching the well-arranged spirit rings on Tang San’s body, its red eyes shrank cautiously, slowing down its pace, but its breath became stronger. Once it entered the battle, it could burst out at any time.


[1] jin: Ancient Chinese unit measurement, a jin = 0,5kg = 1,2 lbs

[2] Wang: letter ?, lit. King.

[3] This is one of the legends regarding Lucifer. Lucifer used to be a powerful archangel, but he had started the war against the Almighty God. He lost and was kicked to the Hell forever. Later he became the Lord of the Hell, his wings turned from white to black. People gave him the nickname of “The Angel of the Degeneration”. For more information, please read the Bible or some teachings of other religions. But I’ll suggest watching Lucifer Season 1&2, let meet Lucifer Morningstar!

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