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When Tang San had just spoken his last utterance that if they wanted to break the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, they could only have one way. This lit up the light in Xue Beng’s eyes, he couldn’t help but ask.

To Xue Beng, this time Heaven Dou Empire had put all the empire’s capacity to attack, in cooperation with the Star Luo Empire’s great force. Because they wanted to take advantage of the unstable foundation of Sprit Empire when they had just been established, struck them once to kill them all. If not, once the Sprit Empire had fully developed, with their enormous number of spirit masters, it would be a true disaster to the two great empires. Seeing a great force was stopped at Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, how could he not worry? When the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass was broken through, it would be easier to attack the Sprit Empire. Generally, the Sprit Empire’s total force couldn’t bear the two great empires.

Tang San looked at the cold black Seagod Trident in his hands for a while, then he looked at Xue Beng:’

“Your Majesty, this method should be kept in secret. Only you I can tell.”

Xue Beng was dumbfounded for a while then he nodded promptly and spoke to the generals and officers standing in the tent:

“You generals and officers can dismiss now.”

They all had doubt and were curious what good method Tang San could propose. But Tang San’s capacity made them trust him blindly. After listening to his words, they didn’t say more, dismissed themselves quickly. Marshal Golong gave Tang San a deep gaze before leaving.

Tang Hao and Tang Xiao were about to get out of the tent, Tang San stopped them:

“Big Uncle, Father, Teacher, my method need your cooperation, you need to know too.”

Grandmaster’s eyes lit up with sparkle light looking at Tang San:

“Little San, if I’m not wrong, I guess what you wanted to say is to break through level one hundred and become a God.

Tang San never hid anything from Grandmaster. He did tell the teacher, whom he considered his father, all what he had encountered in the Sea God Island.

After Grandmaster had finished, Tang Hao and Tang Xiao’s eyes showed that they suddenly understood. Xue Beng was the only one who still had the dull expression.

Tang San said:

“Your Majesty, you are a spirit master, you know that each time a spirit master breaks through ten levels, his capacity will be enhanced rapidly through the boost of the spirit rings.”

Xue Beng nodded. Being startled, his vague eyes became clearer and wide-open.

“Teacher, you mean the level one hundred…”

Tang San said:

“To a spirit master, breaking through level ninety is a dream in their whole life, the Title Douluo. When the Sprit Empire was still the Spirit Hall, all Title Douluos had their names carved at the Douluo Hall. However, Title Douluo is not the max cultivation level for a spirit master. The true limit is the God-level, which is when the spirit power breaking through level one hundred. Level one hundred is the biggest challenge. If one can break through it completely, facing dozens of Title Douluos could be nothing to him. I think you know that when I left several years ago, my capacity wasn’t as strong as today. In fact, I found the power lineage from someone who was a God before. I became his descendant and had a chance to break through level one hundred. This Trident is the weapon he had granted me. He is the Sea God. Today I have used the Sea God’s power to control the water in the moat, turning it into my attack. However, there are two more challenges I need to complete to reach the God level and become a Sea God. The method I mentioned is that I want to finish the last two challenges. Once I become the Sea God, breaking the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass wouldn’t be a problem. Even the Sprit Empire won’t have enough strength to hold me.”

Tang San briefly explained his thought, but his words made Xue Beng dumbstruck. Being an Emperor he had reached the peak of a human being, now, hearing that Gods really existed he got struck really hard.

“Teacher… Is there God in this world? The Almighty God? The Immortal God?”
Xue Beng’s voice was trembling, his burning eyes peered at Tang San.

Tang San sighed inside. After all, Xue Beng was just an ordinary person.

“Your Majesty, you shouldn’t think too much. In fact, God and Title are the same, it is just a title. God title indicates a tremendous person who is much powerful than ordinary human beings. It doesn’t mean everything is possible. As far as I know, there were at least three Gods existed in Douluo Continent. If they were immortal and nothing could struggle them, the Douluo Continent now should be under their government, not the Star Luo Empire and Heaven Dou Empire, right?”
Listening to Tang San’s explanation Xue Beng’s emotions gradually calmed. But the light in his eyes was still sparkling.

“Teacher, could you tell me how formidable a God could be?”

Tang San shook his head:

“I don’t know, I’m afraid no one could explain this to you. For quite a long time, God hasn’t existed in our world. However, after breaking through level one-hundred, I’m sure that one’s capacity will be upgraded furiously. That’s why I said, if I become the Sea God, I can definitely help you break the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.”

Xue Beng mused, then talked:

“Teacher, so how long do you want to leave and how about the chance of success? I don’t expect you to risk for the empire.”

He was scared by Tang San’s words, but he could totally imagine how tremendous the challenge would be to break through level one hundred and become a god. Absolutely, it wasn’t going to be easy.

Looking at Xue Beng, Tang San sighed inside. Although he cares about me, his burning eyes still sold him out. But, it would be hard to blame him; if Heaven Dou Empire had a spirit master ranked level God, unionised the continent wouldn’t be a dream anymore. Moreover, he addressed himself as my disciple; it is impossible if he doesn’t have any desires towards the God level.

Immediately, Tang San faintly smiled:

“Your Majesty, you don’t need to worry. I’m sure I have at least seventy percent of success. It will take one or three months. I will come back.”

Xue Beng’s eyes recovered to their normal light, hurriedly said:

“If so, the future of the empire will be counting on you. Teacher, please tell me what you need, I will grant all. But, this time you leave, I’m afraid that our formation…”

Tang Hao said faintly:

“Your Majesty, ease your mind. We are here not for any reward, but if there aren’t any flaws, the Sprit Empire will find it hard to take action.”

Xue Beng looked at Tang Hao, his mind recalled the image of him standing on the walls showing his formidable power, breathed out a relief:

“Then, it’ll be hard for you, teacher. When will you depart?”

Tang San said:

“Wait until my wounds get better, I will go with my friends. The inheritance of Sea God’s position still needs support from six of my friends.”

Tang Hao, Tang Xiao and Grandmaster followed Tang San returning to his tent.

“Little San, do you really want to inherit the Sea God Title?”

Grandmaster said worriedly.

Tang San sighed and said:

“Teacher, you know I have no other choice. Not just because of the battle now. I need to complete the Sea God’s Nine Challenges intrinsically. I just didn’t think that it has to come that fast. The Sprit Empire’s capacity is too formidable. If we want to strike them, only our current capacity is not enough. Once Qian Dao Liu comes, even if we only want to defend, it won’t be easy.”

Tang Hao frowned, saying:
“You should know by now how strenuous it is to break through level one hundred to become a god. With your great grandfather’s gifted capacity, it had taken him several years, but he still failed. Moreover, he was turned into such appearance in the Slaughter City. Little San, you are still young, I don’t expect you to risk your life. Didn’t you once tell me this the period for this Eighth Challenge is ten years? You need to save more for it.”

The flare of determination lit in Tang San’s eyes:
“Dad, what you guys are worrying, I understand all. But what I will face, soon, I have to face. I can imagine that the power of the God level will be absolutely formidable. Even my spirit power could increase, I’m afraid there are not many changes regarding the situation. It’s just like a broken ship is about to sink, we should take the chance when I need to boost my power the most to shoot the dart forth. My status is different from great grandfather’s. Currently, I have passed seven of the Sea God’s Challenges. I have the Seagod Trident and my colleagues’ support, that’s why I didn’t overstate when telling Xue Beng the successful rate is seventy percent. Moreover, don’t you forget that I have the twin spirits? Before leaving to inherit the Sea God’s position, I will complete adding spirit rings for the Clear Sky Hammer. Sea God’s Light can help my body to absorb the attributes boosted by the twin spirits. Look at my body, from this aspect, it is over the state of a human being. Thus, I believe I will definitely succeed.”

Tang Hao slowly nodded and said:
“If so, you must succeed, this is not only your matter. Heaven Dou Empire has no relationship with us. The resentment with the Sprit Empire, we don’t need to take revenge. But you should always remember that your mother and I have only one son, and Grandmaster has only one disciple. It’s you.”

Tang San listened to his father, the heat was filling his heart. His father’s large hands clutched on his shoulders. Flows of rolling heat slowly poured into his body and eased his vessels. Under the stimulation of Tang Hao’s spirit power, Tang San’s healing speed became several times faster.

Grandmaster constantly nodded in agreement with Tang San’s words:
“The Clear Sky Douluo is right. In our hearts, your life is the most important thing. Other matters are just nothing. There’s another point I need to remind you. Do you know how the Clear Sky Douluo could use the Clear Sky Hammer to break that Spirit Empire’s Consecrator level ninety-eight?

Tang Sand looked at his father in astonishment. Concurrently, Tang Hao felt Tang San’s body was getting better, he stopped pouring spirit power to his body. No matter what, Tang Hao’s spirit power and Tang San’s Mysterious Sky Skill were different. Moreover, his body was much better, it made Tang Hao acclaim inaudibly that his son’s body wasn’t a human body anymore.

Tang San thought for a while then said:
“Dad, at that time, you didn’t use any spirit ability. You just released the spirit true form, and you could break the Golden Crocodile Douluo’s defence. I was right behind you at that time, I could feel a tremendous force after you had to release your spirit true form. It’s not only the weight but also the bursting power. One hammer striking associated with your formidable pressure made your opponent feel like he couldn’t hold it. If it were me, I think I couldn’t strike against it too. Only if I use the massive weight of the Seagod Trident, I can barely have a chance.”

Tang Hao peered at Tang Xiao from the side, his look showed a hint of confusing.

Tang Xiao nodded:
“Impart it to him. No one but him has the right to inherit the Clear Sky Douluo Mysterious Techniques. Moreover, grandfather gave him the Clear Sky Token. It means he agreed with this too. Little San still has a long way ahead, he has to deal with many circumstances. Giving it to him, he can have another ability to protect himself.”
Tang Hao nodded. Grandmaster smiled as if he had predicted this before:

“I’m going out then.”
Tang Xiao laughed, patting Grandmaster on his shoulder:

“For Little San, you Grandmaster has put many efforts, even your blood has shed. Later don’t call us any Douluo. Without you, we don’t have our Little San today. From now on you are our brother, just call us brothers!”

Grandmaster said, smiling:

“Then I will just follow you, no need to be formal.”

Tang San doubted. He didn’t know what his father wanted to impart to him, but still, he turned to Grandmaster and said:

“Teacher, please arrange another place for the Clear Sky School’s disciples. We shouldn’t let them stay near our Tang Sect’s disciples.”

Grandmaster understood his intention. Although they had fought together in the battle today, the animosity between the Four Single Attributes Clans and the Clear Sky School was so deep, it couldn’t be erased easily. Currently, Tang San didn’t have time to solve this matter, he could only separate them to avoid conflicts. Moreover, through the battle, these days, Tang Sect’s disciples became more loyal to Tang San. If there weren’t any special situation, the four chiefs would control their disciples as well.

Grandmaster and Tang Xiao left the tent, they also stopped A Yin and Xiao Wu, who were on their way getting there. There were only Tang San and Tang Hao, father and son in the tent.

Tang Hao sat down, crossing his legs and faced Tang San. His blazing eyes studied his son:

“Our Clear Sky School, since the beginning days, has been passing on a very unique cultivation technique. Each generation of disciples would be imparted it on the day they break through level ninety, they would be all addressed as Title Clear Sky. This is the root of the Clear Sky Douluo. Moreover, almost all disciples who have possessed this title became the Leader of the School.”

When reaching this part, Tang Hao’s eyes somehow became sorrowfully blur:

“Well, these words have been originated because of me. This impartation didn’t happen in my generation. When my grandfather, the previous Clear Sky Douluo, Tang Chen bequeathed the Leader position to my father, your grandfather, he didn’t impart the cultivation technique specialised for the Clear Sky Doulou to him. He imparted it to me, one generation ahead. Both grandfather and my father, by that time, determined me as the next heir to take care of the Clear Sky School. I didn’t fail them, continuously breaking through and had become the youngest supreme spirit master of the Clear Sky School, even of the whole continent.”

While Tang Hao was saying, his eyes became tender, looking at his son with proud:

“Of course you have broken my records. I’m happy, yet shamed. I have never been a good father. Grandmaster has done great things for you, more than I did.”

“Dad, why do you say so? If it weren’t you, how could I be here? I told you once, the gratitude for you guys for giving birth to me, I could never pay off even with my whole life. Moreover, it’s your involuntary begrudge. If I were you, might be I couldn’t be like you.”

Tang Hao took a deep breath then said cheerfully:

“Alright, alright, we won’t talk about that, okay? The special cultivation technique will only be imparted to only one person in each generation. It isn’t selfish, but this technique has high requirements. If one is not a gifted talent, absolutely he can’t succeed. Moreover, his life would be threatened. This cultivation technique is called the Great Sumeru Hammer.”Tang San was amazed. He understood that Sumeru and Mustard Seed were the opposite words. Sumeru means vastly huge, and Mustard Seed means minuscule. It was the same with his Purple Demon Eye stage three, the Mustard Seed, of his own, was using his Purple Demon Eye to see midget objects. So this Great Sumeru Hammer cultivation technique obviously had specialised a way to use the hammer and push the power of the Clear Sky Hammer to a formidable state.

Tang San was amazed. He understood that Sumeru and Mustard Seed were the opposite words. Sumeru means vastly huge, and Mustard Seed means minuscule. It was the same with his Purple Demon Eye stage three, the Mustard Seed, of his own, was using his Purple Demon Eye to see midget objects. So this Great Sumeru Hammer cultivation technique obviously had specialised a way to use the hammer and push the power of the Clear Sky Hammer to a formidable state.

Tang Hao didn’t hurry to explain. He silently waiting for his son to digest four words “the Great Sumeru Hammer”. Long after that, he said:

“Actually with your intrinsic cultivation method, plus the Seagod Trident, it’s enough. But I’ve considered carefully. The Great Sumeru Hammer is still good for you. Your abilities are many, no matter they are from spirit bones or spirit rings. However, your Clear Sky Hammer has just been added to spirit rings. Before you leave for the Sea God position, you need to complete all of its spirit rings. If so, your Clear Sky Hammer will have more spirit abilities. Even though you are a control style spirit master, you can’t always manage your numerous abilities perfectly. But, the Great Sumeru Hammer can help you turn the complicating things to simple things.”

Light of wisdom flashed through Tang San’s mind:

“Dad does it… your tremendous spirit and power, does it come from spirit rings?”

Tang Hao satisfied, smiled:

“That’s my boy. Just give you one hint, and you could figure it out. It’s true, from some aspects, our power comes from spirit rings.

“No need to mention that Golden Crocodile Douluo, after my capacity has fully recovered, even Qian Dao Liu comes here himself, he hardly defeats me. At that time, I had just broken through level ninety, just with the power of the Great Sumeru Hammer, I could break the blockade of many supreme spirit masters of the Spirit Hall, I could even hurt the Supreme Pontiff badly. So you can imagine how tremendous this peerless technique of our Clear Sky School is.”

“The Great Sumeru Hammer basically means gathering all spirit rings, accumulate them into one union, pouring into the Clear Sky Hammer, turning into power and a pure attack force. This can enhance someone’s vitality several times, furiously break all ties to perform a formidable power that is even more powerful than his own spirit power. This is like someone using only his strength to subdue ten people. Despite their numerous spirit abilities or skills, they can’t protest the attack power and the purest vitality of this Clear Sky Hammer.

“Theoretically, the Clear Sky Douluo’s Great Sumeru Hammer has an extreme energy. Moreover, it had another tremendous ability. With this ability, even Qian Dao Liu had to back off. At first, I used this special ability of the Great Sumeru Hammer to beat the late Supreme Pontiff Qian Xunji. But, this ability can hurt you severely. If it is not the critical moment, don’t be hare-brained using it. However, your sturdy body is above ordinary men. Perhaps, it’s okay to receive the damage. If you can become the Sea God, this peerless ability can perform flawlessly. Your great grandpa once said this Clear Sky School’s Great Sumeru Hammer can be considered as a God Ability.”

“God Ability?”

Tang San was astounded looking at his father.

Tang Hao said seriously:

“Your great grandfather once mentioned the God ability. But only when breaking through level one hundred, you can perform the Great Sumeru Hammer perfectly. With you capacity now, you don’t need to push it so hard. Now I will impart you the cultivation technique, learn it by heart and when you recover well, we can start.”

Sounds in the tent suddenly ceased, Tang Hao was using his powerful spirit power to force the sound so low that only Tang San could hear. He slowly imparted the oral transmitted secrets of the Clear Sky School to Tang San. He only needed one time to deeply carve it into Tang San’s mind. After he carefully read the secret readings, he was dumbstruck, almost lost his always-calm mind.

“This is… is it suicide?”

Tang San hoarsely asked.

Tang Sao’s face turned solemnly, he grunted:

“Be quiet, keep your mind, think carefully.”

Tang San’s paled a little bit. His mental strength was consumed too much. Now flaws had appeared. His father imposing manner startled him, he concentrated again. Now, he started to carefully feel the cultivation technique of the Great Sumeru Hammer. He had some different senses, but the fear in his mind wasn’t ceasing, in contrast, it was increasing rapidly.

Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

“What did you say?”
Bibi Dong pounded the table in rage, trying to hold her feeble feelings. Looking at Golden Crocodile Doulou and the other great consecrators standing in front of her, she lowered her tone:
“The Great Consecrator has ordered you to come back to the Spirit City, do you need me to repeat the third time?”
Bibi Dong’s round breasts bounced as she breathed hard in anger. Her eyes flared with rage, but facing the six consecrators, she couldn’t burst out:
“Second Consecrator, don’t you forget that I’m the highest sovereign of the Sprit Empire.”

Golden Crocodile coldly smiled:
“Crap. Bibi Dong, you shouldn’t forget that the Sprit Empire is our Spirit Hall. According to the Spirit Hall’s regulations, the Elders Hall can summon the Supreme Pontiff. We are the consecrators, we are the ones who hold the right to decide at the Elders Hall. Don’t you dare to protest the Consecrator’s orders?”

Of course, Bibi Dong dared to do that. She had never put the Elders Hall in her eyes. Even until now, she had been reticently resolving the power of the Elders Hall. Those Title Douluos who weren’t consecrators were under her command already. Besides, the consecrators didn’t care about anything but themselves. Apparently, she soon held the entire Spirit Hall. That was why she dared to destroy the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family, damage the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Sect, choose a new Seven Great Clans and form the Sprit Empire. But she didn’t expect that the consecrators led by Qian Dao Liu would launch their protest now when she was the weakest.
Suddenly Bibi Dong couldn’t breathe, she almost blacked out. Hu Lie Na rushed to support her.

Golden Crocodile said aloofly:
“See how much danger you have brought to the capital of the empire? If we didn’t arrive on time, the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass could be broken through. If so, Sprit Empire would be destroyed in your hands. With this serious mistake, we can dethrone you from the Supreme Pontiff’s position. Right now, the Great Consecrator asked you to turn back to your Supreme Pontiff Hall and think about your fault. This is our mercy to you. We will temporarily be in charge here, waiting for the Great Consecrator to come.”

“The Great Consecrator wanted to come here?”
Bibi Dong could hardly control her mind. Through these past few years, she got used to the position of the superior. Therefore, she didn’t want to listen to other people. However, she wasn’t a brusque person. Currently, the situation didn’t favour her, she was trying to force herself to calm down. Facing those consecrators directly wasn’t a wise move. Knowing that Qian Dao Liu would come to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, Bibi Dong paled. In this Spirit Hall, Qian Dao Liu was the only want that she was wary of.

The Second Consecrator Golden Crocodile coldly smiled:
“Do you want to say anything else?”

Bibi Dong’s eyes flared with a strange light as cold as ice.
“Okay, I will return to the Supreme Pontiff Hall. Na Na we shall go.”

With Hu Lie Na’s assistance, Bibi Dong unwillingly left. The six consecrators weren’t afraid of her tricks. With their absolute capacity here, they didn’t need to worry what Bibi Dong would react. Without capacity, nothing worked. Even if Bibi Dong could fully recover, still, it was impossible for her to strike against six of them.

Bibi Dong and Hu Lie Na gradually got out of the sensing range of those six people, the Fourth Consecrator spoke to Golden Crocodile Douluo:
“Second brother, why the Great Consecrator doesn’t allow us to get rid of this woman? She is not only full of wicked ambition but also….

Golden Crocodile rose his brows, swung his hand to stop the consecrators from talking:
“The Great Consecrator has his own thoughts, do not ask too much. What we need to do is to help Young Lady control the Sprit Empire and wait until she conquers the empire. Bibi Dong, this woman, I don’t like her. But the Great Consecrator doesn’t want us to kill her, we can only listen to him. She is gifted with the twin spirits. Even I couldn’t beat her when she was at her peak. But if Young Lady can finish the last challenge and become the Angelic God, with or without Bibi Dong, it doesn’t matter anymore. At that time our Sprit Empire can wipe off the entire continent, complete the dream of unity.”

“Alright, it’s time for us to get busy. Rearrange the army and reinforce the defending spirit masters. Before the Young Lady comes here, we need to defend the Mountain Pass well. Tang San and Tang Hao are not easy to encounter. We must be very careful. ”

Great Thousand Douluo said with his serious expression:

“Second brother, shall we stealth them at their base? Give them some troubles, you know.”

Golden Crocodile waved his hand and said:

“No more trouble, don’t you forget what the Great Consecrator had asked us. To us, the most important thing is to protect the properties of the Sprit Empire, accumulating the force and wait for Young Lady to take control. Shouldn’t affect the final result with the current small benefit. Sixth, Seventh, you guys go and check the other Elders. Perhaps they don’t dare to have any rebellious moves. But if they do, kill some to warn others.”


The group of consecrators left inaudibly. Golden Crocodile Douluo slowly stood up, got out of the tent, looking up to the quiet sky at night. However, his mind wasn’t calm at all. He couldn’t erase the image of the situation when he was facing Tang Hao’s giant Clear Sky Hammer this morning.

Clear Sky Douluo, good for you Clear Sky Douluo. We didn’t remove your roots completely, now the seed is growing again. That’s why the Great Consecrator said that the Clear Sky School is the true enemy of our Spirit Empire. I wonder if the late Clear Sky Douluo is still alive. Young Lady, you must break through the last challenge! Only if you becomes the Angelic God, we won’t be afraid of any enemies.


Three days later. Heaven Dou Empire’s barracks.

The deep but long breath was like Dragon’s groan, and Tiger’s roar echoed, dense white fog accumulated above Tang San’s head, creating three large white flowers. That was the Three Flowers Peak Converging Stage.

That day, he had consumed a lot of his power. But with his sturdy body, he just needed one day to recover. Meanwhile, he realised that after his power had been drained to its limit, his cultivation seemed to increase. Pressure was like the best cast to build his body. Thus, he didn’t hurry to leave the Heaven Dou Empire’s barrack. He stayed there and continued his cultivation.

The inside of his body was a gold zone, even the resolute Qi of the Mysterious Sky Skill, which was white, had also been blended with dim gold colour. That special consolidated feeling made Tang San feel full of energy. He had just broken through level ninety-three not long ago, it was impossible for his spirit power to break through again. But the feeling of his whole body being upgraded was very clear.

The battlefield was a place where tricks were used easily to stimulate people’s hearts and minds. On the vast area with strong opponents, this kind of pressure was very different from when he had first entered the Sea God Island. Especially when Tang San had just been imparted the Great Sumeru Hammer’s cultivation technique from his father. He hadn’t actually practised it yet, but during his constant regular cultivation, he continuously studied the method. Only if he could explain and understand all, it would be flawless when he finally applied the technique.

The slight breath finally ceased. Tang San suddenly inhaled, just like a whale sucking the water, he took all the white fog into his body. The strong suction force caused the constant sharp hissing in the air.

Spirit power returned to his body, Tang San’s appearance was covered with a faint sparkling halo. Precious light was moving on his handsome face. He was sitting there with a noble-minded habitude that almost distanced himself from others.

From outside of the tent, Xiao Wu lifted the fabric to take a look because there were noises that caused her worried. Looking at Tang San sitting crossed legs there, sparkling light covered his body, she was astounded (here comes Tang San, a distant member of the Cullen XD). Apparently, she recognised that Tang San’s power was upgraded. With his increasing capacity, she felt even happier than when her own capacity was being upgraded.

Recently, the advantages of being trained wickedly on the Sea God Island gradually revealed. After her spirit power had been increased up to level seventy-six, her cultivation speed became faster and faster. She used to be a hundred thousand years spirit beast, her cultivation pace was faster than a regular spirit master. Moreover, she was assisted by Tang San, with many benefits they had collected from the Sea God Island. Just in a short time, she broke through level seventy-seven. At the same time, under the thorough effect of the Crystal Dragon Blood Ginseng and the Yearning Red Heartbroken, her body also reached another level.

It could be said that in the whole barrack of Heaven Dou Empire if Tang San ranked at the first position regarding the sturdy body, Xiao Wu was definitely the runner up. Tang San didn’t even know that under the herbal effect of the Yearning Red Heartbroken, her body gradually escaped the limit of a human body, entering the God level. After her soul and her body united as one when completing the resurrection, the divine herb Yearning Red Heartbroken could totally work.

“Xiao Wu, come here.”

Tang San slowly opened his eyes, awaken from his cultivation. His eyes looked very peaceful and mild, giving people who looking at them a feeling of spring breezes blowing. They weren’t arrogant as before, but tender. It seemed they didn’t look much different from others’.

Gazing his eyes, Xiao Wu trembled inside. The plain appearance hid the extraordinary power. He had reached such a stage. That was why he had defeated Bibi Dong twice.

“Ge ge, your wound is okay?”

Xiao Wu came into the tent, she reached Tang San with few steps.

Tang San reached out to pull her into his embrace, kissing her soft face.

“I’m better, sorry for making you worry.”

Xiao Wu stretched her hands to hug his waist and buried her face in his chest.

“Ge ge, be able to stay with you forever is enough for me.”

Tang San hugged her tighter, sighed:

“To become the Sea God faster, I’m afraid we need to separate temporarily.”


Xiao Wu lifted her head, startled, looking at Tang San.

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    – made Tang San feel

    it made Tang Hao acclaimed inaudibly ->
    – it made Tang Hao acclaim inaudibly

    made your opponent felt ->
    – made your opponent feel

    I know I only bring here examples with “made” but I’ve seen others.

    Well, see you!!

    PS: I don’t know if I’ll be available on the weekend so don’t miss me if I don’t appear!

      1. The original translation said “weren’t” not “were”, which makes a big difference. He was right to correct it lol. “If I’m not wrong” is more correct than “If I weren’t wrong”, even though either of them gets the point across. “Weren’t” would be correct if the phrase is something like “If it weren’t for…”

        So to quote yourself… “dont try to correct other peoples english if u dont know it yourself. cheers.” lmao

      2. You should take into account the whole context. As said by Egg Tart, in that sentence “were” is not the right choice.
        If you take the time to read the web you posted you’ll see that “if I were” is only used in the subjunctive mood while I was talking about past and present tenses.

  3. Thanks for another chapter!

    I was wondering, instead of “halo”, would “aura” make a better word? Just a suggestion haha

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