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Tang Hao fearlessly shouted:

“Little San, watch carefully. This is the true power of Clear Sky Hammer of our Clear Sky School.”

While saying, Tang Hao stepped forward like a whirlwind. the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand darting toward Golden Crocodile Douluo. If Golden Crocodile looked like a dazzling sun with the gold light, Tang Hao looked like an eccentric dark sun, filled with arrogant mysterious and devouring breath.

Till now, Tang San had only seen Tang Hao fight once. It was the time they were at the Spirit Hall; Tang Hao used only one strike to stop several Title Douluos of the Spirit Hall, saved him and Xiao Wu. But at that time, Tang Hao’s hadn’t recovered yet; his strength had been dramatically decreased. Tang San had never witnessed his father’s true power; now it was a good chance for him. He had just eaten a recovery sausage and recovered his power. Then, he stepped aside and watched the fight.

At this time, Ghost Descended Douluo had recuperated, but he quickly stepped aside and didn’t join the fight. From his expression and his respect attitude toward Golden Crocodile Douluo, one could see how noble this great consecrator was in the Spirit Empire.

Tang San stayed still, flicking through his mind quickly. He knew that, now, Heaven Dou Empire didn’t have a chance to break through Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Six great consecrators and five thousand spirit masters of the Spirit Empire coming to support the battle here had overturned the situation. There were four Title Doulous level consecrator in Auspicious Hill, including Great Thousand Douluo. Big uncle was leading Clear Sky School’s disciples to cover for the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force to retreat. It wasn’t easy at all. It was impossible for them to attack again. The best chance had slipped away. However, this time, Heaven Dou Empire was severely damaged, but Spirit Empire’s guardian force at Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass received a massive detriment. According to the calculation, the number of spirit masters alive from both Angel Legion and Sacred Dragon Legion was not more than ten thousand, and normal soldiers had died countlessly.

Heaven Dou Empire was heavily damaged too, but Tang Sect’s Army Force didn’t. No one got killed. The number of injured spirit masters was also less than their opponent’s. Heaven Dou Empire was still strong potentially. Generally speaking, after today’s battle, it would be hard to have another chance to break through again. Vaguely, Heaven Dou Empire still controlled the situation. Bibi Dong didn’t perish, but within one month she couldn’t engage in any battles. The key point was after this battle ended, they only needed to plan and strike against those six great consecrators.

Then, Tang San signalled his partners with his eyes. A group of supreme spirit masters who were dominating withdrew consecutively left only Sword Douluo to control the situation. Other people backed off until they reached the walls, while Sword Doulou came to Tang San to protect him. This ranked level ninety-seven Title Douluo’s eyes were filled with joy and enthusiasm. Of course, he knew Tang Hao well; this Clear Sky Doulou had created too many miracles in the spirit masters world. But he also heard about Golden Crocodile Douluo. This Golden Crocodile Douluo was famous at the same time with Sword Doulou’s great grandparents. His position was high with formidable capacity; he was one of the excellent of the previous generations. Two generations encountered. To Sword Douluo who could hardly break through his next level, this fight would be absolutely awesome. He didn’t want to miss such chance. He had only one arm left, maybe he could learn something from this legendary battle. The level of spirit power didn’t present the whole capacity. It could be seen from Tang San, whose spirit power was just at level ninety-three, but he could beat many supreme spirit masters.

Facing the strange change in Golden Crocodile Douluo’s body, Tang Hao didn’t show any feelings on his face, still pointed his giant Clear Sky Hammer to his enemy. Because of the gigantic true form of the Clear Sky Hammer, he didn’t even see his enemy’s full body. But his body radiated the breath of a hero, which wasn’t oppressed by his enemy’s capacity and position.

With Tang San’s support, Tang Hao had broken through his eight

extraordinary meridians. His spirit power had reached level ninety-seven. A ninety-eight-level’s spirit power should be double compared to level nighty- seven. He should be in a disadvantage situation. However, since Tang Hao entered the spirit masters world, he had never got beaten up. His powerful habitude, his heroic posture made Tang San felt shame because he knew he was far behind from his father.


Tang Hao shouted.

Golden Crocodile Douluo’s rage increased rapidly. He was three generations higher than Tang Hao, he was conceited of himself and was waiting for Tang Hao to attack him first. He didn’t think that Tang Hao was arrogant enough to look down on that chance. It’d been many years since he was in such rage. He didn’t waste any words. His body projected radiant beams of light. He turned around, his giant long tail was like a steel rod whipping to Tang Hao.

This wasn’t a simple whip. Wherever the crocodile tail swept over, the air was illusorily twisted. It made other people couldn’t locate the true location of the tail. The furious movement caused hissing and explosion in the air. Also, this wasn’t a spirit ability, it was just purely physical assault.

Tang Hao made a simple move too. His left leg stepped one step forward and heavily stamped on the ground. From his left leg, explosions resounded, the solid ground of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass cracked hard. Tang Hao’s right hand holding the Clear Sky Hammer stretched backwards, muscles on his whole body tensed, in a sudden, dark nimbus projected fiercely. It looked like his body, and the hammer had united into one body. His left leg lifted and dipped again on the ground, tiptoeing. The pant leg at his left calf turned into dust in just a blink, revealing the calf that looked harder than granite. After a minute, Clear Sky Hammer plunged out without making any sound.

Yes, no sound. It seemed like this strike had absorbed all sounds. Giant Clear Sky Hammer crossed the sky without any sound to show its power. But in Tang San’s eyes, Tang Hao had combined all spirit, breath, and soul in this hammer, even his heroic imposing manner had been merged into the Clear Sky Hammer.

It might look like a simple strike, but it gave Tang San a new aspect in using the hammer. Just like Tang Hao said, this was the true Clear Sky Hammer!

Clear Sky Hammer impacted violently with the crocodile’s tail. Tremendous air pressure waves rippled one by one, splashing everywhere. Tang San could feel the formidable power of his father’ strike, he suddenly had the feeling that even if he used the Seagod Trident, he still couldn’t bear this strike.

When Tang San was young, Tang Hao had taught him, legs were the base of strength when people urged their power. Calves were the second base, and the third base was the heart.

Before today, Tang San told himself he did very well. But seeing his father made this strike now, he realised the way he had used to urge his power was still poor. Muscles on father’s left leg were where the power burst, just like the heart suddenly beat a frantic pace; the entire body, with the calves as the start point, just like a stretched heavy bow finally shot. The power of the body, power of the Clear Sky Hammer, power of his spirit and his soul perfectly united as one. He used to be honoured as the rare talent which was hard to encounter for a hundred years of the Clear Sky School. Finally, he revealed his true power in front of his son.

Golden Crocodile’s tail collided with the Clear Sky Hammer, shook violently, spinning the true body of Golden Crocodile Doulou half a circle.

The spirit power he had released absolutely wasn’t less than Tang Hao’s. But even if his spirit power had oppressed Tang Hao, with this strike, he fell in disadvantage.

Tang Hao’s moves didn’t stop, sweeping his hammer and blew away the crocodile tail. His left leg became the axis, his body spun rapidly just like a drill drilling into the solid ground. Clear Sky Hammer had been spinning together with its owner’s extreme vigorous body. It looked like a bow that had been stretched to its limit, making the burst come with full force. The second strike followed the first strike, dashing toward Golden Crocodile Douluo.

Title Douluo ranked level ninety-eight wasn’t just a name. Even though he got frightened after the first strike, his reaction was still fast. His body twirled horizontally in mid-air, his seventh spirit ring glowed at the same time. Muscles and vessels in his entire body had been enhanced rapidly, releasing the Golden Crocodile Avatar. He had turned into a giant crocodile, which was over ten tchi (~3,3m). He swept his tail again, but this time the pressure was completely different. Such tremendous power that could melt the rock of Auspicious Hill, and created a dreadful pressure like thick clouds covered the sky.

Facing an opponent whose power had furiously changed, Tang Hao hadn’t been shaken. His second strike was still hacking down. But right when the Clear Sky Hammer was about to impact the Golden Crocodile Avatar, suddenly, the Hammer turned white. Tang Hao’s aggressive vigour completely turned wild instantaneously, looked like a Steel Luohan [1] roaring while rolling his eyes. Such immense pressure cracked all stones and bricks under his feet.

Boom –

Both sides impacted the second time. This time, Tang Hao couldn’t blow the giant tail, but this tail still couldn’t make his body tremble.

Tang Hao jumped, furiously plunged over, his left leg stamped on the ground again. This time it made a really deep ditch on the wall. The explosion reverberated. Lingered with that sound, the Clear Sky Hammer once again flew with the wind and got bigger. The body of the hammer was already big, now it looked like a dark cloud, an aggressive dark cloud hitting on Golden Crocodile Douluo.

From the first strike to the third strike, Tang Hao hadn’t performed movements as smooth as a flowing stream, but three continuous attacks were full of exquisite power. His wild and aggressive pressure made him looked like a Clear Sky Hammer, furiously standing in front of his enemy.

Golden Crocodile Douluo’s spirit power and cultivation, apparently, was much more than his. Not to mention his fighting experience. But now he was in a passive position.

The third strike was the Clear Sky Avatar. Last time, Tang Hao had used this strike to save Tang San and Xiao Wu at the Spirit Hall. This time, his enemy wasn’t the Supreme Pontiff Hall, but the second consecrator of the Spirit Empire. Three consecutive strikes peaked his whole imposing pressure, which couldn’t be described with words. Even though Golden Crocodile Douluo’s cultivation was higher than his, he couldn’t help but feel unbearable.

Why? Why is that? Is the Clear Sky Hammer spirit that formidable? Or, one should say, this middle-aged man’s body has achieved that tremendous level too?

Golden Crocodile Douluo had met the first Leader of the Clear Sky School, Tang Chen. But when Tang Chen fought with Qian Dao Liu, the way he used the Clear Sky Hammer was totally different from Tang Hao’s. Tang Chen was arrogant, but he based his power on his formidable spirit power, cooperated with his peerless ability of endless striking, to make his opponents couldn’t protest.

But this man, Tang Hao, didn’t follow Tang Chen’s path. What he showed was the strength, the endless power, the extraordinary power. Even if his opponent’s spirit power was stronger than him, still he decided to use his strength to oppress the opponent.

At this moment, Strength Hall’s Master Titan was already crying. The reason why he respected Tang Hao so much, why he accept him as his master, wasn’t it because of the vigor-imposing manner of the purely powerful Clear Sky Hammer?

Flender released himself from the Golden Saint Dragon form, couldn’t help but shiver. He still remembered the time Zhao Wuji and he were totally oppressed by Tang Hao, who used neither spirit ability nor releasing his spirit. He was lucky he didn’t go against Tang Hao before.

Tang Xiao was leading the Clear Sky School’s disciples to cover the soldier retreating from Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, and facing three consecrators at the same time. Seeing this, his eyes became blurrier. But the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand became more powerful, furiously struck and kept three consecrators inside the wall, not letting them out.

Clear Sky, the Clear Sky Douluo of Clear Sky School, was back. A Clear Sky Douluo, at Clear Sky School, didn’t represent the one who had the strongest spirit power but the one who actually was the strongest. It had been Tang Chen, now it was Tang Hao. With the heroic imposing manner, standing on Auspicious Hill ’s walls, a Clear Sky Hammer bloomed with constant pressure, striking down like an announcement, saying that Clear Sky School had returned.

Eventually, the Golden Crocodile Douluo, who was facing that continuous pressure, didn’t dare to take it directly. The body of the giant crocodile jerked off just in a blink, its solid head heavily struck one side of the Clear Sky Hammer Avatar. However, his body was blown backwards because of the impact force. But the Clear Sky Hammer didn’t stop there, it struck straight to the walls of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

Dark light blasted. The entire space looked like it was shaken fiercely. The people there felt their hearts stopped for a while then beat again with double their normal heart pace. Right at that moment, their hearts started to beat frantically, an explosion reverberating for over one hundred miles resounded from Auspicious Hill’s walls.

There was no barrier to stop it. The Clear Sky Hammer with dark aureole struck directly to the one-hundred-meter thick walls. Rock and brick scattered, leaving a deep hole of over ten tchi.

Golden Crocodile Douluo suddenly realised something, might be he was old. He landed safely, Tang Hao’s strike didn’t harm him much, but looking at that massive hole, feeling the oppressive breath, he understood that he had lost this fight.

Tang Hao didn’t pursue further, stood there holding his hammer. He looked just like Tang San holding his golden Trident when he defeated Bibi Dong, hovering in midair. He was aggressively arrogant, ruling by force. Meanwhile, Tang San looked more tender; created a contrast. But no doubt, they all had deeply affected the Heaven Dou Empire’s soldiers’ minds.

“Golden Crocodile Douluo, I forgot to tell you. My name is Tang Hao, title Clear Sky. I’m the Clear Sky Douluo of this generation of Clear Sky School. I beat Qian Xunji up, later he spited out blood until he perished. At that time his spirit power ranked at level ninety-five, I have just entered Title Douluo stage.”

Golden Crocodile Douluo’s face grimaced, his voice got hoarse: “You are Tang Hao!”

It had been a long time since he last left the Elders Hall, but how could he not know Tang Hao’s reputation?

Qian Xunji was the former Spirit Hall’s Supreme Pontiff, also the only son of Great Consecrator Qian Dao Liu. That year he was well known as the most talented spirit master of Spirit Hall. He reached Title Douluo when he was fifty years old, then he continued to thrive. But Tang Hao still beat him up. He died not later than that after returning to Spirit Hall. The name Tang Hao almost pushed Qian Dao Liu to insanity. The hurt of losing the only child when he was senile made Qian Dao Liu seek for Tang Hao. He had fought Tang Hao several times but still, couldn’t kill him. Then Tang Hao went missing. It’d been over twenty years, no one had ever thought that the Clear Sky Douluo, who had shaken the entire Spirit Hall, had come back right at this moment, in front of him.

Tang Hao rose his left arm, pointed his index finger to Golden Crocodile Douluo, coldly said:

“Want to take revenge for Qian Xunji, you’re not enough. Call Qian Dao Liu here.”

While saying, he turned and approached Tang San, lifted his son up, patted his back and poured strong spirit power into Tang San’s body.

“Little San, remember, even you have to die in battle, you should never fall.”

He turned to Sword Douluo standing there, nodded, then shouted:

“Let’s go! Let me see who dares to come after us.”
Tang Hao brought Tang San, plunged up with Sword Douluo, all three flying to Heaven Dou Empire’s great force. Now, all six great consecrators had gathered at the top of the walls, but just like Tang Hao said, no one dared to pursue them. They were losing their spirit, got lost because of the world- conquering dignified manner of Tang Hao. His three strikes had oppressed not only Golden Crocodile Douluo but also all supreme spirit masters of Spirit Empire. Although the strength he performed wasn’t as beautiful as Tang San’s Seagod Trident, it could restrain all. Tang San, however, couldn’t perform that imposing pressure.

“Big brother, you will just let them go like that?”
The one Tang San had blown out of the walls, Great Thousand Douluo couldn’t hold his rage, asked.

Golden Crocodile Douluo wasn’t in his good mood, angrily said:

“If you have the guts to go, go pursue them! Don’t you realise our situation? Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass have turned into this. You guys, go summon all generals inside the walls. Angel Legion and Sacred Dragon Legion can’t rest now, ask them to immediately defend the walls from above, in case Heaven Dou Empire strikes us again. They have destroyed Auspicious Hill like this, it’s good enough that we are still safe defending here.”


Of course, the other five consecrators obeyed his order. They answered him respectively, then immediately left.

Tang San and his father got back to Heaven Dou Empire’s great force. He couldn’t help looking back, there was a sea of blood. In this battle, both sides were severely damaged. Especially outside and inside Auspicious Hill ‘s main gates, bodies piled up like a huge mountain. It was estimated that the number of killed and injured on both sides should be over two hundred thousand, in which there were over fifty percent soldiers died. The damage to both sides was almost same. They had retreated not too late, but with the damage on people on both side, plus seeing so many people died in the battle, Tang San felt his heart sank.

Xue Beng welcomed Tang Hao, Tang Xiao and the other disciples of Clear Sky School that they had brought with them. He felt relief inside. If the rescue force from Clear Sky School didn’t come on time, they wouldn’t know how bad the loss would be. No need to talk about other stuff, if Tang San had died in this battle, they would not need to fight anymore. Since the beginning of this war, this was the first time Xue Beng realised how much they had been depended on Tang San. In such a battle, supreme spirit masters were not only useful because of their capacity, but also because of the mental effect they could bring to the entire great force.

Today, they almost broke through Auspicious Hill, but, at a result, they were severely damaged. However, in general, it could be acceptable.

“Teacher, Imperial Preceptor, it’s my fault today, risking for victory. I have caused so many excellent soldiers to lose their life.”

Tears lingered on his eyes, his head bowed in front of Tang San.

Tang San got hurt badly, he felt so weak, sighed and said:

“If I were you, I might have decided the same. Your Majesty, you don’t need to blame yourself. Seeing the victory was almost in our hand, being eager is human’s nature. Luckily, we got something from this battle. First, let withdraw and clean the battlefield.”

Xue Beng nodded, turned to Marshall Golong and said:
“Marshall, clean the battlefield, check the number of death and injured. Let’s

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The duration of this intense battle wasn’t too long. However, the engagement of countless spirit masters had made this battle became deadly sorrow. Not only ordinary soldiers had died as a sacrifice, but also many spirit masters of the Spirit Empire had perished.

Both sides had cleaned the site almost at the same time. Spirit Empire had cleaned the bodies at the adjacent area of the walls, in the river and inside Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. There weren’t many dead bodies left. Heaven Dou Empire’s cleaning was easier, they were mostly taking care of the injured.

But, sending many people cleaning the battlefield wasn’t came from the Spirit Empire’s goodwill. If they didn’t do that when numerous bodies decomposed they would cause infectious diseases. It would be a big disaster.

Turning back to base, Tang San didn’t rest promptly. He needed to arrange his stuff for his father and big uncle. No matter what, Tang Sect’s Four Single Attributes Clan had a deep resentment with the Clear Sky School, besides the Strength Clan, he needed to calm down the three other clans. Also, he needed to arrange the Clear Sky School which was staying with the great force. It would be simpler dealing with Emperor Xue Beng. Tang Hao’s performance was pretty impressive on top of Auspicious Hill; he easily conquered this Emperor who was thirsty for talents.

The great force was rearranged. Firstly, Xue Beng held the meeting, concluded what they had and lost in this battle. Tang San and Grandmaster, together with high levels spirit masters came inside the tent.

Tang San’s body was so sturdy, even when he got severely hurt and had consumed a lot of spirit power, within a short amount of time, when getting back to base, he had been recovered somehow. He appeared like nothing had been wasted. This was Tang San’s true superiority: breaking through eight extraordinary meridians. Moreover, he had twelve high-grade spirit rings together with six spirit bones of boosting attributes. His body was even more solid than refined copper and iron. Also, he had an ability named Wildfire Burns Without End – Spring Winds Blow New Life from the right leg spirit bones of Blue Silver Emperor. If he still had a breath, even if he lost his limbs, he could heal himself gradually from time to time. After his spirit power had reached level ninety, the recovery speed was even more formidable.

In the big tent, there were officers, who were at least at rank corps leader. They all changed their attitude towards Tang San compared to the first time he joined the military tactics meeting. When Tang San, Grandmaster, his father and big uncle got into the Tent, almost all generals and officers got up and bowed to greet them, including Marshal Golong.

“Teacher, are you okay?”
Xue Beng greeted them himself. Tang San nodded, said:

“I’m okay. Your Majesty, let me introduce, this is my father – Clear Sky Douluo, Tang Hao. This is my big uncle, President of the Clear Sky School, Tang Xiao.”

Xue Beng lit his eyes, slightly saluted them, and said without hesitation: “Greeting, Teacher’s father, Teacher’s uncle, please be seated.”
Tang Hao shook his head:
“Can’t, please Your Majesty. We only come here to support you.”

No need to mention Tang San’s relationship with Tang Hao and Tang Xiao, with their true capacity of Title Douluo and what they had shown to stop the furious waves on the battlefield today, was enough to make Xue Beng trust them completely.

Xue Beng didn’t insist more, he signalled his guards to bring chairs for them. Grandmaster was also treated respectively like that. The meeting now began. Seeing four of them sitting there, no one among the generals and officers batted an eye. Showing off one’s strength was stronger than any words. If there weren’t for those four people on the battlefield today, the battle between Spirit Empire and Heaven Dou Empire would absolutely not come to an end like that.

Especially Tang San, he had defeated their opponent’ strongest spirit master. Tang Sect’s hidden weapon Godly Zhuge Crossbow had made spectacular performance. To Heaven Dou Empire’s great force, Lan Hao Wang’s functions were tremendous.

“Marshall, have we calculated the dead and injured soldiers yet?” Xue Beng asked Marshal Golong.
Marshall Golong solemnly said:

“We haven’t had the particular number, but I estimate it would be over ten myriads. Especially soldiers came into Auspicious Hill, not even one-third of them could come back. This is because of me. It was me who was so eager to win and didn’t take the withdrawal order from Lan Hao Wang. Please treat me with military law.”

Xue Beng sighed:

“Nope. It wasn’t you, Marshal. It was me who had ordered. I’m the one who was so reckless. I will issue an announcement to admit my mistake and apologise to the soldiers who died for our empire.”

His eyes reddened saying that.

Tang San knew that Xue Beng faked his sorrow a little bit. However, he was an Emperor, being brave to admit his mistakes wasn’t easy. He could see how patient and subtle he had been through all those years. It was hard to match this calm guy with the arrogant Fourth Prince that year.

When Xue Beng finished, his face showed the imposingly majestic of an emperor:

“Even our fight has much loss due to my mistake, in this battle, Spirit Empire has been damaged. This credit belongs to Blue Lightning Tyrant King, Lan Hao Wang and the supreme spirit masters. They have destroyed the barrier and stopped the strongest spirit masters force of Spirit Empire. To the spirit masters’ corps of our Empire and Tang Sect’ soldiers, I will reward you later.”

His gaze turned to Grandmaster:

“Imperial Preceptor, the rescue force of Spirit Empire has come, you see, what should we do?”

Grandmaster’s appearance looked tired, after seeing Bibi Dong, he couldn’t hold his feelings:

“Regarding tactics, Your Majesty and Marshal Golong shall discuss and arrange. From today’s battle, we can see that the reinforce corps of Spirit Empire is their strongest force. Five thousand spirit masters have come from the capital of Spirit Empire – Spirit City. The most important are the six Title Douluo. If there weren’t because of Clear Sky and Howling Sky Douluos there, I’m afraid our situation wouldn’t be optimistic like this. Spirit Empire has sent six Title Douluo, they seem to be the consecrators of Elders Hall in Spirit Empire, also the most superior Title Douluo of the Elders Hall. Each of them has the spirit power ranked over level ninety-five. Talking about spirit master’s capacity, we are originally not better than them, now we are far behind. However, if Lan Hao Wang could recover, we would have the strength to fight again. But I’m afraid that we can’t strike them deliberately like when we have started to strike Auspicious Hill. Moreover, after today, our force has been severely damaged; personally, I suggest to recuperate for a while.”

“Even the number of superior spirit masters of Spirit Empire has been increasing, they got significant loss from the battles, especially the broken walls and number of dead. They will not get out of the walls and fight against us. They will choose to defend us. The flying attack style of Tang Sect’s soldiers today, certainly, they have studied for countermeasure. It will be hard using this method again.”

Xue Beng nodded:
“Marshal Golong, how about your opinions?” Marshal Golong answered:

“Imperial Preceptor is right. Now, if we want to break through the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, it is almost impossible. Our forces need to be rearranged. Moreover, the gap between the number of our spirit masters and their spirit masters is too large. It’s our disadvantage trying to strike the wall. Unless we can provoke them getting out of the walls and fight us directly, that’s how we have the chance. Thus, I suggest to enhance our defence, relax to recover and be alerted in case Spirit Empire stealth us at night. We need further discussion and send our messenger to Star Lou Empire asking them to speed up their engagement in the war with Spirit Empire. Right now Spirit Empire’s key spirit masters are kept here in Auspicious Hill. If they can push the certain pressure from the other side, then we will have a good chance.”

Xue Beng frowned, eyed Tang San:

“Teacher, do you have any better ideas?”

Tang San smiled reluctantly, said:
“Marshal Golong and my teacher are right. Currently, we can’t rush. To strike Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, we need to solve six great consecrators first. Moreover, this is just temporary, their strongest consecrator is Qian Dao Liu, who hasn’t been here yet. As we know, Qian Dao Liu’s real capacity is even higher than Bibi Dong. If he comes here, our situation will be complicated. At his Title Douluo level, we can’t use large number of force to deal with.”

Tang Xiao smiled, said:

“If Qian Dao Liu comes here, we shall leave him for you. My brother Hao and I will take care of six consecrators. At least we won’t let them threaten our soldiers. But to strike the walls, it would be tough. The number of our spirit masters is so small.”

Xue Beng said:

“If we could have the red light like the one my teacher’s wife has used, it would be better.”

Tang San shook his head, said:

“I don’t want to hide anything. The weapon Xiao Wu used today is the best hidden weapons of my Tang Sect – Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotus. I made the drawings and asked the Divine Craftsman Lou Gao to fabricate it. Lou Gao had spent five years and even his life to complete that red light. There are three Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotuses in total. In the case of fighting in a narrow space, I’m sure it is a life threatening to Title Douluo, but we have only two flowers left, they are not enough to change the situation on the battlefield. Even if the Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotus is so strong, its effective scale is limited. If we want to break Auspicious Hill, currently we have only one way.”

His last words caught all eyes gazing on him.


[1] Louhan: Chinese word for Arahat – a fighting Buddha with some special characteristics,  a saintly person in general, was closely associated with miraculous power and asceticism. In Buddhist teachings, there are 18 Louhan, each of them has a name described their achievements/characteristics, e.g. Smilling Louhan, Dragon Descended Luohan, etc.

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