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Heaven Dou Empire’s soldiers were hesitating, wanted to withdraw. Hearing the urge-fighting drumbeats echoed from outside of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, they couldn’t help but start to strike again. It was what we called ‘Orders were as heavy as mountains’, heartless military laws. They didn’t have any other choice. The spirit masters’ positions were higher than them; they didn’t need to obey Emperor Xue Beng’s order, they only listened to Grandmaster’s. Right now, they were hurriedly getting out from the main gates.

Guardians inside the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass weren’t scumbags. Under the effect of The Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotus and three salvos of Godly Zhuge Crossbow, The Angel Legion and the Sacred Dragon Legion had been severely damaged. However, most of the spirit masters got killed were low levels; their main force hadn’t been shaken yet. Besides the spirit masters fighting on the Auspicious Hill’s walls, there were another ten thousand spirit masters. Then, the three Great Consecrators came, giving them time to breathe and also rise their spirit again. Spirit Masters’ physical attributes were better than normal soldiers, especially the spirit masters corps who had been training intensively for years. They hurried to rearrange their formation, under the lead of the three Great Consecrators. They turned back and struck against Heaven Dou Empire’ soldiers who were constantly running away.

On top of the walls, Tang San felt relief hearing Grandmaster’s order of withdrawal. Those Great Consecrators had just arrived; they hadn’t been well prepared yet, it would take some time for them to counter-attack. If Tang San and his people could withdraw from Auspicious Hill, there were a hundred myriads of soldiers waiting outside as their backup; he believed that they wouldn’t dare to come out of Auspicious Hill to chase him. But he didn’t have a chance to relax, the fighting drumbeats reverberated from outside.

Xue Beng, you’re so obscure! Tang San screamed in his mind, almost got hit by a Coil Dragon Rod, he avoided and backed off. At this time, he couldn’t care much, what he needed to focus on was how to cope with those peak Title Douluos.

Those two consecrators of the Spirit Empire used Coil Dragon Rod. One’s name was the Great Thousand Douluo and the other’s was Ghost Descended Douluo. They were siblings, ranked last among the Seven Great Consecrators of the Spirit Empire. They were the Sixth Consecrator and the Seventh Consecrator. But it didn’t mean that they were the weakest. If there was only one of them, he was just a Title Douluo level ninety-six; but if they fight together, even if they had to face Qian Dao Liu, he wouldn’t find it easy to beat them.

Both Great Thousand Douluo and Ghost Descended Douluo were over one hundred and twenty years old. Still, they were brothers who could smash a giant rock or metal blocks. Two Title Douluos combined to fight. Moreover, they had been together for over a hundred years, they could understand each other without even talking. The Coil Dragon Rods on their hands looked like they were dancing. They pushed Tang San backwards without using any spirit ability. Tang San didn’t have a chance to use any spirit ability, he could only swing the Seagod Trident to cover himself.

Suddenly, the Coil Dragon Rod in Ghost Descended Douluo’s hand wildly spun just like a crazy windmill. The golden dragon carved on it simultaneously became alive, animatedly, lingered with a strong dragon roar moving in a gold light circle, and struck Tang San.

At the same time, The Great Thousand Douluo jumped from behind the Ghost Descended Douluo, the Coil Dragon Rod in his hand didn’t have any strange movement, it just hacked down. Eight spirit rings flashed on their bodies. Their spirit power rapidly accelerated to a tremendous level, combined perfectly just like a giant hand smashed down from the sky. If that hand could reach Tang San, even though his body was sturdy, he could never bear it.

Currently, Tang San was pushed forwards constantly; he didn’t even have a chance to breathe. Suddenly, these two Title Douluos changed their way of attacking. They urged their spirit abilities furiously. Tang San could take that cool-down time to breathe, but still, it was too difficult to face them. Moreover, he wasn’t in his best condition.

However, Tang San was still himself. He had defeated the joint-defense of five Elders from Clear Sky School, they were the supreme spirit masters with tremendous power too. His precious treasure to determine his victory in battles was his ability to be calm in any situation, along with his sensitive observing, plus the rapid healing ability. Moreover, Tang San now had six spirit bones. The time he needed to activate abilities from spirit bones was much faster than abilities from spirit rings.

At present, Tang San couldn’t back off. Further, he could only decide to face it now. If he used spirit abilities to restrain his opponents, their attacks would all pour on him, his restraining ability would have no use.

A low hiss resounded from inside of Tang San’s body. This sound didn’t come out from his mouth but from the boiling rage of his spirit power. The milky-color of spirit power formed by the Mysterious Sky Skills was changed to blue by the Blue Silver Emperor. Right after that, from his hands, two different colours started to bloom.

His sleeves were exploded instantly, his left arm was covered with gold- brown light, the right arm was covered with crystal clear blue light. Right behind him, two giant patterns inaudibly appeared, a giant ape and a giant boa. They were the shapes of the Giant Titan Ape Er Ming and Blue Sky Bull Python Da Minh. Then, both of his arms burst out a red halo, united in one form with the previous colours.The Seagod Trident on his right arm pointed forwards, darting towards the Great Thousand Douluo who was hovering in the air. His left hand clenched in a tight fist stepped forwards and punched hard. What he had decided now was to encounter the eighth spirit ability from two Title Douluos.

Talking about spirit power. Apparently, Tang San was weaker than any of those two who were standing in front of him. The spirit power of a Title Douluo level ninety-six was double one at level ninety-five, well, Tang San’s level was only ninety-three, though. Choosing to face them directly, it was no different than decided to die.

In fact, the power’s gap between Tang San and those two supreme spirit masters wasn’t as much as the gap in their level. It was true that his spirit power was less than those two people’s, but it wasn’t like a normal Title Douluo level ninety-six and level ninety-three. You shouldn’t forget that Tang San had six spirit bones. Moreover, he had three spirit rings more than those Title Duoluos. Those spirit rings and spirit bones could greatly enhance his capacity. Regarding spirit power, generally he was at level ninety-three, but his spirit power was much solid than a normal Title Douluo. In other words, with the same volume, he would accumulate more spirit power. That was the important reason why he could fight against Bibi Dong – Tile Douluo level ninety-nine or the joint-defense of five Elders from the Clear Sky School. The spirit power level they could see was just to fool his enemies.

Moreover, no matter whether it was his spirit ring or spirit bone, the biggest effect of the one hundred thousand years spirit ability wasn’t the formidable power, but the requirement to the user’ spirit power was very little! What’s good for this kind of spirit rings of one hundred thousand years was it didn’t require a massive volume of spirit power to activate a super powerful attack. One could use a minimum spirit power to create a surprisingly powerful attack. Spirit bones showed this feature more clearly.

Among other one hundred thousand years spirit beasts, Xiao Wu’s wasn’t a strong one. At first, the spirit abilities from the spirit bone that she gave Tang San were Blink and Paragon Golden Body. They didn’t consume Tang San’ spirit power when in use; they were just a defending ability and a support ability, but they showed how powerful the one hundred thousand years spirit bones were. So, right now it looked like Tang San had chosen to die, in fact, he was strong enough to strike against them. He wanted to use the advantages of the overwhelming number of one hundred thousand years spirit abilities to overturn this situation.

With the bursting spirit abilities, both of Tang San’s hands were transforming. His left arm suddenly enlarged, it suddenly got triple the normal size, the muscles stretched, green vessels could be seen from under the skin just like small snakes twisted around his arm. Furious gold halo and red halo represented the one hundred thousand years spirit abilities burst out simultaneously. A gold-red shockwave projected powerfully.

On his other arm, blue scale armours appeared, covered his arm, just like the scale Da Ming once had. A chain of sounds like loud dragon’s roars reverberated constantly from his arm. A strong blue halo covered Seagod Trident. Dark blue lightning under the dragon shape went off. He had used this trike to kill the leader of the Sacred Dragon Legion.

Tang San was performing the spirit ability of the Giant Titan Ape’s left arm spirit bone, Titan Firmament Cannon, together with Blue Sky Bull Python’s right arm spirit bone, Thunderstorm Fading from Heaven. What he was facing were two eighth spirit abilities of the Coil Dragon Rod. On other words, he was using two one hundred thousand years abilities to face two fifty thousand years abilities.

What Tang San had was the advantage of the spirit abilities’ level, and the fast time of releasing spirit abilities from the spirit bones, to make up his flaw in difficult attacking position. Great Thousand Douluo and Ghost Descended Doulou were using their advantages of profound spirit power. Grandmaster was standing near them, he saw everything, but he couldn’t conclude which would win in this strike. However, Master could confirm that Tang San had already drained a large amount of his spirit power before. It was difficult for him to take advantage this time. However, his opponents still couldn’t beat him in just one strike.

“Break – Crack”

Two bizarre sounds echoed in the middle of the air. The massive Coil Dragon Rod of Great Thousand Douluo hacking down from the sky, impacted with Thunderstorm Fading from Heaven.

Thunderstorm Fading from Heaven was the Instant Kill spirit ability that the horn on the Blue Sky Bull Python Da Minh could activate. Now it had become a spirit bone’ spirit ability for Tang San. Its striking power, among Tang San’s other attacking abilities, was only behind the Journey Without Return strike from the Seagod Trident. Especially, its instant bursting power had reached a tremendous level, not less than the Abyssal Space Tearing Cut by Bibi Dong. That was how it could kill that Title Douluo in a second. Under its bursting effect, even a Title Douluo level ninety-six like the Great Thousand Douluo would be harmed.

However, he was lucky this time. Tang San was facing two opponents at the same time, if he were to face only one of them, he could have merged this Thunderstorm Fading from Heaven with the Sea God’s Light, subdued the mental strength, so just with one strike, he could have killed a Title Doulou level ninety-six.

From the other side, the Titan Firmament Cannon had collided to the halo projected by Ghost Descended Douluo. The giant dragon-shape halo impacted with a gold-red-twisted light created a half-moon halo. Instantly, the power of the collision burst up in the sky. With a loud explosion, Ghost Descended Duoluo had to back off more than seven steps to balance himself, both of his hands that were clutching the Coil Dragon Rod were numb. Talking about power, the Giant Titan Ape was the leader of the spirit beasts. This Titan Firmament Cannon used power to defeat opponents, associated with continuously shaking gravity that ceased the opponent’s attacks. This was the most powerful attack among the other one hundred thousand years spirit abilities!


Tang San faced the sky, spit out a mouthful of blood, but he didn’t step back. He didn’t even take the time that his opponent was just being pushed backwards to recover. Confidently stepped forwards, the eighth spirit ring blasted, a red halo darting towards those two Title Douluos.

It was the first time the Great Thousand Douluo and Ghost Descended Douluo had a hint of a grimace on their faces. Previously, they had seen Bibi Dong got defeated, almost died in this young man’s hands, they didn’t think it was real. A regular day of theirs included only cultivation or leisure activities; they didn’t know clearly Bibi Dong’s capacity. They only thought that it wasn’t enough. Using the two of them to fight Tang San, they thought that they had made a careful move. Moreover, they only considered the Seagod Trident in his hand.

When they attacked Tang San, it was true they could push him backwards constantly. Such young fellow who was able to reach Title Douluo had already frightened them; however, in their mind, they still wanted to destroy him in today’s battle. But, they had never thought that, under the situation of one versus two, Tang San could urge two tremendous abilities with terrifying spirit power which could totally push them back. Great Thousand Douluo after impacted with Thunderstorm Fading from Heaven in mid-air, was incapacitated. He felt the rage of his blood rolling. He got hurt.

Tang San had spit blood out, but after the impact, he didn’t need to recover, continued to urge the attacking spirit ability. From this point, two Title Douluos couldn’t be compared with him.

However, they were peak Title Doulous with various battle experiences. Both rose their Coil Dragon Rods in their hands, despite their rolling blood screaming inside prevented them from urging a powerful spirit ability. They were merging their spirit power with their fighting spirits, made them become one to ensure their defending situation. They believed that if Tang San hit them, they could defend with this, using all of their spirit power to jeopardise with him.

Soon they realised something was wrong. Their senses of the surroundings had almost gone, all seemed become illusionary.

Tang San didn’t even alter his spirit power. He continued to emanate his eighth spirit ability from the Blue Silver Devil Orca King, Blue Silver Orca’s Assimilation, which could stun opponent in three seconds. Any other defending abilities would be useless against it. While two Title Douluos were pushed back, Tang San took the chance to perform this ability. At the same time, Seagod Trident in his right arm plunged, hitting to Great Thousand Douluo’s hovered body. His right hand shrank into a claw, pointed towards, under the dragon’s roar and turned into a giant dragon claw clutching onto Ghost Descended Douluo. This was another spirit ability of Blue Sky Bull Python’s right arm spirit bone, the Blue Sky Slowing God Claw.

Being constantly attacked and had to back off, seemed like he couldn’t bear it anymore, Tang San burst out his strongest power. The tremendous power of the one hundred thousand years spirit bones continuously emanated, turned the circumstances around and started to counter-attack furiously like raging thunder.

The first one who received bad luck was Great Thousand Douluo. Even though he had put his Coil Dragon Rod in front of him horizontally which could stop any strike to defend, but what he was facing was the Seagod Trident weighed 108,000 jin. In the loud explosion, the Seagod Trident hit on the Coil Dragon Rod. Immediately, Great Thousand Rod was blown out of Auspicious Hill’s walls, blood bled from his mouth. He didn’t get seriously hurt, but it would take time if he wanted to climb up there again. He was lucky enough because Tang San wasn’t well; if he had been in his peak status and activated his A Journey Without Return of the Thirteen Golden Halberds, Great Thousand Douluo would have perished.

On the other side, Blue Sky Slowing God Claw associated with Blue Silver Orca’s Assimilation had created a stunning effect. It was true that the Blue Sky Slowing God Claw needed four seconds to gather strength, but this trike had been prepared since Tang San struck his Thunderstorm Fading from Heaven. Consecutively, right after launching the Seagod Trident, the claw had been formed, didn’t waste even a second. When Ghost Descended Douluo was just recovered from the stun, the giant claw had come in front of him, covered his body without hesitation.

Got hit by Blue Sky Slowing God Claw, all senses would be decelerated ten times, wasn’t much different from dead. Without the flaw of four seconds required to gather strength, only this ability could help Tang San to be proud in Title Douluo’s world. Ghost Descended Duoluo got hit, everything became slower, no matter he was urging spirit power or making any moves, he became relatively slow. His body trembled, almost fell down.

Tang San didn’t continue to attack. He had used four one hundred thousand years spirit abilities, including the Thunderstorm Fading from Heaven, Titan Firmament Cannon, Blue Silver Orca’s Assimilation and Blue Sky Slowing God Claw. Even though he could bear the loss of spirit power consumed by those abilities, it was still very terrible. Moreover, before the impact, he got serious injured, he just used the advantage of his sturdy body to control it.

After blowing away Great Thousand Doulou and restrained Ghost Descended Douluo, he finally had some time to breathe. He let out a loud groan, spit out a mouthful of blood and took two deep breath. Then, he raised his right hand, performing Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to retrieve the Seagod Trident. He then stabbed the Ghost Descended Douluo in his chest. Ghost Descended Douluo was still in his defending status, if he wanted to kill him, he had to use the power of Seagod Trident. The ten seconds stunning time was enough for him to die several times.

Tang San overturned the situation, pushing the spirit of Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit masters on top of the walls higher. Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing finally released their Fighting Spirit Fusion Netherworld White Tiger. Grandmaster, Flender and Liu Er long released the Golden Saint Dragon. They all started to attack, pushing their enemies backwards. Many of them fell off the walls, some Title Douluo of Spirit Empire got hurt badly.


Right when Tang San used his Seagod Trident to stab Ghost Descended Douluo, he shouted. If they didn’t retreat now, when would they? Although they had temporarily taken the advantage on top of the walls, their strength wasn’t left much, plus their opponent still had five peak Title Douluo. The battle at the foot of the walls was also unbearable. If they withdrew now, they could remain their men and power. Other Title Douluos got hurt, but it wasn’t easy to kill them. Killing this Ghost Descended Title Douluo was already a big harvest.


Seagod Trident with its massive weight struck away the Coil Dragon Rod from Ghost Descended Douluo, its body shaken a little bit, then plunged again. The main blade was like a dangerous sharp sword, stabbed right into Ghost Descended Douluo’s body. If it hit him directly, no matter how strong his spirit power was, he couldn’t avoid death.

Right at that moment, a scream echoed: “YOU DARE!”

A furious wind pressure struck towards Tang San, hit him from one side. The vehemently powerful waving energy made his hair rising in thrill. That strike was deadly threatening! In such a dangerous situation, Tang San didn’t care about killing Ghost Descended Douluo, his body swayed, a Sea God’s light shone on the Trident, created a gold halo shielding in front of him.

But what had frightened him was, the halo made from Unfixed Storm was almost smashed. His body under the shocking impact of that tenacious force was blown backwards, bleeding wildly. At that time, he finally realised how bad his body was, spirit power, mental strength weren’t left much more than thirty percent.

An old man wearing the same gold robe with silver thread embroidered plunged to the walls. He was the consecrator who took Bibi Dong and Hu Lie Na away. Just in a blast, his eyes projected bright light, all of his body was covered with a fine gold scale armour. That strike was made from the claws on his hands. Right behind him was a long tail covered with spikes and scale armour.

This was the Golden Crocodile King spirit, one of the highest level beats spirits. The immense spirit power that this consecrator projected had threatened Tang San. Great Thousand Douluo and Ghost Descended Douluo were really strong, but this old man made Tang San felt like he

was fighting with Bibi Dong. Tang San assumed that this Golden Crocodile King was at least level ninety-eight.

His assumption wasn’t wrong, this Spirit Empire’s consecrator was ranked only after Qian Dao Liu at Elders Hall, the Second Consecrator, Golden Crocodile Douluo. He was over one hundred and fifty years old, even older than Qian Dao Liu. His capacity had reached level ninety-eight. His strength wasn’t less than Bibi Dong’s. He had just appeared on the walls, the situation that Tang San had risked his life to change now overturned again.

Golden Crocodile coldly snorted, left leg put forward, swayed his body, the giant tail swept over carried with it a gold light figure, constantly whipped to Tang San. At the same time, both of his hands emitted dazzling gold light that formed a wall shielded the Golden Saint Dragon who was plunging here to rescue.

This time, Tang San felt helpless. Spirit Empire’s properties were really profound, they had so many supreme spirit masters. Facing Golden Crocodile’s assault, he could only lift the Seagod Trident, tried to put Sea God’s Light on to prevent the strike. His body was blown up, heavily impacted to the wall, smashing a big area into pieces. Tang San had almost blackout, blood came out from his mouth.


Seeing his strike couldn’t kill Tang San, Golden Crocodile felt like something unexpected had happened. Apparently, Tang San had drained his power and still survived under such a deadly strike. This young man truly had gifted talents. This was why Bibi Dong, Great Thousand and Ghost Descended got defeated. This man, shouldn’t be alive.

A murderous look filled Golden Crocodile’s eyes. A shadow of a gigantic crocodile appeared behind him, the sixth spirit ring glowed, that gigantic crocodile shadow turned into a real object, roared and dashed toward Tang San. Meanwhile, Golden Crocodile’s true body swung his long tail, swept off all Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit masters who attempted to rescue Tang San.

Title Douluo level ninety-eight’ spirit power was so furious; even Sword Douluo Cheng Xin, who had consumed a massive volume of power, still couldn’t break through his defence.

Tang San felt like he couldn’t escape his destiny this time under this strike. He had no power to defence now, a Title Douluo level ninety- eighth’s assault wasn’t something his current capacity would be able to endure.

Right at this deadly critical moment, a shout suddenly echoed loudly:


An enormous dark halo, just like a big black hole, plunged up to the sky from Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. With its violently bizarre pressure, it hit hard on the golden crocodile’s head formed by that shadow.

A loud explosion resounded, that dark halo didn’t vanish, but the golden crocodile had been smashed into pieces, scattered everywhere, turning into countless light beams, but none of them could touch Tang San.

Golden Crocodile Douluo had used lots of his strength to defend the supreme spirit masters from Heaven Dou Empire, his Golden Crocodile was a sixth spirit ability, enhanced with spirit power level ninety-eight, showed that it was such vigour. But it got smashed just in one strike. The Second Consecrator changed his facial expression, got himself together and looked that the one who just came.

The man who just came was wearing plain fabric clothes; he was tall and sturdy, his hair was short just like steel nails perking up on his head. His supremacy flared from his eyes. He looked like a Devil God from the ancient time. His body was built with muscles. There was a giant hammer in his right hand, held in front of him. That hammer had a head as big as a bucket, golden patterns deeply carved on it. Moreover, there was also a layer of white strange devilish pattern flashed.

That man was no other than the one who was once praised as the youngest Title Douluo in Douluo Continent, the highest Title Clear Sky of the Clear Sky School, Tang San’s father – Tang Hao.

He was standing there, alone, shielding Tang San, but he was like a massive protecting mountain. Shielded behind him, Tang San suddenly felt the secure feeling he had never had before.


The safe feeling of being protected by his own father made Tang San couldn’t help but yell.

Tang Hao seemed to get back to his peak, his cold face was just like it was made from refined dark iron, his sound was emotionless and stiff, he said:

“Leave this place for me. You should back off. Big brother, you handle inside the city.”


Howling Sky Douluo Tang Xiao’s voice resounded behind Tang San, he appeared. There were over one hundred middle-aged men following him, they all held the Clear Sky Hammers on their hand. They plunged over the walls, entering the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

At this critical moment, the Clear Sky School’s rescue force finally arrived; they were led by Tang Xiao and Tang Hao, two brothers.

Right now, at the foot of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, endless sounds reverberated, a countless number of dead bodies was hurled away from the four gates. Previously, the number of Heaven Dou Empire’ soldiers who had come to Auspicious Hill reached over fifty thousand, most of them were heavy-armed cavalries. But right now, it looked like something burst out violently at four gates, many bodies were scattered out with terrifying screeches.

Both of the new King, Emperor Xue Beng and Marshall Golong wore grimace on their faces. The situation in front of their eyes told them that their soldiers, who jumped inside Auspicious Hill, had all been savaged. Plus the number of people who got killed when they broke the wall, the total damage was over one hundred thousand soldiers, they assumed.

Regret filled Emperor Xue Beng, he regretted didn’t listen to Grandmaster to retreat on time, he caused much death to his soldiers on the battlefield. Emperor Xue Beng’s eyes were bloodshot, he shouted angrily:

“Hit the withdrawal gong! Royal Special Force comes with me to back up, protect our soldiers to retreat!”

“Your Majesty, don’t. It was my bad, let me protect the force to withdraw”.

Marshall Golong firmly held Emperor Xue Beng back. How could he let Emperor Xue Beng risk his life? However, Xue Beng’s words rose up Heaven Dou Empire’ spirit. Even their king didn’t care about dead or alive, what would they be afraid of?

Marshall Golong led the Royal Special Force and firmly dashed forward. The gong’s sound reverberated along the battlefield loudly, Heaven Dou Empire’s Great Force started to withdraw. What made Marshall Golong amazed was their enemy had swept them off the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, but they didn’t chase after them. There were only Tang Sect’ soldiers stayed at the riverbank outside the walls, their hands tightly held the Godly Zhuge Crossbow to back up their comrades retreating.

Of course, it wasn’t the Spirit Empire didn’t want to take advantage and chase them, there were three Great Consecrators and over five thousand supreme spirit masters here. They weren’t afraid of Tang Sect’s Godly Zhuge Crossbow. It could only perform well when striking up, with proper preparation; those weapons couldn’t resist spirit masters.

The reason why they didn’t chase them up was the existence of Clear Sky School’s rescue force.

People from Clear Sky School weren’t many in number. There were only one hundred and one spirit masters including the Leader, Howling Sky Douluo Tang Xiao. Those one hundred and one spirit masters could stop the wave of enemy.

Tang Xiao was the first one who descended to the battlefield inside the walls. He then released a Clear Sky Hammer that wasn’t smaller than Tang Hao’s, stopped three great consecrators without hesitation. At the same time, one hundred dark light glowed, Spirit Empire’s spirit masters on the front line suddenly received the baptism from the supreme spirits of the spirit masters from this peerless School. One hundred Clear Sky Hammers activated at the same time, prevented all of their opponent’s spirit masters, giving time for Heaven Dou Empire’s soldiers to withdraw.

On top of the walls, Tang Hao held his Clear Sky Hammer horizontally in front of him, slowly pointed directly toward the Golden Crocodile Douluo’s face.

“You hurt my boy?”
Golden Crocodile Douluo coldly snorted:

“It’s me, so what? Damn you Clear Sky School. Such good Clear Sky School. I didn’t think that you scumbags would return one day. Who are you to talk to me? Even if Tang Chen was here, he had to call me Elder. Spit your name out, I don’t kill anonymous.”

From the generation aspect, Golden Crocodile was one generation apart from Qian Dao Liu and Tang Chen. He was also the spirit masters whose position was the highest in the Spirit Empire. Qian Dao Liu had to respect him. Being pointed to his nose and scolded like that, the rage had been burning his mind.

Tang Hao snorted disrespectfully:

“With ambition, you don’t need to live long to thrive, no purpose, you live uselessly. Who are you to dare to call my grandfather’s name? Where is Qian Dao Liu? Call him here to fight. You? You’re not worth it.”

Golden Crocodile’s eyes flared with wrath:
“Good. Good. Good. I want to see how good a moron like you can show

me. I haven’t left the Elders Hall for fifty years. Today I want to see how good your young generations are!”

Dazzling gold light burst out from Golden Crocodile’s body. Each of his scales was rising. His white hair suddenly turned into solid keratin, entirely covered his head. His body leant downward just like a giant crocodile. Nine spirit rings on his body glowed with radiant light, the last one was also a red one, just like Tang Hao’s.

Tang Hao laughed out loud:

“Come here, I will show you what to regret living a hundred years. Little San, watch it carefully, this is the true power of the Clear Sky Hammer of our Clear Sky School.”

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    But he didn’t have a chance to relax, the fighting drumbeats reverberated from outside. ->
    But he didn’t have a chance to relax as the fighting drumbeats reverberated from the outside.

    First I’d change the comma for “as”. This is because it explains better why he didn’t have a chance to relax. You may also use “because” instead of “as”, yet I think “as” sounds better in here.
    The other thing is “from outside” against “from the outside”, in my opinion here “from the outside” is a better option than “from outside”.

    The golden dragon carved on it simultaneously became alive, animatedly, lingered with a strong dragon roar moving in a gold light circle, and struck Tang San ->
    The golden dragon carved on it simultaneously became alive, animatedly lingered with a strong dragon roar moving in a gold light circle and struck Tang San

    First I’d take out the comma after animatedly, this is because it affects the verb “lingered”. Then I’d change the last comma for an “and”, a change already explained a few chapters ago.

    the Coil Dragon Rod in his hand didn’t have any strange movement ->
    the Coil Dragon Rod in his hand didn’t do any strange movement

    If I understood this sentence correctly it is talking about the movements of the “Coil Dragon Rod”. If I’m right then the correct verb to use here is “do” instead of “have”. (you “do” a movement, you don’t “have” a movement).

    Currently, Tang San was pushed forwards constantly ->
    Currently, Tang San was being pushed forwards constantly

    The words “constantly” and “currently” give the idea of a continued action, so the correct conjugation is past continuous, not present continuous.

    Coil Dragon Rod -> Coiling Dragon Rod

    I’m pretty sure that you should use “coiling” insted of “coil”. Check it because I can be wrong.

    Well, congratulations for your improvement!! You are really getting better at translating.

    See you!

    1. Hi Gonzalo!

      Thanks for your comment. I was wondering why you didn’t post your corrections as usual. Hope you and Soiler are well!

    1. Hi Sing,
      Currently we only work on translating DD series.
      In the future, we will have a section for requesting to translate. People can vote and sponsor for the book they would like us to translate.
      If you would like us to translate that book, please email us at wuxiadreamads@gmail.com to provide the Chinese novel name and Author name. Also please inform us how much you can sponsor for this book.

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