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Of course, ten thousands soldiers of Tang Sect’s Army Force weren’t enough to ensure the victory for this battle, but they had opened a way for the Heaven Dou Empire to attack. More and more soldiers of Heaven Dou Empire’s Great Force entered inside the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. When the four gates inside Auspicious Hill were broken, among the explosions, the heavy-armed cavalries of Heaven Dou jumped into the city right away.

It was true that spirit masters were powerful, but facing the attack of thousands of heavy-armed cavalries, if they weren’t well prepared, how many soldiers they could savage? Moreover, high-level spirit masters were on top of the walls. The breaking through attack turned into a face-to-face battle at that moment. A hundred myriads of Heaven Dou Empire’ strong soldiers were like the tide getting into the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass from outside.
Xue Beng, the new Emperor of Heaven Dou Empire, understood well that he only needed to wait until one-fifth of his soldiers could get into the Auspicious Hill; thus, this war could end perfectly. By that time, his enemy would have no other force to stop his great force.

On top of the walls, Bibi Dong was struggling to prevent the constant and stable attacks from Tang San. She gradually felt she couldn’t hold it anymore. The thought of losing advantage had started to appear in her mind. She hesitated whether to withdraw. However, if she gave up on the Auspicious Hill, later on, when facing the Heaven Dou Empire, they had only a flatland area! Once Heaven Dou Empire’s great force cooperated with Star Luo Empire, who was consistently striking the other side, she was afraid that it would be the end of Spirit Empire. Even though strong spirit masters’ strength was terrific, and great in number, how could they fight against hundreds of myriads soldiers on the battlefield?

When the Spirit Empire was truly endangered, behind the walls, soldiers fell, two great spirit masters corps couldn’t hold the torrential flood. Suddenly, there were several long shouts echoed from behind the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

The voice echoed from far away, just like an angry tide that could control people’s minds. It wanted to subdue the fighting spirit of Heaven Dou Empire’s great force. These furiously powerful roars came one by one just like thunderstorm striking on one’s ears, reverberating in the air.

Hearing this roar, Tang San’s face became serious, performing one strike that blew Bibi Dong, who had no power left now, far away. Other people couldn’t distinguish that roar, but with his mental power, he immediately sensed the horrifying threat from it.

Those shouts were from individuals, yes, six persons who were still ten li[1] away from Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. They were dashing aggressively to Auspicious Hill. Ten li was just a short distance to them, they could get there in just ten times of breath. What kind of supreme spirit master can do this? Tang San didn’t want to admit that but he could guess how strong they were.

The fact that they didn’t come here alone was even more terrifying; right behind them, there were a significant number of spirit masters whose breath was deep and long, their speed was also rapid. They were about five thousand in number. What made Tang San startled was, the sound those six made, disturbed his mental power. He could only use his mental power to sense that far. Abou the other details, he didn’t know. So, that sound was to disturb his mental power. Since he had come back from the Sea God Island, there were only two people who could do that. The first one was Tang Chen, his great grandpa, who turned into the Slaughter King after his soul got invaded by devils; the second one was Bibi Dong, but only when she was at her peak strength.
This roar resounded from behind the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, and also the area of Spirit Empire. Apparently, it belonged to the Spirit Empire’s force. In Tang San’s mind, suddenly appeared two words, “Great Consecrators”, The Great Consecrators from the Elders Hall of Spirit Empire.

He had thought about the participation of those elders from the Elders Hall in this war, especially that Great Ancestor Qian Dao Liu. But he didn’t think that they would appear at such this critical moment. Furthermore, the six of them came here at the same time. From those six roars, Tang San didn’t sense any spirit masters that were as strong as Bibi Dong. In other words, that Great Consecrator didn’t show up this time, however, it showed how formidable the Spirit Empire was.

But Tang San quickly noticed that Bibi Dong was also amazed, apparently, she didn’t know of those six Great Consecrators’ existence, nor why they came here at this moment.

Clenching his teeth, Tang San’s eyes projected a furious light, he had to kill Bibi Dong before they came. Once Bibi Dong died, even if the Spirit Empire still had more supreme spirit masters, the war would be easier for them.

The reason why Tang San didn’t strike with all his power previously was that he wanted to waste Bibi Dong’ mental power and spirit power continuously. Bibi Dong was too powerful though, Tang San didn’t plan to kill her soon because when she was about to die, the counter-attack force would be incredibly terrible. He had been maintaining powerful strikes, but not too much that Bibi Dong couldn’t endure. So she wouldn’t risk her life striking back. At the end, who doesn’t want to live? Moreover, Bibi Dong had the ninth spirit skill, which was the Undying Body. Bibi Dong also knew Tang San’s way of thinking, she was waiting for a chance though. She was waiting until the Angel Legion could take advantage and support the walls.

Seeing the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force was moving rapidly into the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, her hope was about to perish. The thought of risking her life to make a way out rose in her mind. At the time when those distant shout echoed, Tang San’s attack became fierce.

The gold light on the Seagod Trident projected furiously, doubled the dazzling. Bibi Dong’s real body and clone suddenly tensed. The Blue Silver Emperor first spirit ability Intertwine and second spirit ability Parasitism were activated. These two spirit abilities were now fifty thousand years spirit ability, even such powerful spirit master like Bibi Dong had to pause. She released her Deathgod Domain and crazily eroded. Meanwhile, on her crustacean-like skin, a raft of sharp spikes emerged, tore the Blue Silver Emperor into pieces.

However, at the same time, Tang San plunged up high, his left hand which was heading toward Bibi Dong, pushed down, dazzling gold light formed a cage and imprisoned Bibi Dong. Bibi Dong suddenly felt a heavy pressure bending her body. It felt like her weight increased ten times more.

This was the spirit ability from the left-hand spirit bone Giant Titan Ape, Gravity Control. Spirit bones were precious because they could grant a spirit ability, more importantly, almost all of the spirit abilities brought by spirit bones were instantaneous. The sudden increase in gravity slowed down Bibi Dong’s speed when she tried to destroy Tang San’ spirit skills, Intertwine and Parasitism.

Such massive pressure that she had never encountered, instantly suffocated Bibi Dong. But she wasn’t a person who got beaten that easy. She still had her ace, which she hadn’t used yet.

Clenched her teeth, a furious red halo projected from her chest, spread over her body just in a blink. That red halo looked extremely horrible, just like Bibi Dong’ skeleton came out from inside of her body. The only thing that could make this wondrous thing was her sixth spirit bone.
This was the most important spirit bone among the other six types, the body spirit bone. From the colour, it could be seen that Bibi Dong’ spirit bone was at least ten myriads of years.

The whole one hundred thousand years old skeleton, covered with a red halo, breaking out from under the crustacean skin and spread to two sides. There was a bright red light rolling in the middle of Bibi Dong’s chest, just like a bizarre eye emerged on her chest. The scarier thing was, not only Bibi Dong’s real body had been changed like that, but her clone had changed also. Both Bibi Dong, under the massive pressure of Gravity Control, underwent the same situation. The inner red rolling light shook Tang San’ soul.

Tang San was hovering in the air, he had no intention to avoid. He understood clearly that if he backed off this time, he could never have a chance like this to kill Bibi Dong again. Those six persons were coming closer and closer, once they saw Bibi Dong was at risk, they would immediately come to rescue her.

The gold light shadow appeared behind Tang San’s back, even though it was a little bit vague, that huge figure expressed a heavy breath. On the Seagod Trident, Sea God’s Heart suddenly glowed, contributed to Tang San’ spirit now, urged it to the max that it had never been before.

Gravity Control from his left hand didn’t change, Seagod Trident from right hand drew a gold light bizarre circle, big enough to cover all of Tang San’s body. At the same time, two red halos, diameters of over one tchi[2], struck straight to Tang San.

These two red halos hit the defending halo of the Unfixed Storm hard. The Seagod Trident in Tang San’s hand was hissing. Tang San could feel clearly that the gold light halo in front of him would soon perish. Seagod Trident in his hand was being oppressed instantly, couldn’t launch any attacks for a while.

Bibi Dong’s eyes sparkled evilly, she had been waiting too long for this chance. It was true that her mental power was hurt, but her power was powerful though. She understood clearly why Tang San suddenly used all of his strength to attack her. She took the advantage from his impatience, activated this strike in just a second. She had considered carefully before urging this strike with all her power. She even poured all of her mental power left into it.
She had seen several times that Tang San was the mental pillar of Heaven Dou Empire. Just like how seriously it could affect her Empire when she got killed, it would be the same to Heaven Dou Empire if she could kill Tang San. The effect would be extremely terrible! Her real body and her clone had activated the spirit skills from the spirit bones at the same time. Usually, it was impossible. But Bibi Dong had another spirit bone, which had the same function with Oscar’s Clone Mirror spirit bone. Oscar’ spirit bone could only replicate his body, hers could replicate both spirit bones and spirit abilities.

Thus, Bibi Dong spent all her strength to replicate a clone with all her spirit ability. She wanted to make it hard for Tang San to differentiate her real body and her clone; another reason was she wanted to destroy Tang San using two identical tremendous strikes.

This was the killing strike of Bibi Dong. With her profound cultivation, if two identical persons activated such ability at the same time, the power of it was enough to hurt a god.

The clone could perform her power, but certainly, it was weaker than her real body. Tang San, of course, had many ways to weaken the strike combined with her real body and the clone. If he didn’t hurry to attack, she had hardly found a chance like that, moreover, this attack spirit ability, once replicated, it could replicate the same attack power just like the real bodies.

Those two red halos didn’t aim at one target. The first one exploded at the Seagod Trident in Tang San’s right palm. The second one struck Tang San’s body.

After engaged in fighting with Tang San for a couple of times, Bibi Dong found out that Tang San was depended on this Seagod Trident. She also discovered that this Seagod Trident was a divine weapon. With her current level, she couldn’t destroy it, however, it didn’t mean that it was impossible to oppress it temporarily.

With a powerful strike of the body spirit bone, it was enough to oppress the Seagod Trident, so it couldn’t activate any strike in a while. The other strike was absolutely a murder strike. Tang San’s cultivation couldn’t be compared to hers. He totally depended on Seagod Trident to fight against her. Bibi Dong didn’t hold any strength, she used all her strength to control Seagod Trident. Tang San couldn’t stop such strike, unless he got the defending ability of Invincible Golden Body. But now, Xiao Wu, who just took a strike for him, was far away from him, she had no chance to support him.

The sharp crackling sound echoed, the gold halo created by the Unfixed Storm had broken. The red halo had reached Tang San.



Xiao Wu and Hu Lie Na’s screams resounded at the same time. However, their worries and the evil smile on Bibi Dong’s face had all vanished in a moment. The red halo which was supposed to strike directly to Tang San’s chest was reflected, plunged up to the sky, drew a red streak over thousands tchi in the air, then perished beautifully like a shooting meteor.

“Impossible!” Bibi Dong used up her strength to perform that strike. Her body was trembling, she couldn’t stand still, but she couldn’t hold it and yelled. She couldn’t understand why this happened.

Her spirit power was still enough, but that strike took all of her mental power, dimmed everything in front of her eyes. The last thing she saw was a red crystal shield formed in front of Tang San’s chest, its diameter was about half a tchi, gradually vanished like dust.

At the same time, the dazzling gold light projected from Sea God’s Heart, made the Seagod Trident looked like a flying gold dragon. It slightly slid out of the red halo’s tie, turned into a circle of golden light, spinning around Tang San to ease all the extra force from Bibi Dong’s attack. Tang San paled but he didn’t get hurt.

How could Tang San reveal his loopholes? If so, he wasn’t the master of Control Style. Being a Control Style supreme spirit master Title Douluo, he always maintained his consciousness. Bibi Dong had been waiting for a chance, so had he! His impatience was just a trap he prepared for Bibi Dong. He knew that she was waiting for him to make a mistake. He just pulled the trigger and provoked Bibi Dong. Tang San, at that time, was defending with all of his power, he didn’t have the intention to attack.


It was true that the attack from Bibi Dong’s body spirit bone was strong, it could oppress the Seagod Trident just in a blink. However, Tang San had his own way. Did you think he doesn’t have anyone hundred thousand years old spirit bones and spirit abilities?

With the support from the Sea God’s Light, the eighth spirit ring of Blue Silver King glowed, activated the eighth spirit ability, the Blue Silver Orca Mirror’s Assimilation. But this time, he didn’t project the killing glass spikes, he concentrated all his power at Bibi Dong ’s attack point, created a crystal shield.

The angle of the crystal shield was diagonally and upward. If it received a direct impact, it couldn’t bear it, but with a skew angle like that, it would be easier. The gold halo of the Unfixed Storm couldn’t bear the strike fully, but it gave Tang Sang a bit of time to prepare. Bibi Dong’s attack with all her power. But it could only shake Tang San’ spirit power a little bit. With his vigour sturdy body, this small wound was nothing. But to Bibi Dong, after she had struck with all her force, her situation would be very terrible.

Both of her real body and clone faded a little bit. Two figures dashed closer to each other. Bibi Dong trembled hard almost fell down to the ground. Tang San suddenly realised the reason why he couldn’t define which was her real body, which was just a clone. Her spirit ability divided her body into two parts. Both parts were ‘real and unreal’ at the same time. If he concentrated on one of them, the other clone would turn to a real body, and vice versa. But now, Bibi Dong had no other chance.

The mental power was released torrentially as a rising tide. Tang San roared, gold light dazzlingly projected and covered both Bibi Dong, who were about to become one.

Bibi Dong groaned, blood came out from seven holes on her face, looked like a small stream flowing steadily, making her body under the form of the Soul Eating Spider Emperor looked really terrible. Her real body and her clone, under the power of the spirit impact, had united as one.

Right at that moment, Tang San’s right hand pointed forward. His body was like a gold light dashing towards forwards. The Seagod Trident projected bright golden light furiously. Right now, Tang San focused all of his mental power to strengthen his attack power. Bibi Dong’ mental power had collapsed, she couldn’t protest or using her Undying Body spirit ability anymore. Soul hurt was even more severe than body injuries!

Behind the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, from a far distance, six figures of supreme spirit masters appeared, their speed was as fast as shooting meteors. But they couldn’t come in time to rescue Bibi Dong. All they could see was the furious divine gold halo of the Seagod Trident engulfing Bibi Dong.

Right when the first Empress ever of Spirit Empire was about to perish under Tang San’s hand, a figure suddenly appeared, embraced Bibi Dong’s body, using its back to shield this tremendous strike.

Tang San’s face paled in fear. This strike of his not only bring with it the peak power, but also flying at a furious pace. It was impossible to withdraw. Subconsciously, he leant, left shoulder pushed hard to the handle of the spear, the gold light instantly slightly deviated from its orbit.

Pufffff, blood scattered. A deep bleeding wound appeared on the right hand of the one who interfered his attack. Seagod Trident’s divine strength made her fell down, onto Bibi Dong’s body. The one who suddenly jumped out, intended to use her life to shield that attack and die for Bibi Dong was Hu Lie Na.

Right when Bibi Dong had attacked Tang San, she was also the one who plunged up with the thought of dying for him. If she could die that way, she could feel relief sooner. But the wind had changed, the one whose life was endangered was her master. She was on her way flying there, without hesitation, she used her body to shield Bibi Dong. The cold feeling spreading out from her right arm paralysed Hu Lie Na. She collapsed into her master’s lap, feeling relief. Am I dying? Under his hands? Perhaps it is the best ending…

“Silly girl, you…”

Blood was bleeding from Hu Lie Na’s arm and splattered on Bibi Dong’s face, awakened her. She hurried to embrace Hu Lie Na; her crazy eyes became tender.

This strike failed, Tang San didn’t have the next chance to attack her anymore. Six figures hastily flying here had split into three parts, plunged to the Auspicious Hill’s walls, to be exact, they were heading to Tang San. The sudden pressure made Tang San didn’t dare to attack Bibi Dong more. Even though he could kill Bibi Dong, he would be savaged under the other three’s attack.

He had had some clues from the previous roars. Now facing them directly, he could understand deeper how dangerous those six flying people were. They were much stronger than he ever imagined.
At the moment they arrived, three figures split, two struck up to Tang San, the last one descended next to Bibi Dong. He was an old man with white hair. He held Bibi Dong up, and pressed on Hu Lie Na’s acupuncture points on her shoulders, blocked her vessels to stop her from bleeding. After that he gently patted on the back of Bibi Dong’s head, awakened her from her coma.

“Your Majesty, we should go now.”
A strong spirit power covered Bibi Dong and Hu Lie Na, that old man plunged up, bringing Bibi Dong and her disciple flying towards the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

Tang San had no choice seeing Bibi Dong was rescued. This was also the toughest battle he had engaged since he came back from Sea God Island.

Facing Tang San now was a pair of brothers, over eighty years old, all their hair was white. They looked identical, so did their spirits. Each of them held a rod, about 1,2 zhang[3], there was a gold dragon carved on it. This was the Coil Dragon Rod spirit. The colours of the spirit rings on their Coil Dragon Rod were totally identical, the combination of the best spirit rings: yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, and black spirit rings.
The spirit power released from their bodies was furious. The pressure was also released in a second, almost suffocated Tang San. This was absolutely not an ability a regular Title Douluo could perform. Just in a blink, Tang San could guess the spirit power of these two old men were over level ninety-six, they were totally overwhelmed him.

Moreover, their capacity was over level ninety-six, mental power was unified, very condensed. He couldn’t be compared to them. If he waited for a chance to strike them mentally, just one of them, he would undoubtedly bear the tremendous attack of the other.




Two explosions resounded. Tang San had to take several steps backwards to balance his body. The other two old men also had to pause, their face looked thrilled. Even though they could push Tang San back, the Coil Dragon Rod in their hand shook violently. This showed that their strike didn’t make a big effect.

Obviously, this wasn’t Tang San’ spirit power that was resisted the two Title Douluos level ninety-six. It was the Seagod Trident’s massive weight of 108,000 jin which took almost all the power of that strike.

However, to Tang San, he didn’t care. What he cared was the other three old men had engaged in the battle at the foot of the walls. Their capacity wasn’t less than these two old men though. With their participation, the situation which was favouring Heaven Dou Empire, now would change soon…
The other two Title Douluos didn’t give Tang San time to think, they started to attack him again. Two Coil Dragon Rods, one from the left, one from the right, struck up Tang San at the same time. Their action was quick, their cooperation was perfect without any flaws. The third spirit rings on the two rods glowed at the same time, the long rods enlarged several times bigger instantly.

Their spirit was emanated so furiously that it dimmed the Seagod Trident’ spirit. There were low tone dragon roars emitted from the rods to mess with Tang San’ searching sense.

Facing the tremendous attack from two Title Douluos, Tang San sighed inside, if he had been in his peak status, he would have able to defence better. Two Title Douluos level ninety-six, no matter how perfect their combination was, their capacity couldn’t be higher than Title Douluo Bibi Dong at her peak.
Thus, not long from that, he had fought Bibi Dong twice. Even though he could almost kill her, it had consumed much of his power. Right now, the total of his power wasn’t bigger than sixty percents, facing the flawlessly combined attack of two Title Douluo level ninety-six, he couldn’t fight back. The presence of these six old men struck Tang San’ spirit, he didn’t need to look down to know the situation of the battle at the foot of the walls.

From a distance, at least five thousand spirit masters were entering the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass from behind, heading towards this battlefield. Tang San was afraid that the Heaven Dou Empire wouldn’t take any benefit from today’s battle. Whether they could withdraw safely had also become another matter. Spirit masters of Spirit Empire were striking them from the back, the damage would increase rapidly!

From the top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, Spirit Empire’s spirit masters seeing Tang San was fighting with two Title Douluo level ninety-six, their spirit was highly promoted, their attack became stronger. They were in a dangerous situation, but now they felt better.


Tang San took a deep breath, sounds from the movement of his skeleton echoed, his eyes were like two sparking stars. However, the gold light on the Seagod Trident in his hand retrieved and turned back to its original black colour.



Using Sea God’s Light to enhance the power of Seagod Trident cost him a lot of mental power. Now he had to encounter those two hotshots who would show no mercy like Bibi Dong, he absolutely wouldn’t let himself be drained. Talking about their combined power, they were stronger than Bibi Dong, but their ability wasn’t as good as Bibi Dong’s. That was why Tang San didn’t worry about getting killed in just one strike. To fight against those two, he must depend on his super peculiar ability that no other Title Douluo could have, it was the rapid healing ability.


In Auspicious Hill City, three explosions resounded, a big hole with a diameter of over thirty tchi appeared, separated soldiers of Spirit Empire and Heaven Dou Empire to two sides. Blood and cut limbs scattered in the air. The striking spirit of Heaven Dou Empire was paused. Three old men appeared, brought with them tremendous pressure. They stood arrogantly in front of the soldiers.

The remaining spirit masters of Angel Legion and Sacred Dragon Legion saw them, immediately bent on their one knees, shouted:

“Greetings, Great Consecrators!”

Three old men came on top of the walls and the other three stood in front of them were wearing identical costumes. Differed from the black colour clothes of Spirit Douluo, the red colour of Title Douluo, they were wearing long gold robes. Moreover, patterns that were embroidered on their clothes were different. Those patterns were sewn with silver threads; each pattern represented their own spirits. Gold robe with silver threads embroidered was the symbol of their title as the official Consecrators of the Elders Hall of Spirit Empire.

Spirit Hall had been formed for many years, their profound properties were something not any sects could be compared to. Elders at Title Doulou were over twenty people, even though some of them had died, there were so many left. The Consecrators of Elders Hall were the strongest ones among them.

Elders of the Elders Hall had been promoted to be Consecrators. The condition to be promoted seemed simple, but actually very difficult. It was breaking through level ninety-five, spirit power should be from level ninety-six and above.

After they had been promoted to be the consecrators, their positions in Spirit Hall was really high, they didn’t even need to obey the Supreme Pontiff’s orders. They only needed to follow the Master of the Hall, the Great Consecrator. If there were nothing crucial, they would absolutely not take any action. They only stayed quietly in the Elders Hall and continued their cultivation. This was why Tang San, who had met many Title Douluos from Spirit Halls, had never met any of them whose level was over ninety-five.

At present, there were only seven consecrators in the Spirit Hall. Leading them was the Great Consecrator, Peerless Douluo level ninety-nine Qian Dao Liu. Qian Dao Liu wasn’t here together with the other six consecrators; however, their existence represented the strongest power of the Spirit Empire. They could change the situation of the battle now. So, by the time Tang San heard their shouts, he recognised the situation could turn bad; he wanted to take the chance and killed Bibi Dong. Unfortunately, Hu Lie Na had interfered him. If he could have killed Bibi Dong at that time, even though they failed the battle today, it would have been worth it. Those six Title Douluos combined, of course, they would be stronger than Bibi Dong, but they weren’t the Supreme Pontiff of the Spirit Hall, neither the top leaders of the Spirit Empire. Once Bibi Dong had died, the whole Spirit Empire would be in big crisis. But now, she was still alive, all of Tang San’s plan would be affected. Seeing the situation quickly changed, Grandmaster, who hadn’t engaged in the battle, immediately ordered.

“Tang Sect’s Army Force to activate heavy crossbows. Protect the gate, all forces withdraw!”

Grandmaster screamed those orders hoarsely. At that time Xue Beng Emperor and Marshall Golong were still standing outside the walls, they didn’t see what had happened inside Auspicious Hill. Suddenly hearing the order of withdrawal, they were so surprised.
“Your Majesty, Imperial Preceptor, he…”

Marshall Golong confusingly looked at Xue Beng.

Xue Beng Emperor didn’t understand what was happening too. Such a good chance, why withdrawing? How can he stand that? But, Grandmaster had screamed until his voice got hoarse, seemed the situation had changed. The circumstances on top of the walls had become different, Tang San’s enemy now were two old men. Of course there was something bizarre behind the walls.

Xue Beng Emperor was a just young man, he understood the importance of breaking Auspicious Hill, clenching his teeth, he didn’t care about Grandmaster’s orders, shouted:

“Marshall Golong, spread my order, no matter how much we have to pay, we have to break the Auspicious Hill.”


Marshall Golong felt joy in his heart. Looked like the victory of breaking Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass would be in his hand. Hundred myriads of strong soldiers torrentially moving forwards, even if rescue soldiers of the Spirit Empire had appeared inside the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, how many of them they could send? He couldn’t believe such situation could be changed that quick.


Grandmaster was the Imperial Preceptor but he only ruled the spirit masters corps. Spirit masters who were fighting in Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, receiving Grandmaster’s withdrawal order, they took the order and backed off quickly. Simultaneously, the fighting drumbeats reverberated furiously from outside of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.


[1] li: Ancient Chinese unit measurement, 1 li = 500 meters = 0.31 miles

[2] tchi: Ancient Chinese unit measurement,  1 tchi =1/3 meters = 13 inches

[3]  zhang: Ancient Chinese unit measurement, 1 zhang = 3.3 meters

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    1. Tang San has killed countless experts of Spirit Hall/Empire, yet when another one blocks his way from a kill shot at his mortal enemy, the same enemy that has indirectly caused the pain of his parents, his clan, but most of all the death of his one and only lover, the most important person, the one that will only matter when all else fails, the one he vowed he would avenge at all cost.

      No, he decided to be a pussy in the end. And to what? To spare the life of one of countless Spirit Empire experts? Yes, he may had shared some time with Hu Liena long ago. Yes, she wasn’t just another Spirit Empire expert. But was it worth it? Was she the only other character he had a past with but wouldn’t kill? It’s not even directly killing her but merely a causality. Was the time he was with her even long or fruitful enough? She could barely even count as an acquaintance, and all their ties and debts to one another have already been severed and completed the moment they left Slaughter City. With his cold calculating and rational personality she should barely be a stranger to him by now.

      Was saving her worth losing the chance to kill Bibi Dong? (and maybe the only chance, after losing the element of surprise and other advantages he had at that moment) Saving this “stranger’s” life in return for allowing Spirit Empire to keep its strength? Causing more bloodshed for both sides and for both regular soldiers and spirit masters? And to repeat, all to spare one barely-an-acquaintance’s life?

      He strategized and planned all he could, saved almost all his skills and trump cards for that moment, and he suddenly threw it all away without any logical or rational reason, both of which he’s so proud and famous of. The great genius of the generation, the unparalleled control spirit master, the thousand hands f*cking ASURA!

      With all his quick-thinking and expertise in weighing his options when faced with difficult decisions, he certainly showed his prowess right there for choosing to still not kill Bibi Dong and end (or be able to start the end) all conflict.

      Yes, in that moment he suddenly turned out of character. Not even the author would be able to explain his unfounded decision. You don’t even need a psych expert to tell you it didn’t make any sense. It’s not like he hasn’t killed a human before. It’s not like he didn’t have two lives worth of experience and maturity. It’s not like Hu Liena means anything to him aside from being an old acquaintance, and someone whom he had closure already and cut all ties with. It’s not like he has no experience in making critical decisions, let alone weighing bad outcomes from even worse ones.

      No, he had everything he needed and no reason would be strong enough to have changed his mind right then.

      No, the author chose to go for drama, and even a cliched one at that, throwing away what makes his mc, the mc.

      To me, Tang San died in that moment, the Tang San this author cultivated and painstakingly created for the past 280 chapters.

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