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Tang San moved rapidly, took action in just the time of a blink. Hu Lie Na rushed forward. Shielded by Hu Lie Na, Bibi Dong couldn’t see clearly what her opponent was doing. Besides, her Soul power was hurt badly, it took a long time to recover, she couldn’t use her Soul power to sense around as she could before.

Bibi Dong didn’t realise Tang San’ move until he came in front of Hu Lia Na. It was too late to rescue her.

With her capacity, Hu Lie Na was a talent among the young spirit masters generation, but she was way behind Tang San, let alone under such irresistible circumstance. Seeing her beautiful life was about to vanish, concurrently, Tang San quickly changed his attack, his left hand pushed forwards, turned from chop to claw. Hu Lia Na felt her shoulder numb, Tang San’s giant hot hand clutched onto her right shoulder. The feeling of hurt and debilitation were spread all over her body, she could only feel paralysed. Her body felt like she was floating, and then, she was blown away. Tang San had used the Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to throw her couples dozens of tchi (=1/3 meters) away.

Tang San’s moves were constant. Right when his left hand touched Hu Lie Na, the Seagod Trident on the right hand drew a fan-shaped gold light in the air, rushed toward Bibi Dong. This giant light of the Seagod Trident was like a round transparent crystal sphere, reaching Bibi Dong’s head in just a flash.

Bibi Dong, of course, wouldn’t cross her hands doing nothing and waiting to die, no matter what, she was a max level Title Douluo. The spider mark on her forehead glowed as her body strongly retreated. Her Domain of Death opened, covered not only Tang San, but also all Heaven Dou Empire’s Spirit Masters standing on top of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.
Naturally, Tang San wouldn’t let her get what she wanted that easily. Normally, fighting with Bibi Dong was too difficult, but right now, Bibi Dong’s spirit power hadn’t recovered yet, all of her attributes were declined. Tang San didn’t worry much. First, he released his Blue Silver Domain, he wanted to use the power of the domain to encounter Bibi Dong.

Once the two domains collided, only theirs owners could truly feel the shock; even though this wasn’t the collision of mental energy, but fighting spirits. It still affected a part of the spirit power.

The Seagod Trident hadn’t touched Bibi Dong yet when their domains impacted. Tang San’s body paused for a while, Bibi Dong screeched, knitted her brows in pain, her upper body leant backwards, shivering and releasing her eighth spirit skill, the Spider King of Death. Her true body and her clone flashed, divided into two sides, avoiding the Seagod Trident. Using her eighth skill of fighting spirit true form, she stabbed Tang San with the sharp Spider Pike.

Tang San understood that Bibi Dong wasn’t afraid of losing her soul power and spirit power. To oppress him, she had released her fighting spirit true form at the beginning, didn’t let him have a chance to urge his spirit power to strike back. Her true body and clone were identical, even if his level was higher than now, it was still difficult to sense them. He could urge his Amethyst Devil Pupils but what if he struck the clone not the true body? To such a max level Spirit Master like Bibi Dong, it was her golden chance.

Tang San never underestimated anybody, even the wounded enemy. Once your enemy still stands, the fight hasn’t ended yet.

Innumerable Blue Silver King was like blooming flowers appeared from Tang San’s foot, spreading to Bibi Dong just in a second.  Over one hundred branches of Blue Silver King were like a big net, flying towards her. After Tang San had taken the spirit ring, whose first spirit skill was Intertwine, even though it was the first spirit skill, it was replaced with a 50,000 years spirit rings. It could push this spirit skill to the peak, which wasn’t weaker than any eighth spirit skill of a Spirit Master. The giant Blue Silver King not only could cover a massive area, but also became tougher, even the Seven Kill Sword of Sword Douluo couldn’t break it easily, especially when it was combined with a domain like this.

Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain and Bibi Dong’s Domain of Death collided and destroyed each other, no one could use his/her domain to prevent the opponent. It could be seen that Bibi Dong was so weak at this time. If not, when using Domain to fight, Tang San couldn’t beat her.

A light shadow flashed. The purple colour on Bibi Dong’s body turned into pure emerald in just a blink. This was her super fighting spirit skill true form, under the transformation of her fighting spirit. All of her body was changing, her face turned from black to blue violet. Two spider spikes on top turned into sharp scythes. Her true body and the clone were doing two different actions. They came closer to each other in just a blink, the light was spreading all over her body, a pure emerald halo appeared in front of both Bibi Dongs.

This wasn’t a shield like a defending spirit skill; it was her second fighting spirit, the Emperor of Soul Devouring Spider. At the same time, the8 Jadeite Sickle hacked down so fast it was like an illusion.

The Emperor of Soul Devouring Spider was worthily Bibi Dong’ second fighting spirit. That Jadeite Sickle almost took Tang San’s life. Wherever the emerald light wiped over, even though the Blue Silver King couldn’t be broken with one strike, they were pushed away, deep curved appeared on their bodies. When the blades of Jadeite Sickle change its direction, so many Blue Silver King branches were cut off.
From behind, Bibi Dong was struck mentally. Seeing Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass was in a bad situation, stimulated seeing Grandmaster, her killing spirit exploded. She didn’t care about her mental status, brought all her capacity to fight.

Tang San’ speed wasn’t too slow, but when he activated the Intertwine skill, Bibi Dong did not only used the Jadeite Sickle to stop his attack, but also retorted. There was a total of eight light sickle blades dashing towards Tang San, moreover, their targets were so wicked. Except for three light sickle blades, the other five light just hacked the air, but they sealed all of Tang San’s escape way. She wasn’t his opponent regarding spirit power, what she could be to use her spirit power to protect herself. No matter what, Title Douluo level 99 should have a profound spirit power. She only needed to control the situation so that Tang San didn’t have a chance to activate his Amethyst Devil Pupils, because other metal attacks didn’t have the ability to hurt her at all. Bibi Dong had recovered her soul power; her purpose was to force Tang San to use his soul power to fight against her during the time her spirit power had been drained, so she could use her advantage to strike her opponent’s disadvantage. Eight light sickle blades came in front of Tang San, paused then changed their direction in synchronising, attacked him from eight different directions. This change in direction was harder for him to detain the attack.

One should never underestimate these light sickle blades. They were all first Half Moon spirit skill belonged to the Emperor of Soul Devouring Spider, their power was equal to a spirit skill at level fifty thousand years. Bibi Dong could urge eight light sickle blades at the same time, it had proven how powerful her soul power was.

Facing Bibi Dong’s attack, Tang San didn’t panic. The Seagod Trident on his hand was dipped to the ground, his body plunged up like a strong wind. In just a blink, his left leg projected a red light.

Do you want to fight with your soul? Alright, I’ll play with you. You want to use black spirit rings? I will use red ones. Right when his left leg kicked, Tang San’s eyes lit, the Sea God’s Heart on Trident glowed, a light gold halo spread out over one thousand meters in a blink. On the battlefield of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, except Tang San, all people from Heaven Dou Empire and Spirit Empire paused, feeling panic.

This was Tang San using the Seagod Trident to project Breaking Soul, emitted a tremendous spirit power. Anyone whose spirit power was weaker than his got affected. Even though this skill wasn’t last long, it had frightened all.

Bibi Dong urged the eight light sickle blades that she could control well, however, under the affected scale of the gold light, her connection with that eight light sickle blades was getting loose, emerald light on them was dimmer. Right at that moment, Tang San’s left leg kicked again.
Numerous of dark red light emitted from his left leg, brought with them loud sound. Those dark red lights weren’t big, compared to the Half-moon, even now the Half Moon looked dimmer, they were far as big as it. However, there were so many of them, moreover, each light filled with sharp killing spirit, when they were just projected, they had devoured all eight light pickle blades, the sound of the collision was loud and furious.

Bibi Dong’s control was exquisitely skilful, she could almost control each of the light sickle blades. But Tang San’s counterattack was sharper. First, he used the Seagod Trident to control their spirit on a large scale. Then, he continued to activate the area attack skill of his left leg spirit ring, the Tiger Whale Devil Breaking Teeth Cut. I don’t know how did you control, I will counter-attack wholly, what can you do? He was a Control Style Spirit Master, he clearly understood how to defend his opponent’s control skill.

Of course, this was Tang San taking advantage of Bibi Dong’ situation when she hadn’t recovered her peak strength; that was how he made the decision. If Bibi Dong’ soul were as normal, she wouldn’t have been affected by this large-scale attack.

Explosions constantly reverberated on the top of the walls. Tang San and Bibi Dong both screeched and fell backwards. Bibi Dong’ soul power was much stronger than Tang San’s. Even he took advantage of technique and spirit pressure, in this collision, he didn’t gain the upper hand. Of course Tang San had considered this. This was what he wanted. Every single skill once used should be controlled by his spirit. Bibi Dong had tried her best to prevent hurt for her spirit power, which has been severely damaged, but once both spirit skills impacted, with her previous strength she could control it easily, but now if she couldn’t control it, she would be counter-attacked. Tang San decided to play hard like that just to create a little spare time, when Bibi Dong’ spirit power cracked, she couldn’t maintain her clone, which was acting independently. Thus, Tang San could use only spirit power to attack her.

Grandmaster stood silently not far from there. His eyes were bloodshot. In the end, he didn’t take action. Apparently his capacity was much weaker than them, but a more important thing was his bleeding heart. He had loved two women for his whole life. The first one was Bibi Dong. Only Liu Er Long and him knew that, deep down in his heart, laid this cruellest woman, the one he had loved the most.

Grandmaster still remembered how innocent and lovely Bibi Dong used to be. This lovely innocence got through his heart, his soul. Under the disgusting look of other people, he had no way to cultivate his mutant fighting spirit. Only her, who had used her heart, her soul to warm him, encouraged his spirit to continue cultivating, later he had changed to just study.

It was her who left him and turned back to Spirit Hall when their love was so deep and passionate. She broke their relationship, coldly told him that she was the saintess of Spirit Hall, she couldn’t be together with him.

At that time, Grandmaster even wanted to join Spirit Hall so he could be together with her. But she told him disgustingly that Spirit Hall didn’t need a…scumbag like him. This hurt him so badly, until he met Liu Er Long and Flender.

Grandmaster’s life could be considered a sad drama. Innate fighting spirit. Malignant mutant. Broken heart. It was so hard for him to find Liu Er Long; he had her love, then realised she was his blood sister. Until he met Tang San, accepted him as his disciple, he put an end to his tragic life. That was also why Grandmaster put dedicated all his mind to teach Tang San. Tang San carried so many hopes for him.

At present, seeing Bibi Dong falling into insanity, from the bottom of his heart, an innocent image appeared. But he couldn’t find a similarity between the woman standing in front of him and this little pure girl. So many years have passed by, he still couldn’t understand why she had become so determined. The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family was killed in her hands. When he knew it, the pain in his heart almost destroyed everything. Just recently he got the answer from Bibi Dong, he had this feeling again.


At that time, shadows just like a dark cloud from outside Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass inaudibly plunged up, just in a blink, they got over the walls, lingered with them was the strident cling clang sound that hissing like a tornado into the city. Tang Sect’s Army Force finally deployed.

The fight beneath the walls had been soon intense. Tang San had broken four giant gates, and the river was fallen; the upper hand leant on one side. The force on the walls wasn’t enough to defend from a distance. They could only fight face to face. The suspension bridge gate became the harvest place for soldiers’ lives.

Even soldiers of the Spirit Empire weren’t united, they knew well if they let Heaven Dou Empire struck up Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, they would be destroyed together with it. Generals of kingdoms and duchies understood that Heaven Dou Empire wouldn’t tolerate its traitors. All they could do now was using all they have to defend, not to let their enemy conquer the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.


Although the four gates were broken, they number of soldiers was too many, especially when the heavy armed corps arrived, they made the entrance narrower. The walls were to prevent intruders. Now, the Sacred Dragon Legion had joined the war, over ten thousand Spirit Masters of the Spirit Empire were shielded by their comrades, continuously performed many types of spirit skill to the gate.


At this time, they couldn’t distinguish friends and enemies. Spirit Masters of Heaven Dou Empire also accumulated at Auspicious Hill’s gates, the battle had reached a stalemate.


Tang Family’ soldiers appeared at that time. Their first round of shooting aimed to Auspicious Hill’s gates, not only targeted Spirit Empire’s Spirit Masters, but also to the soldiers risking their lives to protect the gates.
One hundred sixty thousand arrows were shot out, it could only use the word “tremendous” to imagine this footage. After the Godly Zhuge Crossbow had shot one round of deadly arrows, there was a blood cloud rose inside Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass from Spirit Empire’ soldiers guarding the gates to those standing next to a group of Spirit Masters. They fell down like harvested crop, created an empty space. Great Force of Heaven Dou Empire took this chance, pouring like rising tide into four gates.

“Flying Holy Soul get up there! Kill those bastards for me!” A stiff voice rose, in just a blink, there were seventy – eighty figures plunged up from Angel Legion. On top of the walls now there were around a hundred Holy Soul and Soul Douluo fighting together with Tang San. Now they could send more than seventy flying Spirit Masters level Holy Soul, this showed how strong the Spirit Hall’s internal strength was.

Right at that moment, many strong spirit skills emanated from the Spirit Masters of the Angel Legion, prevented the soldiers of Heaven Dou trying to get inside Auspicious Hill. Angle Legion and Sacred Dragon Legion finally engaged in the battle. Strength Style and Agility Style Spirit Masters were in the front, Defence Style was on both wings and Support Style was behind them, they used their furious force to block four holes. First soldiers who were coming had to die. Angel Legion was more dangerous than expected. Luckily, Heaven Dou’s Spirit Masters joined the battle at the same time. Under the control of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Clan and Tang Sect’s disciples, the Spirit Masters quickly stabilised the situation. However, their force was weaker, their capacity was lower than the Spirit Empire’s. Now, they could only hold Angel Legion and Sacred Dragon Legion inside Auspicious Hill, not to let them out for killing, it was very hard to strike through to Auspicious Hill though. At current, they still needed to count on Tang Family’ soldiers in the air; or Tang San’s group could be overwhelmed. If not, Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass was still very tough to break.

Tang Family’ soldiers were still reloading the second-round arrows, but over seventy Flying Style Holy Soul of Angel Legion had released their fighting spirit and flew up. If they let them approach the Tang Family’ soldiers, even though their number was just only one to a hundred of Tang Family’ soldiers, but this would be like letting tigers in a big herd of sheep. Tang Family’ Army Force wasn’t Spirit Masters corps, Godly Zhuge Crossbow couldn’t prevent Spirit Masters level Holy Soul; once they approached, the situation would change in a second. However, even though Bibi Dong was oppressed, killing her wasn’t something that could be done in a short time.

“Xiao Wu!”.
The Seagod Trident was put horizontally, ceased a blade of Continuous Spider Chop. Being pushed backwards, but he still had time to use the Killer Whale Evil Spirit Hatchet to leave a wound on Bibi Dong’ body. He shouted. Now he was fighting with Bibi Dong, but he still concerned about the whole situation of the battle. This time, Heaven Dou had been well prepared, taking the chance when Bibi Dong was still injured to put all of their power to attack them.

Xiao Wu and Tang San understood each other pretty well; she knew his intention. She wasn’t fighting with any strong opponent now, she was just fighting randomly with some Spirit Masters in the middle of the battlefield. She immediately used Blink, left the fight and jumped on top of the walls, her gentle body spun in the air, a red point from her right hand emitted, like a shooting meteor plunged towards eighty Flying Style Holy Soul Spirit Masters.

When the red light projected from Xiao Wu, Tang San’s heart beat faster. Bibi Dong saw the excitement in his eyes for the first time. He was always conscious, the change in his eyes was weird, what is that red light? Bibi Dong’s heart raced, she felt her heart twisted, shouted:
“Stop that red light, QUICK!”
Tang San realised he had shown his loopholes. His mood was always calm, but now he couldn’t hold his excitement. This moment, he had been waiting for it for too long, not only twenty-five years in this world but also over twenty years more in his old world.

True, what came out from Xiao Wu’s hand, that red light was the effort of Tang San’s whole life in the previous world: Tang’s Lotus of Wrath Buddha!

In this world, this set of Tang’s Lotus of Wrath Buddha wasn’t made by his hands, but the detail drawings, the arrangement of each petal were his devotion for over ten years. Finally he could witness the power of this tremendous Tang Sect’s hidden weapon, his whole previous life effort, how could he stay calm?

Two great hidden weapons of Tang Sect was a machine hidden weapon and handy hidden weapon, at the critical moment, each had its characteristics. Machine-hidden weapon’s characteristic was that it could kill a Supreme Spirit Master, even if it were in a hand of someone who never used or met hidden weapon before. Handy hidden weapon’s characteristic was it could turn complicated things to simplest things, using surprise attack to enhance the effect. Just like the Hades Notice Tang San used to use. Isn’t it just a poisoned needle? With a special trick, Hades Notice could perform a deadly effect.

After returning from Clear Sky Clan, Tang San gave Xiao Wu some hidden weapons made by God Craftsman Lou Gao, for her self-protection. At this moment, Xiao Wu had activated the flower of Tang’s Lotus of Wrath Buddha. The red light was the core of Tang’s Lotus of Wrath Buddha. The light was too radiant it was just like a red gem.

The flying trajectory of Tang’s Lotus of Wrath Buddha was pretty simple. When Bibi Dong shouted, some Flying Style Spirit Masters paused in mid-air, they were unclear about what Bibi Dong wanted to say.

Tang’s Lotus of Wrath Buddha wasn’t big, it didn’t generate any soul waves, the light covered it wasn’t so bright, it looked just like a small lotus, that why those supreme Spirit Masters didn’t pay attention to its presence.
But from behind, Hu Lia Na forcefully plunged off the walls, chasing Tang’s Lotus of Wrath Buddha. Her capacity was adamant, with her speed, she could fly faster than the flying speed of Tang’s Lotus of Wrath Buddha.

Right at that moment, a tough Blue Silver King branch tied up Hu Lia Na, it didn’t wait for her reaction, pulled her down to the walls. That was Tang San’ second spirit skill, Parasitism. The power wasn’t too strong, but each time he used it, it brought a different effect.

The strange thing was, Bibi Dong saw Tang San tied Hu Lie Na but she didn’t take this chance to attack him. She breathed heavily, cold sweat appeared on her forehead. Tang San didn’t attack her directly either.
Her spirit power was hurt badly, if she didn’t try to get herself together, she would collapse. However, this wasn’t the reason why she didn’t take that chance to strike Tang San. It was because of Hu Lie Na. She shouted at her underlings to stop the Tang’s Lotus of Wrath Buddha, but she didn’t expect Hu Lia Na to go.

At that moment, the red light was flying in the middle of the hovering Holy Soul of the Angel Legion, suddenly ceased, then fell down.

That was when those the Holy Soul of the Angel Legion realised its existence. They were excellent Spirit Masters of Spirit Hall. They couldn’t be considered “brilliant”, but they were in the Spirit Master world for quite long, their knowledge was broad. Seeing the Tang’s Lotus of Wrath Buddha flying towards them, and hearing Bibi Dong shouted, they understood that that little thing wasn’t as simple as its appearance. One of them, a Control Style simultaneously emitted a soft soul power to cover that Tang’s Lotus of Wrath Buddha. He had succeeded. The Tang’s Lotus of Wrath Buddha would only perform its power under an impact. Using a tender force was the best choice. The reputation of Tang’s Lotus of Wrath Buddha didn’t mean that it had no loopholes.

But that was Tang San’s Tang’s Lotus of Wrath Buddha, it almost had no loopholes.

Gold light blasted in Tang San’s eyes. Pressure emanated in just a blink made Bibi Dong, who was standing in front of him, found it hard to breathe. Her true body and her clone were stunned for a while.

After fifteen minutes, it was also the moment the Control Style Holy Soul Spirit Masters wanted to take the Tang’s Lotus of Wrath Buddha, a devilish red light emitted.

BOOM. A loud but sharp explosion resounded, just like gems jewellery collided. But this sharp crisp sound had become the focus of the whole battlefield. At the moment of that crisp sound, a cloud of red tornado inaudibly spread. In mid-air, there were seventy-six Flying Style Spirit Masters of the Angel Legion, swept over by the red tornado, they were silently floating in the air. They were all releasing their strongest fighting spirit  – fighting spirit true form!

Puffff. Didn’t know whether it was the sound made by the Soul Spirit Masters or not. A dense cloud of dark red blood appeared, expanded in the air, blowing through seventy-six bodies. They were as soft and fragile as fabric dolls, blood came out from every spot on their bodies, they all fell.


Tang Sect’s Army force, who were also in the air, were stunned of fear. The Angel Legion on the ground was also stunned. Bibi Dong and Hu Lie Na stood sill in fear. Even Xiao Wu who used the Lotus of Wrath Buddha was also paralysed.

On this vast area, everyone who witnessed that was staring dumbfoundedly in extreme fear.

Tang San himself didn’t expect that tremendous effect. According to his calculation, the Lotus of Wrath Buddha could at least break the protection shield of the Holy Soul. Tang Sect’s hidden weapons shared one same feature: it was breaking the protection shield or pushing it to the limit. The Tempest Pear Blossom Needles, Lotus of Wrath Buddha, or the other top three handy hidden weapons all had this feature.

Tang San had planned to use Lotus of Wrath Buddha to delay the seventy-six Holy Soul Spirit Masters and broke the seventh skill of their fighting spirit true form, at that time Tang Family’ soldiers could be ready to shoot the second round of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Those Holy Soul Spirit Masters were strong, but once their fighting spirit true form was broken, their defence would be very low. The next shot of Tang Family’ soldiers could bring better results.

Killing these seventy-six Holy Soul Spirit Masters wasn’t in Tang San’s plan.

One should know that they were seventy-six Holy Soul Spirit Masters in their fighting spirit true form. A good Spirit Masters needed to cultivate at least thirty-five years to reach level Holy Soul. Thus, the Lotus of Wrath Buddha had killed many of supreme Spirit Masters of Angel Legion in just a second. Not to mention the number of killed, its tremendous power had struck Spirit Empires mentally.

Even Bibi Dong couldn’t help but blankly murmured:
“What, what is that?”
Tang San took a deep breath, he was the first one waking up from that, answered Bibi Dong’s question:
“Tang Sect’s hidden weapon, Lotus of Wrath Buddha.”

At the same time, he struck to Bibi Dong’s nape. Right now, in the middle of the air, a continuous line of explosions resounded. It was Tang Sect’s Army force’s shots toward the Angel and Sacred Dragon Legions.

“Long live Lan Hao Wang! KILL!”
Xue Beng Emperor couldn’t help but shout when he saw seventy-six Spirit Masters at level Holy Soul fell.

“Long live” was the phrase they used only for kings, but he uttered to praised Tang San. It did not only encouraged his soldiers, but also lifted Tang San to another level.

Heaven Dou Empire’ soldiers shouted their new slogan, “Long live Lan Hao Wang” and wildly strike. Finally, the siege machines arrived, although Supreme Spirit Masters were guarding the walls, there were still loopholes. Under Marshall Golong’s command, Heaven Dou’s Great Force wanted to give a big surprise to Spirit Empire’s guardians at Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

On the ground, soldiers were pushing forwards, in the air, Godly Zhuge Crossbow of Tang Sect’s Army force was shooting furiously, loopholes started to appear on the secured Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. The Godly Zhuge Crossbow from above killed many low-level Spirit Masters of the Angel Legion. Godly Zhuge Crossbow shot out arrows that were as they had descended from the heaven. At the front, Heaven Dou Empire’ soldiers and Spirit Masters struck straight away. The number of Sacred Dragon Legion Spirit Masters decreased rapidly.

Tang Sect’s Army Force didn’t stay there any longer, after their enemy rearranged their formation and sent their archers forwards, they flew back. Their missions had completed, the flying time of the Flying Mushroom Sausage was over, after three rounds, attack force was pouring on Spirit Empire’ soldiers, killing over twenty thousand of Spirit Masters and the Sacred Dragon Legion. No need to mention many soldiers who got injured. Even heavy-armed soldiers with thick armour couldn’t prevent the pure iron arrows, which were shot from Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

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