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On the Spirit Empire’ side, except the corps leader, whom Tang San had killed, there were eight other Title Duoluo that accompanied Bibi Dong. One got killed by Xiao Wu’s Nothingness Deadly Eight Stage Drop, which drove him to receive a full-power strike from Bibi Dong. Yang Wudi almost killed Snake Lance Douluo. The Douluo whom Bibi Dong had borrowed the spirit power from also got hurt badly. There were only five Title Douluos capable of continue fighting.

Seeing Bibi Dong was blown away under Tang San’s strike, hitting the wall and bleeding from seven holes on her face, the five Title Douluos immediately jumped down, two of them grabbed Bibi Dong’s body, three shielded them, in case Tang San would launch another attack. They took a sigh of relief seeing Tang San running away. Through today’s battle, they clearly saw a young man who designed many tricks that had damaged them severely. This young man had carved a deep shadow in the minds of those supreme spirit masters, especially when he used his SeaGod Trident, they actually didn’t want to encounter him again.

The Heaven Dou Empire’s great force withdrew like a tide. After they had retreated for five li (2,5km), Marshall Golong and Grandmaster ordered their men to stop and rearrange the proper formation, as they were going for the second strike soon. After they had withdrawn, the Golden Saint Dragon had split into three persons. When Tang San sneaked away to attack Bibi Dong, Grandmaster had ordered the Devils to prepare and assist Tang San when needed; as well as reaching him on time.

Gathering with his comrades, Tang San reached out to Xiao Wu and asked her in a low voice:

“Give me some power, bring me back!”

After saying that, he barely took a deep breath and his body started trembling. Xiao Wu was scared, she hurried to pour her soul power into his body. Tang San had given her a feeling that he was so weak he would faint in any minute.

“Ge, are you okay?”

Tang San shook his head gingerly:
“Let’s talk later.”

The Shrek Seven Devils had been living together for many years, they understood each other well; Oscar immediately gave Tang San a Recovery Large Sausage. The six of them covered him and quickly returned to the base.
Now Tang Family’s Army Force had started to take action. But this time, it wasn’t a new wave of assault, they were just cleaning the battlefield.

Tang Sect had produced crossbows and arrows, which were fairly expensive. Moreover, each of them brought only one hundred and twenty arrows, plus forty-eight arrows available in each crossbow. It meant each of the Tang Family’ soldier was equipped with only one hundred and sixty-eight arrows, they definitely needed to retrieve the arrows they had shot. This was also the reason why Grandmaster and Marshall Golong didn’t order the great force to withdraw completely. If they were to stay in front to threaten the Spirit Empire’s force, it would leave the chance for Tang Family’ soldiers to clean the field.

On Heaven Dou Empire’ side there were only Spirit Douluo spirit masters who were as close to Tang San as Grandmaster could realize something wrong had happened to him. To the other soldiers, even the normal spirit masters, Lan Hao Wang only just confined his enemy and turned back in victory. In their minds, Tang San created the word: INVINCIBLE.

“All hail Lan Hao Wang, All hail, All hail!”

Twenty myriads of strong soldiers welcomed Tang San – the Hero. Each soldier swung up their weapons in the air, rose his voice to praise him.

Battle that involved spirit masters like that, normal people could only see it in the Great Spirit Arena. Moreover, it was very rare to witness Title Douluo’s fight. Today’s combat was the first time that ordinary soldiers had watched an extreme fight performed by high levels spirit masters. The Seagod Trident had impressed them deeply. Right now, they were acclaiming like bellowing ocean. Moreover, these was not fake, it was spontaneously rising from their hearts. In their eyes, this young Lan Hao Wang had defeated Empress Bibi Dong of the Spirit Empire and some supreme spirit masters, claimed victory in this battle.

A hero’s image could be deeply integrated into people’s mind. Now a hundred myriads of strong soldiers of Heaven Dou Empire had their spirit pushed to the max. Before this battle, who could think that Spirit Empire’s spirit masters force could be defeated easily like that? Soldiers from eight corps of heavy- armed who could return to Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass weren’t more than sixty percent; at least thirty thousand soldiers died in this battle.

More importantly, the Sacred Dragon Legion, which was formed with spirit masters, had been struck badly that they couldn’t rebuild their force again.

It was a perfect victory that no one had ever thought about. Heaven Dou Empire had overwhelmed in number on this battle. They had oppressed the Spirit Empire so much they found it hard to breathe. It not only decreased their combative spirit but also carved a shadow of fear in their minds. They felt joyful over the Sacred Dragon Legion’s loss. Spirit Masters of the Sacred Dragon Legion were favoured a lot, which made the others jealous. Normal soldiers hated their mistreatment behaviours.

Tang San clenched his teeth, bracing himself. The Seagod Trident’s weight used to be nothing to him, but now it was as heavy as a thousand jin. Good new was, his soul power had recovered after he ate Oscar’s Recovery Large Sausage. His body was so vigourous, though. But the loss of mental power was too much to bear. It was like his brain was sucked until it was almost empty. Moreover, one could only recover their mental power gradually by themselves.

Marshall Golong asked Grandmaster:
“Imperial Preceptor, should we attack them again? Our spirit is peaking now, and theirs is decreasing to the bottom. Perhaps we could have a chance to break through the wall. Even if we couldn’t, we could risk our lives.”

Grandmaster said:
“Regarding strategy, of course, you Marshall should be in charge. But personally, I think that it’s not a good chance to attack them now. Although their spirit is declining, they understand very well the importance of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. The most important thing is, there is an astute Spirit Empire ‘ spirit masters force waiting behind the wall. Marshall, you shouldn’t belittle them just because we won today. I think you’ve seen how dangerous they are. Our six thousand spirit masters are far behind them. Our spirit masters force is hardly able to compare with any spirit master corps of the Heaven Empire. Now they base at a rough terrain, our Godly Zhuge Crossbow can’t perform well. If we don’t care about anything and just attack, I’m afraid we will receive a big loss.”

Marshall Golong’s arrogance was gone away after this battle. Grandmaster and Tang San’s capacities, the real power of Tang Family’ soldiers and the spirit masters force led by Grandmaster had given him a big shake.

After listening to Grandmaster, he mused for a while then said:

“Alright, we won this time, it’s true we shouldn’t risk. Spread my order, withdraw!”

Heaven Dou Empire’s force slowly backed off in order, based fifty li (25km) away. Emperor Xue Beng came, he didn’t know why they needed to back off, but on the field, he didn’t ask much. Being the highest Commander, questioning too much wasn’t a wise choice.

When they arrived at their barracks, Tang San was almost unconscious; he didn’t remember how he got back to his tent. When Xiao Wu laid him down, he immediately went into a coma. After his mental power had reached the Vast Stage, especially when he had become a Title Douluo, this was the first time Tang San had consumed almost all of his power. Even when he helped his father break through his meridians, he hadn’t consumed that much.

That Asura Devil Light drained all of his spirit power, soul power and his mind, too.

Tang San slept for three days. In those three days, Heaven Dou Empire’s force had provoked their enemy every day, but there was no movement around the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. After they had got the wall fixed, they didn’t come out no matter how much they got insulted by the Heaven Dou Empire’ soldiers.

Tang San, of course, was seriously wounded, but Bibi Dong was even more severe than his. Not only did she bear a super strong strike by the Seagod Trident, but also received the Asura Devil Light, which almost killed her mind. After she had been brought back by five Title Douluos, she was still in a coma. Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass was a little bit messy, luckily, there were still five Title Douluos, and the Angel Legion, but they could barely control the situation. Apparently, they didn’t want to go to the battlefield again.

Heaven Dou Empire had sent siege engine to break the city walls, they tried to probe, but the result wasn’t too optimistic, and the loss was high. As Grandmaster said, the hidden weapons of Tang Family’ soldiers couldn’t perform its best. Inside Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, the spirit masters corps joined the defence force. Even when Heaven Dou Empire had a hundred myriads of soldiers, they still couldn’t get one step inside.

Waking up from the coma, what Tang San saw first was something like a dark smooth waterfall. Xiao Wu peacefully slept next to him in a white dress. A black silky fabric blanket covered her perfect contours. Admiring her, Tang San felt calm. His spirit power was almost recovered to normal. After he aced the Mysterious Heaven Skill, his spirit power could be recovered without the need of cultivation.

He silently approached Xiao Wu’s body, embraced her in his chest. He could feel his heart beating faster. Tang San couldn’t help but tilt his head and kiss her succulent red lips. He loved her so much, just holding her like that could make the softest spot inside his heart melt.

Lips blocked, Xiao Wu’s tender body slightly shivered, then she woke up. When she opened her eyes, seeing Tang San, she immediately rose her soft arms to embrace Tang San’s neck, passionately responded his kiss. Her slender thighs caressed his body like tentacles. Her body held close to his. This seduction boiled Tang San’s blood in just a second.
When Tang San was about to lose his control, he started to caress her bottom, both of them found it hard to hold it more, suddenly, there was a voice rose from outside:

“Xiao Wu, did Xiao San wake up yet?”

Hearing this voice, Tang San and Xiao Wu jerked back like they got electric shocks, immediately separated. The curtains of the fabric tent were lifted, Liu Er Long came in. Seeing the shy expression on Tang San’s face and the embarrassed smile on Xiao Wu’s, Liu Er Long couldn’t hide her admiration:

“Shame, I disturbed you guys!”


Xiao Wu was shy. She stormed toward Liu Er Long, held her hand and shook it to hide her shyness.

Liu Er Long burst out laughing:

“Don’t shake me more, you don’t want to crash my old skeleton, do you?”

Tang San recovering himself, smiled:

“Teacher, you are still young!”

Liu Er Long said, complainingly:

“Stop smarming me! You have woken up, your Grandmaster and I could have peace of mind now. Rest well, and you don’t need to worry about anything. The Spirit Empire is still namby-pamby now.”

Tang San said:

“Teacher I want to take a look, I’m okay now.”

While saying, Tang San looked at Xiao Wu, nodded uneasily. Xiao Wu mildly smiled with him, came and hugged his arm:

“I’ll go with you!”

Grandmaster was the Imperial Preceptor and the leader of the Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit master force. He also had a big tent for the purpose of discussing strategy with high levels spirit masters. When Liu Er Long took Tang San and Xiao Wu there, the atmosphere was boisterous, all the Shrek Seven Devils had been there before. There were Poison Douluo Du Gu Bo, Strength Hall’s Master Titan represented Tang Sect; President of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Sect, also the deputy leader of the spirit masters force Ning Feng Zhi; Elders of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Sect, including Sword Douluo Chen Xin, Bones Douluo Gu Rong, Dean of the Shrek Academy, Flender. Every one of them was one of the most powerful spirit masters of Heaven Dou Empire.

Tang San’s presence made people happy, especially Poison Douluo, he couldn’t help but stand up and hug him tight.

“Little monster, I know your life is tougher than a cockroach’s. So, have you fully recovered?”

Tang San smiled cheerily:

“You old monster, you are still okay, how come I’m not ok?”

Grandmaster nodded with Tang San:
“Xiao San, come join us, we will continue our meeting!”

Because Tang San came in last, even though his position was high among the others of the Heaven Dou Empire, he didn’t want to sit in front of them. He just found a chair on the back row and sat next to the Shrek Seven Devils.

Inside the big tent, Grandmaster and Ning Feng Zhi sat at the main seats, but looking at the faint expression of the President of Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Sect, Tang San sighed. Old stories still had its effect until today. Ning Feng Zhi didn’t guess it wrong. He was the one who took part in reducing Xue Ye’s longevity. In other words, no matter what point of view, either on profile or capacity, he should be the one sitting at this Imperial Preceptor position. This was also the reason why Ning Feng Zhi decided to make Ning Rongrong the next President of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Sect after the war. The relationship between Ning Rong Rong and the Devils wasn’t bad; it could help shorten the distance between Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Sect and Heaven Dou Empire. Moreover, even though Emperor Xue Beng hated them, he didn’t dare to do anything. Because Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Sect, Tang Sect and the Shrek Academy had a good relationship, and these three were the pillars of the spirit master world in Heaven Dou. Thus, Emperor Xue Beng could use his power to restrict Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Sect.

“Although we won big in the first battle, as well as causing big damages to their army and spirit masters corps, the current situation is just like before, very unfavourable.”
Grandmaster continued the meeting. Perhaps he had been in charge at the highest position for many years, his stiff face became more solemn.

“If we just take a look, we have a hundred myriads of soldiers, our spirit is high and enormous, we can oppress Spirit Empire’s force, keep them in Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. In fact, with the rough terrain of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, our enemy is more relaxing than us. We should be alerted all the time to prevent their stealth. Moreover, the most important reason is that the number of our soldiers, the logistics and supplying are too big. We can’t do better. Even though we have prepared for several years, but if they try to take time like this, our logistics can’t bear it anymore. At that time they don’t need to attack us, we would have been dead already. Spirit Empire’s soldiers are not more than us, but with the rough topography at Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass and their massive number of spirit masters, it’s very hard to break the checking point.”

“Even if we want to risk our lives to attack them, it won’t be easy. Spirit Empire has several myriads of spirit masters, meanwhile, we only have a few thousand. But if we don’t send our spirit masters to the battle, when we strike them, we will lose an enormous amount of soldiers. If we deploy our spirit masters, we can’t cover the loss. So, our situation now is not very optimistic. I have talked to the Emperor and Marshall Golong, we agreed that this circumstance should be changed. Either we find a good plan to break the city walls, or provoke the Spirit Empire to get out of the checking point and attack them. Our meeting today is to figure out how to implement these two options.”

After Grandmaster had finished, all frowned. Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass was like a box without any leaks. The walls were not only too tough but were also being backed up by a large number of spirit masters. Under these circumstances, Tang Family’s Army Force couldn’t perform their function of restraining the spirit masters of the Spirit Empire and kill them. They understood this trouble, so did the Spirit Empire. Setting base at this arduous place, their purpose was to lengthen the time and let the Heaven Dou Empire gradually drained themselves.

Marshall Golong’s original plan was to fight face to face with the Spirit Empire to decrease their force, using their overwhelming number to defeat them. However, these days, they applied that plan. The results didn’t turn out as expected. It was because Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass had a large number of spirit masters as the defending force. Super strong spirit masters from their side were as many as clouds in the sky. Heaven Dou Empire had lost a huge number of soldiers while striking their city walls. It wasn’t the most important thing. The thing that mattered was they didn’t make big harm to Spirit Empire, but so many of their men were lost. Thus, Marshall Golong’s plan vanished.

Siege engine was nothing in front of spirit masters. Two days ago, Marshall Golong had asked Grandmaster to lead the spirit masters force to support their soldiers to strike, Grandmaster denied.

Grandmaster simply explained to Emperor Xue Beng. If the Heaven Dou Empire had had the same number of spirit masters as the Spirit Empire’s, of course, it would be no problem supporting the army to strike the wall, because, in the worst situation, both sides would receive the loss. However, in fact, the gap was too big; if they had been deployed to strike the city walls, they would have died because of the attack of the giant defending crossbows. It could damage the spirit masters of Heaven Dou Empire severely. Once their main pep got hurt, they didn’t need to carry out this war anymore.

Emperor Xue Beng agreed with Grandmaster because he hoped to hear Tang San’s opinions after he recovered from his injuries. At that combat, Tang San had impressed them so much. He also brought surprises to the new Emperor of Heaven Dou Empire.

Now Emperor Xue Beng understood why his father had appreciated Tang San so much, that he even ordained him as the Lan Hao Wang. Besides Tang Sect’s contribution to the war, Tang San himself was crucial. Indeed, even if Emperor Xue Ye could be alive again, he would have never imagined Tang San’s potentials to be increased that quick.

Grandmaster looked at Ning Feng Zhi:

“President Ning, do you have any suggestion?”

Ning Feng Zhi smiled and said:

“Xiao San is already recovered, let hear what he proposes. Heroes are among the youth, this world belongs to them now!”

Listened to Ning Feng Zhi, Grandmaster’ stiff face hardly beamed a smile. To him, Tang San was his biggest pride, throughout his whole life. He even felt prouder of him than of his Imperial Preceptor position. Ning Feng Zhi encouraged Tang San; Grandmaster didn’t hide his happiness, because he had no successor, to him Tang San was his biological son.

Grandmaster’s eyes turned to Tang San smiling:

“Xiao San, tell us, do you have any perfect plan?”
Tang San mused for a while then said:

“Currently I have two options.”


People looked at Tang San with surprise. They had used every single cell of their brain to think about a plan, but they got none. Tang San was just recovered, he didn’t even ask about the current situation of the battle, but he could give them two options to solve the problems.

Tang San stood up and said:

“Grandmaster, President Ning, Elders. What my teacher said is right. It isn’t wise to strike them directly. Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass is easy to defend but very tough to attack. It will cause us a lot of loss. If we push forward harder, we could turn this checking point to a meat grinder. That day, Bibi Dong got hurt dreadfully, I think within half a month, she wouldn’t be able to get back to the battlefield. But still, she can give orders. No matter how much we provoke them, they will not strike us back. They will not deploy the Spirit Empire’ soldier either.

“Between my two options, the first one has a certain degree of dangerousness. We are all family here. You know our Devils well too. My brother Oscar had a nickname when he was studying at the Shrek Academy, which is Sausage Monopoly. Now he is a Food System Spirit Douluo ranked level eighty. His fighting spirit could produce many types of sausage, in which his third spirit ability is called Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage. With his current capacity, the Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage he produces can equip anyone who eats it the ability to fly for ten minutes with a speed as fast as the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent. That speed is terrifying. The Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage’s expiry date is ten days after produced. In this ten days, my brother, with your help, could produce up to twenty thousand Swift Fly Mushroom Sausages, divided equally to our Tang Family’ soldiers, each of them can have two pieces. If our soldiers can fly and attack, they will bring more effect. Two pieces of Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage can help each of our Tang Family’ soldier to fly and shoot the Godly Zhuge Crossbow for three salvos, then turn back to our formation.”

After listening to Tang San, everybody paid attention to Oscar; their eyes sparkled. This idea sounded reckless, using the flying attack, but it was well thought, though. Theoretically, it was possible.

Grandmaster nodded:
“This idea is magnificent, if we can apply it properly, we can surprise the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters.”
Tang San said:
“However this option is somehow dangerous. Firstly, arrows of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, once shot to the wall, it would be difficult to retrieve. After three salvos, the loss is four hundred eighty thousand arrows. It is one-fourth time bigger than our total arrows. Then, when our Tang Family’ soldiers are flying up high, they would become living targets. The effective range of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow is far enough but only if the user’s level is more than sixty, and he should understand how to fight from a distance. Moreover, the giant defending crossbows are very dangerous, they could cause big damage to our Tang Family’s army force. Thus, if we want to use this idea, our soldiers on land should be capable of striking them strongly to hold them down. It’s better to merge the spirit masters corps with army corps and strike all our best so we can bring the biggest result and also to limit loss.”

Listening to Tang San, the people there nodded their heads constantly. Up to now, this was the best plan they ever had.

Then, Tang San brought them another surprise:

“My second option is more stable. We will use only me, the best of me to break their defence.

“That day when I fought Bibi Dong, I think you all saw what happened. With my Seagod Trident, the thick walls of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass are nothing. I only need time, enough time to break all their walls. My second option is, with your protection, we will come close to the walls of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass and break it. I believe that my breaking speed is faster than their fixing speed. If we do so, we can assault them, make them attack us initiatively, we can even prepare a way for our final battle.”

Tang San paused, light in his eyes projected gloriously:

“Of course to us, the best way is to combine two options. Bibi Dong got some severe injuries now, this is our rare chance.”

Silence. The entire big tent was still and quiet. Everybody was thinking and considering possible options in their minds.

Tang San turned back to his seat. Those two options weren’t just come out by now. Before getting to Jia Liang Checking Point, he had considered thoroughly. He couldn’t command the battle, but with his flexible thoughts, and being a Control Style himself, he could think about how to maximize the power of spirit masters.

After nearly half an hour, Grandmaster determinedly stood up from his seat, catching people’s eyes immediately. He looked at Tang San:

“Xiao San, come. Come with me to see the Emperor.”

No need to ask, everyone could see that Grandmaster had considered carefully, he was persuaded by Tang San’s proposals.

Oscar’s face looked mournful, he looked at Tang San miserably like a little puppy. Tang San burst out laughing, said:

“Xiao Ao, seems like you should prepare from now. Rongrong, you should go with Xiao Ao, secretly produce it as fast as possible. Twenty thousand pieces, full. Can’t lack even one. The faster you are, the sooner we can start our strike. If we can limit Bibi Dong’s presence, our survival chance is higher.”

Seven days later. In front of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, the battle that had been quiet for days became lively again. This time hundred myriads of Heaven Dou Empire’ soldiers were almost deployed all. Light cavalries had the fastest speed. Heavy cavalries and heavy-armed army were tough, together with a large amount of army were all set in formation, slowly moved forwards. Even though they were massive in number, they moved slowly in order, stayed together with their corps formation.

On top of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, surprisingly, Hu Li Na had replaced Bibi Dong to be the Commander. She took the order to come here. After that fight, Bibi Dong was in a coma for seven days. After she woke up, she immediately ordered Hu Li Na to come to the checking point and replace her to be in charge of everything from logistics to defending. Hu Li Na was the saintess of the Spirit Hall, among the lineal disciples, she held the highest position. She was the direct disciple of Bibi Dong, even if she wasn’t strong enough to take an attack, but sure she could defend well.

Right now, Hu Li Na was standing on the wall, five Title Douluos accompanied her. Her face was so tense as she looked at the hundred myriads of soldiers coming near to Jia Liang Checking Point. She knitted her brows.
Those were a hundred myriads of soldiers! Even though the fight had not begun yet, those soldiers still released an invisible pressure that made their enemies found it hard to breathe.

Bibi Dong and the other two Title Douluo were hurt severely; they couldn’t be there. After all, not many people had the recovery ability like Tang San did. Their injuries were more serious than Tang San’s. Bibi Dong’s recovery ability was very strong, but this time she got her soul hurt. Tang San’s strike brought her severe injuries, wounded soul took a lot of time to heal. In fact, after seven days in a coma, Bibi Dong woke up, gave several orders then went to coma again. Two days ago, her situation got better.

– Saintess, no need to worry. Heaven Dou Empire may seem strong, but their real capacity is not much. If they dare to attack us, we will give them a proper lesson. The Angel Legion is ready. Although Sacred Dragon Legion have lost many members, the spirit masters left are all excellent. We have fourteen thousand spirit masters in total. We are double compared to them.

The one who just spoke was one of the Title Douluo standing next to Hu Li Na. Listening to him, Hu Li Na shook her head reluctantly.

“No, Heaven Dou Empire isn’t just threatening us. Look at them, please. Their formations are backwards a little bit, but there’s killing spirit on their body. If they just scare us, absolutely this situation won’t happen. Moreover, soldiers on the front line of Heaven Dou Empire give me this feeling. Deliver my order and all be ready. Possibly they are taking the chance when my teacher hasn’t recovered yet. Meanwhile, spread my order, cut off all four gate-bridges, just in case Heaven Dou Empire sends some hotshots to winch them down. Sacred Dragon Legion come on the walls, Angel Legion defend inside the city. Ready to fight!”


Just like Tang San, Hu Li Na had Deathgod Domain too. At this moment, a killing aura releasing from her body. In front of those generals and high-level spirit masters, she was showing her power.



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    “the tide” is something, when you talk about “the tide” you should use the article first.

    I give you two options here, you choose which one do you think suits the most. The first one is to use an “and” like explained yesterday. The second option is to not give the feeling that one action happens after the other.
    “Gathering with his comrades, Tang San reached out to Xiao Wu, asked her in a low voice” ->
    “Gathering with his comrades, Tang San reached out to Xiao Wu and asked her in a low voice”
    or “Gathering with his comrades, Tang San reached out to Xiao Wu, asking her in a low voice”

    Here again, two options, your choice. The first one is when the trembling goes on in time, the second one when it happens once and then stops immediately
    “he barely took a deep breath, his body trembled” ->
    “he barely took a deep breath and his body started trembling”
    “he barely took a deep breath and then his body trembled”

    The next sentence has two errors, I’ll explain both of them:

    “On Heaven Dou Empire’ side, there were only Spirit Douluo spirit masters, who were as close to Tang San as Grandmaster, could realize something wrong had happened to him”

    First, sometimes you use more commas than needed and it makes the reading a little more difficult. In this case every comma should be taken out. They are not needed here, in fact, they are wrong here. There are not extra explanations. “who were as close to Tang San as Grandmaster” is something crucial here, not some extra information that could be erased. “On heaven Dou Empire’s side” is also information that is really important and should not be placed before a comma. The only part that is okay to be sepparated is the last part, ” could realize something wrong had happened”

    Second, as you take out every unnecesary comma you may realize that the only comma there is wrong. Istead you should use an “and”.

    So, first, after you take out every unnecesary comma you get:
    “On Heaven Dou Empire’ side there were only Spirit Douluo spirit masters who were as close to Tang San as Grandmaster, could realize something wrong had happened to him”

    Then you replace the last comma for an “and”, doing that you get:
    “On Heaven Dou Empire’ side there were only Spirit Douluo spirit masters who were as close to Tang San as Grandmaster and could realize something wrong had happened to him”

    “Tang San, of course, had seriously wounded” -> “Tang San was, of course, seriously wounded”

    Fitrst here, “had” is wrong, you have to use “was” here. The other thing is to consider that the “of course” sounds much better after the verb here.

    “You have woke up” -> “You have woken up”
    Don’t know if a typo or a conjugation error. If a typo I can only tell you to reread it haha. If not a typo then consider that when you use present perfect and past perfect you have to write the verb in past participle.

    “Even when he helped his father break through his meridians, he didn’t consume that much” -> “Even when he helped his father break through his meridians, he hadn’t consumed that much”
    Sometimes you get this right and sometimes you get this wrong. Try to remmember to use past perfect tense in this cases and not past simple.

    “Bibi Dong and the other two Title Douluo got hurt severely; they couldn’t be there” two options here, either you use past perfect like explained in the last example or you change the verb:

    “Bibi Dong and the other two Title Douluo had gotten hurt severely; they couldn’t be there”
    “Bibi Dong and the other two Title Douluo were hurt severely; they couldn’t be there” (I prefer this one here but that’s up to you to decide taking into consideration the original text).

    “but there’s killing spirit on their body” -> “but there’s killing intent on their bodies”
    First, killing intent is used in these cases usually but I may be wrong.
    What I know is wrong here for sure is “bodies”. It happens sometimes that you write about body parts (like the back) or this that should be plural but you use singular. There’s many people there, so many bodies, so you should use bodies, the same goes to back, if I say “to watch our backs”, the right way is to use plural for back.

    And some from soiler:

    “but the result wasn’t too optimistic, but the cost is high” -> “but the result wasn’t too optimistic and the cost was high”
    The first “but” is enough, it’s wrong to use it twice in here.

    “all the Shrek Seven Devils were partying.” -> “all the Shrek Seven Devils were grouping up.”
    I understood they were forming a party, not in a party (big difference). It’s better if you use “group up” in here.

    I saw other things but I think there are plenty of things with the once I already pointed. What I saw and I want to tell you is that there are still some errors with “and”. Please take into consideration what I wrote yesterday, I won’t write it here againt today haha.

    Again thanks for the chapter, hope my explanations here may be of help.
    Fell free to ask any question, I’ll go on supporting you.

    1. Hi Gonzalo, thank you so much for your grammar explanations. I did read and revise those chapters you have commented and the previous ones also. However, I’m translating some chapters ahead those chapters; so what you have commented you will see it again in the upcoming chapters, at least up to chapter 285. >_ I think this case I will delete all the commas and no need to use “and” here, because if I add “and”, the meaning will be changed. Originally, it means only the ones who are close to Tang San can realize the change in his health situation. Maybe his appearance doesn’t show he isn’t well. ^^

      Again, stay with us and make your correcting job a part of your daily activities! Your contribution is not only meaningful to us but also to other readers. Many thanks!

      1. ugh, I wrote a lot in the previous comment, don’t know why it just posted a part of it!

        However, I’m translating some chapters ahead those chapters; so what you have commented you will see it again in the upcoming chapters, at least up to chapter 285. {>_ <} . I know it's inconvenient and I'm sorry for that. But we are improving day by day thanks to your support, you'll see ^^.

        Currently, I'm translating and revising what you guys have suggested/corrected. When we're done with the corrections and revisions, we will re-post all the chapters again. So stay with us and continue to support us by giving your comments and don't get mad because we haven't posted the revised chapters yet!

        Have a nice weekend!

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    Thats why Ma hongjun, our beloved fatty should be the MC

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