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No doubt that spirit masters whose soul power were stronger would withdraw faster. They ran through their own spirit master comrades, directly breaking through. Then those high levels spirit masters hurried back to their defense line, that was how low levels spirit masters and Auxiliary System Style exposing in front of Tang Family’ soldiers.


Just in a short time, gallop couldn’t reach the high levels spirit masters’ speed, but low levels spirit masters and Auxiliary System Style spirit masters weren’t fast enough to run away.


When Bibi Dong saw the Godly Zhuge Crossbow shot the third time, Auxiliary System Style spirit masters and low levels spirit masters fell on a large scale, she closed her eye in sorrow. Finally she could react. She had given a wrong order, even though their opponent was strong, Sacred Dragon Legion was formed with only spirit masters. If she had ordered them to let the supreme spirit masters stood in the front and backed off gradually from the back of the formation, the damaged wouldn’t have been that severe.

But now nothing could change no matter what she said. In the end, Bibi Dong glanced at Tang San who was standing far from her, shouted to call her Title Douluo back, then hurried to Jia Ling Checking Point. She didn’t forget to bring the Snake Lance Douluo who got hurt badly with her. Besides the Snake Lance Douluo, there was another Title Douluo who was killed by that red light pillar. They had lost two, added to the loss of the Heavenly Elephant Hu Yan Zhen and the Sacred Dragon Ta Ba Xi. This time the Spirit Empire was severely damaged.

Right now Tang Sand didn’t care about chasing them. Other Devils of the Shrek Seven Devils instantly came and shielded him. At the moment Tang San has been blown away, his eyes had turned red completely. How could he not see who received Bibi Dong’ strike for him?

It was his lover, Xiao Wu! Xiao Wu was performing the Nothingness Deadly Eight Stage Drop to encounter the Devil Bear Douluo. Seeing Tang San was endangered, she didn’t hesitate to bring the Devil Bear Douluo’s body with her and faced the strike.

The Devil Bear Douluo, under the control of the Unfixed Storm, could urge his protection skill to defense or he could confront the partially strikes of the Nothingness Deadly Eight Stage Drop, but how could he defend the Abyssal Tearing Space Cut? His body was instantly smashed into pieces. However, the extra force of the strike still hit Xiao Wu hard, blew her away until she hit Tang San’s body.

There was blood covered Xiao Wu’s body. Tang San held her tight, risked his life to pour soul power into her body.

– Ge, I’m okay!

Xiao Wu coughed hard, spit out a mouthful of soul power, so hard that it blew the front tunic of the Devils’ clothes.

Tang San was a little bit astonished; he was too worried he made mistakes. He feared for Xiao Wu’ severe wound, he got panicked. Until he heard Xiao Wu’s voice, he became calmer and poured his soul power tenderly into her body.

Xiao Wu’s big eyes batted, she didn’t look weak at all, smiled faintly:
– You dummy, did you forget I have the Paragon Golden Body! Bibi Dong’ strike didn’t hurt me but you’ve poured too much soul power to me, I can’t bear it!

Then Tang San became completely calm. He breathed out a sigh of relief and held Xiao Wu even tighter. He bowed his head to reach her face:

– Little girl, you scared me to death!

Bibi Dong’s Abyssal Space Tearing Cut was tremendously furious but it hadn’t reached the holy level yet, it wasn’t enough to break Xiao Wu’s Paragon Golden Body. She was lucky that she had only one last chance using the Paragon Golden Body to defend herself. If not, she would have been torn into pieces just like that Devil Bear Douluo now.

Suddenly Tang San spanked Xiao Wu’s bottom, she rose her head up, said miserably:
– Ge, why did you hit me?

Tang San snorted:
– If you had used all of the 3 chances for the Paragon Golden Body ability, you would still take the strike right?
Xiao Wu smiled cheerily:
– So you need to pay more attention to your own safety! If you don’t, you cant blame me!

Nevertheless, Tang San was relieved that Xiao Wu wasn’t hurt too badly. He stood up, held her in his hands, looked toward the battlefield.

The battlefield was chaos right now. Twenty corps of the Heaven Dou’s Great Force struck forwards to Jia Ling Checking Point. The Sacred Dragon Legion, after getting hit by the Godly Zhuge Crossbow thrice, had lost half of its men, now under the pursuit of over six thousand spirit masters of the Heaven Dou Empire, the number of dead increased rapidly.

Sword Douluo Chen Xin, Bones Douluo Gu Rong and the Golden Iron Triangle (now turned into the Golden Heaven Dragon), three of them was like a drill, leading their spirit masters to pursuit the runaway Sacred Dragon Legion.

The Tang Family’s Army Force silently divided into two branches and withdrew. They performed pretty well in this combat. In order to prevent any loss for them, Grandmaster ordered Tang Sect’s disciples to stay and supported other people. Tang Family’s Army Force withdrew and reloaded their arbalests.

Eight heavy armed corps of the Spirit Empire finally came forwards, over the Sacred Dragon Legion, facing the wild force of the Heaven Dou Empire that were like two furious torrential flood tides. One side pushed forwards, the other was terrorized. Even though they were not much different in number, with the support of six thousand spirit masters, clearly one could guess who win.

At that time, Bibi Dong was already back to the top of Jia Ling Checking Point, then she inaudibly spit a mouthful of blood on her sleeve, her face became grimaced.

The Porcupine Fish Douluo lowered his voice:
– Your Majesty, if we don’t send the Angel Legion, our loss would…

– We can’t send the Angel Legion!

Bibi Dong said with a determined gloomy face:

– Before we know what kind of weapon that can kill a great number of our spirit masters, we absolutely won’t risk our spirit masters corps. Spirit masters aren’t soldiers. Even if I can send the force that I’ve hidden, in just a short time they can’t do anything. Spread my order: the Angel Legion will support from the top of the wall to prevent enemies from breaking the wall.”

The hole on Jia Ling Checking Point’s wall brought difficulty in defending. Once the Heaven Dou Empire’ soldiers could cross the moat, this would be the weakest point, and they would choose to break through the wall.

After giving her order, Bibi Dong gazed at the black Seagod Trident which was pierced deeply into the wall.

After a while, the Sacred Dragon Legion’ survivors under the backup of heavy-armed corps made it through to Jia Ling Checking Point. However, coming along with their withdraw, was the striking of the spirit masters corps and the light cavalries corps of the Heaven Dou Empire.

One side had the spirit just like a tsunami led by six thousand spirit masters, obviously dominated in number. The other side had lost their combative spirit; behind them were the Jia Ling Checking Point’s wall and four suspension bridges. Lives under the screaming flood were like lives under the crazy harvest of the Death.

Spirit masters exposed their effects in the war, especially the Golden Iron Triangle who turned into the Golden Heaven Dragon, together with Sword Douluo and Bones Douluo. Those three supreme spirit masters were like tigers hunting among a tribe of goats. Just in a blink, they had made a hole in the heavy-armed corps of the Spirit Empire. Six spirit masters detached, two Auxiliary System Style stayed behind, two Power Attack Style led, two Agility Style guarded two wings. But the result was different from when the Sacred Dragon Legion had fought with them.

The Sacred Dragon Legion faced the Godly Zhuge Crossbow of Tang Family’s Army Force, and the Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit master forces were facing the normal soldiers. Even though they were wearing heavy armors, this was meaningless when encountered spirit masters.
Ice and Fire spirit abilities appeared, they were the powers of the disciples from Four Elements Academy. Fire and Water had no mercy, armors couldn’t defend the absolute power of those two elements. Followed closely behind them were the disciples from Defense Hall and Medicine Hall from Tang Sect. Together, they formed the main attack force.
The Defense Hall’s disciples stood in the front, Medicine Hall’s was a backup, formed in pairs to move forwards. Strikes from heavy-armed soldiers met the defense from rhinoceros’ skin; it was like scratching their itchy points. Thus the Soul Breaking Spear of the Defense Hall’s disciples could break through their armors just like their armors were made from thin papers. Almost at each step Defense Hall’s disciples took, there were over two hundred dead bodies fell.
Six thousand spirit masters were like sharp saber stabbed into its enemy’s tummy. This should have happened when the Empire Spirit struck the Heaven Dou Empire’s heavy-armed corps, but now it was happening on the heavy-armored corps of the Spirit Empire. Those terrified casualties made people frowned.

On Jia Ling Checking Point, generals of kingdoms and duchies that formed the Spirit Empire, all bent on their knees.

“Your Highness, please send the spirit master corps to rescue them, our heavy-armored corps can’t bear it anymore…”

“It’s true, Your Majesty, they are our excellent soldiers. We have only these eight heavy armed corps in Jia Ling Checking Point. If the Heaven Dou Empire strikes up, how could we defend our back?”

“Your Majesty, one heavy armed corps is almost killed, if it continues to happen, we don’t have heavy-armed corps anymore…”
Heavy-armed corps, in any nation, was extremely crucial. Each heavy-armed corps required the financial and material supports that could form ten corps of army. Both equipment and attributes of soldiers should be top in the military system. It wasn’t easy for Kingdoms and Duchies of Heaven Dou and Stars Luo Empires all together to form two corps of heavy-armed. Seeing such precious army being destroyed constantly, how could they not feel bitter?

Bibi Dong’s face tensed, looked at those generals kneeling in front her, said determinedly:
– Spirit master corps can’t engage in this combat again. I told you, if we haven’t got it clear what kind of weapon they use to kill a large number of our spirit masters, we can’t take the risk. You should understand that the heavy-armed force is important, but the spirit masters force is crucial. As long as the spirit masters corps is still here, with the difficult topography of Jia Ling Checking Point, we are not afraid that they could break it through. Next, deliver my command, deploy attack from a far distance, back up the heavy-armed to withdraw. The Angel Legion guards the wall; if any soldiers of the enemy follow, kill them immediately.

Hearing Bibi Dong’s order, generals who were kneeling flared with anger, glanced at each other. Apparently, they didn’t dare to dissent Bibi Dong’s order. Well, no one is bored enough to want to get killed. But in their hearts, a gloomy seed had been planted. Bibi Dong gave them a resentment, your spirit masters are astute soldiers, how about our men, aren’t they human beings to you?

Those generals stood still in silence. Bibi Dong felt more bothersome seeing their hidden anger. Since she had established the Spirit Empire, she was always full of trust. But at this moment, she realized that she wasn’t an experienced commander on the battlefield. She was able to control the spirit masters, but when everything turned into chaos, she felt panicked.

Of course, it wasn’t enough to change Bibi Dong’s decision. In her heart, nothing was more important than her spirit masters.


Giant arbalests on Jia Ling Checking Point started to shoot in cooperation with a large number of archers, non-stop.

Marshall Golong had soon prepared for it. Seeing the force entering their attack range, he immediately ordered. From two wings, ten corps of light cavalries jumped in the battle then quickly moved to two sides again, making a big curve when they turned back. They didn’t back off too far. They stopped at about 5 miles from the battlefield to re-arrange their formation. They were waiting there on standby, depended on the situation, they could support the other corps in front of them immediately.

Normal archers couldn’t threaten the heavy-armed cavalries. Each heavy-armed cavalry was like an iron box, their horses were also covered with armor, these arrows that were hitting them could only leave a chain of sparks on their armors.

What could really threaten them, were one hundred fifty giant arbalests defending the Jia Ling Checking Point’s wall. Each arrow of these arbalests was 1,2 meters, its attack range was up to 1000 meters, which was even more powerful than the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Even spirit masters wouldn’t dare to encounter it directly.

Of course, the speed of those defending the giant arbalests couldn’t be compared to the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. If they were well alerted, it would be hard to hit spirit masters. Moreover, the arrows were enormous, high-level spirit masters could get ready to avoid it by the time it was shot. But it seemed, under the shooting shower of the defending arbalests on the wall, Heaven Dou Empire started to get killed.

Eight heavy armed corps were fighting and withdrawing at the same time, they didn’t have the will to fight anymore. A large number of soldiers crossed the gate bridges, then continued to fight with the support of the tough terrain to entrench. With the help from the giant defending arbalest, the situation was eased down.


If right now, Grandmaster led his spirit masters corps to strike them furiously, those heavy-armed soldiers wouldn’t be able to stop them, due to the big hole dug on the Jia Ling Checking Point’s wall.


But Grandmaster didn’t think so, after several attempts were stopped. Grandmaster and Marshall Golong looked at each other, then promptly commanded to hit the drum signaling the withdrawal.

The Heaven Dou Empire had deployed all cavalries. Heavy-armed cavalries were slower than light-armed cavalries, but faster than the army. Seeing the bulk of soldiers coming back like the ebb tide, Grandmaster took his spirit masters to defense their back in case the Spirit Empire took another strike.

From the other side, Shrek Seven Devils came and gathered with Grandmaster.

“Xiao San, your Trident…”

Grandmaster worriedly said to Tang San. With his experience and knowledge of the spirit masters, he could see clearly the difference between Bibi Dong’s capacity and Tang San’s. Without the Seagod Trident, Tang San definitely couldn’t avoid Bibi Dong’s strikes.

Tang San said:

“Teacher, I have a plan, don’t worry.”

While saying, he used the surrounding spirit masters as cover and disappeared inaudibly. How could he leave his holy weapon? The hiding effect of the Vast Sea Protective Barrier hid him in the middle of the air, followed the withdrawing force. Then, he silently detached, dashing toward the Jia Ling Checking Point.

The moat in front of Jia Ling Checking Point was totally blooded-red. Numerous of bodies laid there, most of them were the Spirit Empire’s soldiers.

Tang San silently moved to Jia Ling Checking Point. He only needed to reach the moat, he didn’t even need to cross it, he would use his Controlling Crane Catching Dragon ability to retrieve his Seagod Trident. Bibi Dong was strong, it was hard to face her directly, but it would be impossible to confine him.

Yet, when he was about to reach the effective range of the Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, suddenly, he felt tensed. From the top of the wall, Bibi Dong’s eyes were like a sharp sword gazing at him.

How could it be? Tang San panicked, he naturally turned. BOOM. An arrow from the giant arbalest exploded next to him. It was from the giant arbalest that Bibi Dong was holding now.

Tang San was astonished, didn’t dare to move further. But, he understood that his spirit power was higher than Bibi Dong’s. Under the protection of the Vast Sea Protective Barrier, without activated his spirit abilities, possibly she could only recognize him when he reached the Seagod Trident.

Bibi Dong stood on the wall, looked at Tang San’s direction coldly. It was true that with her spirit power she couldn’t detect Tang San. However, right before she glanced at the Seagod Trident, she thought that when Tang San came to retrieve his holy weapon, he would fight against her one more time.

Thus, Bibi Dong’s gaze still lingered at Tang San’s direction. Even if Tang San was moving under the cover of the spirit masters, she still found him. Among the Title Douluos at Bibi Dong’s side, there was one who had an extraordinary ability: he could link his spirit power with others’. Only her spirit power couldn’t be enough to find Tang San, but with total concentration plus that Title Douluo’s spirit power, they could narrow down the searching scale, that was how they located Tang San.
Tang San backed off, he had exposed himself. Looking at Bibi Dong standing on Jia Ling Checking Point, his face sparked a cold smile. You only have that to prevent me from taking back my Seagod Trident? Talking about personal capacity, Bibi Dong could believe so, but the Seagod Trident was a holy weapon belonged to the Sea God. Not anyone could touch it. Tang San stopped at about two thousand meters away from Jia Ling Checking Point, found a clean space and sat down crossed-legs.


His spirit power concentrated in a second, the Sea God mark on his forehead glowed beautifully. Radiant gold halo covered his body.


He had wasted a lot of his energy when fighting with Bibi Dong. The Seagod Trident had hurt Bibi Dong badly. When Tang San performed such a no-return strike like that, it cost him a lot. Facing a supreme spirit master like Bibi Dong, each second, each minute passing consumed a lot of energy, but his spirit power wasn’t consumed much. Only when he used the Sea God Light to urge the Seagod Trident, he would use a small part of his spirit power. His spirit power now was much more than his soul power.

In fact, Tang San was prepared for the deadly strike that Bibi Dong had performed. Even though he failed in putting on his best to prevent Bibi Dong’ strike, Tang San was so sure that he wouldn’t die under the Abyssal Space Tearing Cut. His absolute belief was the only reason he could face Bibi Dong, even surpassing her at spirit power. At that time, he was waiting for the Abyssal Space Tearing Cut to come to a certain distance that would leave Bibi Dong no time to react. He might get hurt but he only needed to perform the Purple Demon Eye, then Bibi Dong’s strike couldn’t affect all of his body. Tang San wasn’t a careless person who wouldn’t prepare a way back. This was also why he felt extremely hurt inside seeing Xiao Wu used her body to protect him.

Right now, Tang San’ spirit power was activated once again, totally focused on the mark of the Seagod Trident on his glabella. Gold halo was as condensed as a golden liquid covered him from top to bottom. After several breaths, it had covered his entire body.

At the moment, his energy was torrentially emanated, his waving tremendous spirit power peaked. It was true that Tang San couldn’t use his Blue Silver Domain to enhance his spirit power on a large scale due to no forest available here; but still he had another domain.

A mix of red and white halos suddenly covered Tang San’s body. Halo condensed without evaporating, only accumulated on his body and formed a ghastly killing pressure headed to Bibi Dong who was standing on Jia Ling Checking Point’s wall.

What does he want to do? Bibi Dong knitted her brows. She didn’t believe that under her focus, Tang San dared to come here to take his Seagod Trident back. If he dared to come, with her capacity and the other Title Douluo here, he couldn’t get back alive. He’s over two thousand meters away, my spirit ability can’t reach him, but this distance is too far, what he could do?
Tang San gave her the answers quickly. He suddenly opened his eyes, which were totally covered with gold light. The dense Deathgod Domain seemed to have covered him all. The red and white halos brought with them the extreme killing pressure merged with the gold light spouted from his eyes. Two lights emitted from his eyes united into one in the middle of the air, under the radiant light of red and white, from two thousand meters away, it launched towards Bibi Dong who was standing on the Jia Ling Checking Point’s wall.

When Tang San projected the light from his eyes, in just a jiffy, Bibi Dong could only feel her soul, her spirit couldn’t leave her body, even the air surrounding here seemed to have been drained. It wasn’t the killing pressure simply turned into an entity, causing her reaction with such a long distance could prove many things. The horrible murderous pressure reached it acme; it was like a gigantic mouth trying to swallow everything. Although there were other Title Douluo besides her now, she could feel she was separated that no one could help.

Furious red and white halos were covered with gold light. The distance of two thousand meters was nothing just in a blink.

Bibi Dong screamed, the spider web patterns on her head suddenly changed to dark purple, condensed into a dark purple light to face that gold light. She felt extremely endangered now. She used to fight with Tang San’ spirit power. At that time his spirit power had reached the Vast Stage but his soul power ranked only over level eighty. Right now, his soul power reached Title Douluo, his spirit power must be enhanced one more level.

But this wasn’t the most important thing. It was his new specialized skill that he could use the Purple Demon Eye to condense his spirit power at one point to strike. Bibi Dong didn’t have this skill.
This was also why Tang San could urge the strike at the distance of over two thousand meters when Bibi Dong couldn’t.

However, seeing the furious radiant gold light about to reach her place, Bibi Dong had even prepared to bear a terrible impact by combining her spirit power and that Title Douluo’s. But after crossing the moat, suddenly the gold light changed its direction, heading toward the Seagod Trident.

She was fooled! This was the first thought in Bibi Dong’s head now, she didn’t hesitate, soared up and plunged down to the Seagod Trident on the ground.

Grandmaster could understand, of course she could, too. If Tang San couldn’t take this true holy weapon back, his capacity would decrease one level, next time if she fought him she could kill him for sure. No matter what happened, Bibi Dong didn’t want to see Tang San retrieving it.
At this moment, Tang San plunged from two thousand meters far away. Right thigh Blue Silver Emperor spirit bone and left thigh Evil Spirit Orca King spirit bones were activated at once, pushing his body darting towards just like a bullet to Jia Ling Checking Point.
Bibi Dong’s reaction was fast, but it couldn’t be faster than the speed of light. The gold light with red and white halos soaring towards seemed to have eyes, it shined directly to the Sea God’s Heart on Seagod Trident.
At that time, Bibi Dong was landing from the wall, striking forwards to the Seagod Trident. She wanted to prevent Tang San from taking it. Right at that moment, when she was about to pour all of her spirit power to target Tang San who was dashing towards, the gold light suddenly attacked her!

During her rush, Bibi Dong could only retrieve her spirit energy back and then emit it again immediately. The dark purple energy was projected from her body had collided violently with that gold light. At the same time, the gold light from the Sea God’s Heart of the Seagod Trident emanated furiously.

Bibi Dong only felt like her brain were exploded, extreme anguish spread all over her body. This gold light wasn’t only full of spirit power striking up, it also brought  the holy pressure from the Seagod Trident. This tremendous killing pressure brought a vastly immense breath. This kind of murderous pressure gave her the severe oppressing feelings, but somehow it was familiar.
Her eyes were empty. Blood came out from seven natural holes on her face (two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and her mouth). Severe wounds made her look really terrible. Her body rolled and heavily impacted with the wall, falling down. At the same time, the Title Douluo that she had borrowed his spirit power fell down on the ground, his seven natural holes were bleeding.
Spirit power impact was more dangerous than spirit ability impact. Even a Title Douluo could be killed.
Tang San reached the riverbank of the moat now. His right arm swung, under the attentive watch of dozens thousand soldiers and spirit masters of Spirit Empire, Seagod Trident was like a dragon soaring to the ocean, returned to his hand.

Tang San didn’t stop there, he didn’t even glare at Bibi Dong laying down with severe wounds, he plunged up and returned to his side. There were still six Title Douluo who were capable of engaging a fight now standing on the walls. At this moment, no one dared to chase him, they could only open their eyes wide and looked at Tang San who was leaving stolidly.

Be patient, you should be patient! Tang San screamed in his mind. He knew Bibi Dong was hurt badly, but he was like a lamp running out of oil now. He was sure that if he took all of his last energy to strike Bibi Dong one more time, Bibi Dong would be hurt intensively but she couldn’t die yet. To him, he might have to pay with his life.

Why Tang San becomes so weak? It was because of that gold light. If it could strike Bibi Dong so hard that she couldn’t get up, his effort couldn’t be less. With that last attack, Tang San almost put in all of his soul power and spirit power.

Spirit power was released through the Purple Demon Eye, soul power was released through the Deathgod Domain which was formed in just a blink. His soul power had entered Title Douluo stage, both of his great domains were also developed. The last evolution form of Blue Silver Domain was the All Rivers Run Into the Sea; for Deathgod Domain, it was the Asura Arise.

Just like Tang Chen, Tang San’s great grandfather once said, the Slaughter City was established by the Asura God. But Rakshasa God befouled it. Eventually, this Deathgod Domain belonged to Asura God, even though it wasn’t from their original power, after it had been developed to the very final form, it could generate a part of Asura God’s power.

With that strike, Tang San had released the last evolution form of Deathgod Domain, Asura Arise. But he didn’t let the shadow of the Asura Arise appeared. That was how he tricked Bibi Dong. Then, he borrowed the power of the Asura Arise, combined with his Purple Demon Eye to project Asura Evil Light to attack Bibi Dong.

If it wasn’t so, even if his spirit power was very powerful, it was still impossible to assault Bibi Dong who was standing two thousand meters away.

However, Tang San’s energy had weakened along the way of two thousand meters. Bibi Dong had defended herself in a close distance, under this circumstance, it was impossible for Tang San’ strike to hurt Bibi Dong.

But right at that moment, Tang San had performed adequately his Control Style and his ingenuity in fighting. He strongly oppressed the Asura Devil Light to shine on Sea God’s Heart on Seagod Trident.

The Sea God’s Light had urged the Sea God’s Heart, it projected Sea God’s Power immediately, merged with Asura Evil Light. Meanwhile, in just a blink, it used Tang Sang’ spirit power to connect with each other. Under Tang San’s control, Sea God’s Heart was like a reflective glass; it made up Asura Devil Light’s loss energy wasted on its traveling distance of two thousand meters, also put its holy spirit into that light and enhanced the full power of that strike.


On the other side, seeing Tang San’ strike changed its direction suddenly, in Bibi Dong’s mind, she thought that Tang San’s target was the Seagod Trident and that he wanted to retrieve it. That was why she focused more on Tang San, and only thought about how to prevent him from taking the spear back. No one had ever thought that the light column came back again, covered her. Using an unintentional strike to defend an intentional strike. At that time, Bibi Dong’s defense wasn’t as good as when she stood on the wall; she got hurt badly and also affected the Title Douluo who had transmitted his spirit power to her.

Of course, only Tang San could understand those details. Even Bibi Dong, who got hurt due to that strike couldn’t understand how Tang San did that. Under the view of other soldiers and generals of both sides, they could only see Bibi Dong got hit hard, bleeding from seven holes on her face, falling from the wall, while Tang San arrogantly took the Seagod Trident and returned. They didn’t see how weak Tang San was though.



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            Spirits are generally divided in beast spirits and tool spirits. Plant spirits like Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor are also considered tool spirits. Spirit masters with spirits that are suited for battle are sometimes called battle spirit masters, and fall into one of several classification systems: Power attack, agility attack, control, defense, auxiliary. Some spirit masters with very specific cultivation routes fall into specialized systems, like Oscar, who is a Food system spirit master.

            Spirit power is the basic measure of energy that a spirit master has, It’s the innate power of the spirit master’s spirit and this is what is cultivated and divided into ranks. It is generally what is used to perform abilities from spirit rings and spirit bones. This has also been referred to as soul power before. There is a difference between the power of the spirit, which comes from a spirit master’s innate spirit (Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass/Clear Sky Hammer, Dai Mubai’s Evil-Eyed White Tiger, etc.). I suggest avoiding the use of ‘soul power’ and continuing to use ‘spirit power’ to refer to this, as it is related to the user’s spirit.

            Qi is sometimes mentioned as well, though this is usually in the context of Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven method of cultivation, which is a holdover from his previous life and world. One of the reasons why Tang San is so OP is because he relies on the principles and secret clan skills described in the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record to cultivate his spirit with extreme efficiency. In essence, this way of cultivation didn’t exist in the Douluo world before Tang San was born in it. As such, I believe that while spirit power is the energy of the spirit, qi is the energy of the physical body, though as cultivation seems to boost both there is likely some degree of overlap between the two.

            Mental energy is the strength of a person’s mind. It was originally translated as ‘spiritual force’, but that caused quite a lot of confusion due to similarity to ‘spirit power’. Skills that attack the mind, like Tang San’s eye-based skills, consume mental energy. Operating the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud and the Seagod Trident also uses mental energy.

            Soul force is the innate strength of a person’s soul. This seems to be completely separate from spirit power or qi, which comes from the spirit master’s body and spirit. While it exists, it is mentioned very rarely. One time it was specifically mentioned is when Tang San released the Tool Spirit Avatar of his Clear Sky Hammer during the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Tournament. He was rank 40-something back then, and after being boosted by the other Six Devils to briefly release a skill that requires Spirit Sage (70+ rank) level power, it was stated that the Spirit Avatar drains the user’s soul force; while his friends could supply spirit power for the technique, the soul force had to come from Tang San alone, leading the skill to be ended after just two attacks for fear of Tang San’s soul being damaged.

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