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Over a thousand miles, one could only see the clear blue sky with a warm breeze that could refresh both people’s mind and bodies. The Heaven Dou Empire’s barracks laid on big area almost reached a hundred miles. It looked like the head of an enormous ancient beast lying on the ground. Their base was about fifty miles away from Jia Ling Checking Point. Early morning, after having breakfast, in the explosive thunder sound of the fighting drum, the great force of soldiers started to gather.

Each formation took turned and appeared outside the base according to the continuous orders from the central. A standard structure usually was made of ten thousands of soldiers. Ten myriads (100,000) of soldiers who were moving forwards were ten troops of heavy-armed cavalries, brought here by Heaven Dou Empire. They were truly men of steel. Even though their pace wasn’t fast, the pressure from their existence had shaken the earth.

Marching right after ten troops of heavy armed cavalries were four thousand spirit masters of the Heaven Dou Empire, under the protection of twelve thousand spirit masters of Tang Family’s Army Force. They were entering the battlefield now.

Looking at them from a distance, Tang Family’s army force was just like the light cavalries that protected the spirit masters. Usually, on the battlefield, light troops would cooperate with spirit masters to maximize their fighting ability based on speed.

Now, ten troops of light cavalries were moving from both sides. At this very first battle with the Spirit Empire, Heaven Dou Empire had sent all of their light troops.

All spirit masters were riding horses. Heavy-armed cavalry was the vital force; they could both attack and defend.

Standing on the Jia Ling Checking Point, Bibi Dong smiled coldly:

“Heaven Dou Empire is very careful. All are light cavalries, of course, they find it easy to come and withdraw. Too bad this is not a common fight. Did they think that they could maximize the light cavalries ability when fighting with my spirit master legion? Deliver my order, send eight troops of heavy armed cavalries, army forces lead together with the Sacred Dragon Legion to the battle.”

Four gates in front of Jia Ling Checking Point opened at once, in the click-clack sounds of steel chains, four giant suspension bridges slowly lowered crossing the fifty-meter river. In the loud sound of steel, armors came in contact; many heavy armed soldiers spread out from Jia Ling Checking Point.

However, looking at their formation, even though they were also the heavy-armed forces, the troops that came out from Jia Lang didn’t look as neat and well-ordered as the Heaven Dou Empire.

Firstly, they were from different kingdoms and duchies; their armor hadn’t been unified fabricated, they didn’t look the same, they had many colors compared to just a simple black uniform of the Heaven Dou’ soldiers. Their process of developing the formation was slow too, due to the poor internal preparation.

There were four corps of heavy cavalries, four corps of heavy-armed troops. Those were all heavy-armed team of Spirit Empire. On the side they faced Stars Dou Empire, they mainly based on defense, they didn’t need to send the heavy-armed force.

Twenty myriads of soldiers of the Heaven Dou Empire stopped at twenty miles away from Jia Ling Checking Point. Ten myriads (100,000) of heavy cavalries set a horizontal squad, made an entrance in between. Under the protection of Tang Family’s army soldiers, there were over six thousand spirit masters that came in front of the formation. However, there were over two thousand spirit masters who wore the same uniforms to Tang Family’s army force. The light cavalries took the long bow on their back. Of course, those were longbows made for Rangers specifically.

On the other side, eight corps of Spirit Empire expanded their formation right in front of the checking point. After that, a group of ten thousand soldiers rapidly moved out from the side of the checking point. They weren’t riding any horses, but their pace was fast, not less than those who were riding horses. This corps made a horizontal squad in front of Jia Ling Checking Point. They wore the same uniform, which embroiled a symbol of a giant flying flag with two big gold words “Sacred Dragon.”

Grandmaster was standing next to Tang San, together with them, stood Marshall Golong.

Marshall Golong waved his hand:

“ Go! The Bow Cavalries be ready, after moving forward ten miles, start shooting!

At the same time, Tang San ordered to Tang Family’s Army soldiers:

“Check the crossbow and winding.”

In the clink-clank sound, Tang Family’ soldiers took out their crossbow inaudibly, put it horizontally on the horse. Then they checked the status of it, especially the arrows and winding. After that, they quickly started winding up.

A gigantic parasol resisting the strong wind behind them, where the Emperor Xue Beng of the Heaven Dou Empire himself led twenty myriads soldiers. His presence encouraged their spirits.

The distance between two sides quickly shortened. When the distance between them was around ten miles, all light cavalries of Heaven Dou Empire took action. Ten troops of light cavalries fastened their pace, going straight forward to Jia Ling Checking Point.

On Spirit Empire’ side, two corps of the army standing near the Sacred Dragon soldiers got together shoulder to shoulder, holding their big shields and stood in front of the Sacred Dragon Legion.

On Jia Ling Checking Point, seeing the ten myriads (100,000) of light cavalries in a correct order stepping quickly toward the Jia Ling Checking Point, Bibi Dong knitted her brows:

“Those guys from the Heaven Dou Empire want to suicide?”

Even though she hadn’t had much experience with military manuals, she understood that when the light cavalries encountered the Heavy-armed army and the heavy-armed troops, how bad the result could be, especially in this case where they were not much different in numbers. It was like suicide. Now those light cavalries wanted to use bows to attack, but their targets were the heavy-armed army and heavy-armed troops. Arrows almost couldn’t do any harm. The Sacred Dragon Legion didn’t need to take action, though.

Right at the moment when Bibi Dong was doubting, the light cavalries Corp of Heaven Dou Empire came. From the distance of one mile away from the enemy, they started to shoot. Whoosh, many arrows plunged toward the Spirit Empire’s formation.

All of those arrows were shot aimlessly. Moreover, their target was a significant force of nine myriads (90,000) soldiers, well, they didn’t need to aim. They were taking action with purposes, most of their arrows pointed to Sacred Dragon Legion. Even though the heavy-armed army was shielding in front of them, those arrows plunged and shot in a curve trajectory that they couldn’t stop.

After one salvo, the light cavalries didn’t stop there. They moved like dark clouds on the sky, changing their directions in a curve to separate into two sides, with the advantage of riding a horse, they turned and went back.

It was just a round of shooting, but there were ten thousand arrows! Ten corps of light cavalries of the Heaven Dou Empire exposed their extreme ability in front of the Spirit Empire. Ten myriads (100,000) of soldiers rode on their horses and shot, their formation didn’t change. When they finished their shots and turned to get back, the Heaven Dou Empire’s Great Force had moved forward five miles. Under cover of the dark clouds in the sky, they looked like wandering souls, moved to their present position in a blink.

Bibi Dong couldn’t help but groan, she asked:

“Can our light cavalries do that?”

A group of light cavalries generals stood silently behind her. No one dared to utter.

“You once told me, Heaven Dou Empire has many groups, and they didn’t care about their army. Their army sucks, and they just have a fake reputation. See what they have trained today? What are you compared to them?”

Seeing ten neat corps of light cavalries showed off their skills in front of her eyes, even though they didn’t cause any harm to her Sacred Dragon soldiers and the heavy-armed forces, they did threaten the Spirit Empire’ fighting spirit. Bibi Dong understood in a sudden. I’ve been patient all those years; they do too. According to the previous calculation, Heaven Dou Empire had sixty myriads (600,000) of soldiers at max, and their fighting capacity was small. But now what? Exposing in front of her eyes were a hundred of myriads (1,000,000) of vigor well-trained soldiers, full equipped. Their military forces weren’t less than the Star Luo Empire’s .

“Spread my order, Sacred Dragon Legion, release the spirits, ATTACK!”

This attack was the first time they engaged in the war, should take the high spirit back. Bibi Dong knew well that she couldn’t rely on the forces from kingdoms and duchies. She could only rely on the spirit masters forces that under her direct orders. They only needed to defeat the spirit master of Heaven Dou Empire, then cooperated with the army to take back their ascendant position.

Radiant light burst in a second from the Spirit Empire’ side. Ten thousand spirit masters released their spirits at once. It was a dazzling scene! Numerous of white, yellow, purple and black spirit rings blasted constantly. Even though they were also, like their uneven formation, such pressure breath appeared suddenly made Heaven Dou’s twenty myriads (200,000) of soldiers gasped.

The soldiers understood they were nothing facing these spirit masters. One supreme spirit master just needed to strike one spirit ability which had an effect on a large scale to kill hundreds or even one thousand soldiers. Only spirit masters could beat spirit masters.

Marshall Golong looked at Grandmaster and Tang San standing next to him, slightly crossed his hands:

“Next we have to count on you two.”

Grandmaster nodded, rose his right hand: “Release the spirits?”

Over four thousand spirit masters in the protection of Tang Family’s army force got off their horses and released their fighting spirits. Even though they were less in number, but their actions were in harmony. Moreover, the colors of their spirit rings weren’t tangled. On the front, of course, stood the spirit masters with seven or eight spirit rings. There weren’t many, but the power of their spirit rings could make up for it. Behind them was the right formation made from spirit masters with six, five, four, and three spirit rings. Most of them had from three to five spirit rings.

The thing made people noticed was a hundred towers of Seven Treasure Glazed Tower glowing at the same time. Gorgeous lights shone up to the sky; they were in the central of the spirit masters force. In the sparkling light, the Leader of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Sect, Ning Feng Zhi looked to the further direction. Sword Duoluo and Bones Douluo stood beside to protect him.

One hundred lineal disciples of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Sect were the survivors. Behind them, there were another one hundred lineal disciples that hadn’t released their spirits yet. They stared at the great formation of the Spirit Empire in fierce resentment.

On Jia Ling Checking Point, Bibi Dong waved her hand. Myriad of spirit masters of the Sacred Dragon Legion plunged. There was only Spirit Hall who could train their spirit masters in troops. Thus, Spirit Empire’s soldiers were terrible, but their spirit master forces were elite.

The Agility Style spirit masters spread to two sides in a blink, Power Attack Style and Defense Style were on the front, and Auxiliary System Style was on the back to help their comrades. Control Style was close to the Power Attack Style. Their soul skills were ready.

This force of spirit masters based on different cultivation schools to divide itself into different sections. Hundreds of spirit masters in the main front of the Sacred Dragon Legion was the Sacred Dragon Sect, one of the New Seven Great Sects.

Each Heaven Dragon Sect’s disciple was protected by a white scales armor beast, covered their vigor large bodies. It was their White Armor Earth Dragon fighting spirit.

White Armor Earth Dragon wasn’t an actual Dragon family. It could only be considered a branch that related to Dragon family. They were very different from the Blue Lightning Tyran Dragon Family. They were dragons, anyway, the Sacred Dragon Sect under rich and concentrated concerns of the Spirit Hall, had trained many hotshots which helped them separate themselves from the Spirit Hall and establish a new Sect. They were one of the 3 top Sects of the New Seven Great Sects. The Sacred Dragon Legion named after them.

The Shrek Seven Devils were familiar with some spirit masters of the Sacred Dragon Legion. They had met them at the competition between elite spirit master academies. This sect was well known to be the master in defense together with the people from the Elephant Armored Clan. Those huge guys from the Elephant Armored Clan released their fighting spirits, under the command of Leader Hu Yan Zhen, paced up together with the Heaven Dragon Sect taking the pioneer.

No doubt they were the pillars of the Sacred Dragon Legion. Although there were only 700 spirit masters from the two sects, they were super high. Both White Armor Earth Dragon and Gian Fierce Mammoth were suitable for battle. No matter what kind of heavy armed cavalries used to stop them, they just couldn’t.

“Split up. Elder Titan, Elder Niu Gao, each of you takes 1000 Tang Family’ soldiers to support them from 2 wings. Other soldiers, line up.”

Tang San ordered.

Tian and Niu Gao each took 1000 Tang Family’ soldiers, quickly left. The other 8000 Tang Family’ soldiers moved, centralized in front of the spirit master squad. Half of them got off their horses, half stayed still, all held and aimed their Spirit Bow of Zhuge.

Tang San said coldly:

“Without my command, do not move. While I’m not here, all have to obey the Imperial Preceptor’s orders.”

Over 2000 of Tang Sect’s disciples stood in front of Tang San, Grandmaster and Marshall Golong. Defense Hall and Medicine Hall’s disciples formed in pairs stood still in the front. Over 2000 spirit masters of Tang Sect and other 4000 spirit masters under Grandmaster’s command, waited silently.

“Hey old freak, do you want to go with me and play big?”

Tang Sand spoke louder and louder.

“Ha ha ha!”, in a strange laughter, Du Gu Bo’s voice echoed.

“Why not? Solo killing, I’m nothing in the group of Title Douluo, but area attack, who dare to say he’s better than me? GO!”

Tang San turned to Grandmaster, said:

“Teacher, you and Marshall Golong take care of this side, please. Their pioneering spirit masters are super strong; that would affect the performance of the Spirit Bow of Zhuge. Let’s us break their frontier defense. Let’s go!”

“Lan Hao Wang, you…” Marshall Golong was about to stop him, Tang San with the Seagod Trident in his hand had already plunged up. Behind him, the last six Devils didn’t need Tang San to order them; they soared at the same time. Zhu Zhu Qing took Ning Rong Rong, Dai Mu Bai took Oscar, 7 of them together with the Medicine Hall’s Master, Yang Wudi, left the formation directly.

On Jia Ling Checking Point, Bibi Dong saw only eight people came out from the formation of Heaven Dou Empire. She was amazed at first; then she realized the one who led them was Tang San with his trident. She shouted immediately:
“Not good! Elders, follow me.”

She didn’t care about her manner as the Supreme Empire while speaking, she soared from the top of Jia Ling Checking Point, spread out her purple wings, hovered forward.

Right thigh Blue Silver Emperor’ spirit bones accelerated to its limits. Tang San departed very quick. Furthermore, the distance between them and the Sacred Dragon Legion was shorter. While he was in the middle of the air, his body spread, his right hand activated the power, the Seagod Trident in his hand was like a sharp arrow violently aimed to the Elephant Armored Sect’s Leader Hu Yan Zhen, who now had turned into a Giant Fierce Mammoth.

At the same time, a bright red halo spread from Tang San’s feet covered all eight people including the Poison Douluo Du Gu Bo inside of it. It was the Deathgod Domain released.

Hu Yan Zhen looked at the giant Seagod Trident. He saw no waves of soul power on it, laughed hard. He wasn’t intended to dodge, but instead, wanted to face it directly. His entire body glowed in an intensive yellow light; he was ready for the impact. Talking about defending ability, the Elephant Armor Clan’s fighting spirit was the Giant Fierce Mammoth; it could be compared to the defense fighting spirit Giant Rhinoceros Plank Armored of the Defense hall. Even though he hadn’t reached Title Doulou level yet, but considered only defending ability, most of Title Douluo was worse than him. Looked at the spear now, it even didn’t have a small wave of soul power pulsing. Hu Yan Zhen didn’t pay attention.

“Do not take it.” Bibi Dong’s voice came from behind him. But she was late.

From Tang San’s glabella, a yellow light plunged chasing the Seagod Trident and spotted to the Sea God’s Heart. In the time of a blink, Seagod Trident turned into a gold light, a dazzling gold light catching everyone’s eyes.


The main head of the Seagod Trident stabbed into the head of the Giant Fierce Mammoth. The large gold light blasted suddenly which made disciples of the Elephant Armor Clan standing around Hu Yan Zhen become slower.

The defending ability of the Giant Fierce Mammoth was so ghastly that even the supreme holy weapon Seagod Trident couldn’t get through Hu Yan Zhen. Even so, half of the spear had pierced through the body in its spirit avatar. The massive weight of the Seagod Trident had crushed Hu Yan Zhen’s limbs. His body fell. Apparently, he was dead.

A soul power ranked level eighty-nine, almost breaking through Title Douluo, a Leader of one of the New Great Sects in the spirit masters world, who was well known for his defending skill, was killed in one strike just like that.

Not only the spirit of the Sacred Dragon force was confined, but also Marshall Golong from Heaven Dou Empire side was shocked. Of course, he had known Hu Yan Zhen; his fighting spirit was also a defending one. He saw with his own eyes that Tang San had killed Hu Yan Zhen in just a strike without releasing his fighting spirit. Now he understood why Tang San’s position in the command center was higher than his. He was the Emperor’s Teacher, though. This young man was just over twenty-five years old, but he was so formidable.

The Seagod Trident together with his Deathgod Domain put a killing pressure on the Sacred Dragon Legion. After his soul power reached level 90, his Deathgod Domain also reached the highest stage. That ghastly killing pressure covered all the spirit masters of the Elephant Armor Clan in a sudden.

“Jump into the formation, be aware of the area attack skills!”

Tang San yelled, his body flashed, plunged to Hu Yan Zhen’s dead body, withdrew his Seagod Trident, and released his fighting spirit at the same time.

Under the dazzling halo of the Seagod Trident, Tang San released his spirit rings without hiding anything. Nine tremendous spirit rings, including five black ones and four red ones, appeared in front of the spirit masters. Seeing those spirit rings, the Sacred Dragon Legion were deadly impressed; Heaven Dou Empire’s men felt both happy and fearful. Grandmaster, who usually was a calm, mature man, couldn’t help but gasp.

BANG … The Seagod Trident in Tang San’s hand wiped, pushing a disciple of the Elephant Armor Clan who was releasing his spirit avatar. His giant body was struck so hard he plunged and hit those spirit masters, causing chaos. In the meantime, a red light emitted from Tang San’s left leg turned into a big hammer, crushed the other two Elephant Armor Clan’s disciples.

Bibi Dong’ spirit pressure was coming; Tang San knew he didn’t have much time left. He needed to put his striking power to kill the enemies before Bibi Dong arrived.

Now, in such tremendous anger, disciples of the Elephant Armor clan constantly surrounded and fought against Tang San. Some hotshots of the Heaven Dragon Clan came directly to Tang San, led by a spirit master who turned into a big white Earth Dragon. It flew to Tang San, extruded a white smoke flow. This spirit master had nine spirit rings on his body.

Tang San didn’t use his area attack ability. Facing a large number of spirit masters who were well known for their defending skills, even though he was a Title Douluo with the ten myriads of years spirit rings, performed an attack on a large scale could only give them minor injuries. Causing some injuries on an area wasn’t as well as breaking. Bibi Dong’ spirit pressure was coming near. Tang San understood he had only one last strike.

Swoosh, a shadow of a Blue Dragon appeared behind Tang San; his right arm entirely turned into a blue color in an instant. The gold Seagod Trident in his hand also turned to blue. Since he had had the Seagod Trident, this holy weapon only showed the colors of black and gold, but now it displayed another color, which made others startled.

At the same time, there were three columns of green light shone on Tang San from behind; they were soul power increase, attack increase, and attribute increase respectively, those were Ning Rong Rong’ attribute boost performed to support him.

With the dragon’s roar that had shaken the earth, thunder explosions reverberated in the air, from the main prong of the Seagod Trident, lightning under the form of a blue lighting dragon emanated.

Boom … The white smoke that the White Armored Earth Dragon had extruded was an eighth spirit ability, facing the blue dragon it didn’t work at all. When the Blue Dragon roared, all dragon scales on Sacred Dragon Clan’s disciples shrank at the same time. This was the charisma pressure from a higher species affected its lower relatives; even the Title Douluo bore the same impact.

Another swoosh resounded calmly, the lightning under the blue dragon form disappeared inaudibly. It seemed it disappeared on the White Armored Earth Dragon. In a flash, the body of the White Armored Earth Dragon completely turned into blue. In the next minute, with a wind blow, it vanished to ashes, blown away without leaving any trace.

Seeing the power of this skill could reach such tremendous level, Tang San startled himself, turned back and glared at Ning Rongrong. He understood that this skill of his was strong, but without the boost up to ninety percent given by Ning Rong Rong, he could never kill that Title Douluo in just one strike. Anyway, a ten myriads of years spirit ability couldn’t kill the same level spirit master in such a dreadful way.

The blue lightning dragon that Tang San had just used was the second ability of the right arm spirit bone from the Sky Blue Bull Python, the Thunderstorm Fading from Heaven. Single attack spirit ability.

Using the Seagod Trident to perform this skill did not only doubled the power of the Thunderstorm Fading from Heaven skill but also helped Tang San to save thirty percent of his soul power.

A true holy weapon wasn’t simple in any way. Tang San had studied features and functions of the Seagod Trident every day through the data in his brains while practicing to use it. The Seagod Trident was powerful but only to the one who understood and enhanced its usage.

Actually, in a real battle, Tang San could only perform a minuscule part of the true power of the Seagod Trident. However, when he integrated it with his soul skills, he could maximize the power of that holy weapon wholly.

From the moment Tang San had to take action, it took only the time of ten breaths, but he had killed the leader of the Elephant Armor Clan, and the one who got killed by the Thunderstorm Fading from Heaven was the only Title Douluo of the Heaven Dragon Sect, Heaven Dragon Ta Ba Xi. In the same time, those two people were the Commander and his Assistant Commander of the Sacred Dragon Legion. Tang San didn’t think that he did kill the general of the enemies while doing his best.

This was the reason why when Bibi Dong saw Tang San, she shouted to prevent her men and didn’t care about her noble position to join the battle. The power of a true supreme spirit master on the battle was inconceivable.

However, Tang San’s jeopardy appeared right at that moment. In the time of a blink, Tang San felt trembled under his feet; his body was confined by an invisible power. Right after that, countless dark purple thorns came out from under his feet, trying to stab him through. The Empress of Spirit Empire – Bibi Dong had arrived.

While Tang San was striking, the other Devils of the Shrek Seven Devils were not free at all. Dai Mu Bai with his tremendous body jumped directly into the enemy’s formation, performed two supporting skills, turned himself to the White Tiger form, and immediately killed two disciples over level 60 of the Elephant Armor Clan. Ma Hong Jun was the first one who activated the Phoenix Meteor Shower towards the Sacred Dragon Legion. Right after that, he used the Phoenix Clouds Piercing Strike to destroy a White Armored Earth Dragon in his spirit avatar, also put himself in fighting mode.

Oscar ate a Clone Mirror Large Sausage made from Dai Mu Bai’s blood, activated his clones. Xiao Wu just made a slight flick, and that was how she broke a White Armored Earth Dragon spirit master’s neck.

Their actual personal capacity couldn’t do that, but don’t you forget that they had the best Auxiliary System Style spirit master Ning Rong Rong! Under her attributes boosting of over ninety percent, no doubt that everybody of the Shrek Seven Devils now had the capacity of a Title Douluo.

The Yang Wudi’s Breaking Soul Spear was also super furiously powerful. No matter they were the Giant Fierce Mammoth or the White Armored Earth Dragon, they had no way to stop Yang Wudi’s Breaking Soul Spea. Talking about the number of kills, he was the one who killed the biggest number of enemies. Sharp strike enhanced with unbelievable support, the vandalism was massive.

Du Gu Bo inaudibly appeared behind them in the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor pure form; poison was extruded and spread out over the ground. There was no vitality on the ground now.

Boom… The Seagod Trident struck hard to the ground. All sharp thorns crushed to powder. Tang San dipped and took the reaction force to plunge up again. Just in a blink, the Blue Silver Emperor disappeared, the Clear Sky Hammer appeared suddenly with one red and two black spirit rings in his left hand. He didn’t stop there, the Clear Sky Hammer waved, a massive shockwave of black and yellow striking directly to Bibi Dong who was in her Death Spider Emperor Avatar.

Bibi Dong got furious now. Dangerous claws appeared on both of her hands, thrust suddenly, at the same time, numerous of strange dark purple air flows condensed in front of her, formed a devil shield, facing Tang San’ strike directly. Regardless of how she felt her body sank to the ground.

Tang San screamed in pain. His body received the shock, pulled down to the ground, rolled one round. Even the Seagod Trident stabbed a Giant Fierce Mammoth in its spine; he had to step back over ten steps to stabilize himself.

Even though he had reached level ninety-three, even though he had used his Clear Sky Hammer with the Titan Firmament Cannon of the left-hand spirit bone of the Giant Titan Ape, the absolute difference in soul power still damaged him. Just like when he confined all spirit masters of the Sacred Dragon Legion, Bibi Dong’s soul power could confine him totally.

Spirit masters force of the Spirit Hall was excellent. Just in the short time of the battle, seeing Bibi Dong leading a group of Title Douluo, they quick divided into two groups, separated to two sides, gave their Douluo space to fight.

Bibi Dong brought a total of eight Title Douluo. From Tang San’side, there were eight persons also, excluding him. But Ning Rongrong was just an Auxiliary System Style spirit master. Under her support, her comrades could perform the capacity of a Title Douluo. No doubt that the supreme spirit masters of the Spirit Hall oppressed the Heaven Dou Empire’s force now. Among the Shrek Seven Devils, besides Tang San, other people couldn’t keep their Title Douluo status for a long time.

The Seven Title Douluo of the Spirit Empire split, each of them chased Dai Mu Bai, Oscar, Ma Hong Jun, Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhu Qing, Yang Wudi and Du Gu Bo. The last one headed to Ning Rongrong. Obviously, they realized Ning Rongrong’s important role in this fight. They needed to kill her to destroy Heaven Dou’s formation.

“Don’t worry about me.”

Ning Rong Rong shouted. The light of her attributes boosting skill wasn’t decreasing, her soul power reached level eighty-three, she was supporting eight persons at the same time, except Xiao Wu, the other seven were facing their opponents now.

Xiao Wu, her life wouldn’t be threatened in a short time. Even though it was impossible for her to defeat a Title Douluo, but under the support of Ning Rong Rong, her Blink, and her Paragon Golden Body, she could turn into a little rabbit and run away. She could protect herself in a short time. Yang Wudi and Du Gu Bo were facing their old enemies. Yang Wudi faced Snake Lance Douluo, and Du Gu Bo faced the one who could resist his poison, Porcupine Fish Douluo.

It was what we called the arch-enemy catch-up again. Last time, Porcupine Fish Douluo had severe wounds; it took him one year to recover his original capacity. Now he met Du Gu Bo again, he started fighting immediately without saying anything. He protested the poison extruded by Du Gu Bo straightaway.

Facing such an opponent, Du Gu Bo felt begrudged. His poison was just spreading to several disciples of the Elephant Armor Clan and the Sacred Dragon Clan; it hadn’t affected them yet, now he encountered his natural enemy who could confine his fighting spirit. The Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor glowed, plunged to his enemy.

The Title Douluo who attacked Ning Rongrong was an Agility Style; he used speed to enhance his attack. His spirit avatar was a Devil Panther Dark Trace. After he had transformed, he increased speed in just a blink, left a dark shadow in mid-air. He was about to reach Ning Rongrong.

Right at that moment, the eighth spirit ring on Ning Rong Rong’s Nine Treasures Glazed Tile Tower flashed inaudibly; black halo glowed. In just an instant, the Nine Treasures Glazed Tile Tower dazzled furiously, so many colors condensed, it suddenly got bigger. Devil Panther Dark Trace Title Douluo thought that he just struck a wall of steel, his body rolled in reaction and backed off.


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