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Red waves were pulsing, making the air condensed. In that blue world, a light red halo suddenly appeared. The surroundings became pellucid, turned into many glittering crystal pieces.

Yue Guan was a Title Douluo, but his attributes weren’t so outstanding, he’d been a Title Douluo for many years. He released his Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum spirit immediately; all nine rings in their huge union emitted enormous spirit power. The seventh spirit ring blasted, the Odd Velvel Heavenly Chrysanthemum Odd Velvel Heavenly Chrysanthemum grew bigger, rolling around his body, and resounded several constant booms.

Yue Guan knew that this was the moment of dead or alive. His spirit power increased to its limit without a pause. He plunged to the air. Under the protection of his spirit, the Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum true form, he jumped up ten meters.

Right after he just jumped, a black light swooshed below his feet, flashed and disappeared.

“Savage.” A cold voice resounded in the jungle. The blue space vanished at that moment. When Yue Guan could see everything clear again, he saw forty-nine strong spirit masters he had brought here were held still in the middle of the air. Each of them was frozen in a strange different position. Their bodies faced with a light red crystal layer.

This looked familiar. Yue Guan detestably hated that guy, but right now, his hatred completely turned into fear. His heart was shivering. He had no intention to rescue his men. Stepping on the Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum, his body turned into a gold flying light, he ran away immediately.

A crisp broken sound like a high note appeared. At the moment Yue Guan had run away, a special energy was released, making those crystal pieces turn into powder, scattering in midair. No bodies remained.

The combined power of forty-nine spirit masters level Spirit Emperor of the Spirit Empire was really strong; it would be every easy for them to destroy a corps of one thousand people. Unfortunately, what they had encountered here was the ten myriads of years spirit ability that only existed in legend.

The eighth Spirit ability of the Thousands Hands Douluo Tang San, the Blue Silver Orca Mirror’s Assimilation, came from the spirit ring of the ten myriads of years Evil Spirit Orca King.

This was Tang San’s masterpiece, he hid himself in the Vast Sea Protective Barrier, searching this jungle and struck up enemies. Xiao Wu and Ma Hong Jun didn’t make a move, because if they took action, the hiding effect would disappear immediately. Tang San had had two options: striking Yue Guan directly or releasing his attack on a large scale.

If he had attacked Yue Guan directly, Tang San would have had ten percent of chance to kill him in a blink. The Chrysanthemum Douluo wasn’t the Ghost Douluo though. Yue Guan’s capacity wasn’t as strong as the Ghost Douluo’s, but the divine energy of the Seagod Trident couldn’t fight him down. It was very difficult to kill a Title Douluo in just a second. Even so, Tang San, with his stealth strike, could hurt Chrysanthemum Douluo badly.

He didn’t do that; he chose to use the area attack. And, right at the beginning, Tang San decided not to leave any spirit masters sent by Spirit Empire alive. The true reason was he didn’t want Bibi Dong to know that he himself was guarding the Heaven Dou Empire’s logistics trail.

Spirit masters at level Spirit Emperor, unless there was a very extraordinary situation happened, facing Tang San’s Blue Silver Orca Mirror’s Assimilation, how could they have a chance to survive?

“If you have come, why leave so fast?”

Yue Guan felt extreme fear, running in madness. There was a voice constantly yelled in his mind. It’s him. It’s him. But right now, he couldn’t even think about taking revenge for Ghost Douluo. Now he had no other Title Douluo with him, no need to mention Bibi Dong. That guy even dared to take the Supreme Pontiff’ spirit rings, he killed the Ghost Douluo in just a blink, let alone me!

He was praying foolishly now that after that guy had performed his eighth spirit ability, it would take him some time to recover and he could use that time to run away. In his mind, that guy wasn’t an agility style spirit master. My Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum is so effective, maybe I still have a chance to run!

But a dense flow of flame emanated immediately killing his hope.

A loud sound reverberated. An explosive of flame stopped Chrysanthemum Douluo without showing any mercy. Ma Hong Jun was covered in burning flame with eight spirit rings on his body (yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, respectively), barricading his exit.

Ma Hong Jun withdrew his right arm that had just performed the right arm spirit bone Immolation Flame’s ability, the Phoenix Bursting Strike.

Yue Guan’s capacity was enough to defeat Ma Hong Jun’ stealth strike; unfortunately, his mind was tangled. In his mind now there was only the shadow of that guy and his tremendous Golden Trident. That was why he got stopped by Ma Hong Jun.

“Shrek Seven Devils, get out of my way!”

Seeing eight spirit rings on Ma Hong Jun’s body, Yue Guan didn’t have time to startle. The Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum in his hand flew up, the daisy in its true form once again transformed. It was getting bigger and bigger until it was bigger than ten meters, gyrating wildly to strike Ma Hong Jun. Meanwhile, Yue Guan himself plunged up and stood on that gigantic daisy, his body immersed in the gold light emitted from the daisy. His body and his spirit unified into one.

With his Title Douluo capacity, this strike he had made during his escape, was horrible. Ma Hong Jun’s spirit power just reached level eighty-one, without releasing the spirit true form, he could barely face this.

Of course, Yue Guan didn’t want to kill Ma Hong Jun, he just wanted to make a way out to escape before that guy could catch him.

What a pity he did underestimate Tang San’s cool-down speed. To other Title Douluo, after performing an eighth spirit ability, it would take them some time to recover. But to Tang San, he got six spirit bones, which were all five myriads of years, his body was extremely transcendent compared to normal people. What does it take to perform an eighth spirit ability?

Therefore, when the radiant daisy was about to strike Ma Hong Jun, Yue Guan could see clearly the corner of Ma Hong Jun mouth slightly moved up in disregard. A giant black trident appeared in front of Ma Hong Jun.


Yue Guan was dashing fiercely to make an exit, he had used all of his strength. Even though he had seen the black trident blocking his way, he couldn’t stop on time. He could do nothing but hit it directly.

The collision happened in a blink, Yue Guan felt like his organs were being smashed. His body together with his spirit, the Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum, felt like they were hit by an undefeatable steel wall.

The spirit Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum continuously emitted cracking sounds. Yue Guan’s body bounced back from the collision. He could only see flashing stars in his eyes due to the strong impact; blood constantly flowed out from his mouth and nose. He didn’t feel hurt because his body was paralyzed now.

Even if it was the Sword Douluo whose spirit power ranked level ninety- seven, or the level ninety-nine Bibi Dong, once confronted the Seagod Trident, they couldn’t beat it. Talking about ability, there would be no one on this Continent could knock the trident off Tang San’s hands.

The massive weight of 108,000 jin was so terrifying. If one wanted to face the Seagod Trident, the only way to do that was to not collide with it.

Yue Guan was a Title Douluo, the force of his move, of course, was super furious, but how much it had affected Tang San? The striking back force was all the weight of the Seagod Trident associated with the momentum that Chrysanthemum Douluo had made, that stopped him. This force struck him back, broke both of his Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum and his liver.

“You…” Yue Guan backed off constantly, looked at Tang San and Xiao Wu standing next to him:

“It’s you, Tang San?”

Tang San said stolidly:
“We meet again, Chrysanthemum Doulou elder.”

Yue Guan’s face changed rapidly.

“Tang San, spare my life. You should know, all we have done were under the Supreme Pontiff’s directions. If you forgive me, I will join Heaven Dou Empire! I can help you to fight against the Spirit Empire. No matter what, I’m a Title Douluo!”

Tang San didn’t look at Yue Guan. His eyes batted with grief, didn’t know if it was because of the coward Yue Guan or because he was thinking of something.

“Yue Guan, when we were in Star Dou Forest, did you show us mercy? Did you know how much pain you have given me and Xiao Wu? Did you let the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family go? Did you spare my parents’ lives? How about the numerous spirit masters died in Spirit Hall’s hands? Spirit Hall has created much karma. Wake up now. It’s true you are a Title Douluo, die in honor!”

Yue Guan’s facial expression changed again, this time, it became as cold as ice. From what Tang San said, he got it clearly that this young man would not let him go. He never thought that a Title Douluo like himself had to end his life like this.

Yue Guan showed a miserable smile:

“Right, you are right, I’m a Title Douluo, why should I be so coward? What I receive today comes from what I have done. If I didn’t want that luxury glory that Spirit Hall had brought me, I wouldn’t be at this end. If I had another chance to choose again, in the afterlife, I would be a free spirit master. Until now I understand, a free life is much better than wealth, ranks or power. Perhaps, death will be a new start for me. Tang San, before you do it, tell me, why can you perform such powerful strike when you don’t even have a spirit ring?”

Tang San said stolidly:

“I have an ability that can hide all spirit rings. You have said good things before you cease to be. I will let you die in peace.”

While speaking that, the Seagod Trident in Tang San’s hand slowly pointed forward. The spirit rings appeared one by one on his body.

Black, black, black, black, red, black, red, red, red. Nine spirit rings. Each time one of them appeared, the atmosphere became one degree denser.

When all nine spirit rings appeared on Tang San’s body, not only Yue Guan was stunned, but also Ma Hong Jun who was standing next to him.

“Got defeated by you, I have no resentment. But I’m not waiting to die. If you want my life, come take it!”

Yue Guan shouted, his body glowed again. The Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum, which was crashed, now consolidated again and completed its true form in just a blink. At this moment, he let all things go, all of his fear and the desire to live, burning them all together with his striking spirit and his spirit power.

“Fatty, you and Xiao Wu step back.”

Tang San said faintly, the Seagod Trident in his hands pointed to Yue Guan’s chest.

The deep blue light started to rise from Tang San’s feet upwards, covered all his body just in a second. Blue Silver Avatar activated. Right at that moment, the last red spirit ring that he had, glowed for the first time.

At the moment, Yue Guan looked very furious. The Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum true form had vibrated wildly since he poured his fierce spirit power into it without considering the consequences. On his body, a spirit ring lit up, it was also the ninth spirit ability, at the last position.

The Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum suddenly plunged up, but Yue Guan didn’t use it to protect himself. He stared at Tang San shouting

separated words. His voice was full of strange magical power. After each word uttered, the Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum in the middle of the air got bigger, the gold light on it became more lucidly crystal clear.

“The chrysanthemum flower is ruined. Hurt all over the ground. Your smile has already turned yellow.”

When the last word was spoken, a gigantic Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum in the air creakingly crashed itself. Each gold petal shredded down just like the new moon, torrentially flying in the air. In a sudden, all petals swirly emanated up and formed a gold gigantic tornado, from up high struck down directly to Tang San.

At the same time, Tang San was in the Blue Silver true form. The blue halo on his body turned into deep blue, a loud dragon roar resounded from his body, his spirit power emerged wildly. The blood-like red ninth spirit ring immersed to his true form, generated an impressive blue light. All of a sudden, a giant Blue Dragon soared out from Tang San’s body.

Indeed, the Sky Blue Bull Python Ta Ming’s life wish, which it hadn’t been fulfilled before it sacrificed itself for Tang San and became his ninth spirit ring, now completed. This Blue Dragon form was the evolved form of Ta Minh after his sacrifice. This was also one of the two ten myriads of years spirit abilities of Tang San’s spirit Blue Silver Emperor, the Blue Silver Azure Sky Soul.

There wasn’t any complicated move. That gigantic Blue Dragon collided with the gold tornado formed by innumerable gold chrysanthemum petals. Numerous collision sounds reverberated in the middle of the air. Two powerful ninth spirit abilities hit each other, plunging up high in the sky. Two lights of gold and blue twisted, collided constantly that even dimmed the sunlight.

Spirit abilities hitting just like two spirit masters hit each other directly. Seemed right at the moment two spirit abilities had impacted, Yue Guan turned pale. Tang San didn’t even use his Seagod Trident to strike back. He only used his ninth spirit ability. Just in a blink, Yue Guan understood that even if they had used spirit abilitiess to fight against each other, he was far behind this young man.

His Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum turned into a tornado but it couldn’t harm that Blue Dragon. Each petal that touched the Blue Dragon vanished instantaneously. Those continuous collisions only dressed the Blue Dragon a cover of light flowers.

At that moment, another explosion resounded. Yue Guan only felt trembled, after a second, he lost the control of his body, flying up high. Under his feet, another Blue Dragon was soaring up, using its enormous body to wrap around him. He couldn’t breathe under such fierce pressure. He almost drained all his spirit power, plus he got hurt, now he had no strength to protest.

Tang San stood still, his face didn’t change, he said stolidly:

“Although they are the same ninth spirit abilitiess. But 100,000 years spirit ability is much different from the 10,000 years spirit ability. It is the amount of spirit power consumed. You can only release one ninth spirit ability, I can do two.”

A low crack resounded, that gigantic Blue Dragon had broken the embrace of Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum, totally broke Yue Guan’s last hope. It lowered down to the second Blue Dragon.

Tang San didn’t look at Yue Guan again, turned around and plunged. He used the Blue Silver Emperor light to hold around Xiao Wu’s waist and pulled his lover to his side.

“Let’s go.”

He didn’t need to look back. This battle ended. The second giant Blue Dragon wrapping Yue Guan was his second ability of the ninth spirit ring, the Blue Silver Dragon Coil, also was the strongest control skill amongst his spirit abilities. It wasn’t like the Unfixed Storm that could attack and defend, also wasn’t like the Sky Blue Slowing God Claw that could stun people for ten seconds. But it didn’t have the limit of succeeded strikes

like the Unfixed Storm as well as it didn’t require using the claw as the Sky Blue Slowing God Claw.

Taken by the Blue Silver Dragon Coil, if one wanted to get out of the embrace, he must be stronger than Tang San, it was the necessary requirement; next, he had to possess a formidable ability to break the tie. Yue Guan didn’t have any of them, he had to endure being wrapped by a Blue Dragon and passively destroyed by another ninth spirit ability, the Blue Silver Azure Sky Dragon Soul.

A wild explosion boomed behind them, he didn’t need to see to know that Yue Guan remained nothing in this world, neither did his spirit bones. He didn’t want to witness Yue Guan’s death; anyway, he had some good feelings for this Title Douluo.

“Farewell.” Tang San thought. Wars were cruel. He understood this well. If you don’t kill your enemies, your enemies will soon kill you. Showing mercy on the battlefield is to be cruel to yourself.

“San-ge, your capacity now is so tremendous.”
Ma Hong Jun, flying aside Tang San, couldn’t help saying.

In the last battle, Tang San had put in all his effort. To be exact, he used one eighth spirit ability and two ninth spirit abilitiess to erase a Title

Douluo and almost fifty spirit masters. This process took only fifteen minutes neatly. Moreover, Ma Hong Jun could feel that Tang San had performed three abilities constantly, but he didn’t feel that his spirit power wasn’t adequate. He controlled all, didn’t leave any chance to his enemies. He understood that his San-ge had become a terrifying Control Style Title Douluo.

Tang San looked at Ma Hong Jun, his eyes glared, sighed quietly:

“If I had a choice, I would rather not kill anyone. But now our enemies are still there, we can’t have any mercy. I will use all of my ability on the battlefield.”

When they returned to the base of the Devils, Dai Mu Bai’s group of four had gone, left only some Agility Hall’s disciples there waiting for them.

“Something happened?” Tang San landed, then asked them immediately.

“Leader, we have found three troops of unidentified spirit masters came into our inspection area. Each troop has fifty spirit masters. They are striking the logistics force from different directions. They act very fast. Mr. Dai and other people have left to face one. We are surveilling the other two. We have reported to the guard force of Heaven Dou Empire.”

Tang San nodded:

“The Spirit Empire plays all what they have this time. I just don’t know if there’s a Title Douluo leading those troops. Go, let’s go to the nearest spirit master troop.”

Xiao Wu said: “Will Dai-dage* and the other people be okay?”

(* Big brother)

Tang San smiled:

“You shouldn’t underestimate Dai-dage and his people. Four of them are together now. Xiao Ao and Rongrong are assisting them, maybe they are better than us. Seems like we can’t gather now. The Spirit Empire has sent troops to destroy our food and munitions. I think there will be many of them. I forgot to take their weapons, they were all destroyed by the Blue Silver Orca Mirror’s Assimilation. This time we will rob them, to see what good weapons they bring along. Also, we can take their magic soul storages. It could help our logistics force to transport food. Each magic soul storage can store up to 1 ton of food!” ————————————-

Jia Ling Checking Point.
The Empress of Spirit Empire – Bibi Dong, stood bravely on the top of the

vulnerable checking point that was over one hundred meters high. Her face calmed, one didn’t know what she was thinking or how she felt now.
A beautiful noble long yellow gown embellished her splendid habitude. Being the first king ever of the Spirit Empire, she was now facing the most crucial battle of her life.

Standing beside her was eight Elders, four on each side. They all looked serious and mature. Tang San had met two of them, they were the Porcupine Fish Douluo and the Snake Lance Douluo. The habitude that those people were exposing now other generals and soldiers standing behind them couldn’t have. With their participation and Bibi Dong herself, even now if they were to face a hundred myriads of strong soldiers based fifty miles away, on the flatlands over there, their spirit wouldn’t be weaker than them.

“Your Majesty, the great force of Heaven Dou Empire has camped there for two days. They basically finished their formation. They will act soon.”

A vigor old man in his sixties reported to Bibi Dong with his respect. Bibi Dong nodded: “How about our force?”

“Our soldiers are full of spirit and energy, the spirit masters forces are well-prepared too. We can strike them in any minute.”

Bibi Dong said aloofly:

“Is there any news from the spirit masters that have been sent to strike the logistics force? They have been gone for two days.”

“Not yet.”

“Continue to wait for them, if they send any message, report to me immediately.”



Right at that moment, a messenger rushed in. From his move, it could be seen that he was a strong spirit master.

“What makes you panic? What happened?”

Bibi Dong glanced at the messenger. This was the special reconnaissance of the Spirit Hall, managed by her directly. The forces that the Spirit Hall had brought could be considered as the foundation of the Spirit Empire. Those forces apparently were all under Bibi Dong’s command.

“Your Majesty, there’s news from the spirit masters that struck up the logistics forces.”

“What?” There was light flaring in Bibi Dong’s eyes: “How?”

“Your… Your Majesty…” The messenger hesitated, then rose his head to look at Bibi Dong. He didn’t dare to open his mouth.

“SPEAK–” The maestro in Bibi Dong’s eyes flared, her loud shout made the messenger almost collapsed.

“Yes…yes… ten troops were sent, there are less than thirty people came back. According to them, the rest of them were…”

“Were what?” Bibi Dong felt trembled inside, her right hand waved, an invisible spirit power lifted the messenger up.

“All sacrificed for the empire……”

“What?” Bibi Dong’s face changed quickly, fiercely pulled the messenger in front of her: “Tell me the details.”

“Ten troops were sent to strike them, there are only four troops’ members came back, all of them are severe injured, they said that they encountered supreme spirit masters from the Heaven Dou Empire. Maybe they are Title Douluo. The other six troops had no one came back, we’re afraid they are all killed.”

“Did they destroy the logistics supplying trail of the Heaven Dou Empire?”

“No, they didn’t even see the food or forage. They were stopped before. The opponents are super strong. There are only four people. One of them is the female spirit master of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School. But she got eight spirit rings. With her assistance, the other three people, each of them also has eight spirit rings, can reach the Title Douluo. Our troops couldn’t stop them.”

Bibi Dong’s breath changed visually, she let off the messenger. Lights sparkled in her eyes. Behind her, an old Title Douluo said in his low voice: “Your Majesty, since when the Heaven Dou Empire has many supreme spirit masters? The troops we had sent were all spirit master at level Spirit Emperor and above. Even one troop was led by Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan Elder. Is there something behind this?”

Bibi Dong could stay calm in this situation showed her imperial spirit. If she panicked now, the fighting spirit of her generals and soldiers from other kingdoms and duchies would decline.

“Tian Feng elder, you go and ask them what happened in details. And, you should check if Yue Guan had come back or not. Especially you should get the information about those four people, what kind of spirit abilitiess they have used.”

“Yes.” Tian Feng Elder left quickly.

Bibi Dong looked forwards to the immense barracks of the Heaven Dou Empire. Her face changed continuously. Even if the Spirit Hall had many strong spirit masters, the spirit masters of those ten troops were astute among the astute of the Spirit Hall. A normal person who wanted to reach level sixty, they should be over fifty years old, if they had good attributes, at least they had to be forty years old. Spirit Sage level seventy. Spirit Douluo level eigthy. There was only one in a thousand. Even the Spirit Empire had established their empire based on spirit masters, they could bear such a big loss.

Heaven Dou Empire, they had prepared well! There was cold light blasted in Bibi Dong’s eyes. Talking about tactic and tricks, she couldn’t compare with the Heaven Dou Empire. Such a strong Empire, which had existed on this Continent for many years, together with the Star Luo, they ruled the Continent. That wasn’t something a new-founded country could compete.

“Spread my command. Retreat all reconnaissance troops. Focus on the barracks of Heaven Dou Empire. Check trace of their spirit masters. Also, deliver my order to Shui Yun Checking Point: Do not fight, spending all forces to defend. Do not engage face to face with Star Luo Empire. Wait until I defeat Heaven Dou’s Great Force, then we will discuss again.”


“Heaven Dou Empire, if my army can’t be your rival, we shall fight face to face. I really want to know what you have to prevent my force of ten thousand spirit masters!”


Meanwhile, Tang San and the Shrek Seven Devils had come back to the barracks of Heaven Dou Empire. Under the guidance of the Agility Hall’s disciples, after they had killed ten troops of stealth-striking, they didn’t find any shadows of enemies. Tang San quickly decided, assigning tasks to Agility Hall’s disciples and the guards of the logistics and supplying forces. Then they headed back to base.

“Ha ha, Xiao San, this time Bibi Dong should cry. There’re not many of her five hundred spirit masters could come back. Moreover, they are all strong spirit masters of the Spirit Empire. I think, if they want to send some troops

like that again, it will be very difficult now. Unless they don’t want to fight us directly.”

Dai Mu Bai’s mood was good, even though thirty spirit masters that had escaped were all the spirit masters that he and his team had fought. Tang San killed all he encountered. However, his mood was still excited. It had been years since he had such exciting battles. Destroying Spirit Empire’ strongest force, this time they had hit them hard.

Tang San said:

“Bibi Dong won’t send any troop to mess with our supplying now. I assumed that if she couldn’t use the trick on us, she would try face-to-face fighting once. If with this fight she can knock us down, she will definitely strike us every day, using her spirit master forces to drain our power. If she fails, she will base in Jia Ling Checking Point and find other ways.”

Dai Mu Bai said:

“This war belongs to Heaven Dou Empire. What we concern is to deal with the spirit masters from Spirit Empire. I just don’t know to what degree our Tang Sect’s secret weapons can damage the Spirit Empire’s spirit master forces.”

Tang San smiled, said:

“I also worry about this. That’s why we should hurry back. I hope nothing would happen. If not, it will be a waste of those years of preparation. The number of spirit masters of the Spirit Hall is large, but they are mainly spirit masters at low levels. This first fight we had given them a big damage. We should use this advantage and surprise them with our Tang Family’s Army Force to cause them more damages this time. I need to discuss with Emperor Xue Beng to see how they arrange, in case they fight face to face with Spirit Empire, also, in order to cooperate well with them. Learning and practicing should be together. If I had studied military manuals, I would have known something now.”

Oscar said angrily: “Xiao San, you know many things. If you know everything, then are you almighty? Should it be possible to stay with you at that time?”

Tang San felt something in his heart:

“Xiao Ao, your spirit power had reached level Spirit Douluo. There are not many Flora Style spirit masters at your level in this continent. Why can you only produce the big recovery sausage one by one? It’s just a first spirit ability. They said that Flora Style spirit masters at level Spirit Douluo could supply food for thousands of soldiers, isn’t it true? If they reach the Title

Douluo they even can give vegetables to corps of myriads of soldiers. Why you can only produce one plant by one plant like that?”

Oscar replied proudly:

“You don’t understand. The big recovery sausages I provided to you are all the special ones, high rate of recovery. Don’t you feel that since you ate it, your spirit power recovery rates are all the same? It isn’t the special effect of the big recovery sausage. It was me who poured my spirit power to produce them. If you just need an ordinary recovery sausage I can produce them massively in just a second.”

Tang San understood now, said: “That’s it. So, can you produce many Swift Fly Mushroom Sausages?”

Oscar said:

“It depends on the quantity. Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage’ service life is not long, you know. Now I’m considered to be over level eighty. My Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage can last for ten days max. The simplest Flying Mushroom Sausage, after my ability is enhanced, produced with the Golden Fly, can last for ten minutes when in used. In one day, if I try my best, I can produce one thousand and five hundred pieces. No problem!”

Sensing everyone looked at him with strange eyes, Oscar became more confident, said:

“This case is without Rongrong’s assistance. With her help, my production rate can double. No problem! What? Your brother is awesome, right?”

Tang San sighed:

“Yeah you’re awesome. That’s why teacher used to say, spirit master’s abilities, the more difficult they are, the more dangerous they will be after reaching a high level. That’s why there’s no Flora Style Title Douluo in the Continent. Xiao Ao, your Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage can help us to form a tremendous force! Anyway, we should wait until we officially engage in the war with the Spirit Empire.”

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