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Listening to Golong’s explanation, the other generals of the Heaven Dou nodded in agreement.

An old general sitting on the right, stood up and said:

“Marshall Golong is right, Jia Ling Checking Point is located in the middle of the flatlands, if we can strike it, we will promote our great force spirit. If we can’t strike it, we will still have the vast flatland behind us as the exit. Also, there are three big cities in our Empire, we can take them as our support. In case we need to withdraw, it wouldn’t be much lost.”

The Emperor Xue Beng nodded:

“If so, we should carry out as we has planned initially. But, if we can think about striking Jia Ling Checking Point, Spirit Empire can, too. Jia Ling has a craggy topography, its back leans on the mountain, the protection wall is over one hundred meters high and one hundred meters thick. If the Spirit Empire guards there, it’s very hard for us to break it.”

Marshall Golong said:

“Your Majesty, what we want is to fight with the Spirit Empire. Now, even though they are a union, but their time of establishment isn’t long enough, other duchies also have different thoughts. The war sure will cause us many losses. But the losses that they have to bear will be on the army forces of other kingdoms and duchies. They can’t avoid the unbalanced

loss between their partners. When it happens, they will have internal issues. What we want to do is to play our best to control the ratio of loss between us and our enemy.”

“We, the Heaven Dou Empire have a vast area, strong armed forces, and endless logistics and supply. Moreover, Star Luo Empire got our back. Thus, even though we had some damage, the situation would still favor us. But, we need to consider which level our new-formed spirit master forces can bear against the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters. Imperial Preceptor, can you tell us to what degree your spirit masters could defend the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters?”

The Imperial Receptor here, of course, was Grandmaster.

Grandmaster said:

“Lan Hao Wang has promised Your Majesty, he will take all the force of the Tang Family’s soldiers to support our spirit masters force to face the spirit master force from Spirit Empire. We will do our best to eliminate damage to the main Great Force.”

“Yeah? If so, Lan Hao Wang is very confident?”

Marshall Golong gazed at Tang San.

Through what this Marshall just analyzed, Tang San nodded inaudibly. He didn’t study much about military stuff, he just listened to what they were discussing. Being asked, Tang San smiled faintly:

“In the battlefield, the situation can be changed in just a blink, to what degree we could stop the spirit masters from the Spirit Empire, I don’t dare to say. But as my teacher said, we will put all effort to eliminate the damage for the main force. However, I have a problem now, perhaps Marshall has had a solution already, but I still want to remind you.”

“What problem?”

Golong’s eyes showed his disrespect. In his eyes, Tang San was just a young man, even though he used to be the Champion of the entire Continent in the competition between elite spirit master academies, which he defeated the best golden talent of the Spirit Hall. However, Tang San was just a young talented spirit master. He could sit where he sat now was because he did save Xue Ye – the Late Great Emperor. He had also played an important role in Emperor Xue Beng’s coronation. But talking about military strategy, on what basis did he have to be able to sit above him in this tent?

Tang San said:

“Military strategies, I don’t know. All should follow what Marshall has planned. However, the war with the participation of spirit masters will be dangerously different. The personal capacity of a spirit master is very forceful. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be enough to compete with your strong iron armored soldiers. But on the battlefield, they can easily perform special effects. For example, if I were Bibi Dong, Empress of the Spirit Empire, I would definitely assign a troop of spirit masters and attack our great force from the behind. Marshall is right, if we don’t count the competitive spirit, absolutely we are not afraid of the Spirit Empire. We are all united and we have the whole empire support us.

Thus, the expense for the great force of one million soldiers is huge. If we barrack in front of Jia Ling Checking Point and start the war with Spirit Empire, in case Bibi Dong would send a troop of spirit masters to our back and attack our logistics and supply force, destroy our munitions and forage supplying, just in a short time, I’m afraid that …”

What Tang San asked, was what he had thought from a spirit master’s point of views. After he finished, Marshall Golong and Emperor Xue Beng’s faces grimaced.

“I’ve sent four corps of light cavalries especially guard the logistics and supplying. Although spirit masters are strong, they don’t dare to mess with our vigor soldiers.”

Marshall Golong frowned and said. What Tang San said, he had thought about, he had already prepared for it, but he had no idea why he felt worried after listening to Tang San’s reminder.

Tang San said:

“Spirit masters’ speed and ability, ordinary soldiers can’t compare. It’s true that if the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters fight us face to face, they don’t dare to. But they will not face us directly. I believe that they only need to send a spirit master of Flame Style, our logistics will be in great damage. I’m here asking Marshall to consider this. A supreme spirit master can appear and disappear in a blink and no one would know. If Bibi Dong uses him to mess with us while staying with her force to guard the Jia Ling Checking Point without any intention to join the war, they only need to wait until we have no food, nor forage, and then they will use all of their force to strike us at once. At that time, withdrawing is very difficult for us.”

Golong was a spirit master himself, his cultivation base was also high.
Even though he disregarded Tang San, listened to his words, he had to think carefully. The more he thought, the more grimace his face was. Indeed, if Bibi Dong actually sent a large number of spirit masters to mess their back, the super strong force of a hundred myriads of soldiers from the Heaven Dou Empire would be in big trouble. In case the supplying of food and forage was cut off, without food, they would be done within several days, no need any fight.

“Lan Hao Wang, if I arrange a strong troop, base them in different crucial locations of the food supplying trail, and order hem to guard it. Do you think it’s possible?”

Marshall Golong asked Tang San. He took back some of his bad attitudes towards Tang San after hearing his true advises.

Tang San complimented:

“It is a good option. But still, what if we encounter a supreme spirit master? It’s still very difficult. How about let me help you with this. When our back is stable, with excellent logistics and a constant supplying, we can facilitate our fight with the Spirit Empire and use full strength to defeat them.”

“Teacher, what do you mean?” Emperor Xue Beng looked at Tang San in doubt.

Tang San said:

“The disciples from the Tang Sect’s Agility Hall are the best reconnaissance. I want to take one hundred of them, to scout the situation from above. And I will lead a patrol of supreme spirit masters who have fast reaction. Whenever we spot a Spirit Empire’s spirit master, we will kill

them immediately to ensure safe logistics. We will cooperate with the guarding troops of Marshall Golong, then, we can ensure the stability of our supplying.”

Grandmaster nodded constantly listening to Tang San:

“Good ideas. Logistics for a hundred myriads of soldiers are extremely important. We couldn’t bear a small mistake. With Lan Hao Wang’s support, Marshall Golong, once we form a trail of supplying, we won’t have to worry about engaging the war, no matter how long it will last.”

Golong said:

“So, please help, Lan Hao Wang. I will promptly control the logistics force to build the barracks and resupply stations. Wait until we complete this route, Spirit Empire will have no chance to sneak on us.”

Next, they discussed various issues about strategies and techniques. Emperor Xue Beng considered the logistics that Tang San had brought up were crucially important. He assigned six army corps, together with the available light cavalries corps, a total of ten myriads of soldiers to base along the trail of supplying to ensure a smooth operation.

Tang San returned to his tent, then continued to discuss with his people. They determined who would join the protection campaign. It was simple, there were only the Shrek Seven Devils themselves together with one hundred disciples of the Agility Hall.

Only the Shrek Seven Devils could work together in the fastest way. Their capacities were adequate to encounter any spirit masters of the Spirit Empire. They could even be divided into two groups in action. One hundred disciples of the Agility Hall were like their one hundred pairs of eyes, they could get the information immediately.

Tang San proposed this mission and undertook it himself. Besides his confidence, he didn’t want to travel with the great force. Among the Devils, there was only Dai Mu Bai who had some knowledge regarding military aspect. If they went with the force, their speed could be slowed down and they had nothing to do though. It’d be better if they could contribute to the march by protecting the munitions and food supplying. It could give them a certain degree of freedom. They are used to be free by the way.

Early next morning, the Shrek Seven Devils left the barrack. They didn’t bring any horses with them and walked directly to the back of the great force of soldiers.

Ma Hong Jun watched the great force moving further and further, sighed and said to Tang San:

“San-ge understands us well! I can’t stand staying with those military guys. Too boring. Every day we have to run, no time for cultivating. Nothing to do here. I don’t know what to do, I’m bored to death. Xiang Xiang has more freedom than I do. She hovers every day to observe. At the Sea God

Island, I got used to the rush, cultivating and practice fighting, etc. Now we are back to Heaven Dou, we’re free every day, I can’t get used to it!”

Apparently, not only Ma Hong Jun got this feeling, after he spoke, other people nodded in agreement.

Xiao Wu smiled, couldn’t help slipping out: “It seems we are used to living in difficulties!”

Looking at Xiao Wu’s dimples, Tang San was so happy, he smiled cheerfully, looked at that chubby guy, and said evilly:

“I don’t mind giving you the Tang Sect’s Nine Challenges, if you can pass them all, I will appoint you as the Leader, also you can be Lan Hao Wang. So, what do you say, Fatty?”

Ma Hong Jun said angrily: “San-ge, don’t seduce me. Power means nothing to me. I will absolutely not take it. Obviously, you don’t want to bear responsibility and you are thinking about giving it to me instead.”

Oscar said:

“Xiao San, how about the Eighth Challenge from the Sea God? Did you finish it? Among us, there’re only you and Xiao Wu who haven’t completed the Challenge. Anyway, we want to go back there together, when will you want to go?”

Tang San said:

“The Sea God’s Eighth Challenge, I have completed half. I still lack some spirit rings and one last spirit bone. I need to go to Star Dou Forest to find them. But the war is about to begin. Nothing is stable now, we can’t leave. They still need our help, we should wait a while before we discuss this again.”

Dai Mu Bai said: “Xiao San, you could bring Xiao Wu back from the death. So your spirit power should be at Title Douluo now. Yesterday there were many people there so I know you didn’t say it clear. What actually happened?”

Tang San sighed, embraced Xiao Wu in his arms. Her face paled in a second.

“They were Dai Minh and Er Minh, you remember them? Those two Great Spirit Beasts were Xiao Wu’s friends. When Xiao Wu and I just arrived Star Dou Forest, we saw Bibi Dong and her men chasing them. They got hurt badly they couldn’t recover. At the last moment, they decided to sacrifice themselves and pushed my spirit power to over level ninety. Their last wish was to bring Xiao Wu back.”

To the Shrek Seven Devils, he didn’t want to hide anything. He told them what happened to him and Xiao Wu in Star Dou Forest, especially about two great spirits Bibi Dong had and her supreme power.

“If I wasn’t wrong, it seems that something is wrong with Bibi Dong. Could be something on her body. That was why she didn’t fight me with all her strength. If not, even I couldn’t run away, it wasn’t that easy for me.”

Ning Rongrong said:

“San-ge, if you say so, the Spirit Empire has strong capacity not because of that great spirit master Qian Dao Liu, but the great douluo that has the twin spirits, Bibi Dong? What will happen if she joins the war? Her toxic domain is a fatal strike to our Heaven Dou Empire’s Great Force.”

Tang San said:

“Even though I couldn’t defeat Bibi Dong now. But if she joins the war, I’m confident that I can overpower her to stop her from joining the battle. In fact, whenever the war starts, you will have to face the opponents at Title Douluo. Battlefield won’t be like the challenges we took on the Sea God Island. It will be a slaughter. At that time you all should be unified in action. Grandmaster was right, everything you do, you should consider your life first. Alright, I killed the Demon Douluo and some spirit beasts, I took three spirit bones. There was one of them that is compatible to Xiao Wu, she got it. I still have two here. You should take them to improve your capacity.”

While saying, Tang San hauled two spirit bones from the Twenty-four Moonlight Bridges.

When the spirit bones were taken out, soul energy started to wave in the air. Just in a moment, within hundreds of meters around, there were waves rippling generated by the super strong spirit power. With the Shrek Seven Devils’ strength now, Tang San wasn’t afraid of getting robbed. He didn’t hide anything.

Two spirit bones laid in his hands, including one black spirit bone of the right leg and one white spirit bone of the left leg.

Tang San gave the right leg’s black spirit bone to Zhu Zhu Qing, said:

“This is the spirit bone I got after I killed the Ghost Douluo. This is very suitable for Agility Style spirit masters. How it works, you should try yourself. The Ghost Douluo Gui Mei’s ability is similar to your Netherworld Civet ability, it’s most suitable for you.”

Then Tang San gave the white spirit bone to Dai Mu Bai:

“Big brother, this is the spirit bone I got when I killed a Evil Eyes White Tiger King which is six or seven thousand years old. This one was the king of a vast area in the Sunset Forest, same with your spirit. It should be compatible with you. You guy should absorb them now.”

The Shrek Seven Devils now didn’t need to be too humble. Zhu Zhu Qing and Dai Mui Bai didn’t say anything else, they sat down and started to absorb the spirit bones.

According to Tang San’s calculation, spirit bones at these levels brought big benefit to them. Besides getting new ability, they could enhance their fortune and their spirit power could break through a new level. Might be one level more.

Indeed, after four hours, when Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing finished their absorption process, their spirit power reached level eighty-four and eighty- two respectively.

They didn’t move any further, sat down and waited for Agility Hall’s disciples to report. Their current location was also where the logistics force had to cross. Moreover, it was right behind the cross line between the front line and Heaven Dou Empire. If the Spirit Empire wanted to send someone to mess up the logistics, they wouldn’t enter too deep inside Heaven Dou Empire. However, they needed to cross some cities. That was why they sat there waiting.

Three days went fast. One hundred disciples of the Agility Hall wove a big net in midair, however, no doubt their observing ability was pretty good, they spent three days in peace. Nothing strange happened.

“San-ge, is it a chance your prediction went wrong? The Spirit Empire is so confident they don’t want to attack our logistics?”

Ning Rong Rong leaned on a tree, talked to Tang San, who just finished his cultivation time,

Tang San smiled, looked at Xiao Wu who was still cultivating next to him, and said:

“If you were Bibi Dong, and there was such a good chance to beat your enemy without giving effort, and that chance was stretching all over thousand miles, would you let it go? Jia Ling Checking Point isn’t easy to

attack. Even you have hundreds of myriads of soldiers you can’t break it in just such short time. If you have experience with the military strategy you will think about messing their logistics first. Bibi Dong isn’t an idiot. Moreover, the Spirit Empire’s advantage is having many supreme spirit masters, do you really think that she will let this good chance go?

“The generals of Heaven Dou Empire could figure out that Spirit Empire couldn’t endure long time waiting, because it’s easy to cause an internal crisis. Bibi Dong, on the other side, would understand it well.

“Overestimated your enemy is better than underestimated them, anyway. I assumed that Bibi Dong will not only have the thought of destroying our logistics and supplying, she will also send true supreme spirit masters here. She stays still now means she is mobilizing her force in a big scale. She’s waiting for us to reach the front line. At that time if we want to back off, it will be very difficult.

“In the next two days, we will reach the front line. Once we set up our barracks, I’m afraid that it is when Bibi Dong orders her men to take action. It’s not like us, we have prepared. Now she is rushing to manage her soldier force, in a short time, she can’t attack us face to face. But if she uses some tricks to strike us from behind, it’s normal. Don’t you forget how Spirit Hall struck your Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School, and the

Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family? Sneaking and striking from your back, they use it well.”

Dai Mu Bai was sitting not far from them, holding Zhu Zhu Qing in his arms, he looked up to the sky and said:

“Xiao San, it’s a waste you didn’t learn military tactics!” Tang San said:

“Ge, this is not a tactic. I can say, I understand the Spirit Empire well. The Spirit Hall has established the Empire, they have been the Spirit Hall for many years though. Talking about the military tactics, if they want to take advantage of something, if it’s possible to use some tricks, they will not encounter their opponents directly. The Spirit Empire’ soldiers can’t bear big damage.”

Oscar said:

“I assume that this time the Spirit Hall wouldn’t send many men. Because using spirit masters at low levels would harm their sneaking tactics. They can’t constantly attack our logistics. So, if they have to send someone to destroy our food and forage, they will definitely send hotshots. And their ordinary spirit masters will stay in Jia Ling Checking Point to fight with our

soldiers. It’s okay if they won’t come, if they actually come, we should give them a big pre-emption.”

While they were talking, a white figure suddenly landed from the sky, falling silently. That person was no stranger to them. She was the leader of the reconnaissance patrols, an Agility Hall’s disciple, Bai Cheng Xiang.

Bai Chen Xiang had been with the Shrek Seven Devils for a while, messing around. After getting back, her ability and experience enhanced rapidly. Bai He, without his awareness, let his granddaughter be his heiress in the future. This time they joined the army because her relationship with the Devils was really good, she had been assigned to be in charge of the reconnaissance patrols.

“San-ge, something happens.” When Bai Cheng Xiang landed stably on the ground, she headed to Tang San and said.

“What? Please do tell quickly.” Tang San’s eyes lit.

Bai Cheng Xian said:

“Our Agility Hall’s disciples found out there is at least ten Agility Style flying spirit masters appear in the air, they are searching around here. They must be reconnaissance sent by the Spirit Empire. Should we stop them?”

Tang San mused, said: “Did they detect you guys?”

Bai Cheng Xiang reported:

“Could be, there are spirit masters who have Hawk as their spirits, they have sharp eye sights. Even though they couldn’t catch us, there’s nothing to hide or cover in the middle of the air. It isn’t difficult to spot us. However, they could only see some disciples of our Hall.”

Tang San’s eyes slightly rolled:

“Tell the Agility Hall’s disciples to expand the observing area. As long as you don’t see any spirit masters on the ground, just ignore the flying spirit masters. You have to do your best to keep yourself hidden, do not let them spot you out. Do not fight with them. If we don’t let Bibi Dong see what we have here, she will not send strong spirit masters. We have ten myriads of guards here, it’s not easy for them to touch us.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Bai Cheng Xiang responded clearly. She turned back and was about to leave. Ma Hong Jun stopped her.

“Xiang Xiang, I’m going with you. You see, they are all couples here. Are you that heartless to leave me alone here?”

Bai Cheng Xiang said angrily:

“Your flame is so exposing, it’s easy to see you in the air. You are the Grandmaster of the Martial Hall, we are engaging in the war now, we shouldn’t talk about that girly stuff. If you still bother me, I will report to San-ge.”

Ma Hong Jun let off her in begrudge. They were deeply in love now. Seeing his girlfriend bold spirit in that elegant figure, he couldn’t help it.

Bai Cheng Xiang couldn’t help but smile, she suddenly came near and kissed him.

“You idiot, do your cultivation well, if anything happens I will get down to report.” Then she plunged to the sky again and disappeared into the crystal clear sky just in a blink.

Ma Hong Jun caressed his cheek where she just kissed him, he felt warm inside. The more he knew her, the deeper his love was.

“Hey, Fatty, you look dumb now.”

Ma Hong Jun was shocked: “Me? Did I smile?”

Looking at his stupid expression, everyone couldn’t help but laugh. Dai Mu Bai pretended to be emotional, said: “This is what we called crazy love!” ——————————–

Another three days passed quickly. With their marching speed at the beginning, the Great Force of Heaven Dou Empire should reach the Jia Ling Checking Point by now and finished setting their base. Tang San ordered the Agility Hall’s disciples to expand their observing scale, also notified the guard force that they could be hit from behind in any minute. Another two days had gone. Just when Tang San thought that he might be wrong, the Agility Hall’s disciples finally gave him good news.

“There are unidentified spirit masters on the West wing. Fifty persons are moving very fast to the back of our supplying chain. Please issue the order.”

An Agility Hall’s disciple reported. The Shrek Seven Devils got shaken eagerly. Tang San thought, then said:

“Fatty, you go with me and Xiao Wu. Big brother, you guys stay here and wait for new information. If the Spirit Empire starts to act, they won’t send only one patrol. If there are new findings, you shall take action. After we kill the spirit masters of the Spirit Empire, we will gather here. Agility Hall’s disciple, please show the way.”

“Yes.” The Agility Hall’s disciple plunged up; Tang San held Xiao Wu and followed him. Ma Hong Jun activated his Phoenix’s wings flying up with them. All moved towards the West Wing.

Flying into the air, Tang San immediately saw their supplying trail. The line was endlessly long because they had to supplement for daily consumption of a hundred myriads of soldiers. Thus, the logistics and supplying should be torrentially continued. Also, he could see the stone fortresses were being built. There was one stone fortress for each for miles. Soldiers could base there and also they were equipped with huge arbalests for protection. Those weapons were so strong even the spirit masters should be afraid of them.

Once those stone fortresses were finished, this supplying trail would be fully protected. Then, they only needed to send one excellent reconnaissance patrol to observe from above. Whenever they spotted enemies, the logistics force could take shelters in those stone fortresses. Unless they had a force strong enough to break those stone fortresses, all

their effort would only be wasted. Moreover, even if they could break one stone fortress, how many else could they break? Ten? One hundred? So, if there is damage, it will be trivial.

What Tang San and the Shrek Seven Devils needed to do was to protect the logistics force before they finished those stone fortresses.

The landscape under their foot constantly flashed through. Just in a while, three of them had flown fifty miles away. The Agility Hall’s disciple stopped, spread his wings and headed to Tang San.

“Leader, they came from this direction, based on their speed, it is estimated that they are twenty miles away from here. We cannot fly furthermore; otherwise, they will see us. As observed, the number of them is only fifty, but their capacities are all over level sixty. Because we couldn’t get closer, we couldn’t know exactly what their levels are. Please be careful.”

The Agility First Clan’s members were truly the best scouts; their reports were brief and effective, based on their analyzing experience, it helped save Tang San from troubles.

“Okay, you can go and continue scouting. Fatty, we shall land.”

Three of them descended inaudibly. Ma Hong Jun retrieved his Phoenix’s wings then walked along with Tang San.

Tang San simply observed the surroundings, said:

“On our left, there’s a jungle, on our right, there are mountains. If they take action now, we don’t know how many spirit masters they have sent. We should save time as much as possible to catch and kill them. Fatty, you shouldn’t leave me more than twenty meters.”

While saying that, Tang San put his hand on the Sea God’s Mark on his forehead. A light blue halo expanded inaudibly, and covered all 3 of them. Their shadows on the ground disappeared immediately. What could be more suitable than using the Vast Sea Protective Barrier while waiting for an ambush?

Right after releasing the Vast Sea Protective Barrier, Tang San also released his mental power towards the direction that Agility Hall’s disciple had shown them. He wasn’t afraid of anything when bringing his mental power in searching. This based on the Vast Sea Stage of mental strength. Among this patrol of the Spirit Empire, there was no supreme spirit master

as strong as Bibi Dong and Qian Dao Liu. They would find it hard to recognize them.

Tang San found them very quick, he made Xiao Wu and Ma Hong Jun wait in silence.

Fifty spirit masters in dark disguise were moving inaudibly on the tough land without leaving any trail.

Although they were over fifty people, their movements caused no extra sound. While they were moving forwards, no one said a word.

A young handsome guy was leading them. He wore a worrying expression on his face. He was one of the Elders of the Spirit Empire, Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan.

These days Yue Guan’s mood was very terrible. Since the Ghost Douluo died, his position at Spirit Empire was decreasing. The Elders who used to be nice to him had started to treat him coldly. Spirit Hall was a practical place; if you were strong enough, other people would respect you. Talking about his capacity, Yue Guan wasn’t a strong spirit master among others. He was even weaker than the Ghost Douluo.

The reason why other people had respected him and his name were honored over others, was the Spirit Fusion between him and ghost Douluo. Now Ghost Douluo had died, he was left alone. His Title Douluo wasn’t changed, but his position had been declining. Especially when he was in the Star Dou Forest, he failed Bibi Dong. That was why this time he had to be here with the other Spirit Douluo spirit masters to strike the logistics supplying of Heaven Dou Empire.

Of course, because of his Title Douluo, the spirit masters he brought with him were all at level Spirit Emperor. The other troops were spirit masters level Spirit Sage lead by Spirit Douluo.

Spirit Emperor had many spirit masters, one could say, they were f*cking rich. Bibi Dong considered this action was crucial. She had sent five hundred strong spirit masters, divided into ten patrols, silently crossing over the great force of Heaven Dou Empire to reach their back. Tang San’s prediction was right. Bibi Dong not only wanted to mess the logistics of Heaven Dou Empire, she also wanted to put all effort to stop the supplying chain.

While going forwards, Yue Guan couldn’t sweep the shadow of that person off his mind, even it had been a long time, he could never forget the footage of the Ghost Douluo being stabbed through his heart by the Seagod Trident.

Her Majesty said that that person was Tang San. But Yue Guan couldn’t believe it. How old is Tang San? He is twenty-some, but how could he kill the Ghost Douluo in just a blink like that? Where is he now? If he were the Heaven Dou Empire’s man, this time he would go with the force to engage this battle. Ghost, my friend, I don’t know if I had a chance to take revenge for you.

“Pay attention! Speed up! Our target is just sixty miles ahead. When we engage in the battle, we aim to destroy the force. Check the oil you bring in the next ten miles. Remember, on my order. Do not dash.”

Yue Guan commanded coldly.

“Yes.” Forty-nine voices answered him in unison. It showed how astute the spirit masters of the Spirit Empire were.

Right now they were entering a jungle. From the map, Yue Guan knew that crossing this jungle, a vast land, and another hill, they would reach the supplying line of Heaven Dou Empire.

Suddenly, Yue Guan’s heart sank. He didn’t have a chance to sense anything, just in a blink, everything around him turned into a blue world. From a dense jungle, he was brought to a lone world. Except the blue shadows of tree dangling outside, he couldn’t see any of his men.

“The ENEMY ATTACKS!” Yue Guan screamed crazily.

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