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King of Heaven Dou Empire, Emperor Xue Beng appeared, catching people’s attention.

As all the spirit masters bowed to greet Emperor Xue Beng, he took off his golden helmet and bowed to Tang San, called him “Teacher”.

In front of such a great army force, Emperor Xue Beng was a king, but still, he bowed to Tang San. It struck other people making them astounded. Among the spirit masters who were standing here, whether they had known Tang San before, they had to look at him under a different aspect.

As Emperor Xue Beng greeting him, Tang San also bowed, of course he didn’t bow to the emperor, but to the person standing next to him, just like what the emperor did, he greeted “Teacher”.

This looked weird. Only ones who knew Tang San’s status could understand what was happening.

“Your Majesty, shouldn’t be too formal”, after Tang San had greeted his teacher, he leaned forwards to receive Emperor Xue Beng greetings and lifted him up.

From the Emperor’s eyes, Tang San saw the fluttering shade.

“Once a teacher, father a lifetime. This is what I should do.”

Emperor Xue Beng held Tang San’s hands tight, and said with respect.

Tang San smiled, said:

“Your Majesty, you are the Emperor of a nation, a General of hundred myriads of soldiers. You don’t need to do that.”

Emperor Xue Beng laughed:

“Teacher, I couldn’t believe that you came on time. This time, God has favored us Heaven Dou.”

Tang San said:

“I didn’t know how to lead a force, but this time I come here, I will do my best to support you, Your Majesty.”

Emperor Xue Beng looked at Tang San and nodded. He turned to look at other people around, suddenly rose his voice:

“Heaven Dou Empire, under my command!”

“Long live His Majesty.”

In a sudden, the unified reply was like a massive wave slamming into the shore. Whether they were soldiers, officers, or spirit masters, all bent on their one knees. There were some exceptions, of course, it was Tang San and his Teacher, the ordained ones. They didn’t need to bend on their knees.

The maestro in Emperor Xue Beng’s eyes flared out, his royal habitude exposed:

“Today, my teacher, the Tang Sect’s Leader, Lan Hao Wang, Tang San has returned. From now on, my teacher’s orders are my orders. His arrival is my arrival.”

“Long live the King, Viva Lan Hao Wang!”

Hearing the yell from hundred myriads of vigor soldiers, even Tang San, who was a clear-minded and calm person, couldn’t help but feel his blood boiling. A formidable voice resounded in the air:


This scream was filled with extremely powerful spirit power. Tang San held high his Seagod Trident, pouring Sea God’s Light on the Spear. A calm gold light plunged out. Even though it was daylight, every single soldier could see the divine gold column of light.


The yell echoed from every corner in the great force, spreading over ten miles without ceasing. The spirit of the great force was rising to a peak that it had never been before.

Emperor Xue Beng startled and looked at the Trident in Tang San’s hands. This weapon made him sigh in admiration. He showed his respect to Tang San, not only because of his appreciation to Tang San, but also because of Tang Sect’s importance to Heaven Dou Empire. He knew Tang San was a genius, the greatest fighter among the youth; in his mind, Tang San wasn’t a true supreme spirit master though.

Thus, Tang San’s shout could draw responses from hundred myriads of soldiers, he also had a holy-like breath on his body which made the Emperor Xue Beng astounded. Even though he had seen so many supreme spirit masters, in his recognition, he could feel Tang San’s power would be absolutely as strong as those of the supreme spirits from the older generations.

“Teacher, thank you.” Emperor Xue Beng said gratefully from the bottom of his heart.

Tang San smiled, said:

“Wait until I help you wipe out the Spirit Empire, then you can thank me.”

Tang San now wasn’t himself before. He had his supreme capacity to back himself up; it also made his voice more trustworthy.

Emperor Xue Beng smiled and said: “Teacher, would you be my Second in Command?”

Tang San shook his head and replied:

“Your Majesty, I really don’t know how to lead a corps. I think, I can only help you support the spirit master force. I will order the Tang Sect’s Army Force. If we encounter the spirit master force from the Spirit Empire, Teacher and I will do our best to stop them, we won’t let them interfere the main battlefield.”

“Xiao San…”

Teacher knitted his brows looking at Tang San. How strong the Spirit Empire’s spirit master armed-force was, even Tang San was the Emperor’s Tutor, his promise made Grandmaster felt uncertain. Once you make a promise, but you can’t keep it, it will be a big damage to the great force of soldiers. This was such damage no one could bear the responsibility.

Emperor Xue Beng’s glimpse turned from Grandmaster to Tang San, he lowered his voice:

“Teacher, this time I will lead the great army force myself, I think, it’s better to die in glory than to live in dishonor. Facing the spirit master force of the Spirit Empire, it’s great if we could defend them, if we couldn’t, we still have our great formation of soldiers to back up.”

Tang San said:

“Your Majesty, on my way here, I’ve calculated the actual capacity of Spirit Empire thoroughly. Based on the signals we’ve had before, the total spirit masters they have is around six to seven myriads. It’s ten times bigger than us. Thus, the spirit masters that can fight would be around five myriads. Because a spirit master ranked level thirty and under is useless in the battle. It isn’t easy for the Spirit Hall to provide five myriads of spirit masters ranked level thirty and over. At least they have to leave five thousand spirit masters to be the reservists. Five thousand spirit masters

should stay to protect the Spirit City – the core city among those big cities. I think the number of spirit masters that could join the battle is around four myriads.

“This time you bet all what you have, I think you had already discussed with Star Luo Empire. Its capacity isn’t less than ours. They will start from the South and we will strike from the North, attacking Spirit Empire from both sides. So, the spirit masters force of the Spirit Empire has to be divided in half. The number we have to face, just say, around two myriads. Even so, talking about the ratio, they still overwhelmed us by three to four times.”

Listening to Tang San’s analysis, Emperor Xue Beng nodded constantly in agreement.

Tang San continued:

“Right now, among our six thousand spirit masters, Grandmaster leads four thousand, and we still have two thousand three hundred spirit masters
from Tang Sect. Moreover, we have the Tang Sect’s Army Force armed
with hidden weapons. I’m sure that if we have to face two myriads of spirit masters from Spirit Empire, at least we can stop their strikes.”

Grandmaster said:

“Little San, I had calculated both sides’ capacity. You’re right. If their spirit masters are just normal practitioners, sure we can stop them. But you shouldn’t forget that strong spirit masters at Spirit Empire are many. Bibi Dong’s profound capacity is unpredictable. There’s also one Title Douluo level ninety-nine, the greatest Douluo ever exists, and probably he would join the fight. You should understand that if that supreme spirit master joins the war, he can generate massive damage.

Furthermore, the number of Title Douluo that the Spirit Empire holds now, could be over twenty persons. For us, now we only have the Poison Douluo, Sword Douluo, Bones Douluo, including me, Frand and Erlong with their spirit fusion, equal to 4 Title Douluo. We could barely fight with around ten Title Douluo. We can’t control the rest. Once there’s a supreme spirit master strikes us, it would change for the worse. Meanwhile, the Spirit Empire has been preparing for years; the number of Spirit Douluo and Spirit Sage must be ten times bigger than us. Did you think about that?”

This was a war that could take or spare lives. It had been five years since Grandmaster last met Tang San and he missed him much. He felt so happy seeing him today, but hearing what he had promised cautiously, he couldn’t help but express his thoughts frankly.

Tang San mused to his thought, a dark blue dense halo covered him, Grandmaster and Emperor Xue Beng, soundproofing them with the outside. After that, he only said one thing that erased the doubt on Grandmaster’s face. Emperor Xue Beng had awakened also.

Emperor Xue Beng was escorted by his guards, turning back to his commander tent. Grandmaster stayed, he didn’t need to follow Emperor Xue Beng at any time. Most of the time he stayed with the army force to direct the spirit masters.

When there was no one here to disturb them, Grandmaster lowered his voice:

“Little San, are you sure?”

Tang San said: “If Bibi Dong and that supreme spirit master won’t appear at the same time, I’m sure we could defend two myriads of spirit masters force of the Spirit Empire. There’s one thing I didn’t tell you yet, I returned here from the Clear Sky School. They decided to turn back to the spirit master world. Naturally, they would join the Heaven Dou Empire. Honestly, this time the Heaven Dou has decided to use all they have but they still have a hole in their defense wall. I’ve written a letter and asked the Agility

Hall’s disciples to deliver to the Clear Sky School and tell Big Uncle to leave five Title Douluo to protect Heaven Dou City, and assign another two Title Douluo with hundreds of astute disciples to come here and support us. My father would be one of those two Title Douluo. I didn’t tell Emperor Xue Beng this, just save it as our Ace. If not, I didn’t dare to promise.”

Grandmaster said calmly:

“It’s very good. What you said makes Emperor Xue Beng trust you more. He has no choice but being in the war himself. It’s just because the situation has asked him to.”

Tang San nodded and said:

“Yes, I need to enhance his credit. Being the King and the Commander, if he doesn’t believe in his victory how could we win this war? I didn’t exaggerate it though. We, the Shrek Seven Devils could be as strong as seven Title Douluo.”

This was what Tang San said to Grandmaster and Emperor Xue Beng. The Shrek Seven Devils could be as strong as seven Title Douluo.

So, Heaven Dou Empire had ten Title Douluo supreme spirit masters too.

Grandmaster sighed and said: “Little San, you must remember, keep yourself safe is more important than destroying the Spirit Empire. It’s true, Rongrong’s spirit power had reached level eighty and became a super strong Auxiliary System spirit master of the Seven Treasure

Glazed Tile Clan. I can say, she is the best Auxiliary System in the world. Having her here can help you to enter Title Douluo stage, but only her supporting six of you, she can’t last long. There’s still a gap between you guys and the true Title Douluo. You have to concentrate. The battlefield isn’t like a regular arena. If you are careless, your life is threatened. Your lives are the most important things.”

“Grandmaster, I…”

Right when Tang San was about to tell Grandmaster he had officially become a Title Douluo, he was interfered.

“Little monster, you are back. Ha ha ha ha”,

In the cheery laugh, Poison Douluo Du Gu Bo came out of nowhere, walked in front of Tang San and Grandmaster, interfering his utterance.

Du Gu Bo was still strong and sagacious, the past five years didn’t leave a mark on him. He didn’t mind Grandmaster, came forward to hug Tang San tight.

“Old monster, you are still the same! Easy easy …”

Feeling the generous sensational from Du Gu Bo, Tang San felt warm inside, he hugged him back, really tight.

Seeing Du Gu Bo, the Tang Sect’s four Hall Masters and the other Devils rushed to ask Tang San how he had been during the past five years. About the time they spent on the Sea God Island, Dai Mu Bai’s group of five had left first first but they didn’t ask for more information. They only said that it was five tough years of hard cultivation that pushed their capacity to its limit. This was because Tang San had told them, the Sea God Island was a mysterious place, it shouldn’t be disturbed or revealed more.

Being surrounded by friends, Tang San simply told them what had happened on the way to the Sea God Island. He only focused on the sea spirit masters and other terrible things he experienced. He didn’t talk much about how Xiao Wu had been resurrected, because it related to their secrets. Even he knew he could trust those people, he didn’t want to recall Xiao Wu’s sad stories. However, he didn’t hide what happened at the Clear Sky School. Meanwhile, to comfort the four elders, he told them what he had told Taino before he came here.

Titan sighed and said:
“It’s been over twenty years, even though we had many problems because

of the Clear Sky School’s concealment, but we took advantages from them also. Let the past be the past, we only need the leader to ensure that we would never merge with the Clear Sky School. Being their comrades now isn’t a bad thing.”

Tang San looked at the one who had the deepest resentment with the Clear Sky School, Yang Wudi. Yang Wudi’s gaze still lingered on the Seagod Trident in Tang San’s hands. It looked like he didn’t care about the Clear Sky School.

Bai He laughed and said:

“Leader, you don’t need to care about that Old Goat. We have been together for five years, you don’t know how happy he is. Everything has been gone, even he still bears some burdens inside, but Gorilla is right, if you won’t ask us to get back the Clear Sky School, we can forget what happened in the past. Fighting against the Spirit Hall is more important. What we should or shouldn’t focus, we understood.”

Tang San smiled and said:

“Thanks for being so understanding. It’s been five years since we last met, Titan Elder, how is our Tang Sect now? And how about the Tang Sect’s Army Force? Please give me an introduction.”

Titan hadn’t spoken yet, Yang Wudi suddenly asked: “Leader, where did you get this trident? Why am I wary of it even though I just saw it, my spirit power becomes unstable too. My Soul Breaking Spear even doesn’t want me to release it.”

“It’s normal, I think. My Seven Kill Sword is also controlled by this trident, I couldn’t breathe.”

Sword Douluo Chen Xin had gone away when Tang San visited the force. He returned now with Bones Douluo Gu Rong and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan’s Leader Ning Feng Zhi.

Ning Feng Zhi looked older, hair on his temples turned gray proven that those five years of his wasn’t easy.

“Uncle Ning.” Tang San came forwards to greet him. Even though he was the head of a Sect now, Ning Feng Zhi had supported him a lot, he could never forget.

Ning Feng Zhi smiled, greeted him back and said:

“Leader Tang, unbelievable. Well, young people, I’m startled with your development. You guys have succeeded and we are old already. This Dou Luo Continent will be yours soon.”

Tang San smiled:

“Uncle Ning is loyal and integrity, how could you be old?”

Ning Feng Zhi smiled, said:

“Very well, we shouldn’t talk about that. I just heard uncle Chen Xin said, you have a weapon that his Seven Kill Sword couldn’t be compared. I’m very interested. Why don’t you show us?”

He looked around to consider that people who were standing here were all his comrades or elders he could trust. Tang San didn’t want to keep secrets, he drove the Seagod Trident onto the ground and said: “The Seagod Trident, weighs 108,000 jin.”

It was just a simple saying, but everybody was dumbstruck like there was an earthquake. 108,000 jin, what is that?

Sword Douluo’s eyes showed he was wistful:

“Congratulations, Leader Tang. Having this divive weapon, it’s absolutely the most dangerous weapon that could help us fight against the Spirit Hall!”

Ning Feng Zhi nodded with Tang San:

“Leader Tang, after this war is over, I want my men back. Little Ao, you can take, but our Rongrong, you have to return her to us. I want her to inherit my position.”

“Father!” Ning Rongrong screamed, coming into her father’s embrace: “You are still very strong, why you want to give me your position?”

Ning Feng Zhi pampered his daughter’s head, proud was in his eyes, he laughed:

“Because, only when you inherited my position, our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan can change its name officially to the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Clan! Your power now is above mine, you can do the Leader role well. I believe that, under your lead, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan can get back to its glory time.”

Tang San nodded, said:

“Uncle Ning, it’s obviously. Rongrong is always a member of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan.”

Ning Feng Zhi said:

“We need to move, I have to go back. Little San, this Great War will depend on your Tang Sect. I believe that you would give the Spirit Empire a big surprise.”

Ning Feng Zhi brought two Title Douluo away with him. Other people returned to their positions. The Great Force started to move again. Tang San took the Shrek Devils following Tang Sect’s Hall Masters to go to the Tang Sect’s Army Force’s position located among hundred myriads of vigor soldiers.

Tang Sect’s Army Force was on the left side of Emperor Xue Beng’s Command Centre. They formed a separated corps, their weapons and clothing were different from the other normal corps. When Tang San saw Tang Sect’s soldiers wearing different uniforms, he couldn’t help but admire how generous the Heaven Dou Empire was in equipping this corps.

What Tang Sect’s soldiers wore wasn’t normal metal armor but it was leather armor. This was also not the light armor that could only protect some weak points of the body, it was the rhino skin leather armor to protect the whole body. This was even more expensive than normal metal armor. Its protective capacity was enhanced to be more flexible, strong and light that wouldn’t affect their action.

All soldiers of Tang Sect’s were young men in their 20s to 30s. Each of them wore a giant Godly Zhuge Crossbow, which was two tchi (~0,5m)
long and one tchi (~0,23m) wide. Just in a glare, Tang San could recognize that the material of those crossbows was only refined steel but not refined iron. His doubt was solved. He didn’t know how in such a short period of five years, Tang Sect could make ten thousand Godly Zhuge Crossbow. His question was answered now. Sacrificed the volume and weight to lower the requirement on materials.

Besides this big crossbow, each soldier was equipped with a fighting saber made from refined iron, about five tchi (~1.15m) long. On their leather armor, at special locations, equipped a leather bag which held one hundred and twenty arrows, each was about six cun (~19.98cm). All the arrowheads were made from refined iron. Tang San just made a small calculation to realize that the capacity of those Godly Zhuge Crossbows equipped to his soldiers wasn’t decreased much. It was very suitable for them.

Each of the Tang Sect’s soldiers was equipped with a tall and strong horse. The total value of a Tang Sect’s soldier’s equipment was absolutely higher than a heavy cavalry’s. Still, it didn’t count the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. It could be seen that the Heaven Dou’s Royal Family put a lot of hopes on this special force.

Four Hall Masters came near Tang San, Titan said:

“This force of Tang Sect’s Army, has been formed since Emperor Xue Beng took the throne. They are chosen from young, astute soldiers. They had been trained in a very secret location. Through three years of actual fighting, their capacity is super strong; they could make a big pressure on the battlefield.

Each of them brings a Godly Zhuge Crossbow, together with one hundred sixty arrowheads. There are other forty arrows installed in the crossbow, they carry the other one hundred and twenty. I have developed the Godly Zhuge Crossbow that they are using now. You can see, we reduce the weight and volume and we can reduce the difficulty in production and the requirements on materials. The power still remains. It’s no problem to use in our force.”

Tang San nodded, said:

“Besides those ten thousand soldiers, how many soldiers are equipped with our Tang Sect’s hidden weapon?”

Titan said:

“When we first produced them, we supplied to Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan. Of course we gave them the best ones, full set. But only linear

disciples can be equipped with our hidden weapons. And after that we equip them to our disciples. Tang Sect joining this war, we bring a total of two thousand and three hundred strong spirit masters, in which the Agility Hall, the Medicine Hall, and the Defense Hall bring two hundred each. The rest are new young disciples who have been participated lately. The Strength Hall’s members stay in the Sect to continue fabricating weapons. There are around five hundred people including elders and children stay in the Clan.

Currently, the total members of Tang Sect are around three thousand. Our disciples joining this battle are all equipped with a full set of hidden weapons just like the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan’s. Moreover, we have three hundred more equipped their Godly Zhuge Crossbow with special Armor Penetrate Arrows and Thunder Lighting Arrows. The attacking ability is fifty percent higher than normal arrows.”

Tang San said: “How about our spirit masters levels?”

Titan replied:

“The average level is forty, they are very young, though. But they are all trained by Grandmaster himself. Their practical fighting abilities are high. Other disciples from the other three Halls are stronger. The disciples from the Agility Hall are equipped with more hidden weapons. “

Listening to Titan’s simple introduction, Tang San quickly understood Tang Sect’s soldiers status. Now the Great Force moved again, Tang Sect’ soldiers got on horses, their action were unified fluently. Though they didn’t show their killing aura, the sharp spirit of excellent soldiers exposed.

During five years, Tang Sect had been thriving quickly not only in their numbers but also in their reputation. Under the support of Heaven Dou’s Royal Family, they called for a big number of craftsmen all over the country to support Tang Sect producing their hidden weapons. Of course, Tang Sect’s disciples would fabricate the main parts, other easy parts would be handled to normal craftsmen. That was how they could produce a large amount of hidden weapons. If not, they couldn’t fabricate enough to equip such big corps.

All the materials using for fabrication of hidden weapons were arranged and supplied by the Heaven Dou Empire. They didn’t use a cent from Tang Sect. They even gave bonuses when one set of hidden weapon was completed. Through five years, Tang Sect had earned a lot, now they could be compared to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan at that time. Just one thing before the Shrek Seven Devils came back, in general, the spirit masters force of Tang Sect was still weak, they didn’t have many supreme spirit masters. If they had had enough strong spirit masters, in total, Tang Sect would haven’t been weaker than the Great Three Clans before.

Tang San understood that Heaven Dou Empire had fully supported Tang Sect in order to fight against the Spirit Hall. To Emperor Xue Beng and his passed away father, Tang San admired them with all his heart.


When the Great Force moved, they stopped to rest for a while after each two hours. For a day of moving, this Great Force of hundred myriads of vigor soldiers could travel over two hundred li (~100 km). With this pace, it would take five or six days more to reach the border between Heaven Dou Empire and Spirit Empire.

When the night fell, they camped, their formation changed a little bit compared to when they had to travel. At their temporary base, the army force stayed outside, the cavalries stayed inside and the special royal force stayed in the central. Munitions and food were also placed in the central. Wages carried food and forage constantly went in and out in the base. The atmosphere was exciting.

Traveling one day long, finally, they could rest. The logistics cooked, normal soldiers quickly set tents to have shelters.

Tang Sect’s Army Force didn’t need to set their own tents, they had logistics soldiers done that for them. Where they camped was also the

central of hundred myriads of soldiers, next to the command center protected by the special royal force.

When they just settled down, there was summons for Tang San from the command center.

“The Emperor invites Lan Hao Wang to the command center for a meeting.” “Okay, I’ll be there right away.”

This was the first time Tang San had joined a military meeting. He didn’t bring anyone, walking alone with the messenger to the central tent.

The central tent wasn’t luxury, it was made from fine buffalo skin leather, looked very heavy and strong. Guards standing around it with fences made from sharp sabers, spears, and other metals. Tang San followed the messenger to the tent, then he recognized that there were over one hundred people waiting there already.

Emperor Xue Beng was sitting in the leading chair, the seat on his left was empty, Grandmaster was sitting on his right. Lower than that, were over ten generals whose faces were deeply serious. Other officers stood near them.

Seeing Tang San coming, Emperor Xue Beng stood up to greet him. All the generals peered at that young Emperor’s Teacher curiously. Especially when they saw Tang San brought the trident with him into the tent but Emperor Xue Beng didn’t show that he got mad. They felt strange then.

“Teacher, you’ve come. Please, take your seat.”

Emperor Xue Beng led Tang San to the left seat next to him. From this position, one could say, Tang San now was just one guy but he overwhelmed thousands of men.

Tang San muttered:

“Your Majesty, I don’t understand military tricks, you don’t need to care about me. There’re things that are more important.”

Emperor Xue Beng nodded, he sat calmly on his leader position. His eyes gazed at his core generals. The atmosphere in the tent calmed. Over one hundred generals and officers stood there waiting for his commands.

“Our soldiers, take ten thousand to form a corps, you are all the Corps Leaders. Now we are about the reach the borders of the Spirit Empire. It’s just five days more. The Great War will begin soon. Today I call you all here

to discuss on how to arrange and plan in details. How important this war is to our nation, I don’t need to mention again. I hope you could unify in one. When we come home with victory, I will definitely award you, promote you and your soldiers.”

“Long live! Long live! Long live the King!”

“Your Majesty. Now we are moving forwards in a nice order. According to our reconnaissance’s reports, the Spirit Empire is taking action, they are gathering in front of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.”

A general about fifty years old sitting right under Tang San, stood up and said. When he said, his eyes glanced at Tang San indiscreetly. Apparently, he didn’t mind this young man.

Emperor Xue Beng turned to Tang San and said:

“This is our nation’s pillar, Marshall Golong, also well-known as the Nine Lives Heaven Dragon. He is the first man of this country, Marshall of all forces. Marshall Golong, please explain the arrangement of the Spirit Empire.”

After listening to Emperor Xue Beng’s introduction, Tang San understood why this old general didn’t mind him at all. He was the Heaven Dou

Empire’s first man. Talking about positions, maybe Grandmaster and I are higher than him, but talking about actual power, in Heaven Dou Empire he is truly the powerful one under Emperor Xue Beng! From the way Emperor Xue Beng looked at him, one could see how much respect this new Emperor had for that Marshall Golong. Letting him sitting under Tang San, he must feel irritated inside. From his sharp qi to analyze, he should be at Spirit Douluo level.

Marshall Golong was wearing a Heaven Dou silver light armor, and a Triadius Helmet on his head. To spirit master, 50s were the most vigor stage; if he could reach Spirit Douluo level, he was a talent too. Anyway, how many people could be as talented as Tang San and his comrades in this world?

“Your Majesty, based on our analysis, and the other side’ situation, the Spirit Empire has merged over ten empires and duchies, but the force they can send to the front line shouldn’t be over sixty myriads of soldiers. This is also the maximum number they can use for this war. Now the great force of Star Luo Empire and ours will strike them from both the North and the South. The force they have to strike against us will be around thirty myriads. Not even one-third of our force.

The terrain in front of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass is flat enough. Even though the Spirit Empire has taken this flatland, but to face our strike, they

will absolutely not fight with us on this terrain. They would return to protect the weak Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. However, they only need to summon their spirit masters force to join the battle, even if we have a hundred of myriads of soldiers, it’s getting harder to break this defense line.”

“Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass is in the central of the Sky Spirit Mountain chain, where everyone wants to claim. It is super hard to break, even if we have dominant soldiers. We must break this Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.”

Emperor Xue Beng mused then said:

“If we want to cross the Sky Spirit Mountain Range, shall we attack them from the other direction?”

General Golong frowned, said:

“I’ve considered this, but the possibility is low. No need to mention it takes time for the force to move across the Sky Spirit Mountain Range. Once we want to cross over this mountain rainge, we have to enter the center of the Spirit Empire. The topography there is full of hills, mountains, basins and valleys. It is very unfavorable to us, not to mention, even dangerous. Furthermore, it could be a chance that they would attack and block our

way out. Besides, behind the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass is the stretching and narrow flatlands, leads to territories of Balake Kingdom and to Huanlong Island. Then I think, breaking the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass is a compulsory situation. We only can get the best advantage of the fight from there. A plan of attack that can strike forwards and is able to withdraw is the best plan.”

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