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“Emperor Xue Beng inherited the throne three years ago when the Great Emperor Xue Ye died because of sickness. He has put a lot of enthusiasm for his country; he cares our Tang Sect as well. Now we have two thousand three hundred disciples, besides the disciples of the four great clans, all are the astute spirit masters from the Shrek Academy. Grandmaster himself has tested them all. Heaven Dou Empire helps us produce weapons in mass scale. Our key weapon is the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, could be equipped for around one myriad of soldiers. Emperor Xue Beng himself named them the Tang Sect’s Army Force. Entering the war this time, my grandfather leads this force on behalf of the Leader of the Sect. They are waiting for you to take the lead officially.”

Taino briefly summarized the information that Tang San wanted to know. After hearing him, Tang San nodded: “It seems, Xue Beng has been subtle for such a long time, it won’t be wasted. Indeed, if you doubt someone, don’t use him, if you use him, don’t doubt. Great, uncle Taino, I’m going to write a letter, please assign a disciple of the Agility Hall to deliver it to the Village of the Clear Sky School. Even though there are thousands of great spirit masters protecting the Capital, they are still fragile. Once we take advantage at the front line, the Spirit Empire would send their troops of

spirit masters to terrorize the Capital. If we have the Clear Sky School guarding there, we won’t be worried.”

“Leader, the Clear Sky School…”

When Taino heard three words “Clear Sky School”, his pupils shrank. Tang San said in his low voice:

“Tang Sect is Tang Sect. The Clear Sky School is the Clear Sky School. Never will they be merged. Now we have the same enemy, the Spirit Empire, it’s not the right time to talk about old resentments. The Clear Sky School decided to return, we should let them base at the Capital. It gives us back up and also, we won’t be awkward seeing each other.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Taino devotedly replied. Seeing Tang San again, even though his figure hadn’t changed so much, he only saw a more mature man. In that man’s eyes, he saw a maestro one couldn’t imagine. Each of his words was full of vigor that made people believe in him. Each of his moves was conducted finely and nobly, which was full of leadership demeanor. Among the people he had met, for instance, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan’s Leader Ning Feng Zhi, they didn’t possess such special aura like Tang San’s.

Of course, Taino didn’t know that Tang San’s special manners were originated from the Sea God Light, which almost made him reborn again. Being the Sea God’s chosen one, how could he be like a normal mortal?

Soon, Tang San finished his letter right in front of the Tang Sect’s front gate and gave it to Taino. With the great speed of the Agility Hall’s disciple, it wouldn’t take more than half a day to deliver the letter to the Clear Sky School.

At the same time, he wrote another letter to Yue Xuan and asked Taino to deliver it himself. With his aunt’s recommendation, it would be easy for the Clear Sky School to enter the Capital. No matter what, he used to be ordained as the Crown Prince’s Teacher. His words should have some power. At present, the Heaven Dou Empire was in need of astute spirit masters, apparently, they wouldn’t deny.

“Xiao Wu, sorry to drain you, we need to run. Our marriage would …” Tang San looked mildly to Xiao Wu, his eyes showed his disquietude. Xiao Wu smiled calmly and held Tang San’s hand:

“Why did you say so, we have overcome many struggles. This little waiting doesn’t count. The main issues are more important. Spirit Empire is my enemy too, they killed my mother. Destroy them is also my wish. Let’s go!”

Tang San and Xiao Wu bided farewell to Taino and left the Heaven Dou City. Tang San held Xiao Wu and plunged up to the air, aiming to the South. According to his calculation, the army force had been departing for ten days, but with their current pace they could meet up with them before getting to the front line. No need to mention that the Shrek Five Devils were in the formation too. He just didn’t think that they had to start the fight with the Spirit Empire that quick. He hadn’t been able to prepare well for this battle, but he could feel his heart was full of desire.

It had been five years. Tang San was eager to see the level of the Sect he had created on his own, the Tang Sect. Two thousand and three hundred great spirit masters. It wasn’t less, but it was too little compared to the force of over five myriads of spirit masters of the Spirit Empire. Entering this battle, the key criteria to determine the result was the army ordained by Xue Beng, the Tang Sect’s Army Force.

This was also the first time in the history that Tang Sect’s hidden weapons appeared on the battlefield. No doubt that Heaven Dou and Star Luo Empires had put all their strength to this battle. This was also the last fight with the Spirit Empire. If they lost this battle, the Spirit Empire only needed to kill all of their astute soldiers, then the two great Empires would never have a chance to recover. Being destroyed would just be a matter of time. Then, if they took the chance when the Spirit Empire hadn’t been well- organized to damaged it in a massive scale to weaken its force, there would be hope for the future.

The Spirit Empire’s Capital, Spirit City. The Supreme Pontiff Hall.

“What? All the Quietus troops were killed? Five big cities have lost over five hundred spirit masters?”

Bibi Dong just came back, hearing this new made her mad. She rolled her eyes, looking at the one who was standing in front of her. It was Hu Lie Na and her disquietude. Bibi Dong’s clothes moved even though there was no wind. If there were someone else standing in front of her now, that person would be killed in a second. However, Hu Lie Na wasn’t just someone, in Bibi Dong’s heart she was not only the closest disciple, but she was also like her biological daughter. Although she had another daughter, named Qian Ren Xue. However, Qian Ren Xue’s position in her heart wasn’t as important as Hu Lie Na’s. She had put too much effort on Hu Lie Na.

Bad news came one by one. Right before reaching the Supreme Pontiff Hall, Bibi Dong knew that the two great Empires had been deploying their massive military campaign aimed to the Spirit Empire from two sides. Their huge formations were getting closer.

“Great, it’s great. Seems like the Heaven Dou and Star Luo Empires are well-prepared before coming here, they want to strike me when I’m not well-organized. Good! I really want to see what do you use to fight against

my force of spirit masters. Na Na, spread my order, summon all the leaders of the Seven Great Schools, and the spirit masters appointed as Grandmaster title and above, for a discussion. If they want to finish within one strike, I will fulfill them.”

“Yes, Teacher.”

In this Spirit Empire, there was only Hu Lie Na who could address Bibi Dong with another title, besides “Your Majesty”.

Hu Lie Na breathed out in relief seeing her teacher didn’t scold her more. She understood how well her teacher had treated her, but the more she could feel that, the more awful she felt inside. There was a man stayed at the bottom of her heart. To her, his position was as important as Teacher. It was carved deeply in her heart that she couldn’t let it go.

Now they were going to fight each other, she thought:

“Tang San, should we meet again on the battlefield? If I meet you again, what should I do? Why the two of you, two most important persons of my life, have to fight against each other?”

While she was thinking, when Hu Lie Na turned around to spread the order, Bibi Dong called her back:

“Xie Yue, you go with Yan to announce the order. Na Na, you stay here, I have something to tell you.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Xie Yue and Yan glanced each other, both two of them felt reluctant. They understood that in Bibi Dong’s heart they would never compete to that Saintess Hu Lie Na.

There were only Bibi Dong and Hu Lie Na left in the room. Bibi Dong’s cold face became mild, pointed at the seat near her and asked Hu Lie Na to sit there.

“Teacher, I failed you.” Hu Lie Na bowed her head, said.

Bibi Dong sighed: “Nothing, we didn’t get hurt by the loss of hundreds of spirit masters. The Heaven Dou Empires did that on purpose, they wanted to strike us mentally. Well, it’s not that easy. This war is predicted to happen. In fact, we are not stable now, but in the field, the number of spirit masters we have could overwhelm that two Empires’. We only need to lead them properly that they can perform their best. Heaven Dou and Star Luo basically can’t make us trembled. Everyone fails, don’t let one failure affect your belief. Again, I failed this time, too.”

“Ah? Teacher, you…..”
Hu Lie Na startled, looked at Bibi Dong.

Bibi Dong said furiously: “It was me who had almost won, the Giant Titan Ape and the Blue Sky Bull Python were about to die. Right then a guy in black, holding a strange trident, interfered my good stuff. If I’m not wrong, this guy is Tang San, the guy who’s gone missing for over five years.”

“What?” Hu Lie Na shivered, almost fell from her seat. Her red lips couldn’t help but tremble.

———————————— Three days later.

From a distance, Tang San and Xiao Wu could see the massive force of soldiers marching like an earthquake. Even though they were watching from a distance, they were still able to feel the pressure from a hundred myriads of soldiers.

The sea of people was moving endlessly in order. Flags were flying in the sky. A formation of a hundred myriads of people was marching on the vast flatland just like a furious flood screaming to burst out.

In front of the force was the heavy-armed cavalries. Both men and horses were equipped with heavy armors. On two sides were the armed forces,

formed by vigorous soldiers. The main soldier force stayed in the middle of the formation, which also was the biggest force. There were at least six corps of light cavalries running very fast near them. They were in charge of scouting, investigating and protecting the central. All men and horses kept moving forwards row by row, line by line.

Right behind them was the enormous corps carrying forages and food. This is what they called “fine words butter no parsnips”. Only this logistics corps took over fifty myriads of soldiers, they were transporting the supplies to the front line nonstop. Just made a simple calculation, Tang San understood that this time Heaven Dou Empire had mobilized their official army, logistics and reservists with the total number of over two hundred myriads. They were spending all of what their country could supply.

Meanwhile, this was only the biggest force that the empire could form. After years of accumulation, the national force was now showing.

You should know, over two hundred myriads of armies, the food they consumed in one day was massive. To maintain this armed force, one could imagine the power of the Heaven Dou Empire. They were here, ruling for years on this Continent indeed.

From what he could see through the force of the Heaven Dou Empire, he could imagine the Star Luo Empire’ situation at the other side. Talking

about the number of spirit masters, Star Luo Empire didn’t have as many as the Heaven Dou Empire, but the number of their soldiers was much bigger than the Heaven Dou’s. Star Luo used steel and blood to rule the country. It could be seen from Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing’s experience. Such a nation, how could its force be weak?

The spirit masters were extremely powerful, but if they hadn’t reached the Spirit Sage level, they still had limitations in their physical strength and soul strength. In the case when they had to face such a big army force, if the difference in the number came to a certain portion, even those spirit masters might not be able to fight with the wild troops just like a big wave of flood. No doubt that the Heaven Dou and Stars Luo wanted to use the crowd to shorten the distance between the difference in numbers of spirit master practitioners, between them and the Spirit Empire.

It had been years since the last time Douluo Continent had a war on this massive scale. They even didn’t have experience in fighting with the spirit master army of the Spirit Empire. Such a fight, no one could know the results, but this was the best time Heaven Dou and Stars Luo had chosen to start the war.

While Tang San sank in his thoughts, his mental strength suddenly moved. He looked at one direction, and just in a blink, a silhouette appeared in his sight. That figure had a pair of trembling wings, aimed to Tang San and Xiao Wu’s spot. A sharp twitter soared up to the sky.

Seeing the shadow with this reaction, Tang San smiled faintly:

“Is it me who drops the stone on my own toes? Tang Sect’s Agility Hall’s reconnaissance catches their leader before even able to do their jobs on the battle!”

Little Vu couldn’t help but laugh:

“Well, it proves that you have excellent disciples!”

Besides the Agility Hall’s disciples whose fighting spirit was Needle-tailed Swift who could have a spirit master reconnaissance faster and highly reactive than that? That Agility Hall’s disciple didn’t come near. He stopped around three hundred tchi (100 meters) from Tang San and Xiao Wu. At this distance, spirit abilities couldn’t attack. He definitely trusted his speed, he wasn’t afraid of being killed by Tang San and Xiao Wu.

Just in several breaths, there were more than ten light shadows plunged up from the formation of the Heaven Dou Empire, aiming to this direction. All were flying spirit masters. After flying up, they immediately formed a formation of half a circle and aimed to embrace Tang San and Xiao Wu.

They cooperated flexibly to make a strict formation without any extra sound.

The Agility Hall’s disciple seeing his mission was completed, fastened his pace and flew away. He didn’t say a word from the beginning to the end.

No sooner than that, those flying spirit masters circled Tang San and Xiao Wu. Light of spirit rings sparkled on their bodies. They were all exciting. The lowest level of them had at least four spirit rings, the strongest one was a spirit master with six spirit rings, made him a Spirit Emperor.

“Do not resist.”

Several flying spirit masters yelled at the same time. Their voices were unified, along with the shout, their momentum was enhanced rapidly, soaring towards Tang San and Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu couldn’t help but giggle:
“You didn’t ask who we are, you want us to surrender?”

The Spirit Emperor ranked level sixty lowered his voice:
“No matter who you are, if you are a spirit master and you are sneaking

into our force, we will capture you first then talk later. Follow us down there!”

Xiao Wu’s easefulness made him feel insecure. Although they were many, but if they encountered a true strong spirit master, they were still fragile. This Spirit Emperor was well prepared, he could run for help in any minute. Of course, he would never back off. Under his feet there were a hundred myriads of soldiers and over six thousand spirit masters, he was sure those two couldn’t do any harm.

Tang San lifted off his hat, smiled and said: “I’m the Tang Sect’s leader Tang San, I come here to unite with the great force of soldiers. Please lead us to the Grandmaster or people of Tang Sect.”

“You are Tang Sect’s leader?”

That Spirit Emperor was over fifty years old, he looked at Tang San in disbelief:

“Tang Sect’s disciples are over two thousand, how could the leader be as young as you are? If you have to lie, try to find a reasonable lie! Don’t you blabber, surrender now, if you don’t, don’t ask for our mercy!”

Tang San shook his head, he didn’t want to waste his time here. The light

in his eyes became purer. The deep blue halo covered them all in a
sudden. Those flying spirit masters could only feel their bodies tensed after they lost control immediately. No need to mention if they could release the spirit power or spirit ability, they couldn’t even open their mouth to speak. After easily taking control of those spirit masters, Tang Sang shouted. The sound was strong, condensed, and clear up to the sky, spreading far away, just like an endless force running from all directions on the ground. His shout, of course, could be heard at every corner of the great formation of a million soldiers on the ground. Furthermore, it didn’t cease but rose stronger and higher.

This torrential shout was like a tsunami struck to the shore, shaking the entire hundred myriads of strong soldiers down on the ground.

Tang San felt his spirit power was boiling a little, his shout suddenly became more powerful, couldn’t help but feel happy after realizing he had broken his limit during the whole period. His spirit power was now at level ninety-three.

After he had absorbed five myriads years spirit rings, Tang San’ spirit power had reached the peak of level ninety-two, he had just not broken through it yet. But he just fought a big fight with the five Elders of the Clear Sky School. Under such enormous pressure, he exposed all his capacity. After that, he almost drained himself helping his father breaking through

his meridians. These two experiences had struck his challenge to break through level ninety-three.

It was because his spirit power had been increasing rapidly through those recent years. After leaving the Sea God Island, Tang San was cultivating conservatively to improve the energy he had received. He didn’t aim to break through level ninety, but right now, at this time, he was taking advantage of that shout to activate the spirit power in his body. Streams flow into rivers. The breaking through was completed.

Right at that moment, there were some screams resounded from the massive army formation. Among them, there was one long, loud and clear scream, which was full of endless vigorous mettlesome spirit. Seemed like it wanted to divide Tang San’ shout in half. A giant blue sword feature rose up to the sky, looked like it wanted to divide the sky and separate the earth. That sword feature lingered to the loud scream, dashing towards Tang San.

Tang San laughed out loud, his wrist flicked slightly, the fabric covered the Seagod Trident tore into rags, falling down like many butterflies were flying. He rose his hand, pulled all the flying spirit masters disciples who were under his control to the back. The long spear struck, the black light suddenly confronted that blue sword.


An explosion resounded loudly. The Seagod Trident burst out like dragon’s roar, slightly shaking, a wavy gold light came out from it. The Seagod Trident suddenly turned into gold without the support of the Sea God’s Light from Tang San. Tang San even felt that the golden trident in his hand wanted to get out.

It was clear to see how dangerous that sword spirit was: it could shake the spear whose weight was over one hundred and eight thousand jin1 . It could even provoke the true form of the Seagod Trident.

The blue light appeared again, but this time it wasn’t a giant sword shadow, it was a figure lingered with the blue light soaring into the air, just like meteors against the moon, aiming towards Tang San.

Tang San held the Seagod Trident horizontally in his hand, faced that deep blue light, he turned the spear one round, a gold light beamed out, meanwhile, the Sea God Light from his glabella shone to the Sea God’s Heart. In a sudden, the gold light on the golden trident blasted. Even though the attacking blue light was very strong, it was dismissed immediately. The flying figure, which was united with the sword spirit, was stopped ten tchi (3 meters) in the midair in front of Tang San.

Tang San held the Seagod Trident in front of his chest, smiling cheerfully: “Predecessor, please give mercy, I can’t stand anymore.”

That figure appeared. He was tall and strong with only one arm, holding a long sword in his hand. That was a blue transparent sword, looked like it was made from crystal. The peculiar thing was, inside the sword, there were nine spheres which colors were yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black and black respectively.

The attacker that forced Tang San to use the Golden Thirteen Halberds Unfixed Storm to stop wasn’t him the Elder of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, whose spirit power ranked level ninety-seven, the best spirit attacker, Sword Dou Luo Chen Xin? The peculiar long sword in his hand was his fighting spirit, the Seven Kill Sword. At level ninety-seven, he could fly with his sword to the air to attack his enemies.

Sword Douluo faced Tang San with amaze. Tang San’ shout had threatened the massive formation of soldiers, especially those spirit master practitioners. They were the ones who deeply sensed the threatening pressure. Sword Douluo Chen Xin, even though he was an extreme fighter, he still felt his mental power was controlled. What was that? Did the consecrator of the Spirit Empire come?

That was why the Sword Douluo didn’t hesitate but attack him with all of his power. Since he still stood on the ground, he targeted Tang San on the air because he was afraid that Tang San could activate his strike in a massive scale to fight all the army force. If he was a real Title Douluo level ninety and he started to strike in such enormous scale, the power could

destroy the sky and the earth at the same time. The war hadn’t started yet, Heaven Dou Empire’s army force couldn’t bear such damage.

Right when Chen Xin saw Tang San, his alarm and the pressure went away and replaced by extreme fear. He couldn’t imagine, the one who stopped his strike that was in full force, twice, was Tang San.

Of course, it wasn’t easy for Tang San to stop Chen Xin’ strike, he relied mostly on the Seagod Trident. The Seagod Trident was truly a divine weapon. It could fight down the tool spirits. The Clear Sky Hammer could resist it for a while, but the spirit of the Seven Kill Sword couldn’t do that.

Through many days of study, Tang San could use the Seagod Trident very well. He had hidden his Qi and Xiao Wu’s inside the Seagod Trident, depending on the weight of one hundred eight thousand jin to defense Sword Douluo’s assault. Even so, Tang San still had to activate his Mysterious Heaven Skill constantly to bear the sword spirit of the Seven Kill Sword.

About the second strike of Sword Douluo, even though it was the men- sword fusion, encountering the divine ability of the Sea God, it was understandable that it had to stop.

“Tang San, it’s you.”

Sword Douluo opened his eyes wide, he was only afraid that he might be wrong.

Not long before that, the Shrek Five Devils came back to Heaven Dou City. They gave the spirit masters of Heaven Dou Empire a great terror. It had been five years, but the five that were just at level sixty suddenly broke through to Spirit Douluo level. What had happened? One should know that the spirit masters of Heaven Dou Empire were all from the Shrek Academy, the Four Elements Academy, Tang Sect and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan. A total of them were over ten thousand.

In consideration of giving protection to cities and other places, there were only six thousand spirit masters that could be sent to the front line. Among them, besides the spirit masters of Heaven Dou Empire’s Royal Family, the Shrek Five Devils had known them all. Five Devils coming back had struck them a lot. They were honored to be the rare talents in the spirit master world.

However, those five Devils that menaced Heaven Dou’s spirit masters couldn’t be compared with Tang San. No matter how Tang San could do it, facing my true power, if he doesn’t have the power of Title Douluo, how could he stop my strike? Is he… is he a real Title Douluo? Is this why when we asked the Shrek Five Devils about Tang San, they just smiled and didn’t say a word? He is…this spirit of the Devils. He has reached such level.

Coming near right now were over ten spirit masters that followed Sword Douluo Chen Xin, Tang San looked at them and smiled. Those flying spirit masters, he knew them all: Four-eyed Owl Flender, he turned into spirit true form, Liu Er Long, the ones who used Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage were Dai Mu Bai, Oscar, Ning Rong Rong, Chu Xiu Qing, and Ma Hong Jun who was using his Phoenix’s wings. Besides, there were some Spirit Douluo spirit masters.

“Little San, couldn’t believe you come here that quick!”

Everybody saw Tang San arrived; they were all excited. Dai Mu Bai smiled and said:

“Hearing that sound, you are making progress?”

Flender laughed out loud:

“I thought the enemies had struck us. Turns out our brother Tang San had come back. Good, seven little Devils, finally we are all here.”

Tang San and Xiao Wu bowed to greet Flender. Tang San said seriously:

“This time, we are finally reunited.”

The Five Devils looked at each other, their eyes stopped on Xiao Wu. Ning Rongrong covered her mouth, her eyes turned red. Zhu Zhu Qing shrieked:

“Third brother, you succeed? Xiao Wu, she….?”

Liu Er Long, looked like a regular flame, suddenly flew over, turned back to human form and used the Fire Dragon’s two wings, directly flying to Tang San and Xiao Wu.

“Xiao Wu, my poor daughter, …”

In just a blink, she pulled Xiao Wu out of Tang San’s arm, then embraced her tight. Grandmaster and her didn’t have a child; after they adopted Xiao Wu, they always treated her as their biological child. After they had heard that Xiao Wu sacrificed herself for Tang San, she was hurt terribly. Seeing Xiao Wu again, how could she hold it any longer?

The flying spirit masters that Tang San had controlled were released. Seeing their comrades surrounding Tang San, they understood that the person who used only a glance to disarm them was one of them.

All of the five Devils came, Dai Mu Bai hugged Tang San’s shoulders, said:

“Go, go, we should get down first, this Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage can’t fly for a long time. Little San, I didn’t think that you could succeed that fast.”

Tang San smiled: “Even though I succeeded, I paid too much. Let go, we should get down first.”

Everyone slowly descended. Tang San followed them. Now Tang San knew that this force of spirit masters was in the center of the formation of hundred myriads of soldiers. They protected the new Emperor of Heaven Dou Empire, Emperor Xue Beng.

Tang San arrived, created chaos. When everybody landed, Tang San looked around to find Grandmaster, but he didn’t catch his teacher’s shadow.

Flender smiled:

“Looking for Grandmaster? It’s different now. The now Grandmaster isn’t the Grandmaster you knew. Besides a branch of your Tang Sect’s corps, he is the general of all spirit masters. The Emperor has ordained him as the Blue Lightning King, the highest spirit master of the Royal Family, the Sky

Dou Empire’s spirit master corps. Among the officers of the Empire, he ranked second.”

Tang San was amazed: “Ranked second? Who is the top one?”

Flender looked at him with deep thought implied:

“Remember before you left, what did the Heaven Dou Empire’s Royal Family have ordained you?”

Tang San scratched his head, said: “the Crown Prince’s Teacher something?”

Flender said angrily:

“You really think your business is trash, don’t you? You are not only the Crown Prince’ Teacher, but you are also the Lan Hao Wang. But the Crown Prince had become the Emperor, you are the Emperor’s Teacher now. So, the one who ranks before Xiao Gang, is who else but you?”

“What? ME?”
Tang San rolled his eyes to Flender. He couldn’t help but drop his jaw. He

could never think that he himself, after leaving for five years, just came back now and instantly became the Emperor’s Teacher who was just under one guy but over hundred and hundred people.

At the other side, Xiao Wu, Ning Rong Rong, Zhu Zhu Qing, and Liu Er Long were crying. Xiao Wu were telling them about her reborn.

Dai Mu Bai, Oscar, and Ma Hong Jun walked to Tang San, Oscar smiled evilly:

“Little San, we have inherited your glory too. When we just came back, all were ordained as Duke. Of course, we now haven’t had our manors yet.”

Tang San asked Dai Mu Bai: “Big brother, did you receive the ordainment too?”

Dai Mu Bai smiled:

“I’m a free person now, what if I receive the ordainment? I don’t want to come back to Star Luo Empire either way. There’s only power built on blood and steel. Staying with you guys is a better choice. Duke or not, it doesn’t matter. What important is we are together. I can do anything.”

In this march, the spirit masters received the best allowance, especially those supreme spirit masters like them. All were given special carriages. They landed on the ground now, with just a few steps, a forest of steel and iron weapons surrounded them.

However, while they were talking, there was an order for soldiers to stop and take a rest. The non-stop moving forwards massive army stopped.

The troop in front of them suddenly separated. Four old men came out from the formation. They caught Tang San just in a glance. All bent on their one knees and rose their voice to greet: “Greetings, Leader!”

“Elders, no need to be too formal.”

Tang San hurried to greet them, his hands moved, an immense spirit power rose four elders up. Those four were the head of the Four Single Attribute Clans. Now they were the Hall Master of Tang Sect: Strength Hall’s Master Titan, Agility Hall’s Master Bai He, Defense Hall’s Master Niu Gao, and Medicine Hall’s Master Yang Wudi,

Being lifted up by Tang San that easy, the four Elders were amazed, but they felt excitingly happy. Tang San returned at this critical time, it benefited the Sect the most. The four of Hall’s Masters wasn’t enough to

control such massive army. Especially Tang Sect this time was pouring all their capacity. If any harm happened, they couldn’t bear this responsibility.

The four of Hall Masters didn’t have a chance to talk, right after that a loud voice announced: “Here comes the Emperor.”

Everybody who was talking now calmed. Soldiers were like tides,
separated to make way. A person was surrounded by a group of strong spirit masters, wearing gold armor and dark red fighting coat came. He was the new Emperor of the Heaven Dou Empire, Emperor Xue Beng.
After he took off his helmet, Emperor Xue Beng’s first act, was to bow to Tang San, he solemnly called: “Teacher.”

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