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Those items were laid there. A dim blood-like halo covered them; it looked like they could activate themselves in any minute. Even though the people sitting in the hall were all strong spirit masters, seeing those metal items, they felt fear inside their hearts.

Tang Xiao pointed at those silver metal items and said to Tang San: “These are the last masterpieces of master Lou Gao.”

“He succeeded. He actually completed those divine masterpieces. Master Lou Gao, you… why were you so persistent…”

The silver-grey cylinder and the other items were parts of the Torrential Pear Blossom Needles! Tang San still had a feeling that his study lacked something for the Torrential Pear Blossom Needles. Now he knew it. What made him amazed was the short amount of time Lou Gao took to understand it thoroughly and made it to the end. When the Torrential Pear Blossom Needles were formed, human blood was needed to provoke the spirit of the Deep Sea Sunken Silver. It was the key to complete this peerless hidden weapon masterpiece.

Tang San respectably put the wooden box back to the table. Both of his hands rose up, gently caressed those silver gray items. Suddenly, his hands moved in a tender path and touched to the wooden box. Each of the silver gray pieces looked like it was given a new life, soaring from the box and moving around Tang San’s magical hands.

The ding dang sounds continuously played just like a mild melody lingered in one’s ears. When Tang San’s hands stopped moving, he was holding an item that looked like a cylinder about one tchi (1). This one was different from the one they had seen which had a blood-like halo in the form of a peacock. On the body of this silver-grey cylinder, there were only two big words “Lou Gao”.

These two words were formed by blood-like color hidden characters. It was actually Lou Gao’s blood.

He carefully put it back to the wooden box, stepped back three steps, inhaled and bent on his knees, kowtowed (2) nine times and bowed three times.

Lou Gao spent his whole life casting. He deserved those bows. This was the only way Tang San could do to express his respect to Lou Gao.

Just in only five years, Lou Gao successfully cast three great peerless hidden weapons of the Tang Sect: the Peacock Plume, the Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotus and the Torrential Pear Blossom Needles, the one that took his life.

After closing the box, Tang San didn’t put it in his Twenty Four Moonlight Bridges1 , but he took it with him to his seat. His heart was struck with mournful affections that took him a long time to recover. If he had known it would take Luo Gao’s life to complete the cast, he rather wouldn’t have had those peerless weapons.

Tang Xiao didn’t console Tang San neither did Tang Hao because they believed that Tang San could manage his emotions well.

Tang Xiao glared at all the people in the room. His face showed his seriousness:

“Hao-di (3), the Elders Chief, and the Elders Deputy Chief. What the Elders Chief said has awakened me. Our Clear Sky School shouldn’t be suffered anymore. This School has been through many generations, it can’t be destroyed in our hands. I suggest breaking the School’s seal. Is there anyone who against this?”

No one said anything, the Five Elders stared at Tang San. They clearly understood that whether the Clear Sky School could be strong again or not, Tang San was the key.

“Little San!”

Tang Hao called him out loud, drawing him out of his deep mournful thought. Tang San looked up to see his father sitting in front of him; he seemed to see the strictness his father had for him from those old days again.

Gathering himself together, Tang San took a deep breath. He eventually put the wooden box in his Twenty-Four Moonlight Bridges. He looked at other people.

“I’ve left the School and the Continent for five years. This time when I came back, I’ve heard some information. Moreover, I used to fight with the Supreme Pontiff of the Spirit Hall, the one who is the Empress Bibi Dong of the Spirit Empire now. She and I are same; we all have the twin spirits. Her second spirit has seven spirit rings. If I weren’t wrong, her spirit power would be at level ninety-nine.”

Everybody got feared after hearing him.

But Tang San added immediately:

“Even though she is ranked level ninety-nine now, I’m sure that I can stop her. If there’s only her, nothing to be fear. We should be afraid of the entire force of the Spirit Empire. Or the combined force of all spirit masters under the Empire to be exact. I think I’ve said it before. The Spirit Empire holds over eighty percent of the spirit masters in the whole Continent. It is not a lie. Thus, even if they have to face the Heaven Dou Empire or Star Lou Empire, they have the absolute advantages. But, it’s not true that the two empires don’t have any force to stop them. The key is what they should do to stop them. Once our School gets back again, we will definitely join the Heaven Dou Empire’s side. Although we are not as strong as we used to be, on this Continent with our five great elders at Title Douluo, generally our strength can be enhanced. We will truly be the important salvage to the Heaven Dou Empire when they have to fight against the Spirit Empire. I think, if the School has its decision, we shouldn’t delay anymore. We should contact the Heaven Dou Empire soon. Now the Spirit Empire is taking initiatives to unite the force from other Kingdoms and Duchies. When it’s done, they will start the war. According to the Spirit Empire’s current situations, they have separated the Heaven Dou Empire and Star Lou Empire into two sides. When they start the war, they will defend one side and attack the other side. Heaven Dou Empire is not as strong as Star Luo Empire, but they have the support from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan. Talking about spirit masters, they are better than the Star Luo Empire’s. Thus, I believe that it’s a great chance for the Spirit Empire to start the war with Heaven Dou Empire first. It’s okay if we hide away. But if

we expose ourselves again, we have to make great damages to the Spirit Empire! If so, we can show our dread and dominate the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters. However, it will take a long time to kill them all. Through many years, they have a tough foundation now. For the detailed plan, I need to discuss with the Heaven Dou’s Royal Family.”

Everyone nodded in agreement with his words. Tang Xiao said:

“Great. We had decided to carry out like that. We don’t need to prepare much. The day after tomorrow, I will go to the Heaven Dou City myself. To contact with the Heaven Dou Empire…”

Tang San nodded:

“Leave it to me, after I help my dad to recover his limbs, I will go right away.”

“Recover his limbs?” Tang Xiao and the Five Elders looked at Tang San in disbelief.

Tang San stood up, holding the Seagod Trident in one hand, the other hand holding the wooden box with two spirit bones inside, walking to his father. He said to Tang Hao:

“Father, we should start now. But I have to break your healed wounds again, and I also need to cut a layer of flesh too…”

“No need to say anything, just start it.”

Tang Hao tore the sleeve of his amputee’s arm. A healed wound revealed. There was a determination in his eyes saying that the Clear Sky Douluo who beaten the Supreme Pontiff of the Spirit Hall was back.

Up to now, Tang San had never hesitated when facing the enemies. But right now, facing his father with his incomplete body, he could feel the heat in his eyes, his right hand holding the Seagod Trident shivered.

Tang Hao rolled his eyes:

“What makes you hesitate? I chopped it off myself, am I afraid of that little pain?”

Tang San inhaled. He closed his eyes and opened them right away. In his eyes, the cold holy light expanded. His right hand waved, the Seagod Trident was like a black thunder light flying across, a blood-red halo appeared. The wound on Tang Hao’s right shoulder where it joined with the shoulder’s bone had been healed long time ago, now cut off again. A block of flesh and vessels was chopped off. This part was growing extra after the

wound had been healed. The Seagod Trident was huge, but in Tang San’s hand, it performed accurately just like a precise lancet.

Tang Hao didn’t change his expression. He looked at his son encouragingly. It was like, what the Trident had cut off wasn’t his flesh.

Tang San’s eyes were extremely awakened. His left hand moved in the performance of the Controlling Crane Catching Dragon ability. The wooden box opened, the spirit bone for the right arm flew up then fell into his hand.

Without hesitation, Tang San put the spirit bone for the right arm directly to the cut on Tang Hao’s arm. From his glabella, the mark of the Sea God spouted out gold light, a light pillar of Sea God’s Light spotted directly to the wound.

Blood from Tang Hao’s wound reddened Tang San’s arm and the spirit bone on the right arm. If A Yin were here now, how could she bear this footage!

At the same time, the golden blue light from Tang San’s right leg spread out upwards on his body to his left hand, which held the spirit bone; it quickly poured into Tang Hao’s wound.

It was weird seeing the Sea God’s Light covered Tang Hao’s right shoulder where his bones and spirit bone joined. At that time there was a gold blue fog emitted from the wound. Tang Hao had managed well at first, but now he couldn’t help but frown. It could be seen how much pain he was suffering now. When the gold blue light from the right leg of Blue Silver Emperor reached Tang Hao’s wound, the wound stopped bleeding immediately. The gold halo was covering over the wound and the spirit bones.

It took only the time of a blink since Tang San had used his Trident to cut the wound until the power of Blue Silver Emperor’ spirit bones stopped the bleeding. Tang San acted as he had practiced it a thousand times, he didn’t let Tang Hao bled any extra blood.

After the gold blue halo had spread, Tang Hao’s facial expression was at eased. Tang Xiao and the other Five Elders of the Clear Sky School showed their compliments with their facial expressions. What a miracle ability! They had never seen it before! They had never heard anyone could cut off his spirit bones and could re-plant them again later.

Tang Hao was a powerful fighter, but now his son was even more powerful! The Five Elders became calmer, the annoyance of being defeated gradually replaced with joy. They seemed to see the glory of the School – getting on

top of the spirit master world, could be achieved again with the assistance of Tang Hao and Tang San.

Tang San hauled a spirit pill from his Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse which he had refined before, the Consolidating Basic Pill and put in his father’s mouth. Then he put the Seagod Trident into the ground, his hand touched Tang Hao’s wrist to feel the pulse and the change inside Tang Hao’s body.

Soon, Tang San’s look became relaxed. The whole process was better than he had expected. Through several years at the Sea God Island, A Yin had used her sensor ability to feed Tang Hao with the spirit plants grew around the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. Furthermore, Tang Hao understood that his wife could be back from the death, his emotion became better. His body now was in good condition even if he had only one arm and one leg. But his blood flew stronger than before. He had to shed a little bit of blood recently, but it didn’t affect him much. Of course, this was related to Tang San’s perfect cutting skill.

Other people couldn’t see what was happening inside the blue gold halo, but Tang Hao and Tang San could feel clearly that Tang Hao’s right arm was growing gradually. Tang San constantly poured mental power to control the “Wildfire Burns Without End, Spring Winds Blow New Life” ability of the right leg spirit bone pouring into Tang Hao’s arm. At the

meantime, Tang San also held Tang Hao’s left hand to transmit a pure energy of internal strength of the Mystery Heaven Skill. This internal strength led his father’ spirit power to circulate in the growing arm to recover it.

One hour had passed, but Tang Xiao and the Fiver Elders weren’t impatient. They even felt good to witness a miracle like that.

Finally, the gold blue halo disappeared, there was a new arm grown from Tang Hao’s right shoulder. If one wanted to spot the difference between the new arm and a normal arm, he could only say this arm just looked a little brighter. It was different from the tan skin of Tang Hao.

Tang Hao scrutinized his new right arm with awe. He quickly activated the spirit power to his arm. A dark light emitted from the arm. Before that, due to the amputee, the spirit power transmitted to the shoulder would be blocked, but now it could circulate normally. Equipped one more spirit bone enhanced his level from seventy to over eighty just in a minute. What made him astonished was that this arm was as flexible and controllable as before. Even the power of the spirit bone had been combined wholly with his spirit power.

This wasn’t an effect of the Wildfire Burns Without End, Spring Winds Blow New Life ability because Tang Hao’s arm had been cut off for six to seven

years. The reason why it could recover and get to this level was the effect of the Sea God’s Light. The Sea God’s Light had perfected the curing procedure.

Tang San checked Tang Hao’s left arm thoroughly before waving his Trident again to begin the treatment procedure for Tang Hao’s left leg. The procedure took two hours more. During this period, Tang Hao had been through more suffering.

Having successfully re-grow the right arm facilitated the process of recovering the left leg. During the process, Tang Hao looked even more relaxed than the beginning. When his left leg was totally recovered, his face paled. Even the spirit bone of right leg Blue Silver Emperor gave him a lot of energy, but the whole curing procedure depended on his own blood and energy. Growing limbs cost him a lot.

Tang San fed him another spirit pill and asked Tang Xiao to arrange a quiet place for him to recover. Tang San led Tang Hao to the room and helped him cultivate. On the one hand, it could help him recover the blood and energy the curing process had consumed; on the other hand, he could get to use his two spirit bones easier again.

When they just got out of the hall, A Yin and Xiao Wu saw Tang Hao with his complete body. A Yin couldn’t help but tempt to come over, Tang San

peered at her implying not to come. Although this is the first-time Tang San had helped people to recover their cut limbs, through the procedure, he understood that this was the most important time of Tang Hao’s healing process. It was not only he could recover his limbs completely, but also he would leap twenty levels of spirit power he had once lost due to cutting off his limbs. How much he could recover, they needed to wait for several

days to know.

Tang San led Tang Hao to the quiet room and let him sit down. Tang San sat behind him, asking Tang Xiao not to let anyone bother them. After that, he put both of his hands on his father’s back, activated the Sea God’s Light to cover his body and support his cultivation.

Tang Sang’ spirit power and blood were vigorous; moreover, Sea God’s Light was one of the Divine’s forces that could benefit his recovery a lot.

“Father, please ease your spirit power, do not resist the power I put into your body. Your body and mind should be relaxed. No matter what you feel, don’t active your spirit power to interfere my circulation.”

Tang Hao nodded. To his son, he had no reasons not to believe him. Especially, his son had just helped him recover the integrity of his body. He felt very excited now. In the meantime, he could feel his spirit power boiling after the recovery of his leg and arm. Under this circumstance, even

if he just opened his mouth to talk, his boiling spirit power could be released. Tang Hao used to be a talent his whole life as the youngest Title Douluo of the Continent. Even though this was the first time such a thing happened in Douluo Continent, still he was very careful to control his mouth. Under his son’s arrangement, he followed without worries. He didn’t know how to bring his boiling spirit power back to its peak like the previous time.

Tang San’s spirit power was both formidable and tender. It was like a vast ocean tremendously transferred into Tang Hao’s body. Tang Hao could feel very clearly that even though Tang San had the Clear Sky Hammer spirit just like his, but his spirit power was not similar at all. Tang Hao’s spirit power was extremely strong and fierce, quite contrast to the tender spirit power of Tang San, but there was a majestical force hidden in it.

After the spirit power lustily came into Tang Hao’s body, it immediately circulated in a very strange route that even Tang Hao didn’t know. It rapidly reached to the meridians that he never noticed before. The gentle spirit power suddenly turned into a sharp flow getting through those vessels. The anguish conquered himself at once made Tang Hao shrank in pain.

Tang Hao was very steadfast. He absolutely trusted his son. The anguish provoked him to burst, but he controlled it immediately, just let his son’ spirit power to reach deeper.

Because it was Tang San, if it were another person, Tang Hao would never leave his body under anybody’s control. One should know if you let an external spirit power move into your meridians if that one had bad intention, no doubt you would die.

A slight click happened inside Tang Hao’s body. Tang Hao only felt his body shaking. Right after that, a special force from the meridian he didn’t know how to name it struck out. The spirit power in his body paused, after a while, it stoutly moved again, following a certain path. The comfortable feeling of a body full of energy almost made Tang Hao screamed.

Tang San’s spirit power hadn’t stopped yet. It aimed to another meridian, getting in, breaking through. During this breaking through process, the spirit power inside Tang Hao’s body was gradually activated to move. Although it wasn’t thoroughly, the boiling strength after each time of one meridian broken was condensed. The enormous spirit power in his body gradually moved along with Tang San’s spirit power flow. The circulation became easier. Even though each time Tang San struck through his meridian, he felt an intense pain, but after the pain had gone off, the comfortable feeling emerged Tang Hao in a stage he never knew before.

What is my son doing? Tang Hao didn’t know. He couldn’t see that Tang San, who was sitting behind him, drenched with his own sweat just like he was sitting in a steam pot.

Tang San was using his Mysterious Heaven Skill internal force to help his father break through his extraordinary eight meridians. Doing it this way, no doubt was the best method to help Tang Hao recover all his spirit power.

Human being’s body in this world was the same with Tang San’s world in his previous life. Only the cultivation methods were different. Tang Hao used to have the most powerful strength in this world; his meridians were wider and tougher than normal people, they weren’t broken through yet.

During the meridians breaking through process, Tang San didn’t encounter any resistance. Tang Hao’s meridians were tough, though, they could bear the breaking impact of the Mysterious Heaven Skill internal force.

Finally, under Tang San’s effort, Tang Hao’s Conception and Governor Meridians were breaking through. Tang Hao felt an extreme feeling of getting through expanding all over his body. The enormous spirit power accumulated in his body that wasn’t controlled anymore, breaking out

furiously, pushing Tang San’s spirit power out of his body in just a blink. His spirit power was now circulating in its regular path. After one round had finished, his spirit power gained more. The vigorous spirit power brought Tang Hao to his peak once again.

Tang San slowly opened his eyes. His expression was awful. There was a line of blood at the corner of his mouth; it was because right after Tang Hao finished his meridians breaking through, his spirit power pushed Tang San’ spirit power out and impacted him.

But Tang San felt happy now. Father’s spirit power could push my spirit power back, it means father’ spirit power now is over level ninety-two – My spirit power level. At least he recovered to be a Title Douluo, proven that I’m right to break through his meridians!

At this time, Tang Hao’s body was covered with a strong dark halo. His extremely vigor threatened people. Just looked at him from behind, father looks so huge, this is what a Clear Sky Douluo should be!

Tang San happily closed his eyes starting to recover his spirit power. He used a lot of his spirit power to help his father, he even got hurt by his own spirit power counter-attack. But thanked to his sturdy body, those weren’t counted, in just a short time, he could recover to his peak strength.

When Tang Hao awakened from his cultivation, he turned around to look. His son wasn’t behind him. Just in a thought, the body sitting on the ground plunged into the air, stretching his right bright skin color arm and his bronze tan skin left arm. He could feel the full energy in him. This caused tears in his eyes, a very tough and stiff man.

When he cut off his limbs, his will had long ceased. He decided to live in reclusion. He never thought of himself recovered to the glory time of being strongest that he used to be.

His heroic wills in the past, at this time, seemed to come back with his recovered capacity.

“I’m back. Spirit Hall! TANG HAO IS BACK!”

He pushed the doors and stepped outside. Sun shone on his body. The dazzling lights couldn’t affect his eyesight. Just in a glance he saw A Yin waiting for him outside.

Tang Hao opened the doors suddenly, but when A Yin saw his integrity body, she couldn’t help but cry out, she stormed into her husband’s lap.

Tang Hao caressed his wife’s hair and smiled. He looked much younger. Even though there was dirt on him due to no bathing for a long time (ewww +_+), just took a look at him now, he was only a man in his 30s. His old features were washed away.

“A Yin, don’t cry. Where is Little San?”
A Yin lifted up her head, her teary eyes looked at Tang Hao:

“You have been cultivating for three days. Two days ago, Little San brought Xiao Vu back to Heave Dou City. My little son, he bears many burdens on his shoulders.

Tang Hao nodded in silent:

“I couldn’t believe that my own son gave me a chance to reborn. It was me, who couldn’t do it before, making him bear such pressure. But now I’m recovered, the Clear Sky Douluo is back. Who dares to mess with my son, I’ll turn him into ash.”

A Yin trembled:
“Hao-ge2 , did you recover?”
Tang Hao looked confidently at the sun:

“Even though I don’t know what he has done for me, but my capacity, it has been recovered and much more powerful than before. When you sacrificed for me, my spirit power was at level ninety-two. Later then, even when I got severe damages, my spirit power still increased to level ninety- five. But now, it has broken the limit to level ninety-six. Furthermore, I could feel my potentials are all awakened. I could feel all the power I’ve accumulated throughout those years is now released. I could be better in the short time. Now go, we need to see my big brother. It’s time for the Clear Sky School to return!”

————————————————- Heaven Dou City. Tang Sect.

It wasn’t changed much compared to five years ago. Stood in front of the gate were two big guards, their eyes showed how powerful they were. They looked astute, full of energy and Qi. Sometimes, their eyes sparkled randomly, glanced at the passengers crossing back and forth. Their power was condensed, just like two bombs that could explode at any minute.

Now, their eyes were focusing on two persons. Those two people were covered in long black coats. One of them held something long and narrow in his hand. Obviously, it was a weapon.

“Stop, Tang Sect’s restricted area. Do not come near.”

Tang Sect’s disciples came forwards, stopped that two persons in black coats, their eyes showed that they were alarmed now.

The man in black hold a long and thin packet in his hand, he put off the hat that revealed his long blue hair and a handsome face. His eyes were blue and deep as the vast ocean. When the Tang Sect’s disciple met his eyes, he was amazed, the alarm he had vanished right away. He didn’t protest at all.

Those two persons were Tang San and Xiao Wu. After giving assistance to his father to recover his body, Tang San and Xiao Wu promptly left the Clear Sky School getting back to Heaven Dou City. Xiao Wu’s appearance and his were very outstanding. They didn’t want other people to notice them, so they wore coats and hats. The place he chose to return first naturally was his home, where he had built himself, the Tang Sect.

This was Tang San’s foundation.

“Is the Strength Hall’s Master Titan here? Please notify him, that Tang San is back.”

Although there was just a gatekeeper standing in front of him, Tang San still behaved well. Thriving along with his capacity was his manners. In some special cases he would let his emotion to change, but now he

became calmer and wiser. Based on his appearance, no one could know he had a tremendous capacity.

Apparently, those two gatekeepers had been recruited during the five years Tang San wasn’t here. They didn’t recognize him. But they heard about “Tang San”. This was Tang Sect’s leader’s private name!

“You…are you Tang San?” The disciple asked.

Tang San laughed and said:
“What? There’s someone personated me?”

Two gatekeepers glared at each other, the one who just spoke to Tang San said again very carefully:

“Please be waiting, I’m going to report to them now.” He turned back and ran to the Sect.

Tang San nodded. He felt satisfied. When you see a sapling you could know what kind of tree it will become. It seemed that our Masters trained their disciples well!

He didn’t have to wait long. Just in a couple minutes, there was someone coming. But there was only one person coming out to see him. He was the Strength Hall Master’ son, father of Talon, Taino.

When Taino saw Tang San, he hurried forwards, said with respect: “Taino welcome the Sect’ Leader!”

The disciple who went away to notify the Sect came back with him. When he heard that Tang San was the Sect’s leader, he and the other gatekeeper immediately bowed and bent on their knees.

Tang San said, smiling:

“Taino uncle, no need to be too formal. Why only you’re here? Where are other Masters? Are they busy?”

Well, he was the Leader of the Sect. The Leader came back but no Masters came to greet him, it surprised him.

Taino said:

“Please don’t blame them. Currently, there’s only me in charge of the Sect. Others have followed the army to the front line.”

“To the front line?”
Tang San feared. He didn’t come in, asked:
“What’s happened? The war with Spirit Empire has begun?” Taino said:

“Ten days ago, Heaven Duo Empire’s Emperor came to the battlefield, he brought a hundred of myriads (4) soldiers, and over six thousand spirit masters with him to the front line. Our Tang Sect, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, the Shrek Academy, and the other masters went with him. My father asked me to tell you when you come back, please come to the front line to back them up.”

While Taino was talking, Tang San had many thoughts. His mind flicked fast; the situation was clear now. Apparently, Heaven Dou and Star Luo, the two Empires noticed the current situation of the Spirit Empire. They wouldn’t wait until the Spirit Empire gathered their force and invaded them. Who attacks first, gets more advantages! This strike was excellent, aimed to disorder the Spirit Empire’s formation and also took the advantage of being the vanguard. He didn’t need to ask to know that the Star Luo Empire already acted too.

“Leader, please come inside to discuss more.”

Taino stepped aside to clear the entrance. Tang San shook his head:

“No need, uncle Taino. I appoint you to be in charge of the Sect. It’s emergency, I need to run to the front line. Now I need to know the information. When did Xue Beng inherit the crown? Now, are there any spirit masters left to defend?”

—————- ——–

  1. (1)  1 tchi = 0,33 meter = 131 inches
  2. (2)  kowtow: kneel and touch the ground with the forehead in worship or

    submission as part of Chinese custom

  3. (3)  di = little brother, this word is used to call a male that’s younger than

    the speaker.

  4. (4)  Myriad: (chiefly in classical history) a unit of ten thousand: the army

    was organized on a decimal system, up to divisions of 10,000 or myriads.

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