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Four seconds of holding force was a strict condition for the Blue Sky Slowing God Claw to aim accurately. This status had to be held for ten seconds. In other words, in these ten seconds, these five Elders had to bear the deceleration suffering. Ten times slower. They hardly had the chance to defend the assault or activate their abilities.

However, these ten seconds would base on the victim and the holder’s mental power to vary its power. Physically, the five Elders were very strong, but they were mentally far behind Tang San. Obviously, they had to bear the entire 10 seconds of deceleration.

No doubt that the control ability of the Blue Sky Slowing God Claw was extreme. If it was used together with the Unfixed Storm of the Golden Thirteen Halberds, the constant control ability could be extremely powerful. The Clear Sky School’s Elders were the first ones to experience this terrifying power.

Those spirit abilities were prepared for Bibi Dong. Changes on the battlefield could happen in just a blink, and despite her immortal ability, Tang San was sure he could cause her some damages.

Five gold lights launched from the ground instantly turned into five solid cages in the middle of the air and imprisoned the five Elders separately. Under the control of Blue Sky Slowing God Claw, they couldn’t break the cages.

It was still the fourth spirit ability, the Blue Silver Prison, but the color of those cages had totally changed to gold. This wasn’t the effect of the Sea God’s Light. When the spirit rings upgraded its level to over five myriads years, it would skip the process of turning from Blue Silver Emperor to the cage, and from the cage to the Prompt. Moreover, the consolidation became way stronger. Even if the Clear Sky Hammer true form wanted to break this cage, it would take three strikes. Nonetheless, now, the five Elders couldn’t even make one strike.

Tang San surged force from his legs, his body plunged like a cannon interloped amidst the Elders. The Seagod Trident in his hand led a dim gold light crossing the cages and gently touched their chests. It left a tiny mark on each person.

After this simple action had been done, he retrieved the cages. At the same time, the Seagod Trident held in Tang San’s hand was heavily driven on the ground. In the loud sound of the explosion, five lights were emitted from the body of the Trident, shattered under the Elders’ feet respectively. This wasn’t an ability, it was Tang San using force from the Trident’s massive weight combined with his spirit power. They only saw five figures were thrown away, rolling fifty-some meters before they could stop.

Ten seconds of being stunned was over. The five Elders rose up from the ground one by one. The Second Elder, who got struck by Tang San’s Purple God Light was the last one to get up. His face paled. He was struck up mentally and hadn’t recovered yet. Obviously just in a short time, he couldn’t recover, his innermost was hurt even more.

It was true that no one thought Tang San himself alone could beat the five Elders of the Clear Sky School. Once they combined to fight against him, even if he were equipped with the Seagod Trident, definitely he wouldn’t be able to resist. However, Tang San didn’t give them a chance to attack him, he performed his ability of the Control System perfectly. From the beginning to the end, all went according to what he had planned.

Tang San’s eyes were calm. But those calm eyes made the Elders gloomy. In their minds, his eyes were telling them, if it weren’t for my mercy, you would be dead by now.

In fact, it was true. Their capacities couldn’t stop the tremendous pressure of the Seagod Trident. If Tang San wanted them to die, just with that short time, they could have died ten times already!

The Second Elder’s facial expression was as gray as a dead person. The crowd screamed in shock seeing him activated his Clear Sky Hammer and struck directly to his own head. He was now the Chief Elder of the Clan, he couldn’t bear the

humiliation of being defeated by a third generation disciples. In front of the whole members of the Sect, he wasn’t brave enough to continue his life.


A gold blue light sudden blasted. The Second Elder could only feel his body tensed, his whole body was covered with the Blue Silver Emperor’s shining light. This was Tang San’s second spirit ability of Blue Silver Emperor, the Parasite.

“Bastard! Now I can’t even kill myself?”

The Second Elder scolded furiously. The dark halo of his Clear Sky Hammer burst out. His body glowed in a dark gold light. He explicitly determined to break the Blue Silver Emperor – Parasite, the five myriads years spirit bone’s ability. However, as a result of pushing his own energy too much, he ended up vomiting blood.

“Being the Chief of the Elders, do you want to die irresponsibly like that? I say you can’t die, you will not die!”

Tang San said coldly:

“Here, take a look and see what it is.”

A golden light sudden flashed. The Second Elder unconsciously caught the item Tang San threw to him. When it came clear to his eyes, he only felt dizzy, his attempt to suicide was washed away. His body couldn’t help but tremble.

“This is…this is the Big Uncle’s Clear Sky Token?”

The Second Elder’s voice was shaking terribly. When they heard his words, despite the shame of being defeated, the other four hurried over to take a look.

Tang San slowly spoke:

“The Five Great Elders, you are in the same generation with my great grandfather. Without his order, I don’t dare to be insolent. My great grandfather granted this Clear Sky Token. He asked me to tell you: the Clear Sky School is the Clear Sky Clan of the top of the world!”

It wasn’t what Tang Chen had said to him, Tang San faked it, but seeing this situation, if Tang Chen had been here, he would have absolutely agreed with him.

Five Elders glared each other. Second Elders stepped forwards, giving back the Token to Tang San, in a serious manner, he said:

“Please, take the host.”

Tang San wasn’t humble, he walked confidently in front of them, his back faced the cliff, looking at the five Elders.

The Second Elder lowered his voice, he talked solemnly:

“All members of the School listen to my order, greet the Clear Sky Token!”

While talking, he came forward to face a dark glass token, which carved a small gold hammer in the middle, holding up high in Tang San’s hand, he then bowed in respect.

Following him, the other four also bent down on their knee to consecrate. Next to them, Tang Xiao was dumbstruck, he also bent down to worship. One could see how important and powerful the Clear Sky Token was, even the leader of the Sect had to bow down.

Hundreds of members of the Clear Sky School quickly bent on their knees, facing the Token in Tang San’s hand and bowed.

The coldness on Tang San’s face ceased and became modest. He rose the Elders and his big uncle up, one by one.

Tang Xiao couldn’t help, asked:

“Little San, your capacity now is granted from your great grandfather?”

Tang San nodded and said:

“If it wasn’t him who taught me, how could I have improved that much just in five years. My bad words and the provoking I made, please forgive me.”

One’s behaviors should be reasonable, Tang Yuehua of the Moon Pavilion told him this. This was also the plan he made before returning to the Clear Sky School. Powerful capacity, and supported by the Clear Sky Token from great grandfather, arrogant and then humble. Those were suitable with what Tang Yue Hua had told him, also helped him expose the true power of the Clear Sky Token.

If he didn’t do that, even if he hauled the token right when he just got there, his position in the Elders’ eyes wouldn’t be the holder of the Token. It would become more complicated and take more effort, even though he would get what he wanted eventually. So, just fought with them first, broke what they were proud the most, then used the Clear Sky Token, no one would doubt him anymore. Because they couldn’t figure out how or what made him became that formidable spirit master, he was just twenty-five years old this year!

He defeated the five great Elders and then he showed them the Token just to help them seek a way out. Let’s ask, get defeated by the descendant of the Clear Sky

School’s Clear Sky Doulou Tang Chen, the most powerful leader in the history who led the Sect to the top of the world, what is there to be ashamed about?

Indeed, after listening to Tang San, the five Elders still peered at him doubtingly, though there was relief in their eyes.

The Second Elder looked at the Clear Sky Token in Tang San’s hand with respect. He said:

– What did he advise?

Tang San’s face became significant, he said in a low voice:

“My great grandfather understood all matters happened in our School. He said grandfather’s decision was the biggest mistake since the School has been established. Although we could root the foundation of the Clear Sky School, we lost the most precise treasure, which is the triumphant belief. It’s true that the Spirit Hall is strong, but they are not invincible. Back then, when the School was facing the threat of the Spirit Hall, if we could protest stubbornly together with the other two Clans of the Three Great Clans, and called out to the other Sects for help, the Spirit Hall definitely wouldn’t dare to contempt us. But our School decided to withdraw. We decided to leave members of other sects who were faithful to us. We decided to leave our leagues leading to the unbalanced situation between the Seven Great Clans and the Spirit Hall. That made them become more arrogant and formed their empire. This causes chaos over the Continent.”

When Tang San finished, the Elders looked at each other. Tang Xiao’s facial expression grimaced. Well, at that time the one who decided was Tang San’s grandfather, the former Leader of the Clear Sky School. By saying that Tang San negated his grandfather’s decision.

“Back to that year, was it my father who made mistakes? Great grandfather granted me this Clear Sky Token so I can be able to solve my father’s matter officially. It’s true that the Spirit Hall was putting pressure on us because of my father. But, without that matter, would the Spirit Hall tempt to provoke us? Let say that if there was someone who wanted to kill your wife, what would you do? My father just wanted to protect my mother so he hurt the former Supreme Pontiff of the Spirit Hall badly. He only counted on himself to fight against many strong spirit masters of the Spirit Hall. I’m proud of him. He didn’t insult our School’s reputation. Besides, my mother, she chose to sacrifice herself to rescue my father. After that, what did the School do to my father? You didn’t offer help but instead, expelling him! It still hurts him until today. He cut his limbs to repay the good things you’ve done for him, and he even returned the spirit bones given by the School. Now I would like to ask you, if that year, the Leader of the School wasn’t my grandfather, but my great grandfather, what would have happened? I’m twenty-five years old this year. My father has been suffered from being an amputee for twenty years. Today even if my grandfather was to come back from his death, I still wanted to ask for justice for my father!”

His words were so resolutely determined. His emotion burst out, his body was shaking with feelings.

Listening to Tang San’s words, the third and fourth generation members looked at each other, their facial expressions were different, but almost all of them sank into their own thoughts. The Clear Sky School decided to leave the spirit master world so they could live here in peace. However, for those who possessed the Clear Sky Hammer spirits of, would they want to endure a quiet life?

Tang Xiao couldn’t help, he said:

“At that time, father was afraid of the power of the Spirit Hall, he decided to stay in reclusion. He was suffered inside too, he missed Hao-di (1) so much, before he died, he recalled his name. Although his decision was conservative, it was a step back to move forward. One can’t be sure it was a mistake. When we have the chance, we will expose ourselves again in the spirit master world.”

Tang San shook his head and sighed:

“Uncle, I understand your idea. But the fact that that year the Clear Sky School decided to back off resulted in the death of many members. Furthermore, you think that, if now we declare to be back, the situation would be better?
Currently, the Spirit Hall has established the Spirit Empire. Those kingdoms near Heaven Dou Empire and Star Luo Empire and some other countries are its core members. Also, many myriads spirit masters formed a tough force staying beside

the two great empires, taking a large area from them. The Clear Sky School gave in, the Blue Lighting Tyrant Dragon Family had ceased, the Seven Treasure Glazed Title Clan was severely damaged. Spirit masters in the whole world have no choice. At that time, the Spirit Hall occupied around fifty percent of the spirit masters in the world, but now it must be over eighty percent at least. Under these circumstances, if the Clear Sky School decided to return, could we stop the wave? We have no leagues now. Will the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan trust us, the Clear Sky School who only knows how to dodge and stay in seclusion?”

Seeing the members looked vaguely, Tang San said in a serious tone:

“I don’t know if you still remember, due to the seclusion of the Clear Sky School, the Four Single Attribute Clans were in bad crisis. Do you know how much they hate our School, even more than the hatred they have for the Spirit Hall? Because we had abandoned them, they had to live miserably. Their Clans were almost being wiped out. It is just a part of the spirit masters that counts on the Clear Sky School. We have been living in silence for over twenty years, now we are back, do you think our voices will be heard? Who would trust us again? Our reputation is imprinted with betrayal and cowards, who only want to stay away from troubles.”

Second Elder blankly said:

“Everything should be done had been done. Might be you are right. Tang San, where is big uncle? If he can return to lead us, even when the Clear Sky School are now going down, with his reputation, we can control the spirit master world.

Tang San rose the Clear Sky Token again, he said loudly:

“When my great-grandfather gave this Token to me, he decided not to go back to the School. If the School keeps being a coward, you will cease gradually. If you put effort, at least we still have a chance to recover. If we want to recover our reputation that the Clear Sky School used to have, we must act to prove to the spirit master world rather than wait here. Waiting here without any results.

The Second Elder peered at Tang San, then turned to Tang Xiao, he said solemnly:

“Tang San, uncle gave you this Clear Sky Token, he meant to appoint you to take the Leader Position?”

Tang Sang was stunned listening to the Second Elder. He could guess the power of this Clear Sky Token on the Sect, but after he heard what the Second Elder said, he finally understood the deep meaning behind the Token. Tang Chen had made the glorious days of the School, his words could change anything mattered to the School. This Clear Sky Token represented him; even if he wanted to change the leader now, it wasn’t a big deal.

Tang San, who had just defeated the five Great Elders, was enough to prove that he was capable of the leader position. Nevertheless, he was too young. The Five Elders could stay calm from being defeated and listened to him, of course, it was related to Tang Chen and his powerful Token, but also because of Tang San’s true power! In their eyes, Tang San was like Tang Chen who could lead the Clear Sky

School back to the glory again, he was even more excellent than his great grandfather. Tang Chen was a rare talent of the Clear Sky school in hundreds of years, but no matter who he was, he couldn’t be compared to Tang San when he was at the age of twenty-five.

Tang San looked at his uncle. In Tang Xiao’s eyes, he saw his impassible feeling. It was like Tang Xiao got everything clear. One could see the loss, the regret in his eyes, but more than that, it was pains. He felt painful because of the Clear Sky School’s situation now.

Tang San shook his head determinedly:

“My great grandfather didn’t tell me to take the leader position. He just told me that, with the Clear Sky Token, I could be the chief of the Elders, The Elders Hall should support me, and I have my rights to interfere with anything happened in the School.

Tang Xiao suddenly said:

“Little San, I don’t mind this leader position, you don’t need to keep my honor. You are still young, determined, you have the true power, and you are the descendant of great grandfather. You should be the leader. Only under your lead, the Clear Sky School could finally get back to the peak of glory in the spirit master world.

“No, uncle, please listen to me.”

Tang San stopped him immediately:

“Uncle, I really can’t take the leader position. First, I created the Tang Sect. Furthermore, I received the award from the Heaven Dou Empire. From my identity, if I’m the leader of the Clear Sky School, the School will be more dependent. Moreover, I’m still very young, my credit is not enough. Please ease your minds, Tang San is always a member of the Clear Sky School. Once I’m still alive, I will always support the School to get back to its peak of glory.

Tang Xiao still wanted to say something, Tang San turned to the other Elders:

“I wonder if you Elders accept my words?”

The Five Elders looked at each other, then turned to the Clear Sky Token in Tang San’s hand and bent their knees:

“Receiving the Clear Sky Order, greeting to the Chief Elder.”

The loud sound echoed, other members of the School also bent on their knees. Among them, not many people had a chance to meet Tang Chen, they only had heard about him. It seemed that they were conquered by Tang San and what he said, not by the Token. Young people are always full of enthusiasm. Who doesn’t want their School to be the strongest School again? This place was quiet but too lonely. Over twenty years, the Clear Sky School had brought up a generation of

powerful spirit masters, but it also controlled their enthusiasm. Now Tang San was here, he was the best choice to fix this situation.

“Please get up, Elders. I hope that we could work together as one mind and one strength to bring the Clear Sky School to its glory again.”

Tang San breathed a relief. Returning to the School, at this time, he basically got what he wanted.

“Now I have two things to do. First, I want to worship my ancestors with my father, to fulfill the obligation of posterity. Another thing is to invite Tang Hao, my father, to return to the School, and by the name of the School, give him back his two spirit bones.”

The Five Elders groaned inside. They, of course, understood Tang San’s personal intention. But they looked up to his true capacity. When they heard Tang San’s requests, they nodded in agreement.

Tang San said:

“So, uncle and the Elders, please return to the School. I’m going to take my father and mother here.”

He turned around, attempted to go while talking. “Wait a second.”

Tang Xiao’s voice trembled, he grabbed Tang San’ shoulders:

“Chief Elder, what did you just say? Your…mother?”

Tang San smiled:

“Just consider it is a surprise to you. Then you can see my mother again.”

Tang Xiao’s eyes expression changed constantly. The light in his eyes was like sparkling starlight.

“I’m going with you to pick up Hao-di.”

He didn’t wait for Tang San to say anything. The leader of the Clear Sky School plunged like an arrow towards to suspended bridge. He disappeared in a blink.

Tang San was shocked, he turned to the Elders. The Elders took a deep breath and said in unison:

“We will wait for you at the School.”

When Tang San arrived from the sky to the village, he caught the scene of his uncle and father facing each other. Tang Xiao’s lips were trembling hard, he looked at Tang Hao and then A Yin, his eyes turned red with tears.

“Da-ge (2)…”

Tang Hao said emotionally.

Tang Xiao walked forward, his hand embraced his disabled brother. Just a moment ago at the peak, he was angry because of what Tang San said about his father’s decision (Tang San’s grandfather). But now, seeing his dear brother with his incomplete limbs, his anger vanished.

Not long ago, Tang Hao was the crown prince that he envied, the most talented of the Clear Sky School. Before leaving, great grandfather admitted that Tang Hao was the one who could inherit his legacy. He used to be the crown prince, now he was a disabled. Tang Xiao’s heart was painful and mournful like his heart was bleeding.

Why, why wasn’t I brave enough to doubt father’s decision? My brother has been suffering until now. Father, my father, you were completely wrong! Now can you see it? The son you loved the most was in this disadvantages. Over twenty years, because of your decision, the Clear Sky Clan has been decreasing, my brother was…

“Hao-di, sorry to let you suffer.”

Tears were rolling down on his face.

“Da-ge …”

Tang Hao never thought that his brother, the current leader would come to pick him up. His innermost was shaking with emotions. His affection, which had been controlled for over twenty-five years, now burst out uncontrollably. For such a long time apart, now hugging each other one more time, this feeling made his heart trembled. Just like the day his brother and he were playing in the world of the spirit masters.


A Yin’s face was covered with tears, she walked forwards to stand beside Tang Hao, looking at Tang Xiao.

Two brothers let their hands off, Tang Xiao looked at A Yin in disbelief:

“A Yin, you, you …”

A Yin smiled faintly:

“A Hao had protected me for twenty-five years. Finally, he could be able to use Little San’s power to bring me back to life. I couldn’t believe it, I can still see you again, brother.”

Tang Xiao looked at A Yin, he whispered:

“You’d made the right choice. I was just a coward, I wasn’t brave enough to love you. Hao-di is stronger than me, much stronger.”

Tang San walked to them and muttered:

“Father, Mother, Uncle, we should go up to consecrate our ancestors.”

He was so tempted to recover his father’s limbs, he couldn’t help but remind them.

Tang Xiao recovered from his complicated emotions. He peered at Tang Hao:

“Hao-di, could you forgive father? He had his own torments. At that time, grandfather wasn’t there (Tang Chen – Tang San’s great grandfather), father was afraid that the Clear Sky School would be cleared by his hands, he…

Tang Hao shook his head:

“Ge, why are you still mentioning it? I just wanted to bow in front of father’s plaque. It was me who was disloyal. I failed him.”

Tang Xiao’s eyes reddened again, he held Tang Hao’ shoulders tight:

“Little San was right. The School should apologize you. We should return to the Sect now.”

Everybody plunged up. Tang Xiao wanted to assist Tang Hao, Tang Hao denied. Over twenty years, his arrogance had never changed.

The Clear Sky School, behind the mountain.

Tang Xiao, Tang Hao, and Tan San were standing in front of the Elders. A Yin and Xiao Wu stood behind them.

Standing in front of them was a stone grave with the extreme lonely feeling. Tang San was mad at his grandfather, but now seeing that lone grave, he only felt his grandfathers begrudge and pains before he passed away.

Tang Hao bent on his knee, his lips clenched, he banged his head when bowing. When he rose up again, his forehead was covered with dark red substance.

Tang San bent down just like his father did, A Yin and Xiao Wu followed behind them. No one said a word, but the mournful feelings were spreading all over them.

Tang Hao had been there, bending on his knee for the whole three days without any rest nor sleep. Tang San was with him. They didn’t say any words in three days.

A Yin and Xiao Wu were there to keep them company.

When three days were over, Tang Hao finally lifted his head up. Three continuous days without rest nor sleep, his eyes were bloodshot.

“Father, please rest. The disloyal Tang Hao and his son, Tang San, will definitely assist big brother to improve the Clear Sky School.”

After bowing nine times, Tang Hao rose up, Tang San assisted him by taking his hand, they turned and left.

Tang Xiao and the Five Elders were waiting for them at the conference hall. They had been waiting here for three days. When Tang Hao, Tang San, and their wives entered the hall, all of them stood up.

Seeing the red circles under his eyes, Tang Hao couldn’t help but ask:

“Hao-di, Little San was right, the School, we should apologize to you.”

Tang Hao shook his head:

“Let the past go.”

It was just a simple sentence, but it shook the Elders. Looking at his incomplete

body, they could totally imagine how much he’d been suffered to get through those years. But he only said a simple sentence to wash it away. It was enough to make them ashamed.

Tang Xiao himself guided Tang Hao to his seat. Tang San’ seat was over the Five Elders, next to Tang Xiao’s. With the Clear Sky Token, his position in the Clear Sky School was the most powerful Elder, his words could even replace the Leader’s.

A Yin pulled Xiao Wu and took her outside. This place was for men’s discussion. She understood the situation well. Xiao Wu, before she went out, she couldn’t help but bat an intimate look to Tang San. A Yin felt warm with that.

There were two wooden boxes on the table next to Tang Xiao. Tang San knew one of them, it held two spirit bones that father had given back to the Clear Sky School.

Tang Xiao first took that box, he walked to Tang Hao. Tang Xiao sighed, gave him the box:

“Hao-di, the Sect apologizes to you. These are your spirit bones.”

Tang Hao smiled faintly:

“The Sect has given me my life, my strength. All of me belong to the Sect. But all I had done failed you. I’m so sorry. I only hope I could do something for you at the end of my life.”

Tang Xiao felt flustered, he couldn’t help but ask:

“Hao-di, , this leader position should be…”

Tang Hao stopped him:

“Don’t say it, ge. I only want to assist you.”

Tang Xiao inhaled a deep breath. He tried to keep the tears from rolling down. He went to the table again, lifted up another wooden box, this one was much bigger.

This time, he came to Tang San, gave him the box.

Tang San was surprised:

“Uncle, what is this?”

Tang Xiao lowered his voice:

“This is the devise from Lou Gao – the Divine Craftsman.”

“Devise?” Tang San stood up quickly, a thick pressure from his body sudden released which made people’s heart pace fasten, though they were strong spirit masters.

Receiving the wooden box, Tang San couldn’t believe it, he peered at Tang Xiao:

“Uncle, master Lou Gao, he…”

Tang Xiao said mournfully:

“He was the most stubborn craftsman I’ve ever seen. It isn’t exaggerated to call him “the craziest caster”. After you brought him here. He didn’t sleep or rest. He was just casting every day. I couldn’t even stand it though I just assisted him. Three months ago, was his last cast, he told me to give you his last masterpiece. After that, he didn’t let me help him in casting. At the last moment, he put himself to enhance the flame to complete the last cast. These are the things he had made in five years, also his last ones.”

“If you said so, even his remain is…”

Tang San looked at the wooden box in his hand, fog rose in his eyes.

Tang Xiao nodded:

“This masterpiece is his last cast. After that, his two assistants took the smelters that he used to use. They said that they were going to take it back to your Tang Sect. It’s weird that they weren’t sad. They left happily. At his last casting, Lou Gao was laughing out loud, his assistants also yelled: Congratulations on your completion of the divine masterpieces.”

Tang San’s hands shivered opening the big box.

When it just opened, a sharp airflow that nothing could compare spreading over the hall.

The bottom drawer of the dirty wooden box held many completed drawings. Something was put on the drawings.

A cylinder about one tchi (3) long carved with a peacock hidden in clouds; three gold lotuses with a ruby mosaicked in the center; forty-nine dark silver plates; a weird shape silver smelter about half a tchi long, and more than ten other items in dark silver color.

(1) Di : Younger brother
(2) Da-ge: Big brother
(3) Tchi: it is an ancient Chinese unit used to measure length, 1 tchi = 33,3 cm ~ 13


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