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Tang San stood still right where he was, he wasn’t beaten up to a pulp of flesh as he thought. Quite the contrary, the Seventh Elder had been blown hard, his body rolled wildly in mid-air before it dropped to the ground. When he landed, it took him several steps back to balance himself. Both of his hands were still trembling.

The whole mountain peak was silent, there was only explosion sound gradually fading out there.

Who could think it would happen like this? Tang San stood on top of the mountain arrogantly, holding the Seagod Trident in his hand, he was looking down on the whole world.

The Second Elder and the other Elders’ eyes were widely opened in shock. They basically couldn’t believe this was true. Just said that Seventh Elder didn’t use any spirit abilities on his strike earlier, but he was still a Title Douluo, and the weight of the Clear Sky Hammer was at least over five thousand jin (1). Putting down that mass weight from a vertical direction like that, you could imagine the damage. But Tang San easily took it as nothing, he defeated the Seventh Elder again with zero tolerance. And of

course, they couldn’t explain how Tang San did that without releasing any spirit.

Tang San held up the Seagod Trident, and stamped it on the ground. The loud noise appeared again. The whole Clear Sky School’s fortress started to shake vehemently. From where he was standing, cracks started to expand on the ground. Even Tang Xiao, a powerful spirit master, could feel the ground under his feet vibrating.

Tang San didn’t release his spirit but he could defend the Seventh Elder’s attack, apparently, it was because of the Seagod Trident, also because his body was now reaching a new formidable stage. After consuming the spirit rings and spirit bones of the two great spirit beasts, the Giant Titan Ape and the Blue Sky Bull Python, both of his physical attributes and power were elevated to an extremely terrified level. Since his skin color turned to gold, his body was not a mortal body anymore. Thus, even though the Seventh Elder was powerful, if he didn’t use spirit abilities, he shouldn’t think about hurting Tang San.

“So now am I eligible to talk to you Elders?” Tang San said stolidly.
The second Elder coldly spoke to him:

“Tang San, the reason why you get back here is to defiantly provoke the School? Though you have the ability, you didn’t respect the Elders, and you are showing your power to threaten the School, what kind of sin is that?”

Tang San said in his distant manner:

“I didn’t show any disrespect to the Elders, neither did I threaten anyone. I only want justice for my father. Well, it was you who started first, I only self-defend.”

“Good, Tang San, I want to know how good your cultivation level is!”

Seventh Elder got shocked again, his anger expanded rapidly, however, through this confrontation, he had now fully recognized how dangerous Tang San was, especially the trident in his hand. Dark halo started moving, suddenly, the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand was getting bigger. Now he was holding two hammers, two Clear Sky Hammer spirit true form in his hands. Two spirit abilities. His eyes sparkled with anger, attempting to fight again.

At this time Tang Xiao had no way to stop the Elders. Tang San was too arrogant. The sound of the previous impact and the School got shaken caused by Tang San alarmed the whole School. A lot of the Clear Sky

School’s disciples flowed out, standing behind the Elders, looking at Tang San’s trident on top of the mountain in awe.

“Wait a second!”
“Tang San yelled, paused the Seventh Elder’s move.” The second Elder growled:
“What else do you want to say?”
Tang San said stolidly:

“What you Elders said makes me become a rebel of the School. If I win this fight, I hope that you Elders and the other members of the School would let me explain on my father’s action in the past.”

The second Elder was filled with anger:

“Even when you can defeat the Seventh. You don’t have the incivility to do that. Seventh, TAKE HIM! You need me to repeat the third time?”

The Seventh Elder was extremely furious. He was pushed back by a young man in his twenties, a third generation disciple, TWICE. He couldn’t hold

the damage to his reputation. He roared, holding the hammer in his left hand, the Clear Sky true form flying towards Tang San.

Just like the last time, Tang San didn’t attempt to release his spirits. He held the Sea God three-pronged spear in his right hand, suddenly took one step forwards, the left hand clenched into a fist and punched the forthcoming Clear Sky’s true form. A gold halo formed on his left fist. The air was twisted into a big twirl zone around the gold halo area, just like the air was compressed by this frightful halo. Each of them could feel the air around condensed and compressed. Just in a moment, his left punch collided with the Seventh Elder’s Clear Sky’s true form.

A massive pillar of gold light burst out from Tang San’s fist impacted with the Clear Sky’s true form. It was so fierce compared to the time that the hammer and the trident had collided. The sound of the collision was like a massive explosion. The Seventh Elder’s changed his facial expression, releasing another hammer.

Two hammers united and spouted out two horrifying columns of black light. Only at that time he could reluctantly hold up Tang San’s massive light pillar which as heavy as a mountain. But the gold light was still pushing forwards, and steadily forced the Seventh Elder to step back. His face turned to a purple-pink color. No clue it was because of the force or because he was furious.

The other four Elders’ grimace became intense. Other disciples dropped their jaws in surprise. Apparently, Tang San neither used the power of spirit nor the spirit rings. This was just the spirit bones’ ability.

Wait, did he only use one spirit bones ability to defend two spirits true forms of the Seventh Elder? How formidable is he?

The Seventh Elder was being forced to back off thirty steps constantly. Tang San rose his left hand in a powerful way: two Clear Sky’s true forms followed the gold light in his hand flying up to the sky. A loud explosion echoed in the middle of the air, halos lingered on the spirits true form vanished. Two spirits fell down. The Seventh Elder quickly summoned them back to avoid breaking them.

It wasn’t because the Clear Sky Hammers were too weak, it was because Tang San had generated a compelling attack. The spirit bone on Tang San’s left hand was the one taken from the Titan Giant Ape, named the left hand Giant Titan Ape spirit bone. This spirit bone gave him two great abilities, one was the Gravity Control and the other was the Titan Firmament Cannon that he had just performed.

The Titan Firmament Cannon used the Gravity Control ability to compress the air, and turned it into an intimidating energy source to facilitate the Titan Firmament Cannon to perform at full capacity. This power was strong

enough to compare with a regular ninth spirit ring ability from a Title Douluo. Tang San did show his mercy. The assault from his left hand was forced to explode in mid-air, if he didn’t, the Seventh Elder couldn’t simply back off thirty steps like that.

Three times defeated the Seventh Elder without releasing the spirits. The seventh Elder was infuriated, however, he couldn’t help to fear inside. He couldn’t explain Tang San’s capacity. Why it suddenly became so strong?

Tang San looking at Tang Xiao and the Second Elder, stolidly said:

“Defeated the Seventh Elder can’t present anything, so, I hope to duel with all five of the Elders. If I can defeat you, shall I have my right to speak?”

“Little San!”

Tang Xiao, after listening to him, he uttered in terror. Just take one person to deal with the Clear Sky School’s five Great Elders? Even though he was the strongest member of the Clear Sky School now, he couldn’t be sure. Although these five Elders achieved Title Douluo when they were already old, and their spirit rings weren’t the best ones, they were still at Title Douluo! Furthermore, they all had the Clear Sky Hammer as their spirits. By saying that, Tang San were obviously looking down on the Great Five Elders. The Elders’ faces were indignantly paled.

Tang San did that on purpose. Up to now, he had never been reckless. He didn’t show the token that his Great Grandfather gave him right then because he knew that even though he had the token, if he weren’t strong enough, those Elders wouldn’t listen to him. Would they give him back his father’s spirit bones? It would be impossible. Big Uncle was on his side, but from the beginning, he also thought that it was father’s fault. Under such circumstance, Tang San couldn’t carried on using this method.

In the world of the spirit master, ability ruled. Tang San wanted to use his ability to enthrall all of the members of the Sect, even his big uncle Tang Xiao. That was the only way to make others believe him. This would give him a real chance to recover his father’s reputation. Although it was forceful and violent, but it was also the most time-consuming way. Up to now, Tang San didn’t prepare to leave his father at the Clear Sky School, nor counted on the Sect to help him protest against the Spirit Empire in the future. He just wanted to use this way to get his purpose.

The Second Elder walked slowly, the other three followed him, each of their steps looked intense, the spirit rings on their body were still being released one by one. Tang San had provoked their power, their reputation, it was no triumph to them, five versus one. From the way Tang San had fought with the Seventh Elder, if they would have to fight him alone, they couldn’t be this young man’s opponents. Their mind was very complicated now. It was not only Tang San who had provoked them, but it was also that they were amazed, very amazed. They didn’t know what had happened to him during

the past five years, apparently, the present Tang Hao’s son had totally changed, just like he was born again into a formidable person.

The Seventh Elders came back to their formation, at the last position. His face grimaced, his eyes were serious.

This fight, for the Five Elders, was the hardest challenge. Even though they had never thought that they would fail, if they won, there was still no glory at all. Tang San grabbed his braveness to provoke them, they had to fight back. It had to be done regardless how hard it could be. Anyway, he who possessed this excellent capacity, to the Sect it was very crucial and bizarre.

Tang San’s face became serious when facing the Elders. This time he encountered only five Title Douluo, but he understood this wouldn’t be easier than the time he faced Bibi Dong with her six Title Douluo. With the Clear Sky Hammer spirit of the School, these Elders were way more powerful than the six Title Douluo Bibi Dong had brought with her.

Moreover, at that time, to back up the Forest King, they just needed to run away, today he had to defeat all five Elders.

The divine light in his eyes expanded, Tang San finally released his spirit. The Blue Silver Emperor was released. Just in a blink, a gold-blue halo from his body spouted out endless blue and gold beams that made the air around him twisted in waves. Tang San held the Seagod Trident in his right hand, his whole body was covered in the gold-blue halo. Facing such vast pressure, he didn’t feel fear. His spirit rings started to appear from his legs upwards. His Qi became denser each time a spirit ring appeared. In a moment, the pressure he generated wasn’t less than that from the Elders.

The five Elders almost paused their pace at the same time, they couldn’t hide the fear in their eyes seeing each spirit ring appeared on Tang San’s body.

Black, black, black, black, red, black, red, red, and red. Nine spirit rings silently revolved around Tang San.

At this moment, in front of the Clear Sky School, on this peak, there were hundreds of people but no sound was made.

At the beginning, the five Elders had given him three quests, Tang San with his spirit rings now simply answered at least two of them.

Under the glittering red light of four ten myriads (1) years spirit rings, nine spirit rings represented Tang San’s level and theirs were the same, they

were all Title Douluo. All spirit rings were over fifty thousand years showed how strong he was now. Even Tang San hadn’t given them evidence to prove that he killed one Title Douluo of the Spirit Hall, but now, no one, even Tang Xiao or the five Elders could doubt about the fact that he did finish the three given quests, in a perfect way on top of that.

The second Elder startled, looked at Tang San, the rage in his eyes were mostly washed away:

“How did you do that?”
Tang San simply answered him, just two words: “Through difficulties.”

Just two words, but it made the members who were standing on this Clear Sky School peak shivered. How old is he? Twenty-five, right? Nine dozens thousand years spirit rings did not only represented his super power but also proved how much effort and difficulties he had been through.

The worry in Tang Xiao’s eyes was replaced by excitement. He could see the image of the Leader, grandpa Tang Chen, who had led the Clear Sky Clan to the top of the world in Tang San now. He also saw in him the hope for the Clear Sky School in the future.

Tang San slowly raised the Seagod Trident, the mark on his forehead glowed, the red color of the seventh spirit ring, just at that moment, his body totally bathed into gold blue.

Second Elders suddenly calmed down, he said in a low tone:

“Not bad, with your ability right now, you are eligible to speak to us. I’ll take back what I said. But you disrespected the 5 Great Elders, you must be punished for that. If you admit that you made mistakes, we will not over react, we will just punish you.”

Tang San held up his trident lazily and said:

“My father didn’t do anything wrong that year. Neither do I. I didn’t want to provoke your reputation. I want to tell all of you that the Clear Sky Clan’s been wrong for over twenty years!”

While he was talking, a sparkling gold light from his forehead spotted to the Sea God’s Heart on the Seagod Trident. In a blink, thousands of radiant beams blasted over the mountain height. The halo on the Seagod Trident bloomed in a golden moving pattern. The gold light on the Spear was rippling. The pressure from his Qi broke out fiercely that forced the Elders’ Qi back to themselves. From this moment, Tang San became the core of the peak.

“It’s the Seagod Trident, weighs about 108,000 jin (2) (~140,390 lbs, Wikipedia). You guys should be careful.”

While he was still talking, all the surroundings suddenly changed into a gold-blue color. The figure of Tang San disappeared from their sight.


The Second Elder yelled, five of them stood back to back to form a pentagonal formation, they released the Clear Sky’s true form at once. They formed a black pentagon in Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain. Their Qi united as if they were one.

They were all Title Douluo with similar spirits, they had been training together for decades. Soon they created a joint’s fighting formation. Even if they had to face the recent strongest spirit master of the world, they would not back off.

“Hammer Shaking Sky and Earth!”

The Second Elder roared. All the five raised their Clear Sky Hammers. Five dark light pillars condensed into one huge light column at once, breaking through Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain, flying straight into the sky.

Beams started to appear inside the Blue Silver Domain, but they couldn’t break in the pentagon formed by the Elders. Whenever the gold beam tried to approach the column, the dark light ejected it immediately. The weakening effect of the Blue Silver Domain hadn’t done anything.

Right at that moment, the five Elders felt their hearts beat at the same frantic pace. The gold blue surrounding now turned to red. Tang San appeared thirty tchi (3) far from them. The air was condensed. Space twisted. All seemed to turn into a reddish cube of glass. Red magic clouds rippled one by one beneath Tang San’s feet.

This was Tang San’s eighth spirit ability, the Blue Silver Orca Mirror’s Assimilation.

Seeing their bodies were going to be frozen, all five Elders yelled, in a blink, dark lights were like a cage soaring up high, covered all of them. A low explosion boomed. The red space seemed to be crashed, tore into big ragged pieces.

Being affected, Tang San cried out and backed off. Though the spirit ability countered him, he didn’t get hurt. Going through the enhancement by many extreme spirit rings and spirit bones, together with the Sea God’s Light, his body was vigorously flexible now. Thus, when the eighth spirit ability counter-attacked him, he was just paused in a while.

Tang San continued to attack them. Another halo blasted. That was the eighth spirit ring.

The light inside of the Second Elder’s eyes concreted, he growled: “Be aware of the second ability of the ten myriads years spirit ring.”

While he was talking, his eighth spirit ring glowed, his Clear Sky Hammer striking towards Tang San. All dark lights focused on the Second Elder’s Hammer, formed a huge power source just like a small mountain threw directly on Tang San’s head.

This skill was called the Approaching Heaven Strike. Its power was even stronger than the Second Elder’s ninth spirit ability. Under the formation of the five Elders, this strike was tremendous.

This Approaching Heaven Strike was so extreme that one couldn’t dodge but face it. Even if they had the Teleport skill, they would still get hit.

Right before the Approaching Heaven Strike about to form in the air, the Second Elder saw two blue light spouted out from Tang San’s eyes.

The giant hammer in the air was big enough, but just in a blink, the Second Elder could clearly feel the pain of a gigantic hammer hitting hard on his brain. He cried out, backed off uncontrollably, blood came out from seven holes on his face. The pentagon formation was broken, so did the uncompleted Approaching Heaven Strike. There were sparkling red waves under Tang San’s feet now, he walked towards five Elders.

The Third Elder, the one whose position was just under the Second Elder, led the team, he howled:

“Clear Sky Body Protection!”

The four Clear Sky Hammer flew out at that same time. The intense dark light faded to yellowish. On the hammers’ bodies, the colors of spirit rings that took turn to glow looked differently. There were the powerful eighth spirit abilities, and there were feeble second spirit abilities, but they all generated the same effects. The yellowish light covered the Elders, it looked like their hammers and themselves had become one.

The red light spread. The Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Assimilation eventually covered the Elders, they were all in stalemate. At the same time, they were stunned in three seconds. Even so, the Elders were like a steel fortress

without any weakness. Any strike aimed to them must pass the Clear Sky Hammers first.

This was the Clear Sky Hammer, the most powerful spirit in the world. It wasn’t just nominal.

Being covered in Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain, they decided to defend to attack. The Blue Silver Domain hadn’t done any harmful to them. Tang San was attacking them continuously. His Purple Demon Eye broke their Approaching Heaven Strike, but still he didn’t make any serious impact to them. So, it was predictable that after three seconds of being stunned, the Elders would strike back to Tang San, hard. One could say, it would be like a severe tropical storm forming on the ocean.

Talking about real capacity, even though Tang San had many abilities and was equipped with the Seagod Trident, but he could barely compete with the great five elders at Title Douluo of the Clear Sky School; especially when all five had the powerful Clear Sky Hammer spirit.

Tang San moved to another direction, not to attack the Elders, he could felt that no matter which strikes he used, he couldn’t break that powerful protection.

Three seconds was a pretty short time. Besides striking, Tang San could do something else.

The Seagod Trident vibrated inaudibly. Halo from the Trident rippled. Big ones, small ones, if you glared at them you would think it was just random, but took a look closer, you would see them moving in order towards the Elders and covered them.

Right at that moment, there was a gold shadow appeared behind Tang San. The strong glow of gold light spouted out made his body radiant. The Holy Qi was both solemn and mysterious.

A gold light struck across the sky. It silently fell and covered the five Elders. What made the Clear Sky’s disciples surprised was that the Elders’ One Body Protection didn’t do anything but let it covering them.

Exactly, it was the Sea God’s Abandon Learning, the first form of the Golden Thirteen Halberds – the Unfixed Storm.

When the gold halo emerged the five Elders, the Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Assimilation disappeared. Five Elders felt their minds were awakened but after a while, they couldn’t move their bodies, even when the Clear Sky

protection was still there. They sensed the danger immediately.
Tang San himself was a spirit master who practiced Control Style, never was he been careless in controlling a battle. The Sea God’s memory told him that the stronger his enemies were, the lower the successful rate of the Unfixed Storm was, and that was the reason why he didn’t use the Golden Thirteen Halberds – the Unfixed Storm right at the beginning. But it wasn’t going to be any less than fifty percent. Currently, Tang San was sure about seventy percent that he could control them all. Just to be sure, he decided to perform the Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Assimilation. How could their One Body Protection stop the Unfixed Storm when they were stunned?

Eight seconds. This time, Tang San got them frozen for eight seconds.

Three seconds and eight seconds were totally different. The time of three seconds could only help one strong spirit master to form a strong ability, but eight seconds could help him to complete two or even three great abilities. Fighting at level Title Douluo and got stunned for eight seconds, the results could be easily predicted. How many people could possess the Undying Body ability like Bibi Dong did?

Tang San face became earnest. This was the first time he ever used the great three divine abilities that the Sea God had given him in battle. It was his only chance to defeat the five Elders.

Tang San’s figure turned to gold light, he lunged and jumped up. His body turned into innumerable gold beams, spreading all over the sky. They looked like a thousand waves of gold, radiant light rays, dazzling the people who were there. Clouds of light directly shrouded all five great Elders. This was the second form of the Golden Thirteen Halberds, the Millennial Space.

The time when the Sea God’s imprint performed this without full energy, the effect wasn’t highest. But when Tang San performed it now, he felt the terrifying force of this trike right away.

He could feel that both of his spirit power and mental power was spent over fifty percent. Under the light of the Sea God, all was poured into the Seagod Trident.

All things at the peak turned to a gold color, even the fog seemed to become a part of Tang San’s attack, it turned into golden moving clouds.

The Seagod Trident disappeared, the gold halo was furious, just like a tsunami aimed to the five Elders. When it collided with the Clear Sky Protection, a blockbuster boom occurred shaking both the sky and ground. Tang Xiao had to lead the Clear Sky School’s members to back off. The Sea God’ Strength didn’t affect the surroundings, it concentrated only on the five Elders. Under this strike, the Clear Sky One Body Protection was tremored vulnerably.

The first crack appeared, and quickly expanded, another crack followed, trailing on the tremendous Clear Sky One Body Protection.


At the last explosion, five Elders were pushed out, the protection they had formed finally dismissed. The Seagod Trident – the Millennial wasn’t a strike that they could resist. But still they had endured for such a long time, they must be stronger than the six Title Douluo of the Spirit Hall. The Millennial Space he had performed this time was perfectly and at full force, although he didn’t drain out all of the Sea God’s Strength.

The Seagod Trident reappeared in Tang San’s hand, but he didn’t intend to launch another attack. His left hand clutched the Trident, the right hand was rising, aimed to the Elders, forming an image of a claw.

A giant blue claw shadow appeared in the air, grabbed the five Elders who were still under the stunning effect for eight seconds by the Unfixed Storm. Basically, they couldn’t protest, they could only activate their spirit power, but the Millennial Space explosive power was too enormous, the protection formed by the Clear Sky One Body was torn and separated into pieces.

The giant claw held them, they could only feel the severe pain deep in their souls, their thoughts ceased, their moves became slower.

Spirit rings and spirit abilities were different. The ability granted by spirit ring were the ability of the spirit beast (killed by the spirit masters) combined with the attributes of the spirit master’s spirit. And, the spirit bones ability were the strongest ability of the spirit beasts.

What Tang San had just performed was one of two abilities of the right hand spirit bone of the Blue Sky Bull Python, the Blue Sky Slowing God Claw. Facing the Blue Sky Slowing God Claw, physical resistance was useless. Tracked, focused, and hit. Once one got hit, his six senses and the ability to move were controlled, and slowed down ten times.

This skill brought no sound or Qi, not a signal of power could be traced. Undefeatable!

Caught by that ability, even though one was an excellent spirit master, if he didn’t damage himself to get out, it was similar to death anyway.

Tang San was still studying and explaining this ability. It was very useful. It could be explained through practical fighting.

The Blue Sky Bull Python and the Giant Titan Ape were truly the most powerful kings of the forest. Their spirit bones brought Tang San two terrific, powerful abilities.

The power of this spirit bone wasn’t stronger than the spirit rings, but the biggest advantage it brought was that it consumed less energy than the spirit ability. The ten myriads spirit bones consumed only one-fifth energy compared to the same level spirit abilities. If not, how could he use the Teleport Ability, which came from Xiao Wu’s spirit bones, unlimitedly.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have it anymore.

It wasn’t so difficult to break the Blue Sky Slowing God Claw. It only needed to use the energy under the attacking form of at least an eighth spirit ability to break out and damage one’s body. There was still one disadvantage, though, after breaking out the spirit ability would disappear also. Right now, those five Elders were under controlled, how could they break this ability? Shrouded by the blue light, the Elders’ senses and their ability to move was decelerated ten times.

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