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When Tang San brought the Divine Craftsman Lou Gao with a large amount of rare and precise metals to the Clear Sky School, he also left the instructions on the production of poisons there. He had carried out the experiments before, producing explosives was definitely possible in this world. Thus, Lou Gao not only wanted to produce the Torrential Pear Blossom Needles but also wanted to produce the most well-known and best hidden weapon of the Tang Sect: the Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotus. This was the hellish hidden weapon that Tang San paid much time and effort to study.

Generally speaking, producing Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotus was more difficult than that of the Torrential Pear Blossom Needles. It was because producing explosives and casting were both extremely difficult. However, Tang San used to successfully fabricated the Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotus. That was why he left Lou Gao the very fine drawings to each detail. From this perspective making the Tempest Pear Blossom Needles could be more difficult.

It’d been five years, Tang San had no idea whether Lou Gao could produce those two greatest hidden weapons in the world or not. But came to think that he had his uncle’s support, the casting wouldn’t be a problem.

The Clear Sky School was around three hundred li (1) away from the East of the Heaven Dou City. From a distance, the family of four could see the smoke evaporated from the small village there.

Even though Tang Hao gave Tang San the map of this place, that map was given to him by Tang Yue Hua – Tang San’s aunt. He himself hadn’t been there before. A glimpse of cold beam apparently appeared from the corner of Tang Hao’s eyes.

It wasn’t long before, the Clear Sky School was still the best School in the world. But now this was it, a clan that took a destitute village as its headquarter. It could be understood how Clear Sky Title Douluo Tang Hao felt right now.

Suddenly, a soft hand covered his clenched left fist. Tang Hao turned his head to see his wife looking at him dearly. A Yin talked to him in a soft tone:

“Don’t think too much, you guys are back, the Clear Sky School will get back to its glory days.”

Looking at his wife, Tang Hao’s face became mild. He grabbed her hand and nodded:

“It’s alright, I’m okay. We finally come back, I can’t help but sigh.”

Tang San glared at his father’s incomplete features, he couldn’t help saying:

“Father, if the Clear Sky School doesn’t want us to stay, we will leave after you take your spirit bones back.”

Tang Hao facial expression stiffened, he scolded in a low voice:

“Shut up, Little San! You have to remember, we are all the members of the School. The spirits that we use are the Clear Sky Hammer. No matter what or when, you are a disciple of the Clear Sky School.”

Despite having only one arm and one leg, when he was angry, his graveness was still there.


Tang San answered promptly. He just had no good feelings for the Clear Sky School.

Looking towards the small village over there, Tang San thought if everything went well, it would be ok. But if those Elders dared to cause any

disadvantages to his father, they shouldn’t blame him for not showing mercy.

Right at that moment, Tang San caught his mother’s eyes. He met her support there.

Tang Hao cut off his limbs to repay to his School. But several years had been passing by, never did they show him any support. This made A Yin also didn’t have good feelings toward the Clear Sky School. She even had the malevolence, she decided to support her son.

Tang San was cheered up with his mother’s support. No matter how stubborn the loyal feeling his father had for the School, in his heart, his wife’s impact was never less than that. When it came to the critical moment, her words would work.

While they were talking, they had reached the village gate. Some farmers saw them. Tang San used to be here, but there weren’t many people had met him, more or less, they were all outsider disciples. Some came forward to stop them when they saw them coming.

“Please leave. We don’t welcome outsiders here.” Said a nonchalant village man.

Tang San frowned:
“Just like the last time, not even showing any goodwill.” He released the Clear Sky Hammer village while speaking.

The dark light had not even appeared, the pressure from Tang San’s left hand had already covered the air above their head just like a thundercloud. The Clear Sky Hammer manifested, but it didn’t look like the last time when it hadn’t had any spirit rings. The hammer’s body was large, deep black, and it looked even more powerful than the Seagod Trident. Its head was twice bigger, the body was about two tchi (2). Its appearance now wasn’t the casting hammer anymore, but a fierce fighting one!

The black patterns on the hammer’s body began to move, especially the Death God Domain’s patterns. It looked like a halo of blood-like light, brought along a strong murderous will.

One red and two black spirit rings aligned on the Clear Sky Hammer’s body. The light immersed into the hammer body but the pressure was expanding out.

The village folks who were stopping them panicked, they started to step back until they reached the gate. They peered at the Clear Sky Hammer in Tang San’s hand, silenced themselves in terror.

Tang San said insouciantly:
“Go tell the School, Tang Hao and Tang San with their family are back.”

Some folks looked at each other then rushed into the village. Tang Hao looked like he was deep in his thought. A Yin frowned, her face was stiff, she held her husband’s amputated arm (dunno where she grabs him =)), looking at her son reluctantly. Whenever her eyes caught the strong and handsome figure of her son, her eyes smiled. Well, giving birth to a son like that, who wouldn’t be proud.

The guard station of the Clear Sky School in this village also had some lineal disciples. Those folks were startled because of the Clear Sky Hammer in Tang San’s hand and they forgot to lead them into the village. Not long after that, a man walked out.

Tang San knew this guy. He still wore the familiar grey costume. He was the one who had welcomed him the day he first got to the Clear Sky School along with Tang Long. Tang San still remembered his name was Tang Yu –

the third generation lineal disciple. Realized Tang San, he breathed in relief.

“It’s you! I thought this outsider disciple scared me off. Tang San, welcome back. He said uncle came back with you too, right?”

Tang San’s eyes became melancholy. Obviously, Tang Yu saw his father, but he couldn’t realize him because of his incomplete body. The malevolence towards the Clear Sky School in his heart increased. He barked:

“My dad is here.”

Tang Yu was a disciple of the Clear Sky School, he was not just a regular guy, he caught the change in Tang San’s eyes immediately. His eyes stopped at Tang Hao. He couldn’t help but startle when he saw his tatty limbs.

However, he was a smart guy, his reaction was fast, hurriedly stepped forwards and bent his body to greet them:

“I’m Tang Yu, greetings, Second Uncle.”
In fact, Tang Hao was one of the second generation disciples, but he

wasn’t addressed as the second uncle. Tang Xiao and him were the sons of the former Leader of the School. That was why the third generation disciples called him the Second Uncle.

Tang Hao waving his hand, said:

“No need to be formal. I’m the School’s culprit, I haven’t been a member of the Clear Sky School since twenty years ago.”

Tang San lowered his voice:
“Brother Tang Yu. Please lead the way. We want to go to the School.”

Hearing Tang San, Tang Yu temporarily showed that he was reluctant, sadly smiled:

“Brother, you want to enter the School, it’s no problem. It’s just, you know, we are closed now, we don’t welcome outsiders. Furthermore, Second Uncle’s identity is sensitive now. I will be in a dilemma if you do so.”

Tang San got mad, he snapped:

“What is this “outsiders” you said? My father is the last School Leader’s son, Clear Sky Title. They are my mother and my wife. Who are outsiders here?”

“It’s just …”
Tang Yu said embarrassingly:

“Tang San. I can’t decide this. I think we should get it this way. You will go with me to meet the Leader and the Elders. Then you can take Second Uncle and your family there.”

Tang San hesitated and glared at his mother. His face became calm, nodded to Tang Yu and said:

“It’s okay. Shall we go now?”
He reached his father while speaking:

“Dad, we shouldn’t make it difficult for him. He can’t decide. I will go up there first and I will go back to take you and mom later. Xiao Wu, you wait here too.”

Xiao Wu nodded, Tang San turned to leave, suddenly, he got a pat on his shoulder.

Tang San turned again, all he could see was his father’s lucid eyes. Eyes met eyes. Just in a blink and Tang San understood that his father knew his intention. He exclaimed inside. It’s true that no one can understand

someone better than their parents. I’ve tried to hide, but dad could see through me.

Tang Hao looked at him in the eyes:

“Little San, behave. Now go, we will wait for you here.”

Tang San eyes showed that he was amazed. Though it was a parental advice, his voice carried a special meaning. Not completely objected. Father wasn’t pleased with the School neither. But father always put the School in his heart, he only wanted to worship his ancestors in the School. Tang San nodded to him, turned and followed Tang Yu.

They went through the village to a cliff. Tang Yu didn’t talk to Tang San. He jumped up, for each ten tchi he slightly stepped on the cliff to have
support and bounced up again to the top of the cliff. Tang San smiled faintly. This time, he didn’t want to be humble. Just in a blink, his feature blasted, and he reached the top. His cultivation was over level ninety, he was a strong spirit master at Title Douluo. He performed perfectly abilities obtained from the hundred years spirit bones. His lightness ability from the right leg spirit bone from the Blue Silver Emperor was faster than a flying bird.

Tang Yu reached the peak seeing Tang San waiting for him there. He tried to wipe his eyes, he didn’t understand how Tang San did it.

“We should speed up, we shouldn’t let my parents wait.”

Then he grabbed Tang Yu’ by his shoulders.

Being a disciple from the Clear Sky School, Tang Yu’s capacity was obviously abnormal. He jerked back, got out of Tang San’s reach. However, Tang San’s hand had some invisible sucking force that he couldn’t dodge. Tang Yu could only feel his shoulders were tingling, his spirit power was restricted. Just in a second, he felt their bodies were like they were riding on the cloud, walking on the wind, flying up. Tang San clutched him and flew up. Tang Yu could only feel the keen mountain wind cut through with the sharp hiss. Thus, it was quite the contrary, he felt warm inside, all of his body was like it was dipped in warm water, mild and comfy.

Tang Yu didn’t have enough time to enjoy the feeling, his body shook, when he looked again, he saw himself standing stably on the ground. His body wasn’t being controlled anymore.

Tang San let off of his shoulders and smiled:
“Don’t complain, please. I just wanted to be quick.”

Tang Yu got himself together. He didn’t think that just after several breaths, and they were at the main peak of the Clear Sky School.

Tang Yu looked at Tang San shooking his head in begrudging:

“Tang San, you are getting more dangerous this time. But I think your attitude is not well, though. You should be nice to those Elders, you know how they are, right? They are not good temper persons.”

Tang San smiled faintly:

“Thanks for reminding me, I will notice.”

But actually, he thought:

“Was it that obvious? Even Tang Yu can see my bad will. Well, good will or bad will depends on your choice, School.”

Tang Yu peering at the weird Seagod Trident in Tang San’s hand, he said: “Let’s go, over there.”

The consolidated stone fortress of the Clear Sky School appeared once again in front of Tang San’s eyes. Tang San inhaled a deep breath to calm

down his resentment trying to neutralize his temper. Coming here this time, he needed to finalize many matters. Of course, they should be solved in peace, right? It could help father to get accepted again. No matter what, his feeling for the School was still strong.

When the two guys who were guarding the Great Gate saw Tang San, they were awed. That year, at this place, Tang San defeated the Title Douluo Seventh Elders with just forty percent of his power. This left a big impression on their mind.

Even though Tang Long and Tang Hu were the top disciples of the third and the fourth generations of the Clear Sky School, Tang San was the best young man in their mind.

Thus, they didn’t stop him. Their eyes sparkled in admire stepping aside.

After getting inside, Tang Yu told him:
“I will take you to the hall first, and then I will report to the Leader.” Tang San nodded:
“Sorry for bothering you.”

Tang Yu said, smiling:

“We are brothers of one family, don’t be like that. I admire you too. When we have time you should show me.”

Tang San smiled and nodded. Tang Yu turned to report to the leaders after bringing Tang San to the hall.

This was an enormous hall which could host over fifty people at the same time. Tang San was immerging himself to the resentment of his father and the School. Well, at that time, it was true that father caused the School to be endangered. But from another aspect, was father really wrong? Is it wrong to protect your wife? Wasn’t it the Spirit Hall who wanted to pour its anger on the Clear Sky School? Tang San himself did think that his father had brought troubles to the School, he also thought that he couldn’t blame his father’s responsibilities on other people. But throughout these years, he realized that without that event, the Spirit Hall would still chase after the Clear Sky School.

At that time, the School didn’t fight back but chose to back off.

Apparently, the Spirit Hall was extremely powerful. However, according to the four chiefs of the four clans, that year was also the time the Clear Sky School was strongest. If they had cooperated with the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, they would

have beaten the Spirit Hall. And if it had happened so, the situation now wouldn’t be that bad.

They were one of the Three Top Clans, but now, one perished, one was crippled, and one was hiding. This responsibility shouldn’t be blamed on anyone but the Clear Sky School. Being the top School in the world but just because a small benefit for itself, it had stepped back, leaving the space for the Spirit Hall to grow and now they gave birth to the Spirit Empire, disdained the Heaven Dou and the Star Luo Empires.

Looking at this aspect, what did father do wrong? Over twenty-five years father has been living in sorrow, and eventually, he chose to destroy his body to repay the School for nurturing him.

His fist clenched thinking about that. Father wasn’t wrong, it was the School who was wrong! This thought expanded in his mind.

While he was thinking, a voice rose in amazed: “It’s you, you’re back?”

Tang San lifted his head to look back, an acquaintance, the outstanding amongst the third generation, who was the constant competitor for the first

place among the third generation with Tang Long. He was Tang Hu. Tang Hu was studying him.

They hadn’t met for years, Tang Hu’s Qi had become calmer. The strong tiger hid its breath well. Each movement showed that he had matured. His eyes sparkled, the amazed look just blasted and then off in a second. But deep down lied the protesting thoughts.

Tang San still recalled his daughter, little Tian Tian. It’d been several years, that little girl should be a big girl now.

“Are you well, Tang Hu da-ge (3)?”

Tang San stood up; manners should be kept anyways. Tang San himself respected the filial piety.

Tang Hu walked into the room, said: “When did you get back?”
Tang San answered:
“Just now.”

Tang Hu nodded:
“If we have a chance, we should practice a bit.”

Tang San wasn’t humble this time: “Sure, I’m waiting.”

Tang Hu didn’t need to talk more. When he was about to get out of the room, the sound of footsteps came. Here came Tang Yu, Tang Long and the Leader of the Clear Sky School. When he saw Tang Hu there, a little bit unpredicted, but he just passed by him without any concern.

“Little San. Finally, you came back.”

Tang San hurried forwards, he bent on one knee:

“Big Uncle, I’m sorry for making you worried.”

Tang Xiao lifted him up.

“We are family, shouldn’t be too polite. Did you just come back from the Sea God Island?”

By the time they heard the name Sea God Island, Tang Long and Tang Hu’s eyes were lit up, they gazed at each other, no one wanted to condescend. Apparently, through those years, they didn’t stop fighting for the top position among the young generations.

Tang San didn’t want to hide things from Tang Xiao, Tang Xiao was the one who had shown him guidance of the Sea God Island.

“Yes, I just came back from the Sea God Island. Why did you come here yourself, you can always call for me.”

Tang Xiao laughed out loud:

“Aren’t I excited because you are back? Well, you’re back, it’s good. It’s good.”

Tang San asked:

“Big Uncle, this time I came back, I hope to worship my ancestor. My father also comes.”

Tang Xiao was smiling, after hearing those words, his face froze, he clutched Tang San’ shoulders.

“What did you just say? Hao-di (4), he came here with you?”

Tang Xiao’s facial expression became agitated, he stood there looking at Tang San, his eyes reddened.

Tang San said:

“Yes, uncle. This time my father comes back in hope to commemorate our ancestors and worship his parents.”

Tang Xiao took a deep breath, trying to calm down the wave inside:

“Little San, did you remember clearly the quests from the Elders that year?”

Tang San nodded:

“Of course I remember. Three quests: first, cultivate to Spirit Douluo level, second, get a ten-myriad years (5) spirit ring, third, kill a Title Douluo from the Spirit Hall.”

Tang Xiao said:
“If you said so, you…” Tang San nodded again:

“Of course, uncle, my father is waiting outside now. Could you please summon the Elders? You know, my father cut his limbs, I don’t want him to wait there for a long time.”

Tang Xiao was shaken, he looked absurd. Standing beside him, Tang Long, Tang Hu and Tang Yu started peering at Tang San in an awed look.

According to Tang San, obviously, he broke through Spirit Douluo level. How old is he? Twenty-five, twenty-six? Spirit Douluo? Is it possible?

Tang Xiao scrutinized Tang San from top to toe. He was surprised to find out that he couldn’t understand this nephew. He barked:

“Little San, this is not a joke. You know during that year how much trouble your father had brought to the School. Don’t joke with us. It’s not been ten years and you said you completed three quests? Just let me meet your dad first.”

Tang San frowned:

“Big Uncle, that year, was my dad really wrong? Just consider there wasn’t that event, don’t you think that the Spirit Hall would let us go?”

Tang Xiao was shocked, he scolded in sudden anger:

“Little San, do you know what you are talking about? Even though your father is my blood brother, I can’t cover him. If he didn’t kill the late Supreme Pontiff, do you think that the Spirit Hall would come after us? Everything was decided. Your grandfather decided to expel your father.

This is very critical. You are just a third generation disciple, if you talk to the Elders like that, you can be…”

Tang San took a deep breath, peering at Tang Xiao and said:

“I’m sorry, uncle, I was too impulsive. However, they have set three quests, I did them all. I would like to ask you to summon them. They had agreed with me, if I could do it within ten years, they would let me commemorate my ancestors and even let my father come back to worship my ancestors.”

With his immeasurable mental power, he could overwhelm his uncle – a strong Title Douluo ranked level ninety-seven. He recognized the faithful excitement of his uncle.

Tang San used to doubt his big uncle, his father got expelled advantaged him also. Moreover, big uncle used to love his mother. His love could turn to hatred. Could be.

Although Tang Xiao imparted him the Clear Sky Nine Abilities, he still was aware of him. Getting back there this time, his thought had changed. One could fake his capacity, his attitude but not the surging spirit. It would be difficult for Tang San to see through his uncle’s mind, but he could feel the shake in his mind when he mentioned his father. This attitude was so real. Despite the deep affection he had for father, because of those Elders and the disciples, uncle couldn’t meet his own brother. Tang San totally

understood Tang Xiao’s emotion now. The doubt feeling inside him was gone.

Tang Xiao was silent in his thought, later he nodded: “Well then, excellent. Tang Long!”
“Tang Long answered in solemn.

Tang Xiao continued:
“Spread my command. Summon the five Elders to the hall.” “Yes.”

Tang Long replied and headed out of the room. He looked at Tang San with respect on the way out. Even he didn’t have a chance to talk with Tang San regarding his achievement of getting over level eighty. He was surprised, but he totally believed that Tang San would never joke about it.

Later, five persons entered the room. The Second Elder led, the Seventh Elder came last. They all were surprised when they saw Tang San.

Obviously, they were summoned here because of Tang San.

When four of them entered the room, they sat on the front seats. Only the Seventh Elder, who had fought with Tang San before, coming forward directly to him:

“Kiddo, you come back. Well, how are the quests you’ve been doing? You’ve left for several years, don’t embarrass us Clear Sky School. Put some effort!”

Right then what Tang San said had shaken the atmosphere, put other people in the room, including Tang Xiao, in shock.

“The Clear Sky School, do I need to embarrass it?”


The Seventh Elder got angry, he reached out to slap Tang San.

The Seagod Trident in Tang San’s hand slightly moved and stopped the Seventh Elder’s hand. BANG. Tang San stood still, the Seventh Elder bounced back. It was lucky that he didn’t use much force, he just needed to step back some steps to balance his body.

“Little San? What was that bullshit you just said?”

Tang Xiao came in front of Tang San. It seemed like he was questioning Tang San, in fact, he was shielding him from the other Elders.

Now all four Elders looked at him. The Second Elder, also the head of them goggled at Tang San.

Tang San was calm, speaking stolidly:

“I didn’t say bullshit things. I speak the truth. In the world of spirit master, how many know of us now? Talking about the Clear Sky School, what they will say? A tortoise retracted its head. So you’re telling me we still have the good reputation?”


Tang Xiao howled slapping his face. This time, Tang San didn’t dodge nor used his strength to endure. He just got all from that slap.

This slap from Tang Xiao was not strong, with the anchorage of the weight of the Seagod Trident, Tang San wasn’t push back to far. Moreover, it looked fiercely, but the strength was just ten percent of his power.

A thread of blood came out from the corner of Tang San’s mouth. He didn’t wipe if off. He rose three fingers towards the Elders.

“Today I come here because I have three important things to say. First, to prove that I have completed the quests you have given me. Second, my father and I will visit and worship my ancestors. Third, it was my father. Back then he didn’t do anything wrong. And, I would like to take back his two spirit bones.”


The Second Elder was always a calm person, he finally got mad. A sharp and pressuring Qi from him totally suppressed Tang San’s body. But he got surprised, it seemed like nothing to Tang San standing there under his pressure!

“Tang San, where do you think you are? Who do you think you are to be talking to us that way? Seventh, get him! Leader, you’ve seen what he’s done. I want him to pay for his disrespect.”

The Seventh Elder roared, a dark halo started to move, and the Clear Sky Hammer was released. Tang Xiao hurried to stand between them, he yelled:


Tang San didn’t show his appreciation at all, he smiled coldly: “You want to fight? Excellent. Let’s go outside.”

His foot tips slightly touched the ground, holding the Seagod Trident in his hand, just one flip and he flew out of the conference room.

Tang Xiao was tensed: “Little San, you…”

While he hadn’t finished talking, the Seventh Elder jumped up to follow Tang San. Tang Xiao had to dash out after them begrudgingly. The other Four Elders, with cold light in their eyes, followed them closely.

When Tang San got out of the room, with just some steps, he reached the flat ground of the peak in front of the School. Just in a blink, the Seventh Elder was there too.

“Boy, did you take the wrong meds today?” The Seventh Elder yelled in rage.

To this Seventh Elder, Tang San used to have a good impression. But today, because of his father’s name, he would not step back. He grunted:

“Seventh Elder, I respect you as an Elder. But if you still want to fight, you shouldn’t blame me for disrespecting you.”

Seventh Elder’s tantrum turned into a broad laughter: “Good, good boy. Let see how disrespectful you are to me?”

Several years ago, Tang San defeated him, even he used only forty percent of his power, he was still dissident. Tang San was just at Spirit Emperor level at that time. But his hand still hurt after patting on his Trident. Under a big rage, the Clear Sky Hammer didn’t show mercy to anyone, aimed to hit on Tang San’s head forcefully.

Tang San didn’t release his spirit when facing the Seventh Elder’s Clear Sky Hammer. He just stepped half a step back. Holding the Seagod Trident, lifting it up to encounter the move, he roared:


The moment when the hammer and the trident encountered, Tang Xiao and the four Elders came. They all saw the Seventh Elder, along with the nine glitteringly shiny spirit rings on him, his Clear Sky Hammer was just like Tai

Shan mountain pushing down on Tang San’s head while Tang San still didn’t release any spirit. Tang Xiao feared for him, but it was too late to save him, he closed his eye and felt hurt. Facing the attack from such a powerful martial spirit at Title Douluo without releasing any fighting spirit, Tang Xiao didn’t dare to think about the result.


The forceful explosion echoed through the mountains along with Tang Xiao’s exclaim. Naturally, Tang Xiao opened his eyes. He was stunned by what he saw right then.

(1) li: ancient Chinese unit measurement, a li = 500m = 0,31 mile.
(2) tchi: ancient Chinese unit measurement, a tchi = 0,33m = 19 inches.
(3) Da-ge: big brother, used to address older male, sibling, related or friend.
(4) Di: younger brother, used to address younger male, sibling, related or friend (5) Myriad: a unit of ten thousand (10,000)

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