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That one was a female wearing a long dress, her white long dress and the fiery red color of the surrounding formed a high contrast, her body was flawless, most importantly, her white dress was almost translucent, which made her body partly visible, sending out an effortlessly allurement.

“The Lust God?” A fat man squinted his eyes, in a second his eyes became clear, his breath became heavier, a hot red Phoenix above his head radiated a more glaring halo.

“Who_____” The Lust God let out a long sigh, her face was pure and holy as if there was no trace of sensuality, but naturally emitted an extremely irresistible attraction.

“Seems like our intelligence is somewhat faulty! If I remember correctly, back when you was in Douluo Continent, you appeared to have many interests in girl, how can it be possible that after only a decade, your personality’s changed? You were once an evil phoenix, now you have become a Phoenix God, how come, you don’t even keep to yourself a little bit of evil fire behind? Such a pity.” Her soft lovely sound resounded in the air, each word was like a thread of silk, containing a pleasant scent, overflowing strongly into Phoenix God’s body.

Phoenix God’s heart was temporarily shaken, every word she said made his mind shiver, like a flame was raging inside his body.

But at the same time, in his heart, there was a white figure, which was a woman smiling, she was slightly shy. The figured lingered and didn’t want to leave.

The sudden appearance of the figure made the Phoenix God’s mind tremble. Soon after that a fiery golden red light lit up in his eyes.


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“Argh!” A shrieking roar came up, Phoenix God swung his arms, then the halo above the head of the golden red fire phoenix flared up. Soon after that, he transformed into a golden light, throwing itself into the fire phoenix.

The entire lake of melting hot lava boiled up completely in a second, the whole melting hot lava surged and spread out towards the body of the fire phoenix. It wrapped and merged with the body. At this moment, the terrifying flame exploded into the sky, painted the sky in a dark red color. But in a blink of an eye, the extreme burning heat was soon cooled down. The God Power suddenly flew out towards the sky.

“Well, you really surprise me. Such a formidable strength, this intelligence, is indeed greatly faulty. Evil Fire Phoenix, but still it doesn’t have any evil fire, this is nonsense, I am really curious, what have actually happened to you?”

The Lust God was wandering behind with an aura which was emitting around gradually turned into a Seven-ring Halo blooming its radiance. In the dark red Halo, each layer of light brightened up, just like a giant cage suppressing all the entire flame of the phoenix.

“What do you want to do?” The low voice of the Phoenix God rose up.

“I don’t want to do anything.” Jie Jie just want to invite you to be my guest. Phoenix God, since you are always persistent, allow me to do some investigation about your  original sins. You should watch yourself!” The Lust God suddenly turned her whole body into a dark red color while talking. As soon as she stepped forward, her dark red shadow quickly appeared behind the phoenix, in a blink, grabbing his body from behind.
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This Lust God was the mighty first-level god in the Divine Realm, there were only eighteen first-level gods in the Divine Realm. Two God Kings and three Lawmen from the Divine Realm were the ones accepting this strong character.

The Phoenix God was the head of those who were at the second-level cultivation.. , yet he couldn’t handle first-level god when facing them as there was still a gap in their cultivation level.  The dark red halo just flared up, that figure merging into his body, disappeared without a trace.

The body of the Phoenix God slightly trembled in the air. Right after that, his pupils turned from golden red to dark red. The huge fire phoenix started to vibrate fiercely in the air. The dark red halo started to blend in with the feather on his shaking body.

Really quickly, the dark red halo immediately spread all over his body, the big fire phoenix immersing  in the melting hot lava started to move crazily  in the air, the terrified fire phoenix continuously tried to escape from the invasion of the mighty Lust God in the inside.

The Lust God was like a maggot in the bones. No matter how hard he struggles, how much heat was radiated, he still couldn’t escape from the confinement of  the Lust God.

The dark red didn’t stop spreading, it rose up so quickly that , half of his body was already covered in a dark red color. The fire phoenix gradually became quiet, descended the burning hot lava lake. it appeared that he started to fall, could easily drown into the deepest place of the sensuality.

In the phoenix’s pupils, pictures flickered nonstop, that was his inner mind interacting with the lust, which was the most original thing. The Lust God was the most mighty one in the area. She made use of the original lust sin to take control, turned them into her slaves, and more importantly, destroyed their cultivation greatly.

Among many gods in Divine Realm, the Lust God was the strongest Original Sin God, her ability was extremely powerful. Even the first-level God King didn’t dare to let her penetrate into his soul.

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The Phoenix God was not easy to penetrate, but he was soon invaded. He had never confronted an Original Sin God, therefore, he suffered from a great loss in the beginning.

The dark red halo gradually spread to the chest of Phoenix God, continued to go upward, occupying his head. Just like this, the Phoenix God was constrained by his own lust, hence, fell into the control of the Lust God.

But, at that time, the Phoenix God’s body suddenly fell down stagnantly. Time seemed to stop ticking.

The Phoenix God stuttered few words,
“Grandma, I really miss you.”
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[1] Jie Jie: Chinese way to call an older sister.

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