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“Ka Ka ka, such a chatterbox!” A dreary and cold laughter resounded. The surrounding seemed to become  gloomy. In the mountain valley, the sunny sky was covered up by gloomy clouds. A yellow halo dropped down layer by layer from the sky, just like a giant cage of light covering the entire mountain valley.

“Who is it?” The Cookery God said with furious eyes.

“What’s wrong? Do you want to fight back if you know who I am? Do you even have that ability?” The dreary and cold voice somewhat showed a little satisfaction, but more than that, it brought out a dominating spirit.

“However you two are just second-level gods, both don’t know how to fight. It is such a waste to have gods like you two in our Divine Realm!”

A yellow figure gradually showed up from far away. He seemed to walk very slow. On the contrary, the figure in front of the Nine Colors Goddess was quickly getting bigger  and clearer.

The figure was belonged to a man with a fierce face and a pot-belly. His body was mighty, about three meters tall. His entire body emitted a strong dark yellow halo, behind his head there was a darkyellow halo. There were already about seven circles of halo fusing together.

He had small eyes which didn’t look at the Cookery God and  the Nine Colors Goddess. Instead, his greedy eyes were staring at the fried rice on the table.

“Smell great, smell great, really great! This Cookery God also has some benefits. Later, you will be the chef of this place. Ha ha , ha ha ha ha ! I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time .”

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The Cookery God snorted disdainfully, “How can you be so arrogant with such an rampant appearance like this.”

The Nine Colors Goddess nodded her head, said: “Moreover it is ugly.”

The peculiar man with dark yellow halo stiffened, screamed angrily: “You dare to call me ugly?”

The Cookery God said arrogantly: “Judging from your personality, isn’t it not ugly enough? Do you know whether or not who we are?”

The peculiar man with dark yellow halo smirked and said: “I know, definitely know. Two of you and the Sea God are from the same mainland, furthermore, weren’t you once partners? Do you want to tell me this?”

The Cookery God asked mystically: “Aren’t you scared?”

The peculiar man with dark yellow halo said with a smile: “I am originally an Adephagia. I am scared, absolutely scared, I am really scared to death.” Ha ha , ha ha ha ha !”
A volley of laughter resounded without any trace of fear.

The Cookery God’s face darkened. The opponent  already knew about the relationship between him, his wife and the Sea God, yet still dared to show up. There must be something hidden.

After that, his face suddenly changed to a flattering complexion with a big smile, then said, “Ah! You are originally an Adephagia. If you want to eat something, you just need to tell me.  It is my honor to serve you as a chef. So, we will leave  We absolutely don’t want to fight. You see, I myself cook for you, and I will let my wife serve you drinks. What do you think about it?”

The Nine Colors Goddess had soon used to his shameless personality. She coldly stared at the Adephagia with an indifferent complexion.

The Adephagia was startled, then soon burst out laughing, “Fine, fine, this is good. A wise man adapts with any circumstances. You have saved me from flipping my hands and feet. You two follow me.”

Upon his words, he flipped his sleeves, a formidable magnetic force transmitted through his giant sleeves, a huge cage like a beast mouth appeared sucking the Cookery God and the Nine Colors Goddess in.

After retrieving the God of Food and the Nine Colors Goddess, he carried the tray with fried rice, directly poured into his mouth, using his strength to chew.

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“Taste delicious, really delicious. I’ve never had such a tasty dish for a long time. This trip is absolutely worth it. Ha ha , ha ha ha ha !”

The dark yellow halo suddenly vanished, then transformed into a group of yellow lights flying away, It soon disappeared without a trace in just a second.

The mountain valley returned to its normal state, the small room regained its peace., hundreds of flowers competitively blossomed, but its owner was absent.

. . .

There was a red lake with gloomy light surrounding.. In fact,  it was created by the hot molten lavas gathering.

Due to the extremely high temperature, everything twisting around became  illusory. .

On the lake, there silently laid a man, a fat man. He was naked, his small eyes revealed a faint reminiscent feeling.

He had somewhat laid here for a very long time, extremely long timeas if several centuries had passed.However, he was still motionless, didn’t have any movements at all.

If looking carefully, one would discover a half visible half hidden golden red  light on his forehead. Around this place where he was lying down, the primary force of the heaven and earth had transformed into a fire attribute because of the molten lava. This stream of fire energy freely traveled in and out of his body.
The hot molten lava spread all over the  lake,  a faint dark-red color which had been originally unclear gradually appeared,.The sky above the hot molten lava lake was red anyway, but then really quickly, the dark red color enlarged and covered the entire hot molten lava lake. The whole sky appeared to be cloudy and gloomy.

A distinct aura started to occupy the surrounding air,. At first, this fragrance was very light. However, it soon became dense yet very subtle and delicate.

Flows of molten lavas on the lake rose up one by one, transforming into a graceful figure of a girl. The molten lavas passed the man and moved towards center of the lake. A small wonderful whispering sound came off.

In a second, that man stood up, he stomped on the lavas like stomping on the ground. As he rose up, his sturdy body radiated a remarkable golden red color, the halo behind his back flared up, five rings of halos formed into fiery red halo which turned the dark-red-color sky into a golden red one.

On the other side, the girl increased her speed, flew quickly to his side, intertwining with him.

The red light in the man’s eyes suddenly intensified. After the golden red light behind abruptly exploded, a loud phoenix cry came out. A golden red fire phoenix appeared from the hot molten lava lake. All the molten lavas  scattered everywhere by the girl in front of the golden red fire phoenix. Even the sound of mild breathing became depressingly heavy.

“Oh! With my Dancing Heavenly Demon inside, you could  still woke up like this. Not bad, fatty.” A slender figure went out of the hot molten lavas slowly from far away,  a delicate laughter came along.


1 Adephagia: [Greek Mythology]  the goddess and personification of gluttony


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