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Six months later!

Tang San sat still behind a table, looking at an account book. This was the latest month since the Divine Realm had obtained sense power. There were some outstanding human beings in it, which were written carefully in the account book.

His brows were furrowed, Tang San shook his head slowly.

Right at this moment, a small icy cold hand searched over his body from behind, rubbed his furrowed brows.

“What is wrong with you, San ge1?” The pleasant sound of Xiao Wu’s voice came up.

Tang San let her freely massage his face, his face gave out a ray of satisfaction as he said with a smile: “Nothing, it’s just that the thought quantity of people from the mortal world has reduced lately without any reason. However, there is not any problem happened in continents of the mortal world, everything looks normal. I have done some investigations, but still don’t have any results yet.”

Xiao Wu arrived in front of him, sat on his lap, she had been pregnant for eight months, only more than one month away till her delivery.

“Could it be your perception, isn’t the omen going to come true?” Xiao Wu lowered her voice.

The Tang San’s body was shaken, he hugged her and said: “It’d better not happen. I don’t hope nothing bad will happen in the future.”
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A pleasant smile appeared on Xiao Wu’s face, she definitely knew why Tang San said that. They were about to meet the baby, this time, his heart could be easily in chaos!

For the last six months, he had really taken good care of her, apart from his usual business trips, he spent  most of his time with her, to satisfy her.

“Nothing will happen, no matter what the situation is, we will fight together, watch each other’s back.” Xiao Wu softly comforted him.

Tang San revealed a smiled stroking his chin and said: “With you by my side, I am not scared of anything.”

Xiao Wu leaned against his chest, a satisfied smile appeared on her face.

. . .

In a mountain valley.

Grass spread out like an endless carpet,  giant ancient trees could easily be seen, hundreds of flowers blossomed. Everything was magnificent like a fairyland.

In this mortal world’s fairyland, there was a girl dancing around. Her beautiful moves blended with hundreds of flowers so well that it was hard to be able to distinguish the girl and flowers, even though she was even more beautiful and splendid than flowers.

The girl appeared to be in her twenty, a long light yellow dress wrapped around her perfect body. She was extremely attractive.

“Stop dancing, or else you will make me unable to resist dancing with you.” Right at this moment, a lazy sound came up.

Towards the sound’s direction, on the grass carpet, there was a lazy man lying down on a deck chair. He was half awake and half asleep, who appeared to be extremely sluggish.

This guy was also in his twenty, his face was full of beard, his lustful eyes moved around, his heart was somehow thrilled.  At this moment, both of his hands were grabbing his head, his ecstatic eyes kept watching the dancing girl in her yellow dress.

“You? You also dance? I think you and a wizard are not much of a difference.” The girl in yellow dress stopped dancing, she mocked the guy.The man wasn’t angry, instead, he burst into laughter and  said: “I am originally a god, even though, I am called a wizard, it is still fine.”
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He stood up while talking, then he rushed towards the girl in yellow dress as if he were a hungry tiger hunting its prey.

The girl in yellow dress giggled, her soft body flexibly turned around avoiding his attack.. Two of them continued playing in the middle of thousands of flowers.. However, it was hard to believe that  no matter how hard they played, they didn’t even break off any flowers..

“Alright, alright, no fussing. Go cook something for me quickly, I am already hungry.” The girl in a yellow dress held the young man’s hands tightly, as she sulkily spoke to him..

The man laughed out loud and said: “What sausage do you want to eat today? We have big sausage, small sausage, mushroom sausage, or all.”

“Pff, pff, pff! So disgusting, who wants to eat sausage. You are a God of Food, but your cooking skills are not good as the God of Emotion’s. No matter how, I’ll only eat delicate and tasty dishes. Take that as a guide and follow it. If it doesn’t satisfy my stomach, don’t dream of sleeping in the room today.”

“Alright, alright, who says my wife is a Nine Colors Goddess. Cooking for you is not simple, seems like, I, the God of Food, have to make it myself.” Upon his words, he turned into a white light leaving. In a flash, he arrived a small room not far from  the previous place. Not long after he entered the kitchen, the clang sounds and noises could be heard.
For the Cookery Goddess, cooking was  the simplest task, nothing could be easier. Any common ingredient could turn into a perfect dish in his magical hand

At the same time, the Nine Colors Goddess went into the room, sat in front of a table, rested her chin on both hands. Even though, she was wearing a smile on her face, there was still a trace of sadness in her eyes.

“Although my life has nothing to complain,  it is still a little boring. No wonder other gods have left their titles behind to find the unknown world. Unfortunately, we don’t have that courage right now. I should go to see San ge  in the next few days.”

Not long after that, the door opened, the Cookery Goddess came in holding a big tray which was full with food. Fried rice!

Yeah, that was fried rice.

But, as soon as the fried rice was brought in, the surrounding rich floral fragrance was completely concealed. The strong smell of the fried rice rushed to the nose. Each grain of the cooked rice had golden color, in addition, there were numerous emeralds and jades mixed in it. One couldn’t help but drool just by looking at the fried rice.

“Quickly come and taste it, the Cookery Goddess had personally made the emerald jade golden fried rice!”

The Nine Colors Goddess said scornfully: “The emerald jade golden fried rice, isn’t it the fried rice with vegetables?”

Although she was mocking him,  her hand’s movement was still very  quick, a nine-color light showed up, tangled the bow and spoon, brought to her face.

The Cookery Goddess was  used to her sarcasm, smiled happily while seeing her eating the fried rice with a lightning speed. Suddenly, the God of Food’s expression changed, his eyes turned to a direction. Behind his back, each circle of lights constantly flashing, then they  formed into a five-ring Halo floating after his head. A mighty energy also floated up along with the halo.

The Nine Colors Goddess didn’t feel right. She put the rice bowl in her hand down and then quickly moved beside the God of Food.  Different from the floating five-ring halo after the God of Food, the halo after her had nine beautiful colors which was really enchanting.

Moreover, when she lifted her right hand up, an exquisite pagoda rose up in her hands. The nine-floored pagoda radiated a dense aura.

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[1] Ge (informal): chinese call someone an older brother

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