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In the early morning, a gentle ray of light shone into the room from the window, creating a faint halo all over the room.

Divine Realm didn’t have a sun, but it had day and night, day and night time here alternated differently from the day and night time in the mortal world.

Tang San helplessly looked at his wife in his arm, she slept like a tiny cat. She didn’t behave herself while sleeping.  she placed her long flexible leg on his right thigh, her hands grabbed around his hip, her head leaned onto his chest, her saliva wetted a small part of his shirt. Her hands moved around and gently soothed his body. The pleasure was so much that he had to use more willpower to restrain himself.

This little girl, does she know my immunity with her was almost none? Didn’t she say she wouldn’t go to the study room? Today, after going to the restroom, this little girl dreamily went straight to the study room, directly came into his bed, rudely threw herself onto his body, then slept like this.

“Hey, wake up.” He pinched her face.

“Don’t disturb me.” She patted his hands, hugged him tighter.


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A blue light flashed up, Tang San transformed into a stream of light, escaping from her after putting a pillow into her hands.

Xiao Wu had an outstanding feature, at least she thought it was outstanding, which was her sleepyhead. Since arriving Divine Realm, her outstanding feature had more rooms to display.

. . .

The sky was jet black and full of clowns, a purple lightning struck down randomly from the sky, stopped above the castle, creating a purple halo all over the castle.

If any god arrived here, he would surely feel the intimidating energy. Because this place was the God of Destruction’s territory, the place of numerous vanishing gods, ruined buildings.

Even his wife, the Life Goddess, could not come here easily, because this place was full of destruction intents, which were the intent of many livings from the mortal world. Only the God of Destruction could absorb these intents, and turn them into his power. Therefore, only when he needed to cultivate, the God of Destruction would come here. Other than that, he spent most of his time at a house beside a lake with the Life Goddess.

Dim lights in the main hall lit up the way from the door till the deepest place.

A lightning suddenly zoomed over outside the window, its light brightened up the main hall a little bit more.. One could easily tell the Host Position in the center of the main hall belonged to the God of Destruction.


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Below the host position, there were four chairs on each side, occupying those seats were eight different figures, to be exact, those were eight gods.

Among the eight gods, the first god on the left covered his entire body in a heavy armor, his aura was ordinary, the auras of the other seven gods were ordinary, more or less, each of them had intimidating or crazy energy.

“Go and prepare that event right away.” The low voice of the God of Destruction echoed around the entire main hall.

The eight gods sitting below was terrified as he raised his voice.

A small skinny god shot out a green light from his eyes, using the tip of his tongue to lick his lips: “My Lord, can we really start? But the Sea God there seems like. . .” His voice was extremely eccentric, even both men and women couldn’t understand his words.

“I said you could prepare, don’t you understand what I said?” The God of Destruction became too ghastly that the whole hall muted  immediately

“Yes, yes, My Lord, we will go prepare right away.” The skinny god said nonstop.

The God of Destruction said frigidly: “Sea God, I will handle him by myself. After I control the Divine Realm, execute our plan right away. What all of you need to do right now is preparing for the event as best as you can.

“Yes, My Lord.” Eight gods stood up, bowed toward the God of Destruction. At this moment, each of them radiated a halo, either faint or bright, together they formed a wheel of light. However, inside the halo, layer upon layer, the color gradually changed  and became lighter toward the deepest inner part.

Seven-Ring Halo, first-level god!


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The God of Destruction stood up, the halo behind him lightened up, as compared to other first-level gods, the halo behind his back was much bigger, there were nine rings in it, his destructive energy was partly hidden and partly visible.

His dark red eyes were looking far away, the aura in his eyes was changing endlessly, people from the outside could barely tell what he was thinking.

Right at this moment, a streak of blue light suddenly appeared on the top of the main hall, when the ray of blue light appeared in their eyes, the eight gods trembled slightly, each of their faces expressed different emotions.

The red light in the God of Destruction’s eyes also thickened.

“The God of the Destruction.” A bright, pleasant voice came up.

The God of Destruction said frigidly: “Sea God, do you have anything that you want to instruct me?”

The sound of Tang San’s voice spread out from the blue light: “About yesterday’s matter, I have considered a little bit, that couldn’t be impossible. It is just because I have a perception. In the next one year, something big will happen to the Divine Realm, if nothing happens to the Divine Realm in one year, I will follow the God of Destruction’s will, expanding the Divine Realm, how about this?”

After listening to his words, the God of Destruction was unavoidably surprised, he was deep in thought for a while, seriously said: “Fine.”

“This is so good.” Tang San’s voice was like water flowing around the main hall, then the blue light vanished in a blink of an eye, leaving no trace behind.

The God of Destruction squeezed his hands, this was the power of the one who controlled the Divine Realm, no matter level the god was, if the God King wanted to communicate, the God King could talk to them instantly.

“My Lord. Since the Sea God has said it,  it’d better to. . .” On the left side, one god respectfully said with a low voice.

“Shut up” . The God of Destruction was more furious as he remembered what had happened: “He is here to show off his power, to remind people of him being the one who is controlling the Divine Realm? Who knows after one year, will he have different thoughts? Just take action as we’ve planned. This opportunity is once in a lifetime, we can’t slip this away.

Opportunity? What actually was that opportunity? Even the eight gods below also had no idea about it. But none of them dared to go against the God of Destruction’s will.
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