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The God of Emotion, who was standing before the Butterfly God at this moment, had been covered in a Golden Amethyst Armor. Only his eyes could be seen, which were already full of worries.



The Great Formation in front of them was too powerful. Its pressure wasn’t only from these Gods, but also from the entire Divine Realm. Under the Great Formation’s lead, the entire Divine Realm was as if it was gathering up all of its strength to suppress them.



Furthermore, their negative innermost feelings were stimulated nonstop when facing the Original Sin’s Great God Punishments Formation.



Greed, Resentment, Lust, those negative emotions started to rise up. Even though their cultivations were both first-level, which had a very strong resistance, their God Powers were still weakened under this influence.



“Teacher, what are we going to do now?” The God of Emotion asked Rong Nian Bing.



Rong Nian Bing’s face became ugly. He said heavily, “This is the Original Sin’s Great God Punishments Formation, one of the three Divine Realm’s great divine formations. Only if we can draw the Elemental God’s Great God Punishments Formation, will we have a chance to fight back. However, we don’t have enough God Power to fight now, not to mention, we don’t have the Divine Realm’s center as a Formation Key Point to attack.”



The God of Light beside him spoke up in a low voice, “Even if we have an ability to draw the Elemental God’s Divine Punishment Descent Great Formation, yet, we can’t do it. If there is a big number of Gods resisting, I am afraid the Divine Realm will directly be torn apart. Until that time, many Gods in the Divine Realm will be implicated, certainly many of them. I honestly didn’t think that the God of Destruction would not have hesitated to use such a cruel method like this Great Formation to deal with us. Right now, it is really troublesome. If thing keeps going on like this, our God Powers will be used up. We will eventually be captured.”



Rong Nian Bing nodded his head, and said, “The only choice we have right now is to burst out, and in finding other ways. We can’t just stay here. Yu Hao!”



The God of Emotion hurriedly replied, “Yes.”



The icy light from Rong Nian Bing’s eyes flickered, “You go clear the way, we’ll come after that. We’ll rise up at once. This is to prevent the Original Sin God’s Divine Punishment Descent Great Formation from displaying its power.”



“Alright.” The God of Emotion did not hesitate and decided very quickly. An intense light on his body unexpectedly glittered. Behind his back, the vertical eye suddenly appeared.



His big vertical eye revealed strange sparks of light. The pupils somehow reflected the whole world inside, time, space, elements, and the other emotions. All of those were flashing vaguely inside of the vertical eye. But this chaos contained general heaven and earth’s nature as well.



The Seven Elemental Gods quickly gathered behind him. Rong Nian Bing released his own Seven-Ring Halo to protect the God of Emotion, temporarily blocking the external pressures, which was created by the Original Sin God’s Divine Punishment Descent Great Formation.



Far away, the Halos on the Seven Deadly Sin Gods shone very brightly. Even though the Seven Deadly Sin Gods saw them gathering together, they still didn’t do anything, instead, they had let them combine their strengths.



Suddenly, an extremely dazzling golden ray turned up, shooting towards the distant direction, which created a Golden Path about fifty meters wide towards the horizon.



That was the Divine Spirit Fusion of the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God, the Golden Path.



The Butterfly God had changed into an armor, hence, the God of Emotion was in charge of the Divine Spirit Fusion’s process. Thus the Halo behind the God of Emotion turned from a seven-ring to an eight-ring. He became a powerful existence, next to the Supreme God’s.



The powerful ray flashed up in the sky and then vanished. At the same time, the eight-ring halo behind the God of Emotion started to radiate. A layer of the golden halo, all of sudden, entangled the Seven Elemental Gods and Rong Nian Bing, in the blink of an eye.



As for the Life Goddess’s safety, they naturally didn’t need to worry. The Life Goddess was still the God of Destruction’s wife in the end. She was still a supreme God. The God of Destruction wouldn’t suppress her.



They could only preserve their powers and contact as many Gods as possible. Only then could they have a chance to rescue the Sea God.



“You still want to go now?” With a hurt shoulder, the God of Greed groaned coldly, squinted his little eyes, in which there were no sparkles left. His entire body had turned into a pure dark color. He pointed his finger into the air.



Abruptly, space before them then turned into a dark yellow color. In a distant place from the direction of the Divine Realms committee, a partly visible halo flared up. In the next blink, the Original Sin God Divine Punishment Descent Great Formation changed into a seven-color halo, intensely rising. The ray from that small region was immediately twisted by the God of Emotion’s strike.



In a flash, the ray rose up, then disappeared into the distant place. After that, it reappeared in front of the God of Emotion and the other first-level God’s, right in the region where the God of Greed had drawn.



“This is!” The God of Emotion startled, looking towards the Seven Deadly Sin Gods.



The God of Greed said with satisfaction, “If the Original Sin God Divine Punishment Descent Great Formation had been easy to deal with, how could it have become one of the three Divine Realm’s Great Formation? You guys are too naive, do you still think that you can run away? All of you, today, just stay still and prepare to get suppressed.”



He struck a punch towards the God of Emotion while speaking.



The God of Emotion’s eyes stood still, he didn’t dodge or avoid the strike. He raised his right arm up as if he was welcoming some guests.



The two punches collided… the sky immediately vibrated fiercely. This big shake was clearly from the God of Emotion’s. Meanwhile, when the God of Greed released a shake, it was melted by the Great Formation right away.



The God of Greed’s body wavered. The God of Emotion fell back more than ten meters in the air.


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