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The God of Destruction laughed hollowly, and said, “With you by my side, how can I not control them? Let alone, you have to know that the Original Sin’s Great God Punishments Formation in my hand right now can be activated anytime by the Divine Realm’s center. Stay with me so that I can relieve the Great Formation. I won’t hurt them either. They only need to see the glory of the Divine Realm with me. I’ve never once intended to hurt these first-level Gods, regardless of the fact whether they accepted me or not. I just wanted to complete the expansion of the Divine Realm, and by that time, only then will they genuinely acknowledge me. They will eventually understand my devotions for the Divine Realm, as well as my hopes in making the Divine Realm stronger day by day.”



The Life Goddess sighed and said, “Destruction, you’ve really lost yourself! The Sea God said that your thirst for power was really too strong, extremely strong. You are always saying you are doing all of this for the sake of Divine Realm. But in fact, it was to quench your own thirst for power. If not, will you have gone this far? I cannot be on your side. However, I don’t know why but I always had a thought that you could never win.”



“I can’t win?” The God of Destruction felt ridiculous, looking at the Life Goddess, “Until now, do you still think that I don’t have a chance in winning? Once the Original Sin’s Great God Punishments Formation has started, not to mention these first-level Gods, even if the Sea God  does show up, he still will not be able to stop it. This is the Great God Punishment Formation triggered by the Divine Realm’s center, targeting the supreme existence among the Gods. That year, with the help of the three Great God Punishment Formations, I was able to block the rebellion of the Divine Beast’s army  and gain the victory at the same time. I also still want to see, what capabilities the Sea God has in his hands in being able to turn the tides of this situation till this moment.”



The Life Goddess’s eyes were somewhat blurry. She gazed at the God of Destruction. In her eyes, apart from the feelings of helplessness, there was also a small glimpse of pity.



The God of Destruction finally got angry a little bit, “Why do you look at me with those eyes? Am I really not that comparable to that Tang San within your heart?”



The Life Goddess shook her head, and said, “No, you forever, take the number one place in my heart. You are my husband! Even if you had weaknesses, in my heart, those weaknesses eventually turn to be good.”



Hearing her say those words left the God of Destruction in a daze. His face temporarily relaxed a bit before he gained his consciousness back, instinctively lifting his hand up to grab the Life Goddess’s.



The Life Goddess immediately dodged away from his grasp, shook her head bitterly and said, “But, not only can I see your strengths, but also the strengths of others. How can you not see the Sea God’s strength? Ever since he’s entered the Divine Realm, he always thought of the Divine Realm’s safety first, before doing anything. Even though he’s never shown it, haven’t you seen him handling anything without thoroughly comprehending the situation? The reasons he didn’t agree to expand the Divine Realm was not only because of the bad premonition, but also due to another unknown reason. Expanding the Divine Realm is indeed risky. Currently, we already need many spaces to support the growth of the Mental Power’s amount. I originally thought that you would have slowly enlarged the Divine Realm, increasing the Divine Realm’s area. But right now, it seems that you are determined to achieve your goal instantly. With the current number of the Mental Power’s columns that you have built, I am afraid that you, in fact, want to directly expand the Divine Realm several times bigger than was planned!”



“Have you ever thought what will happen to the Divine Realm when it doesn’t absorb enough external Mental Power?”



The God of Destruction said assertively, “That is impossible. I’ve researched about this matter for a very long time. The external worlds we are controlling are capable of supplying a sufficient amount of Mental Power to make the Divine Realm become stronger.”



The Life Goddess snorted back, “Nothing is guaranteed. You are very hasty when doing anything. You must not have investigated it thoroughly. Moreover, if Tang San’s feeling is right, then what are you going to do? If the Divine Realms biggest disaster really occurs, since you have used the stored Mental Power to expand the Divine Realm, which therefore has weakened the Divine Realms defense wall. When the time comes, it will be unable to handle the crisis. You will become the Divine Realms criminal! Destruction, it is not too late to stop now! Furthermore, I believe that Tang San definitely has backup. The God of Emotion is not his only backup.”



The God of Destruction’s eyes became sharper. He said coldly, “So, show me then. I want to see who it is that will be right, who will be the final winner. I will wait here for the Sea God to see which solutions that he has got in his hands to stop the upcoming storm. I seriously will not change my decision. In addition, the Mental Power’s columns have released too much Mental Power. Right now, it is irreversible. At least with my powers, I can’t undo it.”



The Life Goddess said anxiously, “Yet, you still have me! I will agree to help you.”



The God of Destruction didn’t talk anymore, on the contrary, slowly closed his eyes, ignoring the Life Goddess.



The God of Emotion, Rong Nian Bing, and the Seven Big Elemental Gods were facing the Original Sin’s Great God Punishments Formation. Their expressions turned solemn.



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