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“Is this Sea God’s hidden card? It could be that I have had misjudged him up until this point. The God of Emotion’s ability has just reached the first-level God’s. But he’s really good at fusions. More importantly, he, himself can fuse with Wu Tong closely. In doing so, they can create a tremendous force of power, which can release much more formidable fighting force. I really didn’t expect any of this. However, it is really happening. The Sea God is too naive to think that he can deal with me, solely by depending on them.”



While the God of Destruction was saying these words, the God of Emotion below had made a move.



As he was giving out a long scream, he suddenly raised both of his arms up. The Golden Dragon Lance in his hand suddenly burst out a dazzling golden halo. The intense golden light was like a lightning strike, which cut through the sky, next to the blink of an eye, shooting straight towards the God of Greed like a surge of electricity.


The Golden Light then flashed up and disappeared.



The God of Greed’s face changed drastically. As he was unable to deal with his opponent’s attack, he suddenly retracted himself. A dark yellow light gushed out from the God of Greed’s body, attracting the direction of the Golden Dragon Lance.



Under the attraction’s influence, the Golden Dragon Lance momentarily lost its direction.



The Golden Light flared up then vanished. The God of Greed then let out a loud cough from his throat.



The God of Greed was not thoroughly affected by the Golden Dragon Lance. This time, the God of Emotion’s fighting force had surpassed that of a normal first-level God. The strike had been sent out with all his might in it. Therefore, the God of Greed couldn’t avoid it. A dark yellow liquid gushed out from his shoulder. He was obviously injured.



In the next blink, the Golden Dragon Lance then fell back into the God of Emotion’s hands. The God of Emotion at the same time also turned into a lightning, moving towards the God of Greed, who was preparing to coordinate with the first-level Gods from his side to destroy the first-level Gods from the opponent’s side.



As long as they could defeat one of the first-level Gods from the opposite side, which was like pushing a domino, causing the domino effect. They would then have the current situation quickly under their control.



However, after the God of Greed was injured. The God of Damage who was fighting with Rong Nian Bing suddenly roared fiercely. A pair of great hammers on the God of Damage’s hands swept across terrifyingly. His God Powers erupted into a wide scope, driving Rong Nian Bing back.



Meanwhile, the other six Deadly Sin Gods didn’t hesitate to consume their God Powers in doing the same thing. One by one, they knocked back their opponents.



After knocking their opponents out, they stopped attacking. Instead, they quickly retreated, turning around, and flew away.



With so much hatred in their energies, the first-level Gods from the God of Emotion’s side rapidly caught up to them. Their opponents had just struck out their most powerful attack, thus their God Powers and God Spirits had already been consumed, quite significantly. This was their only opportunity to rise up against the Seven Deadly Sin God’s.



But, at this moment, a deep and low sound recited all of sudden. A strange purple halo behind the eight first-level Gods, of their opponent’s side, then lit up.



The God of Emotion and other Gods had presently found out, that the God of Destruction had brought other second-level and third-level Gods here. They had gathered together and created a peculiar formation.



The Seven Deadly Sin Gods and the God of Damage stepped back. They looked like eight gems, which were encrusted on the formation. A gloomy purple halo extruded out unexpectedly. An unbeatable strength immediately dislodged the God of Emotion, Rong Nian Bing and the seven Element Gods away.



“The Gods say that greed is a deadly sin!” A deep and low voice resounded. More than a few hundreds of the Gods recited at the same time. A formidable Mental Power flew up into the sky, forming the surface of the God of Greed into a scope that was a couple of a thousand meters wide.



Meanwhile, the God of Greed’s entire body turned into a dark yellow color. Although their Halos didn’t change into an eight-ring one like that of the God of Emotion, they all still expanded roughly.



“God says lust is a deadly sin!” A recitation came up. This time, the sky turned into a dark red color. The God of Lust also changed into a big dark red object of lightning.



“God says gluttony is a deadly sin!” The surface of the God of Gluttony reappeared, emitting a dark yellow light!



“God says laziness is a deadly sin!” The dark blue face of the God of Sloth then appeared!



“God says wrath is a deadly sin!” Dark orange light radiated throughout the void. The screaming face of the God of Wrath showed up in the sky.



“God says jealousy is a deadly sin!” The face of the God of Envy emerged, sparkling a dark pink light.



“God says arrogance is a deadly sin!” The dark blue God of Arrogance finally stepped out. The sky also changed into a deep blue color.



The Seven Deadly Sin God’s led all the other Gods, as well as raising their voices to recite, “Life is all fabricated. The Deadly Sin Gods exist. The Deadly Sins arrive, all will be punished by both heaven and earth.”



“Buzz______” an intense buzzing sound echoed. The entire sky violently vibrated in the blink of an eye. Seven colors surfaced at once. This time, the seven color clouds covered the entire area of the Holy Restricted Land. A terrifying pressure presented an oppressive force downwards. The God of Emotion and the nine first-level Gods slowly landed to the sky. Their complexions had dramatically changed.



Floating opposite towards the God of Destruction, the Life Goddess’s face turned white. She said, “You dared to let them use the Original Sin Descent Great Formation, do you not know that this is the God Punishment? How could you have allowed them to do this? They, themselves, are the Deadly Sin Gods. If they cannot control their Original Sins, they will definitely give the Divine Realm great sufferings!”


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