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They were surprised, because the aura that the Butterfly God was having right now, belonged to a Supreme God! Moreover, it was exactly like the Sea God’s aura.



Even despite the fact that the God of Destruction had already completely sealed the Sea God,  in the deepest delves on his heart, he was still afraid of the Sea God. Among the Gods of the Divine Realm, it was only the Sea God, who could have had gone against him. Although the Life Goddess was powerful, she was still his wife, and didn’t really know much about fighting. Not even mentioning, that the Sea God was the successor of the Asura God, who had the strongest combat force in the Divine Realm that year.  The Asura God was the only one facing the extremely brutal Dragon God that year. Without the Asura God’s prevention that woeful year, the Divine Realm would have already been torn into pieces.



But this time, why did the God of Destruction and his following God’s still sensing the Sea God’s and even the Asura God’s energy? If the Sea God appeared once again, united with the Life Goddess, these two supreme Gods alone, would be able to defeat all the Gods accumulated here.



With the current situation in the Divine Realm, there were only three supreme gods, which were the Sea God, the God of Destruction and the Life Goddess. The new generations that the God of Kindness and the God of Wicked had were just temporary God Positions. Their God Inheritances were not radically permanent. After the two God Kings reincarnated from the mortal world, they possibly had to return their temporary titles afterwards.



Of course, it would be hard to tell that if they could come back or not. Those two Gods, to some extents, still paid close attention to their newfound God positions. They were also afraid that these new successors, who had just become God Kings, wouldn’t know how to manage the Divine Realm.



Therefore, in terms of strength, there were only three Gods, who had gotten to the supreme level.



“It is impossible!” The God of Destruction furrowed his brows, said.



The Life Goddess pulled off a faint smile, revealing a pensive look. Something likely had happened. As a God controlling Life and Creation, she somewhat had figured it out.



Right at this moment, the purplish golden Halo on the Butterfly God suddenly lit up and silently fluctuated.



The God of Destruction’s eyes lit up as well and instinctively said, “I am sure about that. The Butterfly God has inherited the Sea God’s bloodline. She has stimulated her bloodline’s power by some particular methods, mixing her power with the Supreme God’s energy. However, it is just an energy wave. It at most, can only help her in temporarily giving her the fighting powers of a first-level God. But it will not last long. Oh….”



While giving out his judgment, the God of Destruction saw that the situation then, had some little transformations to it.



Each ring of light silently appeared, forming into a Halo.



These Halos had different colors. The God of Emotions feelings went under some influences each time that a halo appeared. They were Joy, Anger, Anxiety, Pensiveness, Grief, Fear, and Fright. The transformations of  the Seven Emotions.



The God of Emotion! Didn’t the purplish golden Halo in front of the Butterfly God belong to the God of Emotion?



The radiating aura from the Butterfly God was so frightening that it made people forget the existence of the God of Emotion who was inside of the Butterfly God’s Wings. The God of Emotion was releasing his Halo at this very moment.



The seven-ring halo represented was for the first-level God. But, did it really only have seven rings?



Finally, a ring of the wicked black halo flared up in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, a ring of the dazzling purplish golden halo also radiated as well. That was the eighth ring. That was right. That was the eighth ring. Behind the God of Emotion, a strange appearance of the eighth ring emerged.



This was unbelievable. For the Gods from the God of Destruction’s side, this was totally bad news.



As the Life Goddess had an equal existence to a first-level God, her powers were more amplified during this time.



The eight ring halo, originally, didn’t exist in the Divine Realm. But at this moment, it certainly existed on the God of Emotion’s body.



What made the people bewildered was the transformations on the God of Emotion’s body.



Layer by layer of the purplish golden halo showed up on the God of Emotion’s body, which was like a thread of silk. But these halos were from a supreme God’s dignity, condensing into an armor, shielding the God of Emotion’s body.



This purplish golden armor seemed as if it had scales on its surface when looking upon it from far away. Its shoulder pads were slender, expanding outwards. It had three layers. The last layer hanged downwards to both of the arm’s side. The chest area of the armor was sturdy. From the chest to the waist area, the armor was made up entirely of scales, which had a dazzling purplish golden color and was extremely magnificent.



All over his body, a pair of huge dragon wings unfolded on his back, covering his entire body. A golden lance came out into the God of Emotion’s hand. It was Golden Dragon Lance.



The God of Emotion looked up into the sky, screaming out loud. His aura all of sudden became more powerful, in a flash, it’s powers had violently surpassed all of the formidable first-level Gods, who were now giving chase after the two supreme Gods in the sky.



The God of Destruction’s expression was a little odd. He was floating opposite towards the Life Goddess without any commotion.


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