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The God of Damage’ armor was extremely magnificent. The silver halo shot out from behind him, towards four different directions. There was a pair of great hammers in each of his hands. Each time that he swung the hammers, an explosion arose in the sky. It was as if every corner of the sky had already been smashed to pieces by his hammers.



What he had used was the strength from the Ten Favor methods. The God of Damage also had a nickname, Titan. In terms of strength, he was one of the strongest in the Divine Realm.



Rong Nian Bing’s strength obviously could not be compared to his. But his control over the elements was unknowingly much more powerful than that of the God of Damage.



As Titan swung his hammer, a giant Fire Dragon came out from Rong Nian Bing’s right arm followed by a Water Dragon, then a Wind Dragon, an Earth Dragon, a Light Dragon, a Darkness Dragon, and a Space Dragon. Seven Great Dragons entangled one another, surrounded the God of Damage and constantly attacked him.



Despite the God of Damage’s tremendous power, right after he beat the Great Dragons, Rong Nian Bing immediately released another one.



The God of Damage couldn’t be a match for Rong Nian Bing in terms of speed, thus, he could only randomly swing the two hammers blindly. Until now, quite a significant amount of God power, had been consumed on both sides.



Even a powerful first-level God couldn’t have had finished this battle in such a short time.



Their fighting methods were almost the same. When they had reached this high of a level, such high techniques played a very small role. If only if it could have been the Sea God’s Spirit Windstorm or the God of Destruction’s Destructive God Thunder, then could they have guaranteed their victory. As they were fighting, their God Powers directly collided with one another.



In the middle of the sky, the multiple colored God Powers twinkled. Situated in the highest place of the castle, the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God were extremely worried.



That window was sealed by the thick God Power. They had used up all sorts of methods that were possible but still couldn’t open it. When they had came here the last time, it was the Sea God, who had used his strength to lead them in. Right now, they simply couldn’t make any contact with the Sea God!



“What should we do now, Yu Hao?” The Butterfly God had already been anxious. Her father’s energy was fluctuating nonstop. His Divine Sense wave was not stable, which only meant that her father’s emotions were not good. In a situation like this, her father had a high possibility of dealing with trouble. The biggest problem at this particular moment was in how to break her father out of the castle! Not to mention, that her mother was pregnant and could deliver at any given minute.



The God of Emotion was somewhat troubled. He had used many methods in trying to break the seal which had consumed not a great amount of his God Powers.



In this moment, while looking in through the window, everything had became hazy due to the influences of the God Power. Even with his superb vision, all that he could see were just illusions.



They couldn’t see nor make contact with the Sea God. They were clueless about the Sea God’s current situation.



The God of Emotion grabbed the Butterfly God’s shoulders, and said in a low voice, “Wu Tong, we have to be calm in this kind of situation. We definitely cannot panic. Regardless of the situation, our father-in-law and mother-in-law will not be in danger. Therefore, you need to stay calm. If we can’t come inside, we have to come to terms with our situation on the outside first.”



Tang Wu Tong clenched her teeth. If the God of Emotion wasn’t with her right now, she wouldn’t be sure how she could have controlled her emotions. Presently, finally, could she calm down a little bit due to the God of Emotion’s suggestion.



“Fine!” Tang Wu Tong’s icy light flickered. Regarding her parent’s condition, she didn’t have any information about them, which made her furious. She reached out her hands to grab one of the God of Emotion’s hands. Both of their pupils then lit up an intense golden color.



After that, a pair of enchanting Butterfly Wings stretched out from her back. Her butterfly wings were not like ordinary ones. On the wing’s surfaces, there was a thick layer of scales which couldn’t be noticed without looking carefully. The Butterfly God’s Wings had a faint golden color, which turned into a classy purple color under the shining light, forming into a mysterious yet enchanting and dazzling purplish golden color.



The Butterfly God loosened. The purplish golden aura on the Butterfly God’s body also radiated, her gentle energy suddenly became intimidating. The five-ring purplish golden halo rose up from her head, complementing her long blue hair, which was extremely dashing.



The Butterfly God’s eyes stood still for a while, she then looked up to the God of Emotion. Going inside the God of Emotion’s embrace, the Butterfly God turned her body half way, and leaned against his chest. She retreated her Butterfly Wings, and let the God of Emotion’s body cover hers completely.



In just a second, a giant purplish golden butterfly figure reappeared in the air. The butterfly figure constantly changed into a deep purplish golden color, oddly. A dignified aura then suddenly came out.



The Seven Deadly Sin Gods who were fighting with the Seven Big Element Gods, and Rong Nian Bing who was fighting with the God of Damage simultaneously stopped. They all laid their eyes on the ancient castle in the middle of the Holy Restricted Land.



When the purplish golden aura appeared, they were certain that it had belonged to a supreme God.



The first-level God was the highest existence in the Divine Realm. However, if comparing the first-level God to the Supreme God, the Supreme God’s powers were still unsurpassable.



But how could have a Supreme God appear at this very moment? Had the Sea God perhaps been released? But could it really be possible that he had been released?



The Life Goddess and the God of Destruction, who were confronting each other, couldn’t help but be astonished, when they saw that the purplish golden aura had come from the Butterfly God’s body.


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