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In his heart, the Life Goddess had a really important position. If there was anything that could be compared to the desire for power in his heart, it would have been the Life Goddess.



Even if the Life Goddess had beaten him, and cursed him, he still would not be willing to see the disappointing look in her eyes right now. The disappointing look contained so much sorrow in it, which showed the true extent of the Life Goddess’ feeling right now.



“I am so sorry my dear, it’s me, I’ve made a mistake. But things have already come to this point, it would be impossible to change it. At this moment, I can only keep going forward. I have to complete my deed. Until I fulfill my wish, I will immediately find a method to break his seal, does this plan satisfy you?” The God of the Destruction said gently.



The Life Goddess let out a long sigh, and said, “Destruction, I won’t fight with you.”



Hearing her say those words made the God of Destruction feel joyous. Their love still remained strong in the end!



“Very good. So my dear, wait for me here. Until I settle down this matter, we’ll return to the Divine Realms committee.” The God of Destruction hastily said.



The Life Goddess shook her head and said, “If you leave now, I will self-destruct my own God identity, and die right now. Consider it as a compensation for the Sea God.”



“What?” The God of Destruction was in a huge shock. Those words could not have been easily said out like this. Moreover, the Life Goddess’s words were as certain and sharp as a knife. Her attitude was even more determined.



The God of Destruction’s heart sank heavily, looking at the Life Goddess. His reddish pupils revealed an uncertain look.



The Life Goddess closed her eyes. Tears were streaming down her face. She of course really didn’t expect that her husband had turned out to be like this.



He was still her husband in the end! She could not do anything to him. But she was like his seal, tying him up, which was definitely achievable, but she didn’t want it to be so.



Remembering the Life Praying Ceremony’s result, the Life Goddess was in more pain than could be seen from the naked eye. She was now clear about why the Life Praying Ceremony had such a result like that. Perhaps all of this was the result from the God of Destruction’s doings!



She didn’t resent him or blame him. She was just hurt in seeing him conflicted like this. But she had decided that from now on she wouldn’t leave his side, but always stay with him.



Seeing the Life Goddess cry, the God of Destruction moved forward, and gently embraced her body.



“I am so sorry. I truly don’t know what is it that I am doing that could cause you this much pain. It is me who is at fault. Alright, I admit that you are right. I am totally wrong. But as of right now, my hands are tied. Everything is irreversible. The 108 Mental Power columns have already started to work. The Divine Realm has started to expand already. Moreover, all those Gods cannot defeat my people. Although they have more first-level God’s, we have more than a hundred Gods on our side. Unless the Sea God can break the Seal, no one can stop these things from happening. However, the Sea God cannot break that seal.”



The Life Goddess snuggled up in his arms, and slightly shook her head, “No, this isn’t important. Just stay with me, can’t you? I just want you to be safe. I don’t care about any other things. I just want you to be with me. Can you you please do that for me?”



The God of Destruction was a little surprised with the Life Goddess’s attitude. This was the first time that he had seen her act like this.


Still he didn’t hesitate, and nodded his head, “Of course, I can. I will stay with you. But let everyone else leave, can you agree with that?”



“Um.” The Life Goddess somewhat relaxed, opened her arms to hug the God of Destruction’s body.



The fullness of the vitality aura constantly collided with the Destruction Intent, dissolving in each other. They both created the God Power waves at that moment. The purple color blended in with the aquamarine green color in the sky.



At that moment, the Gods in the fight below, didn’t have any ideas about what was happening between the married couple.



The scale of the battles in the Divine Realm wasn’t always that big. Right now, the situation in which, where there were more than ten Gods that were involved in a single battle had never happened before.



The Heaven and Earth’s element forces in the Divine Realm was quite strong. Therefore, the oppressive force would be too powerful for a normal living body. In fact, even though the God’s power was extremely formidable, it could not cause any big destructions to the Divine Realm. The destruction of the Fire God could only burn several thousand square meters of marsh. If it was in the mortal world, the flame from the Fire God could set at least half of a continent ablaze.


At this time, there was an intense, violent battle occurring in the middle of the sky. The Seven Deadly Sin Gods were confronting the Seven Elemental Gods. Both sides did not get along well with each other at all. They were sworn enemies. One on one, they formed into seven pairs, fighting with each other.



Rong Nian Bing at that time found the God of Damage. Both sides also outrageously fought against with one another.



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