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The Life Goddess said: “Do you really not do it? Why do you have to imprison the Sea God here? . It’s the Sea God, who has asked the God of Emotion to tell me that you have used that power. That’s why I come back. Otherwise, as your wife, even if I can’t help you, I definitely won’t make thing harder for you. I also originally didn’t think what you did was wrong. Even though, there is danger, I am willing to bear with you. However, you shouldn’t use that power!”



The God of Destruction’s breathing somewhat became urgent, but he stopped for a while, then spoke the truth: “No! Yes!”



This time, it was the Life Goddess’s turn to be in daze. She knew the God of Destruction really well. Her husband’s personality was arrogant. But he absolutely didn’t lie. Although he was obstinate, his thirst for power was powerful, he had been taking a really good care of her, hadn’t told her any lies or tormented her. If he said it was, that would definitely be true. However, the Sea God would be also the same, wouldn’t lie to her, was it possible that her husband dared to lie because of the fight this time? It was hard for the Life Goddess to believe in this thing.



“The Sea God has ordered the God of Emotion to report to me that you have used the power from the Holy Restricted Land. Otherwise I wouldn’t come here. Does the Sea God possibly lie to me?” The Life Goddess startlingly said to the God of Destruction.



The God of Destruction was unexpectedly silent facing the Life Goddess’s interrogation. He slowly shook his head and said, “No, he doesn’t lie.”



“You?” The Life Goddess was somewhat confused, looking at the God of Destruction, waiting for his explanation.



The God of Destruction sighed heavily, said: “As for this matter, it is true that I have taken risk out of desperation, but I have confidence about it. That’s right. I have used some powers from the Holy Restricted Land. But I will never release that forbidden power, nor  cooperate with it. I just borrowed a little forbidden power to seal the Sea God. Therefore, some forbidden power have leaked outside. This forbidden power relates to the matter of life or death of the entire Divine Realm, how can I dumbly release it? It is absolutely impossible.”



“I am also not happy with the Sea God since he is holding two God positions at the same time. Moreover, he can go back and forth between these two. His Asura God power is too formidable. It could suppress my power. I am just worried that my power alone can’t seal him completely. Therefore, I’ve borrowed a little forbidden power, integrating with my seal. Even though his power is strong, he won’t be able to break the seal. Right now, even me or you, or the God of Kindness, or the God of Wicked coming back, they can’t help the Sea God break the seal. He will just be sealed forever, turning to an ordinary God.”



“Hence, in fact, I am not afraid of you coming here today, I have been even waiting for others. I want to see in the end how many Gods will oppose me taking the throne. But I couldn’t imagine you would come here in person. Eventually, you have come! My heart is torn apart, don’t you know that?”



The Life Goddess’s complexion gradually sank while listening to the God of Destruction. She glared at the God of Destruction, and said with a low voice: “Destruction, do you get the Sea God permanently sealed because you want to own the power? Do you know how this will affect the Divine Realm and other Gods? The Asura God is one of the five supreme Gods in our Divine Realm’s committee. Without him, the Divine Realm’s committee will lose its balance, which can even cause a chaos in the entire Divine Realm. Moreover, you have borrowed that forbidden power, even if it is a bit, it is still borrowing! You have imprisonedthe Sea God here because you have used the forbidden power from the Holy Restricted Land to seal his power completely, is it right? If it is the case, his power is gradually worn out and sealed forever. How can you do it? You and the Sea God are not enemies, regardless everything! Although you don’t like him, if you do this, it will be equal to completely destroy him!”



Upon these words, the pupils of Life Goddess exposed a deep worried and painful look, expressing her disappointment.


Until now, she originally didn’t find any wrong in the God of Destruction’s doings, thus secretively agreed. But she wouldn’t think because of his desire for power, he could use such a cruel method to deal with the Sea God. He didn’t directly kill the Sea God, but doing this was not different from killing him, even more ruthless.



Taking away a power of a God was the most severe punishment in the Divine Realm. Unless a peculiar situation like the Dragon God’s war occurred again,  it would be hard for a god without power to survive in the Divine Realm.



The God of Destruction was deep in his thought for a while, he seemed to feel a little bit regretful. However, if he didn’t do this, he basically didn’t feel ease. The Sea God power was too intimidating. If they were in one on one battle, he wouldn’t have a smallest hope of winning. But it was almost impossible to put an ordinary seal on a supreme god. Even if it was successful, it would only work in a short amount of time.



Hence, he had come up with this solution, but he didn’t expect it would upset his own wife this much.



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