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At this moment, the Sea God had already calmed himself, he continued to talk: “Our treasure daughter is called Tang Wu Tong, her name takes each character from ours, Tang in my Tang San, and Wu in your Little Wu, adding the character representing the Phoenix perching on Parasol Tree, it becomes Tang Wu Tong, which is Tang San and Xiao Wu’s phoenix. As for our precious son’s name, let use the same way, call him Tang Wu Lin. How is it?”

Xiao Wu’s eyes brightened up, said: “Tang San and Xiao Wu’s Little Qilin1? Good! Good! Let use this name.” But after that, her face became bitter, she said: “The characters are hard to write, you will teach him how to read and write his name later.”

The Sea God Tang San said with a smile: “No problem, just leave it to me.”

Xiao Wu was satisfied this time, hugged him and said: “How is today annual meeting?”

Tang San remembered the God of Destruction’s last provocation, unwillingly shook his head and said: “The God of Destruction has always been discontent with me. This time, he takes advantage of Divine Realm’s expansion matter to provoke me again. But I’ve soon pushed this matter down.”

Xiao Wu furrowed her brows and said: “This is not a solution, the God of Destruction is the most ancient god anyway, many gods support him, and especially evil gods, they are his loyal follower. I’ve been pregnant now, there is no way I could help you, you will have extra burden for your own, that would be hard. What if he plans to make a fuss this time? San ge2, you are too softhearted, you should have listened to Boss Dai last time, to finish him sooner.  A courtier should follow his Emperor, he is in a state of willing speech but unwilling heart with you right now, this is not good for the entire Divine Realm.”

Tang San said: “After all, the God of Destruction is still the founder of the Divine Realm, furthermore, his wife is the Life Goddess who controls the life and creation. She’s been very good to us. Regardless creation or destruction, they are all necessary force. If we really have to go against them, it will be very dangerous to us and the galaxy we are controlling. Moreover, the God of Destruction is only a little ambitious, he is originally not bad, he just wants to do that for the sake of Divine Realm, but he has overacted a bit. Don’t worry, I will handle this matter. Wait for a while, I will find and talk to him.”

Xiao Wu nodded her head, said: “Expanding the Divine Realm, can we really do this?”

Tang San said: “Originally it’s not impossible, our Divine Realm depends on the power, which is cultivated by people from the mortal world. A day in Divine Realm is one year in the world of mortals. Many years have passed like this, the Divine Realm has also accumulated enormous power, we actually can expand the Divine Realm and the number of Gods. If it was under normal circumstance, I would agree as well. After expanding the Divine Realm, we could control more galaxies, this is a good thing. But because. . .” When talking to this, he suddenly stopped, furrowed his brows.

Little Yu said: “Is it still because of that premonition?”

“Um.” Tang San nodded his head.

Little Yu said: “At first you had a premonition about time or about our son-in-law becoming the God of Time. At that time, you said, in less than thirty years, the Divine Realm would face a huge crisis. Many years have passed like this, even the smallest thing hasn’t happened yet. Not to mention the God of Destruction’s doubt for you is getting bigger and bigger every day, and so do other first-level and second-level gods. San ge, don’t you think your perception is mistaken this time?

Tang San took a deep breath, his eyes became more thoughtful, he put Xiao Wu on the bed, then walked to the window.

The highest place in Divine Realm could be seen from their room, looking far away from this place, with Tang San’s sight, he could see the entire Divine Realm.

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“I have a feeling that incident is getting closer to us, at most in one year, it will appear. That’s why I can’t let the God of Destruction expand the Divine Realm. Once Divine Realm’s power is diluted, we will be in trouble, at that point, something big might happen!”

Xiao Wu stood up, went to his side, held his hands and said: “San ge, I believe in you. However, you really need to tell the God of Destruction about that matter as well, don’t let the conflict get deeper. Otherwise, when the crisis happens, people from Divine Realm can’t unite as one, how can we fight back?”

Tang San smiled, he pulled her into his chest. “Don’t worry, I get it. Xiao Wu, tonight, do I really have to sleep in the study room?”

“Of course!”

“So tonight don’t try looking for me. My warm embrace is the most comfortable.”

“You are dreaming. I won’t do that. Never!”


[1] Qilin: Chinese unicorn

[2]Ge (informal): chinese way to call someone an older brother

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