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“Fine, fine, alright! If so, come here, come over here!” The God of Destruction growled angrily. His body transformed into a group of purple rays, heading toward the sky .



The Life Goddess was like being led by him, also turned into an aquamarine light, flying to the sky, in just a second, disappeared without a trace.



“I’ll stop the God of Destruction. You guys quickly go to save the Sea God and his family, ask the Sea God to take charge of the situation.” The Life Goddess’s voice fell down from the sky. What she could do was only this much.



With Rong Nian Bing in the lead, other Gods simultaneously nodded their heads. Rong Nian Bing glided his body forward, striking an attack on the God of Damage. Other Seven Element Gods also moved forward, condensing their element powers, facing Seven Deadly Sin Gods.



They were all first-level Gods, eight versus eight. Their combined power was formidable as expected. In the Divine Realm, this would be the most sensational clash!


There were just eight first-level Gods totally in the Divine Realm. If counting Rong Nian Bing in, who had left his God Position, that would be nine. At this moment, on the battlefield, there were seventeen Gods. Only two Gods were not there, who both were first-level Gods. One was the Sea God, the other was a mysterious God of Time. It could be said that the ultimate power of the whole Divine Realm was gathered right here.



The God of Emotion pulled the Butterfly God’s arm. They didn’t join the battle, turned away and left for the castle in the Holy Restricted Land. Their aim was the place where the Sea God and the Life Goddess were imprisoned.



Only did they save the Sea God, then they could turn the situation around.



Towards the God of Destruction’s direction, eight first-level God made their moves. Other second-level, third-level Gods didn’t even move, nor have any intention to prevent the God of Emotion from flying to the castle in the Holy Restricted Land.



When arriving in front of the window, the God of Emotion surprisingly discovered that the Sea God was not here nor in the battlefield outside. His heart couldn’t help but sink. Because they didn’t know during the time they left, what actually had happened here.


What if something bad happened to the Sea God, what were they going to do? But, had the God of Emotion said he wouldn’t hurt anyone from the Sea God’s family?



“Wu Tong?” The God of Emotion rushed to the Butterfly God’s side, shouting.



Tang Wu Tong’s pupils sent out two streaks of purplish golden light. On her forehead, the Sea God’s Golden Trident mark started to light up. But when this mark shone, in a blink, Tang Wu Tong’s expression changed cause she had found out her Divine Sense linking with her father had had a sensational fluctuation.



The drastic Divine Sense fluctuation meant there was a wavering of thoughts. She could feel that the Sea God’s energy was extremely chaotic, what was this?



Up above the sky, the God of Destruction and the Life Goddess were standing opposite each other, looking at each other. Their expressions were very complicated.



“Why? Why do you have to come? Why can you just wait in the Forest of Life, until all of this ends, is it much better? Why must you come here? When I decided, I’ve never asked to do this thing with me. Because I know you too well. With your personality, you won’t agree. Because of that, I’ve begged you not to leave the Forest of Life, wait until everything ends, isn’t it much better?”



The Life Goddess looked at the God of Destruction with her sorrowful eyes, slight shook her head, and gently replied: “I am so sorry. It’s all my fault. I don’t deserve to be your wife.”



Her words made the God of Destruction’s body tremble. He bewilderedly gazed at her.



The Life Goddess muttered: “As a wife, no matter what you do, I should stand by your side. But, our natural instincts are opposite. If I support you, that will go against my creation nature. If that is the case, not only the Divine Realm, but the mortal world, which we are managing, are also pulled into a disaster. Life and Creation maintain the world foundation’s stability. Because of that, I can’t, I can never help you do this. I am so sorry, husband.”



If before the God of Destruction’s intimidating energy was full of rage. As soon as the Life Goddess spoke out the word “husband”, his intimidation unexpectedly faded out. He looked at the Life Goddess, let out a long sigh, slightly shook his head.



“I haven’t blame you for anything so far! The sufferings in your heart, how can I not know? You are my wife! Because of that, I let you stay in the Forest of Life. As long as you don’t put your hand into this, I am already satisfied. At that time, haven’t you agreed with me? But, why? Why do you have to show up here? If you weren’t with them, they would not even dare to have any thought of confronting me.”



The Life Goddess abruptly held her head up, glaring at the God of Destruction attentively, “If so, then tell me, haven’t you used the strength from the Holy Restricted Land?”



The Halo behind the God of Destruction slightly swayed, the sound surroundings also stopped.



The Life Goddess closed her eyes, spoke grievously, “Why do you want to use that strength? Do you know or not what this can bring to the Divine Realm? You are a Law Executor of the Divine Realm! How can you know the Law and still break it?”



The God of Destruction suddenly screamed out in rage: “No, I don’t use that power. I don’t use it.”


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