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The God of Destruction rolled his eyes looking at the life Goddess, “You are really determined to go against me today, aren’t you?”



The Life Goddess didn’t reply, only silently looked at him. Who knew what was being written on her mind. .



The God of Destruction frigidly said: “Good! Then we can only rely on our strength to talk. I, on the contrary, want to see what you will use to save the Sea God. The reason I have ignored the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God’s escape is to catch all of you in one net. Other Sea God’s supporters have been imprisoned inside this Destruction Castle. And so are you. Today, you will lose. At this place, I prove to all of you that your choices are a mistake.”



The God of Destruction had previously ordered Seven Deadly Sin Gods to deal with the Sea God’s allies in order to weaken the Sea God’s strength. The Sea God’s supporters, who had a really close relationship with him, were also his companies entering the Divine Realm from Douluo Continent.


The God of Destruction still didn’t know the exact number of the Sea God’s supporters among the Gods. But he had gotten the Divine Realm’s center in his hand, which gave him half of the most powerful fighting strength. Thus, he wasn’t afraid of any of them obviously. Because of that, he was staying here waiting for them. Even when the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God had escaped, he had not even stop them. It was because he hoped they would lead all the Sea God’s supporters here. He had actually had very good preparation.



The Divine Realm’s turbulence was unavoidable. The God of Destruction’s plan was to finish this mess by only one shot. Without a doubt, this was the simplest way.



In fact, he had succeeded. It was just that the God of Destruction himself couldn’t imagine the opponent party would have nine first-level Gods, who were being led by his wife.



The Life Goddess floated toward the God of Destruction. A faint green sparkling halo radiated from her body, which was formed by piece by piece of green leaves. Suddenly, the entire sky was filled with the Life Goddess’ energy.



Locating inside the range of the vitality energy, the Destruction Intent of the God of Destruction was weakened; at the same time, it was being oppressed to retreat. Behind the Life Goddess, a powerful aquamarine green halo had completely covered the Destruction Castle, of course, including all the Gods inside.



Following behind the Life Goddess and Seven Deadly Sin Gods, the God of Emotion and Rong Niang Bing also started to move, scattering to different directions, flying after the Life Goddess.



The seven different ring halos flared up and glittered behind these Gods. All the first-level Gods had united, creating an oppression, which momentarily lit the entire sky up brightly.



The God of Destruction’s side was also the same. The Seven Deadly Sin Gods behind the God of Destruction including the God of Damage formed a line. Similarly, they created seven-ring halos. Except for the silver seven-ring halo of the God of Damage outside, other Deadly Sin Gods’ ring halos all had dark colors, which were completely opposite to the ones of the Element Gods.



“Do you really want to be my enemy?” The God of Destruction was staring at the Life Goddess attentively, asking her word by word. His energy constantly surged to its peak while he was saying those words.



The Life Goddess’s eyes were full of sorrows, looking at the God of Destruction. Her lips were moving, as if she wanted to say something but couldn’t speak a word. Seeing her in pain, the God of Destruction’s eye sockets reddened.



“Fine, if it is like this, let our strengths decide!” The God of Destruction looked up to the sky, roaring. The nine-ring Halo behind him at the same time became unbeatably powerful. The purplish black light flashed up, turned into a formidable Destructive God Thunder, roaming in the middle of the sky.



The Life Goddess closed her eyes, raised both her arms up, sent out flocks of green light one after one into the middle of the sky, toward that purple clouds which were whirling around.



“Seed of Life!” The God of Destruction was in a storming rage when he said these words.



A group of aquamarine green light appeared in the vast sky to be much different from the Destruction clouds. However, after it rose to the sky where the thunder was roaring, a melodious musical rhythm suddenly came up. The breathe of Destruction declined with an incredible speed. The sky’s color slowly started to fade.



The Life Goddess and the God of Destruction were all legendary Gods in the Divine Realm. Both had powerful cultivations. The Life Goddess’s cultivation was definitely not weaker than the God of Destruction’s. Moreover, her existence held a special meaning to the Divine Realm, even more important than the God of Destruction’s.



When she appeared, the eyes of hundred Gods behind the God of Destruction gave out a vaguely bewildered look. None of them wanted to be up against the Life Goddess.



However, things had come to this point. It was too late for them to change their minds. They could only hope that the God of Destruction could handle his family matter well.


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