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The God of Destruction also acted the same, just staring at the Life Goddess without saying anything. Both sides were confronting each other in the sky. The God of Destruction scattered his Destruction Intents toward the direction of the Life Goddess, covering the sky and earth. These Destruction Intents were like a raging storm. But it couldn’t be able to make the Life Goddess flinch even a little. The turquoise green halo didn’t expand, but it did not get affect  by the Destruction Intent either.



“Why? Why do you have to come? Do you know? My heart, it hurts, it hurts badly!” The God of Destruction sounded a little hoarse. He raised his right arm up, pounding on his chest. The “thud, thud” resounded accordingly.



The Life Goddess’s face was a little pale. She looked at the God of Destruction with sorrowful eyes, “Why do you keep being stubborn like this, why can’t you wait a little longer? Hasn’t the Sea God agreed with you, if in one year, the situation that he has been talking about doesn’t appear, he will follow your opinion and expand the Divine Realm?”



“I cannot wait. I definitely can’t wait. Why do I have to listen to him? Why can a junior like him be a King in the Divine Realm, but not me? He is so conservative, doesn’t know how to explore the development of the Divine Realm. The Divine Realm won’t have any good result if it is still in his hands. Let’s just say if the duration of one year time is due, instead of agreeing with me to expand the Divine Realm as he has promised, he will again prevent mewhen the time comes. He has the Divine Realm’s center, how can I capture him?”



“If you want the Divine Realm to have a big development, let the Divine Realm have more Gods. For the sake of Divine Realm’s glorious time, we have to replace outdated  thoughts, expel him from the Divine Realm’s committee. Only then does every God will unite as one to make the entire Divine Realm unceasingly develop.” The God of Destruction’s words were resolute and decisive. He didn’t sound to have a small bit of willingness to compromise. The intimidating power on his body affected the big range of Gods, making their minds flutter.



“Uncle Zi. Did you capture my father and mother because of this? You don’t need to go to that such extent! It doesn’t have to be that way!” The Butterfly God’s sorrowful voice resounded in the air. Hearing her voice made the God of Destruction’s intimidating aura unexpectedly reduced a little. His eyes also fell on the Life Goddess, who was beside the Butterfly God.



His Destruction Intents were held back to some extent. The God of Destruction’s look was somewhat complicated. He gazed at the Butterfly God, “I am sorry, Little Wu Tong, Uncle Zi has to do this. Everything that your father has done affects severely to the Divine Realm’s development. However, you should not be worried, uncle guarantee with you, I won’t hurt your family no matter what. After everything is settled, the Divine Realm completes expanding, I will release your parents. All of you will reunite and live happily in the Divine Realm.”



“And it must be under your monitoring, right!” Rong Nian Bing said frigidly.



The God of Destruction gave him an intimidating look. But the Rong Nian Bing wasn’t even scared. The God Halo didn’t appear behind his head, but there was a strange seven color flickering aura surrounding his body, which was not less dominating than the God of Destruction’s energy.



The God of Destruction groaned a little, “I have already known, the Sea God association does have some preparations. It turns out to be you. After leaving your God position, you haven’t left the Divine Realm, but stayed. Is it possible that you think you could change the situation?”



Rong Nian Bing coldly snorted back: “Destruction, you have been blind by your thirst of power. You aren’t the original God of Destruction anymore. If you keep going like this, the end will only be the Destruction. It is true that Tang San is a little conservative, still his conservativeness brings peace and safety to the Divine Realm. The Divine Realm definitely can be expanded, but it is not that urgent like what you are doing right now.”



“There is one thing you must know that if the Divine Realm is expanded excessively, the Divine Realm itself will be affected. We are just doing this for the sake of the Divine Realm’s stability. If that great calamity really happens, how will we deal with it? The Divine Realm hasn’t encountered any trouble for thousand years. But it doesn’t mean that it will never get into trouble. I believe in Tang San’s judgment. Moreover, even if his judgment is wrong, it won’t cost the Divine Realm any loss. If your judgment is wrong, everything that you have done will make you become the Divine Realm’s criminal. The consequence will even more serious than the one caused by the Dragon God’s Destruction that year, do you know that?”



“You really want to die!” The God of Destruction growled slightly. His eyes flashed up. In the middle of the dark, a black thunder lightning struck down. That was the Destructive God Thunder!



The lightning in a flash had arrived in front of Rong Nian Bing. The Life Goddess beside him lifted her arm. A slender delicate leaf fluttered, in a blink, came close to the Destructive God Thunder above. The powerful Destructive God Thunder was pulled into that leaf, disappearing completely in the air.



The Life Goddess finally made a move, which made the God of Destruction’s reddish eyes all of sudden squint. But the Gods’ faces beside the Life Goddess had relaxed very much. With the Life Goddess on their side, they would no doubt win this battle.


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