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This time, with the Life Goddess’s lead, in addition, there were the God of Emotion, Rong Nian Bing and Seven Elemental Gods. There were  total nine first-level Gods.



The Life Goddess was also a Law Executor, her power could shake the God of Destruction’s attack. If she could save the Sea God, she would definitely have no problem in suppressing the God of Destruction.



As for his father-in-law’s arrangement, the God of Emotion had so much respects for him. Right now, he just hoped that he could smoothly save his father-in-law, prevent the God of Destruction from expanding the Divine Realm. That was good enough. He could also find his parents and grandparents.



A streak of green light shot up to the sky. The Life Goddess once again arrived in front of the Gods, nodded her head towards them. Her face was emotionless. She said: “Everyone, follow me. I have appeased the Divine Beasts in the Holy Restricted Land.”



Although the Water God’s tone before was not very pleasant,  what she had said was the truth. The Life Goddess and the God of Destruction’s abilities were originally opposite. Using the Life Goddess’s life creation energy to resolve the Destruction Intent of the God of Destruction was reasonable. At least, it was much easier than when the God of Emotion dissolved the Destruction Intent.



Under the Life Goddess’s lead, a group of Gods rapidly flew toward the core zone of the Holy Restricted Land. Without the Divine Beast’s disturbance, their flying speed was incredibly fast. In a short time, they could see a small bottomless lake in the core zone inside the Holy Restricted Land.



“Father and mother are inside that castle.” The Butterfly God pointed at the castle above the lake, which had many Gods guarding. She was very determined and urgent this time. She only hoped she could rescue her parents as soon as possible.



All the Element Gods accidentally looked at the Life Goddess. Although they knew the Life Goddess was the God of Destruction’s wife, yet she was a Law Executor, the head of the Gods here, everyone would listen to her.



The Life Goddess stood there motionlessly, closing her eyes. Other Gods couldn’t help but look at her skeptically. Still they didn’t dare to urge her.



A short moment later, the Butterfly God finally couldn’t tstand it anymore, slightly shook the Life Goddess’s arm, “Aunty Lu, aunt…”



The Life Goddess suddenly opened her eyes, looked towards a direction, then said with a low voice: “If you have arrived here, then show yourself.”



“Why do you come? I know they will definitely come. But I have never imagined you would eventually become Sea God’s ally.” A cold yet mournful voice came out. The sky became gloomier. Thick dark clouds from all directions gathered here.



“The God of the Destruction?” Rong Nian Bing blurted out. His face turned solemn as well. The Seven Element Gods were the same. The God of Destruction suddenly showed up. Without a doubt, their plan to save the Sea God was getting harder. In a situation like this, their chance reduced tremendously. Moreover, the Life Goddess and the God of Destruction were family after all! Her decision to stay or leave their side was unknown.



Under such circumstance, needless to say, they were all ready to fight.



One after one, each shadow appeared from a distance. The one leading was the God of Destruction.



He was still in his dark purple cloak. His reddish pupils twinkled. Even from a very distance, one could feel the tremendous oppression force.



Behind the God of Destruction were Seven Deadly Sin Gods and the God of Damage. Not only that, there were more than one hundred vague figures following them, who were all the second-level and third-level Gods.



It was pretty clear that the God of Destruction had been soon well prepared. Hence, so many Gods were following him at this moment.



The God of Emotion and other Gods unintentionally all had their eyes on the Life Goddess. Everything in front of them was a trap without a doubt. If the Life Goddess stood by the God of Destruction’s side right now, that would have been for sure a huge catastrophe for them.



The Life Goddess let out a long sigh, swinging her sleeves up. A jade-colored aura appeared below everyone’s feet, condensing into a gigantic leaf, raising everyone up to sky, floating forward.



The rich life aura also gushed out from the Life Goddess’s body, blocking all the Destruction Intents, which were released by the God of Destruction.



Really quickly, the Life Goddess carried all the gods to the sky, far away from the God of Destruction. She still didn’t said anything, just gazed at him.



In terms of competencies, there was not much different between two sides, regardless of the God of Destruction and numerous God’s existences. However, there were only eight first-level Gods. Including the Life Goddess and the Inheriting God Rong Nian Bing, their fighting strength was equal to the one of nine first-level Gods combined.



The Seven Big Element Gods were absolutely not weaker than the Seven Deadly Sin Gods. In the fight among the first-level Gods, roles of the second or third level Gods weren’t significant.



Thus, the Life Goddess was actually much stronger than one single first-level God. As long as the Life Goddess was still with them, they definitely had a chance of winning this battle.


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