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The Life Goddess groaned a little then said: “No need to kill them, these Divine Beasts are innocent. They have been in the God Restricted Land for many years, have been through so many hardships. Let me go there.”



The Life Goddess turned her body and flew toward the God Restricted Land while talking.



Rong Nian Bing arrived beside the God of Emotion, gave him a look which exposed the intention of inquiring about his attitude.



The God of Emotion said in a low tone: “It is my father-in-law who invites the Life Goddess here. The Life Goddess is the head of the Gods, she will have a correct choice.”



After finishing those words, he turned to the Seven Element Gods, said respectfully: “Junior Dai Yu Hao, come and greet seven seniors.”



Although they were all first-level Gods, these Seven Element Gods were in the same God generation with his teacher, Rong Nian Bing. Even though the history was bygone, he still played an important role in the Divine Realm. He should receive respects from the younger generation as well.



Obviously, the Seven Element Gods weren’t reckless. They hastily paid their respects back, rapidly said: “The God of Emotion is so courteous.”



Despite the fact that they were all first-level Gods, in terms of status and general ability, the God of Emotion could be ranked even higher than the elemental Gods, and the Deadly Sin Gods. It was just that Yu Hao hadn’t taken over the God of Emotion for a long time yet, still hadn’t reached the top level of the God of Emotion’s ability.



The Fire God laughed out loud, said: “I’ve heard from Rong Nian Bing about his precious disciple, he is even better than his teacher! Good, good, later when you have time, bring little enchantress to visit us. Little enchantress, you seem to become more obedient now.”



The Butterfly God lamented: “Uncle Fire, you are mocking me again.”



The Fire God snickered, then said: “I don’t have that gut, dare to mock you!”



The Butterfly God was angry: “Didn’t I just take few strands of your beard hair when I was little? What a stingy man.”



The young man unwillingly said: “That was a few? You said that my beard was too long, wanted to help me pluck it without hurting me. After waiting for you, you , little girl, indeed showed me a few strands of white beard hair. But I could sense there was something wrong! How could it take you so long to pluck few strands of hair! Finally, I had discovered, in your other hand, there was all my white beard. My poor white beard. You had taken one third of it. Little Enchantress, I am so scared of you already.”



The Butterfly God’s face was blushing, glanced at the God of Emotion, right when he was hiding and chuckling at her. She couldn’t stand but ask, “What are you laughing at?”



The God of Emotion said solemnly: “I am thinking that I definitely shouldn’t grow a beard.”



His words made other Gods start to burst out laughers.



Although they were joking, their eyes couldn’t leave the God Restricted Land. While they were talking, there was a transformation arising in the God Restricted Land.



The gentle green halo silently diffused outward, covering everything on its way. All the objects, which originally had been burnt by the Fire God and turned into lava, quickly recovered. The blazing red slowly disappeared. Each ancient tree, one by one, rose straight from the ground really quickly, once again became luxuriant. This green halo expanded more when getting further away.



When it just began, there were numerous outraged, brutal growls resounding inside the God Restricted Land. But when the Green halo had penetrated deep inside, the God Restricted Land turned silent again very quickly.



Rong Nian Bing perceived wordlessly for a while then said: “The Tyrant Aura has disappeared. The Life Goddess is indeed formidable!”



The Water God in blue dress pouted and said: “Of course, she is formidable. But she is the God of Destruction’s wife, she certainly can break the Destruction Intent.”



The Water God had the same origin with the Sea God, had a very close relationship with the Sea God, of course, as a normal friend. After the Sea God entered the Divine Realm to inherit the Sea God position as well as the Asura God position, , he became a supreme god. This was an absolute good blessing for the Gods from the “Water” system. Since the Gods from the “water” system hadn’t gotten any respects before.



The Water God even admired the Sea God to some extent. Although she had been in the Divine Realm longer, it still didn’t affect her admiration for him. Because of that, when hearing the Sea God get sealed, she was the first one saying yes to rescue the Sea God. As the Water God had said yes, the Fire God naturally didn’t have any reason to say no.



This couple was well-known as being short-tempered in the Divine Realm. They were like fire and water, fighting and torturing each other every day. But strangely, no matter how hard they fought, it still didn’t affect their affection for each other. Their love still remained strong.



The reason Rong Nianbing got on well with the Seven Element Gods was when he controlled his seven emotions, he borrowed the strengths of the seven big elements. He had had seven God Blades before., each of God Blades represented for one attribute. Among that, he had the most thorough knowledge about fire and water. Normally when the Water God and the Fire God fought, he was the one helping them reconcile.



Moreover, Rong Nian Bing had several special talents. He used to be a famous chef. When he was still in the mortal world, he was known as Fire and Water Magic Chef. In terms of cooking, he even surpassed the God of Cookery Ao Si Ka. On normal days, the Seven Element Gods weren’t short of tasty dishes to enjoy. Therefore, one could imagine how close their relationship was.



This was also the reason why the Sea God didn’t let Rong Nian Bing leave the Divine Realm, as Rong Nian Bing  could help him when encountering a crisis.



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