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The God of Emotion noticed some shadows were floating in the air very far away. Among them, there was a man with a blazing red halo. A bunch of big fireballs constantly approached and attacked towards  the below. An ear-piercing and head-splitting explosive sound came up after that, which was extremely intimidating. The marsh inside the thick forest was soon drowned into a fire sea, which in a second turned it into a lava lake. Several groans sometimes could be heard vaguely from it, but really quickly, became silent again.



No matter what the creature, a plant or any object was, in the Divine Realm, they were solidified by a huge amount of the Heaven and Earth Origin Power that had been accumulated for many years. It would be very difficult to destroy them, especially in a wide scope. But this blazing red shadow was acting very brutally and fiercely. It was certain that his cultivation was mighty.



“Fire God, please stop.” The Life Goddess raised her voice.



The blazing red shadow in the distance stopped for a while. The flame on his body stopped as well, no longer released fireballs outward.



The red fire shadow together with other shadows besides him slowly appeared clearer. With a swift glance, the God of Emotion could spot his teacher, Rong Niang Bing among those people.



“Teacher!” The God of Emotion was overjoyed, hurriedly flew forward. The Butterfly God stayed back with the Life Goddess. They could quickly guess that Rong Niang Bing brought his allies here to save her father. Even though the Life Goddess had the same goal as them, she was still the God of Destruction’s wife eventually! Other Gods wouldn’t misunderstand the Life Goddess if she was beside the God of Emotion and help him rescue his father-in-law.



There were totally seven Gods including Rong Niang Bing. Each of them radiated a strong aura. The red shadow who just launched an attack a moment ago was a middle-aged man. This God had a messy red hair. Yet his appearance was dashing. His pupils were blazing red. His beard was thick, almost covered half of his face, which made him appear to be blunt.



Except him, other six God had different forms.



Among them, there were two women, the rest was male.



The two females, one of them was wearing a long blue skirt and the other was wearing a long yellow skirt. The other four men wore golden, blue, black and silver robes individually, which showed their different statuses.



The man in the red robe was the Fire God. After hearing the Life Goddess’s shout, he then halted the attack. Other Gods’ faces seemed odd when they were looking at the Life Goddess, of course, at the same time they were worried about the appearance of Tang Wu Tong.



“My greeting, Law Executor!” All the Gods bowed toward the Life Goddess. Needless to say, the Life Goddess was one of the five Supreme God. She controlled Life and Creation.



The Life Goddess stepped forward, slightly bowed to pay back her respect. She gazed at the rock lava which was like a typical Hell, couldn’t help but frown and said: “What makes the Fire God attack the God Restricted Land rashly like this?”



The Fire God was obviously hot-tempered, replying without hesitation: “The God of Emotion has come find us and told us everything about the situation on this side. Right now, the Sea God and his wife are locked up in the middle of this God Restricted Land. When we tried to enter a moment ago, we came across a Divine Beast’s attack. Then we started to fight them back. If I am not wrong, the Divine Beats in this place are also infected by the Destruction Intent from the God of Destruction. They have a brutal Destructive Character. If we don’t make a move first, they will unite to attack us.”



Not all the Gods could hide their abilities like the God of Emotion. The seven Gods whom the God of Emotion had invited were like the Seven Deadly Sin Gods. They were first-level Gods in the Divine Realm.



Even though they remained neutral, they still favored  the Sea God a little bit. Because the Sea God was a righteous God, his control over the Divine Realm for the past years had earned their respects.



Therefore, when the God of Emotion found and told them about the fact that the Sea God was locked up by the God of Destruction, they immediately ran here. Among the Seven Element Gods, the Water God and the God of Light were good friends of the Sea God. These two Gods were females who had really high positions among Seven Element Gods. The God of Light was the God of Darkness’s wife, and the Water God was the Fire God’s wife. The Seven Element Gods were like brothers and sisters. Moreover, they didn’t take the Deadly Sin Gods seriously. With Rong Nianbing’s push, they came here right away to save the Sea God.



However, they couldn’t imagine they would encounter a stubborn Divine Beast’s attack as soon as they stepped into the God Restricted Land. The number of Divine Beasts in the thick forest was very big. Not to mention, after these Divine Beasts were affected by the Destruction Intent, their fighting forces had gotten to another level.



After receiving several attacks consecutively, the Fire God finally couldn’t hold back his temper. He was the one who had vast knowledge about fighting among the Seven Element Gods. This time, he stimulated his own God Power to fire a bombard into the marsh, turning countless Divine Beasts into ashes.


As the God of Emotion, the Butterfly God and the Life Goddess just arrived, they witnessed this scene.


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