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“How can? How can it be like this?” The Butterfly God screamed out in fear.


Even though the God of Emotion didn’t know much about the Life Praying Ceremony, judging from the situation in front of him, he could at least get some clues. Obviously, this Life Praying Ceremony didn’t have a good result.



The bloody red color slowly retreated, but there was still some of it left on the Life Goddess’s face.



The ancient tree of Life gradually recovered to its normal state. Everything surrounding also became normal. In this world with full of vitalities, even a small streak of shadow was hard to exist.



The Butterfly God’s soft body started to tremble uncontrollably. When the God of Emotion saw her, he definitely could notice an indescribably intense fear.


“Wu Tong, how are you? Are you alright?” The God of Emotion hurriedly gripped her hands. He discovered the Butterfly God’s hands were as cold as ice.



The Butterfly God muttered: “During the Life Praying Ceremony, if the ancient tree of life sends out a golden color, that means a god fortune, on the other side, a red color represents for an ill omen. That year, when Aunty Lu saw the Dragon God’s rebellion, each leaf on the Ancient Tree of Life turned into a thread of blood. But this time, this time,…”



Without her saying again, the God of Emotion was very clear that this time, the Ancient Tree of Life had turned completely into a bloody red color. This was not only an ill omen, but it was also definitely a lethal indication, a symbol of death! They just didn’t know what the Life Goddess had been praying.



Sorrow flooded all over the Life Goddess’s face. A glimpse of pain appeared at the corner of her eyes. She slightly nodded her head, then slowly shook her head. Two drops of crystal tears fell down from her eyes. Of course, these tears had a turquoise green color. When she burst into tears, the whole body of the Life Ancient Tree somewhat trembled as well.



“Aunty Lu!” The Butterfly God unexpectedly threw herself forward, hugged the Life Goddess.



The Life Goddess forced a smile,  “Let’s go.” After finishing talking, the green light on her body radiated for the second time. In the next blink of an eye, the God of Emotion learned that they had gotten out of the Life Forest, re-entering to the outside world.



With the Life Goddess’s support, the God of Emotion somewhat could relax a bit. Although he still had some worries, at least, with a Law Executor by their side, it was much easier for them to rescue father-in-law. The Life Goddess was on the same level as the God of Destruction.



The Life Goddess looked carefully at the purplish golden pillar of light not far from them. A small hint of grief came out from her eyes. She lightly shook her head, said: “Let’s go.”



The God of Emotion guided the way since he had experiences of that forest. The Life Goddess used her vast Divine Sense to carry all of them. In a short amount of time, they had found the place where the Sea God was held captive.



The Life Goddess furrowed her brows, somewhat believed in the God of Emotion, “This is the God Restricted Land. Obviously, the God of Destruction locks the Sea God on the God Restricted Land.”



“The God Restricted Land?” The Butterfly God was surprised when hearing these words because this was the first time she knew about the name of this place.



The Life Goddess nodded her head, then said: “The God Restricted Land was used to imprison the Divine Beasts which didn’t die in the Dragon God’s rebellion. Can you see the lake in the middle of the God Restricted Land?”



Both the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God nodded their heads, the Butterfly God said: “My father and mother are locked up in an ancient castle on the lake.”



The Life Goddess’s expression changed. She closed her eyes with misery on her face. “Destruction, How can you do this? Don’t you know both of you are playing with fire!”



The God of Emotion had figured out something, said: “When we came to the God Restricted Land, we have encountered a Divine Beast’s attack on our way. Those Divine Beasts were infected by the Destruction Intent. Their combat behaviors were impulsive. They immediately started an attack as soon as they saw us. After that, we’ve met a Divine Beast that should have been extinct, which is a Thunder Dragon!”



“Thunder Dragon?” The Life Goddess’s complexion changed drastically. She lowered her voice and said: “Let’s go, first find your father-in-law, mother-in-law, we will talk about this later.”



“Um.” The God of Emotion replied, then brought the Life Goddess flying into the God Restricted Land.



At this moment, an ear-piercing explosion suddenly resounded, then a flame whirled up to the sky, half of which was on fire with  red flames.



“Well, full of Fire element’s fluctuation.” The God of Emotion fearfully looked towards that direction, which also belonged to the God Restricted Land’s range.  It was actually the border area.



“Come here, take a quick look!” The Life Goddess lowered her voice and said. Her green halo flashed up. Once again, she took the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God and approached toward the burning flame’s direction.



The Life Goddess’s God Power was formidable. Her flying speed was incredibly fast as well. With just several accelerations, they had arrived in the place where the flame was burning.



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