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“What?” After hearing what he said, the Life Goddess’s expression changed tremendously. She knew as a first-level God, he wouldn’t do anything without thinking, let alone, this was the Sea God’s words. Even though the Sea God was still young, in her heart, the Sea God was still trustworthy. Regardless of any aspect, the Sea God deserved to be the ruler of the Divine Realm.



The God of Emotion’s thought moved slightly. The seven rings of light behind him floated up, forming into a halo. A strange emotion wave radiated from his body, covering all three Gods inside. Even the smallest sound couldn’t transmit outside. No one could hear anything happening inside.



His lips were moving, saying something to the Life Goddess. This time, even the Butterfly God who was standing beside him couldn’t hear anything. He made use of Divine Sense to seal the sound completely. Only the Life Goddess could hear him saying.



The Life Goddess’s expression suddenly changed tremendously, screeching: “You, is what you said true? No, it is no way to be true. Although the God of Destruction is blind by the power,  but he, he is not crazy like that!”



The God of Emotion said in a low tone: “I swear on my honor of a God, everything I have said is true. I believe in the Father-in-law’s judgment. Perhaps, don’t you believe him?”



The Life Goddess’s expression changed tremendously. Her hands pressed tightly against each other. She looked up to the sky, gave out a long sigh, “Destruction, you are so impulsive!” As for an important issue like this, she couldn’t trust the Sea God’s judgment. She asked the God of Emotion because she just didn’t want to believe it.



The God of Emotion had done convincing the Life Goddess. He stood on the side silently, but he knew for sure this Life Goddess must have had her decision.



Both of her eyes closed. The Life Goddess was deep in thought in just a moment, then she suddenly opened her eyes and said decisively: “Fine, I’ll go with you two. No matter what happens, I can’t let him make any regrettable mistake.”


The Butterfly God was in joy, suddenly flying toward to hug the Life Goddess, “Aunty Lu, sincerely thank you.”



The Life Goddess gently stroked her long green hair, sighed heavily. Her eyes were full of pain. In the end, she still had to deal with the situation which she didn’t want to face.



“Has your father-in-law had any resolutions? If he let you come find me, then he must have a plan.” The Life Goddess told the God of Emotion.



The God of Emotion hurriedly said: “Father-in-law said if you agreed, he hoped you could rescue him, help him break the seal.”



The Life Goddess nodded her head, said: “Alright, let’s go.” After done talking, she swung her sleeve up, a green light flared out. They had left that big Life ancient tree.



The God of Emotion knew this ancient tree of Life was a life of the Life Goddess. Those humongous vitalities had been accumulated for many years by the Life Goddess’s constant absorption mental power from the mortal world. At the same time, it released the creation power in the absorption process. This was the gigantic vitality that had been supporting the Divine Realm for a really long time. The Life Goddess had a very important position in the entire Divine Realm. Every God had a certain respect for her.



Therefore, it was really vital to get the Life Goddess’s support. That also was the reason why he had come to look for the Life Goddess twice.



The Life Goddess glanced at her ancient tree of Life, slowly closed her eyes, muttering something. Then one by one streak of green light started to emit from her body. This huge Ancient Tree of Life simultaneously shot out a humongous vitality. All the leaves lit up, turning the whole space into a turquoise green world.


The God of Emotion was little surprised, wanted to ask her but he was afraid he might disturb her.



The Butterfly God glanced at him to give a signal and said through the sound transmission: “This is the Life Praying Ceremony, Aunty Lu is asking about the good and ill fortune.”



“What? Can the good and ill fortune really be seen?” The God of Emotion surprisingly asked.



The Butterfly God nodded, “Aunty Lu has been controlling the life evolutions in the Divine Realm. To some certain extent, she can sharply sense the life evolution, especially something is related to her in terms of timing. However, I have just seen Aunty Lu asking for the good and ill fortune once when I was little. This is the second time. Aunty Lu is indeed having hard times. In the Divine Realm’s history, Aunty Lu has asked for the good and ill fortune once when the Dragon God rebelled. That time, the result was greatly ominous! After that, the Divine Realm suffered a dreadful disaster, massive Gods had dropped dead during that battle. I hope this time will have a good result.”



When she was saying, all of sudden, the turquoise green world began to transform. Following the Life Goddess’s recitation, a red glow in the turquoise green world unexpectedly shone.



When this red point appeared, it was in a deep place inside the ancient tree of life. However, this red glow flowed out very fast, starting from the ancient tree of Life’s branches first, then spreading to the leaves. That turquoise green color was completely covered by the bloody red color in no time. The fierce energy of the enormous vitality inside fluctuated crazily. That bloody red ancient tree became more brutal as if it wanted to swallow people in it.



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