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Any treasures in the mortal world couldn’t compare to a cup of this Life Water!



But the Butterfly God handed back the cup in her hand, “Aunty Lu, your Life Water is too precious. . Moreover, it is only useful for the first cup which I have drank since I was little. Right now drinking this cup is too wasteful. Not to mention, I am a second-level god, basically, don’t have the qualification to drink this Life Water.”



The Life Goddess took the cup back, smiled reluctantly, and said: “That’s right! You were really good when you were a small girl, you little stubborn, making fusses from day to night. I still remember you always asked your Uncle Zi to take you here every day. We all didn’t have any other way but to do as you wanted.”



The Butterfly God’s body shook. Tears finally flowed out from her eyes, “When I was little, Uncle Zi always indulged me, played with me. Although his power was intimidating, I could tell that he really loved me.”



The Life Goddess’s eye sockets got red, “That’s right! He always hopes we have a child, especially a girl. He often tells me if we have a girl, she should be like you. Unfortunately, the combination of creation and destruction obviously can’t have a descendant. I am the one at fault.”



The Butterfly God was in tears, dimly looking at the Life Goddess, “Why! Aunty Lu, why does Uncle Zi have to imprison my father, why does he have to expand the Divine Realm! Why can’t we be like before, isn’t it good? If I could, I really want to go back to the old days. Aunty Lu, don’t you and Uncle Zi love Wu Tong?”



The Life Goddess didn’t say anything but shredded tears. The God of Emotion sighed slightly, then said: “My great Goddess, this is related to the matter of Divine Realm’s life or death. You know really well my father-in-law personality is calm and wise. If he predicts the Divine Realm will encounter a crisis, I am afraid the possibility of it happening will be very high. Moreover, father-in-law has complied with the God of Destruction, if the crisis he has predicted doesn’t happen, he will hand his Divine Realm’s power to the God of Destruction, why can’t the God of Destruction wait a little bit, why does he have to make things come to this state?”


The Life Goddess raised her head, looked at the God of Emotion, “He …, what has he done to the Sea God?”



The God of Emotion was deep in thought for a while, then said: “The God of Destruction has gotten my pregnant mother-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law’s families, father-in-law’s good friends all locked up.”



The Life Goddess furrowed her brows, suddenly, turned her back to the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God. “You guys should leave.”



The Butterfly God was in a daze, “Aunty Lu, you, you…”



The Life Goddess said indifferently: “I know what you are going to do. Forgive me but I can’t help you. The God of Destruction is my husband. Even if I don’t help him deal with the Sea God, I can’t also give Sea God a hand to deal with him. I won’t leave this place until the storm ends. I won’t help the God of Destruction nor the Sea God. Please leave.”




After hearing what she said, the first word that came to the God of Emotion’s mind was avoiding. Without a doubt, this Life Goddess was avoiding. She couldn’t go help the God of Destruction with her position in the Divine Realm as a Law Executor. The God of Destruction had violated the Divine Realm’s rules.



However, she didn’t want to go up against her husband, stopping the God of Destruction. Because that was her husband! Moreover, in her subconscious, she didn’t find her husband had done anything wrong. The reason the God of Destruction, in the end, started this plan was for the sake of the Divine Realm’s development. His perspective was just different from the Sea God’s. In a situation like this, she could only hide, inside the Life Forest.



As she was browsing the Sea God’s situation, the God of Emotion had found out early that she had originally shielded herself from the outside information.



“Aunty Lu!” The Butterfly God screamed out miserably.


The God of Emotion stepped up, grabbed her hands, gently said: “Wu Tong, you don’t need to persuade her anymore. Great Goddess also has her own sufferings. I can imagine how she feels when putting myself in her shoes. As a law executor of the Divine Realm, on the other side, as a wife, she also doesn’t know what to do to deal with this situation.”


The Life Goddess turned around, was a little surprised, looking at the God of Emotion. Her gaze became gentler as well, “I haven’t thought you, little rascal, could be so understanding. In fact, you guys don’t have to worry too much. I know the God of Destruction very well. Although he is obstinate, he doesn’t have bad intentions. He is just blind with the power a little bit. This time, what he has done is just for the sake of Divine Realm’s development. He obviously wants to oppress the Sea God’s thought. He wants to rely on his own strength to give the Divine Realm a big development. Because of that, he won’t really harm the Sea God no matter what. He will definitely release the Sea God after the rough sea is calm.



The God of Emotion shook his head, said seriously: “My great Goddess, I fully understand, also agree with everything you say. But, I am afraid there is something you haven’t known yet. If the God of Destruction has just simply done for the sake of the Divine Realm’s development, we wouldn’t have been here today. Because father-in-law has soon found out we can’t convince you. We come here today because of another reason. We want to tell you about other situation. No matter what, you are still Divine Realm’s law execution. It’s related to the Divine Realm’s existence. Please consider carefully.”


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