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“Why do you hope I am not here?” Right at this moment, a peacefully gentle voice came up.



The God of Emotion and the Butterfly God turned around, saw the Life Goddess in a long green dress floating not far away behind them. She gently looked at them.



Seeing her made the God of Emotion’s heart sink. He forced a smile and said: “If you are not here, at least you don’t take the evil side. Or else, you could have been imprisoned by the God of Destruction. If that is the case, you are still the Life Goddess in my heart.”



After listening to what he had just said, the Life Goddess’s body shook a little bit, the calmness in her eyes was more or less changing.



“You guys, follow me.” The Life Goddess nonchalantly said, swinging her sleeves strongly. A turquoise green halo suddenly flew up, supporting three bodies, floating toward the Life Forest.


The Butterfly God turned her head to the God of Emotion, her eyes were full of questions. But the God of Emotion shook his head responding her.



No matter how smart he was, at this moment, there was  no way he could figure out what the aim of the Life Goddess was, nor  guess what the Life Goddess’s current attitude was.



That turquoise green halo flew with an extremely fast speed. The flora surrounding constantly flashed back. The vitality in the air thickened. But right now, the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God were not in the mood to enjoy it.



A minute late, the scenery before their eyes became brighter and wider. Inside the Life Forest, there was a big empty land, which was covered with full of bright blue grass. Many small flowers blossomed on it, reflecting countless purple and red color, extraordinarily beautiful. The vitality here was the richest to the point that each small living cell in the air was given birth by the vitality.



A shocking feeling flowed inside the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God. They were frightened when they saw an ancient tree in that empty plan. Its canopy covered the whole big area below.



The God of Emotion had rarely seen such an ancient tree like this in his life. The ancient tree was unreachable. Even 100 people circling around the tree couldn’t embrace its trunk. Its gigantic body shadowed the entire sky. It looked like a big mass of clouds of which boundary couldn’t be seen. Each branch was dense with numerous of growing leaves. They were so full of living energy that they continuously grew out from inside. It was as if that living energy was giving birth to small living objects one by one.



The Life Goddess controlled the aquamarine halo which fell from the sky. Each branch from the tree fluttered numerous tiny spots of illuminating green light which drifted to her. They seemed to create a layer of light behind her, which amplified the Life Goddess’s beauty, incomparably magnificent.



“Aunt Green, you are so gorgeous.” The Butterfly God couldn’t help but wail. She had grown up inside the Divine Realm’s committee, often seen the Life Goddess. The Life Goddess was kind and gentle, usually spent her time playing with her. Their relationship was very close. When Tang Wu Tong was young, she always called her Aunt Green and called the God of Destruction Uncle Purple. She was always teased about this by the members of Divine Realm’s Committee.



Hearing the Butterfly God’s compliment, the Life Goddess slightly shivered. A small glimpse of sorrow appeared in her eyes. She slightly moaned, then said: “I am sorry, little Wu Tong.”



The Butterfly God’s body was shaken a bit, her face suddenly turned white completely, “Aunt Green, you…”



The Life Goddess sighed heavily, then swung her sleeve up. A green light lit up, entangled the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God. The green light flickered. Then three Gods disappeared at once.



The God of Emotion couldn’t fight back because it was the Life Goddess. The Life Goddess’s power in front of them was extremely formidable. Even if they wanted to strike back, they wouldn’t even have a chance, let alone, this Life Forest was the Life Goddess’s playground. The Life Goddess’ emotion also struggled as well. The current situation didn’t have the possibility to turn to a better side. Moreover, the Life Goddess seemed to love the Butterfly God very much. With her innate god personality, she definitely won’t hurt them.



When the scenery in front of their eyes once again became clearer, they had been in a very spacious room with full of leaves surrounding. Without a doubt, this room was inside that ancient tree.



The Life Goddess’s feeling seemed to be a lot better, smilingly said: “Little Wu Tong, I still remember you really liked to come here when you were little. Come, and drink some Life Water.”



Right after saying, the Life Goddess swung her arm up. Two cups of a bright green liquid were brought in front of them.



It was definitely not the first time the Butterfly God came here. She took the cup, was still dazed. Her eyes slowly reddened. The God of Emotion also took the cup. He believed the Life Goddess wouldn’t hurt him. He then drank all up in one shot.



A delicate chill flowed into his throat bringing along the sweet flora fragrance. In a blink of an eye, he could feel as if all of his pores opened. Each cell in his body was dancing cheerfully. The God Power inside unexpectedly rose tremendously. The energy on his body, therefore, became more formidable.



This was…


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