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“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu!” A loud voice came up, then a halo appeared at the top floor of God Realm.

A blue shadow who had been originally calm and dignified  became more urgent and enthusiastic.

In the warm and comfort bedroom, there laid a woman, her long hair was tied in a ponytail hanging loose along her body, her face was fair and extremely breathtaking, especially her eyes, they were bright and full of life. Compared to the elegant God of Kindness, she was more delicate. Moreover,  an indescribable distinct aura emitted from her body.

The door opened, a blue shadow rushed in, he ran into her side, grabbing her shoulder, his eyes brightened, staring at her.

“Little Yu, you… you have?” The Sea God in blue robe couldn’t hide his excitement, his voice was a little trembling.

They had come to the Divine Realm for many years, but they only had a daughter. It was really, really hard for them to have another descendant. Being able to have another descendant was an extremely blessing, therefore the Sea God hadn’t thought he would have had this bless.   However when he heard what the Life Goddess said today, he knew he was having another baby, what else could make him more excited than this?

Xiao Wu pouted her lips, angrily said: “You only know about the baby, ahem, you don’t care about me at all.”

The Sea God hurriedly loosened his grab, turned around sitting beside her, his hands lifted her up, placed her on his thighs, pulled her closely into his chest and stroked her hair tenderly.

“No matter who, you or the baby, I treasure all, without you, how can the baby exist? Is there anything make you feel uncomfortable?” The Sea God gently asked with a flattering look.

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Xiao Wu leaned against his chest, revealed a big smile and said: “There is nothing that makes me feel uncomfortable.  The Life Goddess has said our baby was already two months, if nothing happens, I will then deliver him smoothly. Wu Tong now has a little brother. Do you have any idea what we should name him?”

The Sea God smiled like an idiot, “Really, really, are you really pregnant? This is good, this is very good. Xiao Wu, thank you.” He held her tightly in his arms, his eyes were full of happiness.

“Hey, be gentle. You will startle the baby.” Xiao Wu whined.

The Sea God startled, hurriedly loosened his arms, cautiously stroked gently her stomach. “Right, right I should be more careful.”

Xiao Wu laughed happily: “From now on, you must follow three rules. You will sleep in the study room every night, can’t sleep with me on the same bed. I would not be able to handle your weight and strength.
The Sea God rubbed his head, hesitantly said: “Don’t know who will hang on to whom?”

“You said what?” Xiao Wu rolled her eyes, her brows stood up, ready for a fight.

“It’s me, it’s me!” The Sea God immediately corrected, at this moment, he couldn’t offend her.

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Xiao Wu furrowed her brows and said: “That’s good. And about the second rule, when I say anything, you have to listen completely, when I want you to do something, you have to do it right away, even if it is wrong, you have to do it no matter what.”

The Sea God reluctantly said while looking at her seemingly outrageous face: “But has it always been like this for all these years? Do we need to emphasize it?”

Xiao Wu shook her head, “No, it’s probably like that. But there are some changes. Wait until I give birth to the second child, you’ll love him more than me!”

The Sea God slapped his forehead. “If there is any mom who is jealous with their own child. That would be you!”

“I don’t care, you will listen to me or not?” Xiao Wu stubbornly asked.

“Alright, alright, I’ll listen to you, regardless of anything, I’ll listen to you.” The Sea God reluctantly said.

Xiao Wu continued saying: “Now to the third rule” She tilted her head and thought carefully about the third one. If the second one did not work, she only had this one left.

“I temporarily don’t figure it out yet, when I find out, I will tell you.”

“Alright, alright, I’ll listen to you no matter what. You can add it later when you figure out.” The Sea God said cautiously. If other Gods of the Divine Realm witnessed his appearance, they would never think he was the one who control the entire Divine Realm for a generation of God King.

Xiao Wu giggled, her hands held his neck, said: “That’s good. Think quickly, what should we name our baby? The Life Goddess had told me that our second child would be a boy.”

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