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“Bang_______” a low and loud growl resounded in the air….. Looking up the purplish golden color in the sky, the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God’s expressions changed dramatically.

“Is this the power of the Divine Realm’s center?” The God of Emotion asked the Butterfly God.


The Butterfly God replied: “I am not really sure. I haven’t seen father using the Divine Realm’s center yet. But I can assume that only Divine Realm’s center can create such a big transformation like this. It seems like the God of Destruction has started to take action.”
They didn’t know the God of Destruction would use the mental power’s columns, but they were very clear about the God of Destruction’s intention.


“We need to hurry up.” The God of Emotion said in a low tone, pulled the Butterfly God’s arms, flying speedily forward. Their destination was getting closer.


There were five supreme Gods in the Divine Realm’s committee. The God of Destruction and the Life Goddess both got their own places. Because when the Divine Realm was just shaped, there was no Divine Realm’s committee. The five supreme Gods in the Divine Realm’s committee had had their own places before electing for the Divine Realm’s committee.

The territory of the God of Destruction was the Destruction Castle, and the Life Goddess’s one was the Life Forest. The God of Kindness, the God of Wicked and the Asura God also had their own places. After God’s inheritance, their initial accommodations were left empty as well. This was a respect for them, if they returned to the Divine Realm, they would have a place to stay in.



Therefore, the current God of Kindness, God of Wicked and Sea God stayed in the Divine Realm’s committee.



The Life Goddess took the Life Forest, which laid in the area of the Divine Realm’s border. Because the Life Goddess loved to work in a quiet place. Moreover, she was a master of creation, she wanted to stay in a nearby area to observe the change in the Divine Realm.


The sky before them suddenly changed into a light green color. Even though there was a certain distance between them, through breathing, the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God could clearly feel their entire bodies were as if being cleaned.  Intensifying  vitality flooded into their bodies, made their own bodies operate the Heaven and Earth Origin Power themselves with an increasing speed. For a while, they seemed to forget about their spirits.
It definitely lived up to its name in the Divine Realm, the most formidable God! The Life Goddess had the God Power in her hand. She was also  at the higher level than the current God of Kindness, who had just arrived in the Divine Realm for a short time.


Below the light green sky, a dense forest was exposed where tremendous vitality scattered around.


This forest appeared long and narrow, beside the Divine Realm. From this place looking forward, countless star and many unusual halos could be seen through the hazy clouds.
This was the border area of the Divine Realm. The Life Forest of the Life Goddess was  here. This place was protected by the Gods.



The God of Emotion brought the Butterfly God slowly landing on the ground. They couldn’t fly directly to the Life Forest’s territory, because that was a disrespectful action to the Life Goddess. They had to use their best attitudes when confronting that Supreme God.


They landed on the ground, several kilometers away from the Life Forest. In a place which was not far from the Life Forest, a purplish golden pillar of light went up to the sky like a mighty pillar supporting heaven.


Moreover, when they were landing, the God of Emotion had discovered something. The Divine Realm’s border area had been sending out the purplish golden lights which had a tendency moving outward.



The light green halo flared up. The God of Emotion’s eyes froze for a short while. He landed on the ground, held the Butterfly God’s hand tight, heading to the Life Forest’s direction.


The nearer they got to the Life Forest, the more vital energy  spread out from the Life Forest. This was a place for Gods. Through breathing, the rich vitality washed out their bodies. Their fatigues were as if cleaned completely. Their god vigor naturally regained its best condition.


Floras in the Life Forest was very strange. The tree trunk was aquamarine, it looked as if it was created by carving a jade.. The leaf had a dark green color, sending out faint vital energy. It was so peculiar that made people think this was some kind of place in the heaven.



The lawn under their feet was soft, full of life, making people want to stomp on it. The God of Emotion took the Butterfly God, floated up, left the ground without touching a plant drifting toward to the Life Forest.



When entering the Life Forest, in a flash, a completely different feeling was brought to them, the feeling of nature. They couldn’t help but take a deep breath to smell the delicate fragrance of plant, to let it soak into their hearts, giving them an unspeakable heart-melt feeling.



The God of Emotion opened his divine sense, spreading a message, “The God of Emotion, and my wife, the Butterfly God want to pay the Life Goddess a visit, is the great Goddess there?”



His sound was spread through his divine sense to a deep inner place in the Life Forest.



After saying these words, the God of Emotion’s face was somewhat odd, which was a little excited.



He kept calling three times, but there was no response. But the God of Emotion seemed to relieve, breathing out.



“Isn’t the Life Goddess here?” The Butterfly God asked with a small voice.


The God of Destruction shook his head, said: “I don’t know either. In fact, I hope she isn’t here?”


“Why do you hope I am not here?”


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