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The Sea God let out a smile, “It’s really good to have you by my side.”  . While speaking those words, he looked up to the purplish golden pillar of light in the sky, couldn’t help but sigh for the second time, said: “Because I have known he would act like this, let it happen as he wants, at the same time leave him putting a seal on me. It is because I don’t want a war to happen in the Divine Realm!”



Xiao Wu raised her head to look at her husband. Her eyes told that she had finally understood her husband’s intentions. The Divine Realm was in a control of the Sea God. Despite the Sea God’s short time in Divine Realm and his strength which still had a long way to be as powerful as the God of Destruction’s, his influence was phenomenal.  He was still the one ruling the Divine Realm in the end. As long as he wanted, it was not hard to gather an alliance. Let alone, he had already had many alliances supporting him.



But this was the God of Destruction! The God of Destruction controlled the seven Deadly Sin Gods, also had other second-level, third-level Gods who got his back. The fact that he wanted to expand the Divine Realm had gotten many supports from other Gods in the Divine Realm. In a situation like this, if the Sea God was well-prepared, when the God of Destruction launched a war, he would at a same time counteract. If it was the case, the possibility of the Divine Realm having a war was unavoidable.



The Sea God had a really big possibility of winning with the Divine Realm in his hand. However, could things happen easily like this? Without a doubt, wining this war meant many Gods would drop dead. This would obviously become Divine Realm’s worst disaster. Furthermore, the Sea God, in fact, worried that if the God of Destruction was pushed to the dead end, he would do crazy thing, he would use the strength which he shouldn’t use. The Sea God had soon figured out this point.



This time the God of Destruction action was considered smooth, except for the escape of the God of Emotion’s couple. Everything else happened as he had expected. Under a circumstance like this, his mind, which was full of Destruction Intent, wouldn’t negligently release a power which was forbidden to use. The Divine Realm also wouldn’t have an unnecessary war. It was just that Sea God thought of other Gods.



“San ge, you are too kind.” Xiao Wu lowered her voice and said.



The Sea God slightly smiled, said: “Nevertheless, the Sea God is an elder of the Divine Realm, not to mention, his intention is not wrong. It’s just the resentment in his heart has led him to a wrong way. Needless to say, the Divine Realm can turn out as it is today thanks to his big contribution, let alone, he is the Life Goddess’s husband. We can’t ignore the outstanding contribution which the Life Goddess has made for the Divine Realm.”



“Back in the day, two God Kings have entrusted the Divine Realm to me, have asked me to protect the Divine Realm by any means, put the Divine Realm’s safety first. They have told me there would definitely be an issue with the God of Destruction. That time, I have always thought of how to deal with the relationship between the God of Destruction and me. For the past few years, I have been very patient with him, let him have his way, without even using the power of the Divine Realm’s center. It is because I hope I could persuade him not to take the Divine Realm’s dark energy. But he at last can’t abandon it!”



Xiao Yu said: “San ge, everyone can see your effort these past years, you don’t have to blame yourself. You have done a good job.”



Tang San said: “Right now, the God of Destruction has started to expand the Divine Realm. The process might take some time. I hope we can stop him in time. But only when he has exposed all his intentions, do we clear up this time crisis. I used to have a premonition, when the Divine Realm’s huge misfortune arrives, there are several key points we can use to face it, including the God of Destruction and the Life Goddess.”



Xiao Yu said: “So we just let him continue doing this? Once the Divine Realm completes expanding, it is irreversible!”



Tang San looked at Xiao Wu, said: “As a  matter of fact, I also can’t determine when that crisis would come. If the time comes, and the crisis also doesn’t happen, so I am wrong  and the God of Destruction is right. I don’t have intention to fight with him as well. By that time, I’ll beg him to give up my Sea God and Asura God’s position for other Gods. Then, I’ll bring you to another place. If our kids agree, I’ll bring them, too. If they don’t, I’ll also let them stay in the Divine Realm. Along with my authority, I want to keep you company, take you to the world outside, give our life more colors.”



When hearing until this, his eyes were full of expectations, and so did Xiao Wu.



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