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When the Divine Realm’s center was still in the Sea God’s hand, he had almost never used it. The Divine Realm was always at peace. He didn’t want to let the Divine Realm’s center affect the Divine Realm’s peaceful environment.



In fact, when the God of Kindness and the God of Wicked still controlled the Divine Realm, they rarely used the Divine Realm’s center. Only when the Divine Realm was in danger, did they rely on the Divine Realm center’s help.



Once the Divine Realm’s center was used, the Divine Realm would be affected greatly.



Following the separation of the purplish golden column of light, the circle of light above also started to shoot out dazzling purplish golden beams. The God of Destruction and the God of Emotion’s eyes became more frantic.



They had soon planned for the expanding Divine Realm’s event. The dazzling purplish golden beams were from the mental power’s columns, which had been prepared carefully. Each mental power’s column could absorb a huge amount of Divine Realm’s mental power.


These mental powers were from the mortal world. When being brought into the Divine Realm, they would transform into worldly elemental force step by step, which would be supplied for the Divine Realm if needed. But in a matter of time, the Gods in the Divine Realm couldn’t absorb such a huge amount of Heaven and Earth Origin Power like this. The excess worldly elemental force would be stored by the Divine Realm.



That was to say, the Divine Realm had to bear a big God space, which was created by the Heaven and Earth Origin Power. The Heaven and Earth Origin Power was like a space barrier, a protection circle, an origin of energy, etc. The bigger the Heaven and Earth Origin Power was, the more stable the space naturally would be. But along with the weakening of the Heaven and Earth Origin Power, the space would also become more frail, to a certain extent, it could be destroyed.



What the God of Destruction wanted to do now was to transfer a huge amount of Heaven and Earth Origin Power, which had been accumulated for many years, to broaden the space’s size, making this space become wider to cover many places, absorbing more mental powers. Therefore the Divine Realm could be capable of receiving many more Gods, and getting much stronger.



His starting was undoubtedly good. Since the Divine Realm had accumulated such a huge amount of Mental Powers for many years. But the only problem was that if the disaster which the Sea God had been seeing actually happened, the stable nature of the space would be weakened, which would result in many problems then. Hence, the Sea God had disagreed with him on expanding the Divine Realm.



At this moment, the Sea God was imprisoned. The Divine Realm’s center had fallen into the God of Destruction’s hands. There was no power that could control him anymore.



The God of Destruction had silently have his subordinates set up 108 metal power’s column for long. Just only one small move could make the Divine Realm absorb a huge amount of Heaven and Earth Origin Power through the mental power column. After that, it affected directly on the Divine Realm’s center, activating its effect of expanding the Divine Realm.



If there were someone watching the Divine Realm from far away, they would immediately see many purplish golden pillars of light shooting up to sky from the Divine Realm’s center below, spreading that formidable purplish golden color into the air. The entire Divine Realm, which had been already full of Heaven and Earth Origin Power, started to fluctuate fiercely. The hazy Drifting Clouds also began to gather toward these purplish golden pillars of light.  The whole Divine Realm started to shake lightly as well.



In the center of an ancient castle’s lake.


The sudden shake of the Divine Realm woke the Sea God up. He quickly opened his eyes. Xiao Wu asked skeptically while sitting next to him: “What is happening, what is this?”



The Sea God didn’t answer, stepped down from the bed toward the window, looking out of the window.



There was a purplish golden pillar of light that was not far from them flying straight up to the sky, illuminating a big part of the sky. One could feel clearly the rich Heaven and Earth Origin Power was flying toward that purplish golden pillar of light at an incredible speed. An entire lake below the ancient castle slight vibrated accordingly.



The Sea God closed his eyes, lightly shook his head. His face was covered with a faint bitterness.



“You have to do it this way, don’t you? Why can’t you wait a little longer? What do you want to prove to us that make you so hasty like this?”



Xiao Wu went to the Sea God’s side, gently said: “San ge, it is my fault.”



The Sea God shook his head, said: “No. This has nothing to do with you. Even if you weren’t pregnant, the God of Destruction would not patiently wait, he would even take a risk out of desperation, causing a bigger turbulence. Yu Hao can see all of these are as I have expected.So can you, you can see it.”



Could Xiao Wu be that sharp-witted when she seemed to be so naive outside? When they were in Douluo Continent, Xiao Wu was his best partner. Without her, he wouldn’t have become the final winner.



“You haven’t asked me anything. That is because your trust me.” The Sea God hugged his wife, gently said.



Xiao Wu slightly snuggled against his chest, said: “I am your wife. No matter what you do, what you want to become, I will do it with you. I don’t need to ask, because my husband is always right.”



Looking his wife’s smile, the Sea God forced a smile, slightly sighed: “But this time, I also don’t know what I’ve done until now is right or not.”



Xiao Wu smiled and said. “Even if you are wrong, we’ll face it together.”


[1] Ge: Chinese way to call an older brother


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