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Divine Realm’s Committee.


“My Lord.” The God of Greed stood up and bowed respectfully to the God of Destruction.


The God of Emotion said in a low tone. “Have you prepared carefully?”


The God of Greed nodded then said: “Everything is well prepared. We have set up 108 columns of mental power in the Divine Realm during those years, you can carry out your control in anytime.”


The God of Destruction’s red eyes momentarily shot out two frightening lights, his Destructive Intent was flowing crazily inside his eyes.


“That day has come eventually. Of course, under my lead, the Divine Realm will become much stronger. Follow me.” The God of Destruction lifted his right arm and d door of light suddenly opened beside his arm.


The God of Greed’s small eyes flared up the light of greed. He quickly followed the God of Destruction, simultaneously entered the gate of light.


One step to the darkness. One step to the light.


The surroundings became clearer, but it was not the same. The God of Greed found out that he had escorted the God of Destruction to a tower. This tower was the highest place in the Divine Realm’s Committee.


The God of Greed looked around and found only an immense sea of clouds. Everything was somewhat vague. Anxiety was surging inside the God of Greed’s heart. He knew very clearly that only five members of the Divine Realm’s committee were eligible to come to this place. But today the God of Destruction had brought him here.


He definitely knew that the God of Destruction wouldn’t have in mind the idea of promoting him to be one of the members of the Divine Realm’s committee. In fact, he didn’t have that ability either.  Only if he were ranked top, he would seize that ability. Not to mention, he was originally a devilish god. Becoming the member of the Divine Realm’s committee was very tough to him.


The God of Destruction’s purpose of bringing the God of Greed here was to witness! He wanted the God of Greed to witness everything he did.


“This is the moment that will go down in the Divine Realm’s history.” The God of Destruction stretched out his arms, arrogantly raised his face up to the sky, screaming out.


Boom Boom Boom

Under the influence of his Destruction Intent, a dark purple light column shot up to the sky from his place, immediately stained the entire sky with its dark purple color. With an incredible speed, the dark purple light started to expand further to a distant place.


Being trapped inside the earthshaking Destruction Intent, the God of Greed hurriedly knelt down. The seven-ring appeared behind him, fluttering a golden aureole to protect him.


A big part of the sky was covered completely with black clouds. Electric light flashed out one by one from the hazy clouds.


The God of Destruction slowly opened his arms. A golden light suddenly flashed out from his chest, revealing the octagonal star shape golden key that Tang San had given him.


The gentle yet noble golden light sparkled. A golden halo silently spread out. The Destruction Intent was unexpectedly unable to vacillate under the spreading halos.


Each halo retraced behind the God of Destruction, one by one, nine loops of the Halo piled on each other, tuned into the top-notch God’s Halo.



“Huff!” The God of Destruction opened his mouths slightly and let out a breath. Momentarily, the air before him slightly twisted. Every single dark purple beams come from all directions and converged in front of him. These beams shaped into an arc, then formed an exquisite hexagonal dark purple crystal.


This was the God of Destruction’s badge! It was on the same level as the Asura God’s Badge that Tang San had given the God of Emotion.


The God of Destruction held his badge, slowly pressed it onto that octagonal gold key.


The octagonal gold key changed into a dark purple color immediately. The God of Destruction’s badge was like a gem, mounting the key of the Divine Realm’s center.


Only five great gods of the Divine Realm’s committee could use their badges to control the Divine Realm’s center. When that dreadful purple-gold color rippled, the whole Divine Realm was shivering. A slight buzzing sound came out accordingly.


The dark purple Destruction Intent flared up to the sky. Just in a blink, it absorbed more destructive breaths making it become more formidable.


“Divine Realm’s Center, with my intent, open!” The God of Destruction shouted,


The dark purple aureole in front of him spread out, turning into a purple-gold circle of light. Various colors illuminated on that light curtain.


“My Lord, do we need to capture the Sea God’s daughter and the God of Emotion first?” The God of Greed said in a low voice. The Sea God, they all had a deep grudge for him, but even the God of Destruction didn’t dare to hurt the Sea God.


The God of Destruction groaned, “A unique event of history is about to happen, opening a whole new chapter for our great endeavor, how can we be disturbed by this nonsense matter?”


He raised his right arm up then touched the purple-gold circle of light above as fast as lightning.


Only for a short amount of time, the purple-gold light appeared on the light curtain above. At the same time the  purple-gold light columns were detached to smaller beams and plunged away rapidly from the Divine Realm’s committee. Each bunch of sparkling golden light shot out as fast as a lightning strike.


This was the formidable Divine Realm’s center. The Divine Realm’s center could control almost every matter happened in the Divine Realm. Any hierarch could be able to control the Divine Realm through it.


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