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Tang Wu Tong screamed out hastily, “Haven’t father prepared for this? You are his preparation. That’s why he asked us to come and seek for your help. Teacher, you have to help us save our father and mother. Please, I am begging you.”



Rong Nian Bing waved his hand and said: “Forget it. I don’t have such courage to save your mother and father. I don’t even have a God position. The power that I have been accumulating for many years in the Divine Realm is just as strong as a first-level God.  It is impossible for me to defeat that God of Destruction. I also can’t break the seal that the God of Destruction has put on your father.”



The Butterfly God was bewildered, “Teacher, you, you really don’t want to help us?”



Rong Nian Bing harrumphed and said: “Can I not help you? Since I promised your father, I have boarded his pirate ship. If I am not wrong, your father must want to tell me something, but he definitely doesn’t let me go out personally and save him directly like this. Is it true, my dear disciple?”


When he finished, he turned to look at the God of Emotion.



The God of Emotion’s eyes were full of admiration, “Teacher, you are so witted. Father-in-law asked me to tell you something.”



Then the God of Emotion came and muttered something to his teacher.



The former God of Emotion’s face changed drastically as he listened to his disciple’s words. He got angry and said: “I knew it! Tang San, this cheap old man, he hasn’t used up all my values, how can he let me go easily like this? Hump!”



The Butterfly God suspiciously looked at the God of Emotion. The God of Emotion turned to her, slightly shook his head, but a his eyes were smiling.



“Move, move. RUN. I agree to help you this time. I owe you.” Rong Nian Bing furiously said, turned his body and left for the wooden house. The woman in red hurriedly followed him. Before leaving, she gave the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God a regretful look.


The Butterfly God came to the God of Emotion’s side, lowered her voice and asked: “What happened? What did my father ask you to tell teacher? What made him so angry like this?”



The God of Emotion said mysteriously: “I can’t tell you. Really can’t tell you now!”



The Butterfly God said angrily: “You really don’t want tell me. Fine, don’t get in my bed!”



“Hey…., honey, you can’t be like this!  Father-in-law asked me to keep it secret, even with you. The lesser you know, the better you be.”



“So you really don’t want to tell me?”



“I’ll tell you!”

Facing his wife’s threatening, the God of Emotion immediately put his father-in-law’s request after his wife’s. What would be more important than his wife?



He whisperingly explained everything to her for a while; then the Butterfly God’s face lit up, “So it turns out to be this way, of course it has to be like this. So what are we going to do next? Looking for who?”


The God of Emotion said: “We need to go find another important person.  Rescuing my father-in-law would depend on how we persuade this person. I hope everything go well.”



The Butterfly God was a little skeptical, she said: “Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”



The God of Emotion smiled forcefully and said: “Geez, I also don’t have much confidence in convincing her to fight against her husband.”



The Butterfly was dumbfounded, said startlingly: “So you mean we’ll go looking for the Goddess of Life?”



The God of Emotion reluctantly nodded and said: “This is the second mission father-in-law has given me, which is also the most important one. Teacher is right, he can’t go up against the God of Destruction. The God of Destruction is the Divine Realm’s law executor. His God Power is extremely formidable, he also controls the Divine Realm’s center, in a situation like this, we basically don’t have even a smallest chance. Therefore, we need someone that could protest against the God of Destruction if we want to beat him. Right now, two God Kings aren’t here, father-in-law’s god power is sealed, we can only count on the Goddess of Life.”



The Butterfly God stared at him dazedly and said: “You aren’t kidding, are you? How can we convince a wife to go against her husband? Why do you know the Goddess of Life would not support her husband, the God of Destruction? They are man and wife!”



The God of Emotion said: “Each god has one’s own awareness. Father-in-law has told me that when he was dealing with the God of Destruction, the Goddess of Life had never showed up. Because if the Goddess of Life were on the God of Destruction’s side, he wouldn’t have used my mother-in-law to threaten my father-in-law. Therefore, the Goddess of Life definitely doesn’t support or go against the God of Destruction. Finding her, convincing her to come and stop the God of Destruction. That is the most important key. Only does the Goddess of Life have the power to break the seal put on my father-in-law.”



The Butterfly God was in daze, her mesmerized blue eyes were filled with thoughts.



“This thing can not be delayed, let’s run quickly. We should go to the Forest of Life to find her. I hope she would be there.”



The God of Emotion held the Butterfly God and flew up to the sky. Suddenly a soft voice unexpectedly spread into his ears, “Yu Hao.”




The God of Emotion turned to look at her.



Her lips suddenly curled into a faint smile, the Butterfly God said, “If there is one day, you want to be against the whole Divine Realm, I will be with you, I won’t let you face them alone.”



The God of Emotion’s body shuddered; he somewhat couldn’t believe it, looking at her, “Wu Tong…”



The Butterfly God gently leaned on him, “If you are a good man, I will be a wife of a good man, you want to be a bad guy, I will be a wife of a bad man. No matter what, we will never be separated, won’t we?”



“Yeah.” The God of Emotion let out a smile, “If you want to be a good person, I’ll help you to be one. If you want to be a bad person, I’ll let you use your bad ambitions on me.”



“You are the bad man!” Tang Wu Tong said angrily.



The God of Emotion chuckled,  “Don’t you always say that while sleeping?”






A warm feeling flowed between them. They hurriedly flew toward the Forest of Life where the Goddess of Life had dwelled.


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