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Everything around them was as cold as if they were drowned in a wintry world. Their intents also became cold, but this kind of cold brought somewhat special feelings to them. Not only did the outside world and their world become clearer, but also everything else got translucent. In a flash, the God of Emotion had a feeling that he could confidently face any kind of enemies with his best condition now.



Was this the power of the Asura God? Brilliant Murderous Mind!



From the Butterfly God to the God of Emotion, the intimidating murderous aura stimulated oneself to comprehend various abilities, pushing their conditions into the peak combative level. Similarly, because of the murderous aura’s influence, their seven emotions and six desires [1] were oppressed altogether. That was how they could fight with their clear minds.



A painful smile lit up on the God of Emotion’s face. This heartless murderous Asura God obviously didn’t suit him. When he was in his most powerful condition, the most important thing was that he shouldn’t stay calm.   Only when he transferred the energy of emotion into strength, the God of Emotion could become the most formidable. How could he stay calm while mobilizing his emotions?



However, Aura God’s power was not something he wanted to inherit. He just used the Asura God’s energy to shield their energies and not to let the Central Divine Realm be able to find out their existences.



“Let’s go.” The Butterfly God pulled the God of Emotion’s hands and flew to the sky.



The Butterfly God closed her eyes  as if she had entered another state. There was a streak of chilly energy on her body,



This feeling gave the God of Emotion’s heart a slight shake. Tang Wu Tong was like the time she was in Douluo Continent when she had another Spiritual Sense’s existence. That existence was once honored as the Goddess of War! Without any doubt, the Asura Murderous Mind somehow amplified her ability.



Of course, it was also because the Butterfly God was originally weaker than the God of Emotion. As a second-level God, she would be affected more by the Asura’s Heart. Still she was the daughter of the current Asura God, she also got an approval to inherit the Asura God’s power, which could excel the God of Emotion.





The God of Emotion for sure wouldn’t disturb his wife sensing the Aura God Power. In the Divine Realm, God Cultivation was actually very slow. Although the cultivation essential elemental force was quite abundant availably, but all the God had to practice to the highest level to step into the Divine Realm. They wanted to break their limit to get the God inheritance first. But not like God, the endurance of the God Power had a limit. As for the second-level God, no matter how hard one cultivated, they couldn’t become a first-level god as this was a moral principle.



Obviously, this was also not absolute. There was a few special cases. Some Gods also had the ability to upgrade their level, just like the Dragon God. But when one God upgraded his level, a strong surge cultivation essential elemental force would appear, creating a huge damage for the Divine Realm’s Mental Power. Therefore, the main responsibility of the Divine Realm’s committee was to monitor God’s statues. If someone wanted to break their limit, they would advise even suppress in order to keep the Divine Realm steady.



The reason the God of Destruction proposed expanding the Divine Realm outrageously was that he had gotten the most important key in his hand, which was that many spirit masters had reached their limits and wanted to promote to Gods. Expanding Divine Realm meant obtaining more mental power. The first one got benefit from this was not the mortal world, which could produce many God’s successors, but other Gods who wanted to get through. When the mental power was enough, the Divine Realm was also expanded, they had no reason to object this. The God of Destruction used this principle to unite a big group of Gods supporting him. If not, only him with his eight first-level Gods weren’t enough to be against the entire Divine Realm.



After settling direction, the God of Emotion controlled the speed, maintained it about seventy percent of the maximum speed, flying forward. Meanwhile, he also realized all sort of marvelous feelings that Asura Divine Power had brought.



Although the Asura God amplification couldn’t boost his best combative abilities, at least without the help of the power of emotion, still, he could produce enough power. Moreover, this extremely calm condition had been very helpful for him to understand the heaven philosophy.



That was what made the Asura God Badge marvelous! Would other great four God Kings know the Asura God badge could be this marvelous?



Even though they had flown really quickly in the vast Divine Realm, they still didn’t reach their desired destination, which was the Divine Realm’s border. A very few Gods would want to come to that place.



From the beginning till end, the Butterfly God had been in her meditating process with her eyes closed, completely relying on the God of Emotion.



After flying continually for one day, the God of Emotion started to slow down his speed and released his Spiritual Conscious Detection to a direction to sense at the same time.



Because the distance was too far ahead, he couldn’t be sure about the destination of this journey, but roughly estimate the range.



Just after a while, his eyes lit up, sped up his speed again, heading to the direction where there was foggy clouds.



[1] The Seven Emotions:

  1. Joy
  2. Anger
  3. Grief
  4. Worry
  5. Fear
  6. Sentiments
  7. Affection


The Six Desires:

  1. Lust
  2. Vanity
  3. Dignity
  4. Pleasant Sounds
  5. Good Life/ Death
  6. Sensual Pleasures

The Seed of Emotions



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