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The reason why Divine Realm’s committee had five rulers and two God Kings was: The God of Kindness and the God of Wicked had been governing the Divine Realm ever since it was established till now. There were three great Law Executors assisting them, which were the master of murder – Asura God, the master of Destruction – God of Destruction, the master of creation – Goddess of Life.



Later, the two God Kings decided to reincarnate. They went down to the mortal world and chose a married couple to be the heirs, which were the current God of Kindness and the God of Wicked. The Asura God also wanted to find the next successor for his position afterward. He left the Divine Realm and went to many universes far away to find the best fit one. With his strong Law Executor’s God Power, he for sure found that person.



The successor of the Asura God’s position was none other than the Sea God Tang San.



Back then when Tang San was in Douluo Continent, he was one of the outstanding talents. He led the Shrek Seven Devils to stop the storm,  defeated the Angel God and the Rashasa God and got the victory in the end.



But when those two God perished, their merits were scattered, eventually couldn’t enter the Divine Realm, The positions of those formidable Gods were left in vain like this. The Angel God and Rashasa God were all first-level god, but these positions no longer existed in the Divine Realm currently.



Tang San had to rely on the Sea God and Asura God’s powers when confronting those two great Gods. He got the inheritance of the Sea God, at the same time he was the chosen one by the Asura God.



Under normal circumstances, one God couldn’t pick a mortal that had been picked by other God, but the Asura God wanted to pass his position on to Tang San. Aven though Sea God was a first-level God, his level still couldn’t be a match for Asura God, he in the end had to compromise with the Asura God unwillingly. Then Tang San seized the God Power of the Sea God and Asura God at once.



However, no matter what no one could urge two completely different God Powers at the same time. Therefore, Tang San could only control one God Power at a time, the other God Power was hidden inside him.



In a situation like this, Xiao Wu played the role of harmony. She could share one of the God Powers and fight together with Tang San.



The Asura God was the Law Executor of the Divine Realm, his God Power was no doubt stronger than the Sea God.  Nevertheless, Tang San used the Sea God’s power most of the time. It didn’t mean that the Sea God in his heart was better than the Asura God, it was just the Asura God’s power was too overwhelming.



Asura God was actually the God of Murder, in charge of killing, judging and ruling.



The five members of the Divine Realm’s Committee had an agreement between each other. For instance the God of Kindness and the Goddess of Life belonged to the bright-side god, the God of Wicked and the God of Destruction belonged to the dark-side god. This Asura God, at this time, situated in both sides.



The Asura God had an extremely powerful murderous energy. If one didn’t have a strong mind, they could be easily affected and therefore changed their personalities accordingly. This was also the reason why Asura God purposely chose Tang San.



After comprehending the profound of the Asura God, he immediately decided to use this God Power lesser. He rather chose to be the tender Sea God than than became a crazy murderer with the Asura God. In every aspect, it was the best choice. Tang San, an integrity person himself,  knew quite well this also was one of the reason the God of Destruction didn’t like him.



At this moment, there was a red hexagon crystal in the God of Emotion’s hands, which represented the Asura God’s authority in the Divine Realm. It was the Law Executor Badge.



He used to be an Asura God, a high position in the Divine Realm, above the God of Destruction and Life Goddess. Although he was in charge of slaughter, his personality was upright and righteous that helped him keep the Divine Realm in well order. Furthermore, the Asura God was one of the five great gods of the Divine Realm’s Committee, he had the best insight about fighting with Gods.



Dragon God led the Divine Beasts’ rebellion. Asura God alone faced with the Dragon God. The reason why Dragon God had been separated into the Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King was because Asura God had slayed him with the Asura Sword.



Thus one could imagine how formidable this Asura God’s power would be. If it wasn’t for him, the Divine Realm would have been soon ruled by the Divine Beasts, making the mortal world become completely different. It would be hard to say if human could turn into God or not.



While being held tightly, each gleam of red light overflowed through the God of Emotion’s hand. With his God Power pouring in, these red nimbuses silently dissolved into his and Tang Wu Tong’s bodies.



This badge couldn’t be used randomly by any God only if it was under the Asura God’s approval. The Butterfly God Tang Wu Tong was the daughter of the current Asura God. Her bloodline was enough to get approval. Besides, the God of Emotion Dai Yu Hao was selected directly by the Sea God, he could fuse this Asura God’s power.



The tremendous God Power furiously flowed into their bodies just in a blink. The God of Emotion and the Butterfly God’s bodies were shaken. They only felt an indescribably powerful murderous aura streaming inside them, other abilities rapidly surged in their minds.


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