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While getting out of the forest, both the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God could sigh with relief.



After leaving the forest, the journey became more relaxed as compared to before because they hadn’t encountered any Divine Beast’s existences. From the beginning till the end, the guards inside the God of Destruction’s castle hadn’t found out their existences. Not only did the God of Emotion’s stimulation work effectively, but there were some of the Sea God’s power involved in it.



Even though the Sea God’s power was sealed, through his conversation with the Sea God, the God of Emotion knew that only a part of the Sea God’s power was actually sealed. Nonetheless,  as the God of Destruction and the Sea God were on a same level, it was impossible for him to put seal on the Sea God, instead, he could only limit the Sea God’s power.



Because of that, the Sea God, to some extent, could help his daughter and son-in-law, but that was all. Because there was still a God Sense’s mark left on the Butterfly God’s body, which he used to send power through the God Sense, it couldn’t attack or defend. It was impossible for other Gods to have such God Sense on them.



“What will we do then?” The Butterfly God’s eye sockets slightly reddened, she lingeringly looked back the forest, she really wanted to save her parents quickly! But deep inside, she also knew this was not a right time, they had to wait for a good opportunity.



When the Sea God instructed the God of Emotion, she was having conversation with her mother, thus she didn’t listen to it so she didn’t know what the Sea God had told the God of Emotion.



The God of Emotion opened his right hands, exposing that Sea God’s pearl.



The Sea God’s pearl emitted a pure blue color, there were three magical halos in it, which were like big waves of an ocean. Even though it looked small, with a careful look, one would have a feeling of being attracted by some kind of God Sense.



This Sea God’s Pearl had been refined by the Sea God for many years. It was definitely a rare God Tool. Moreover, the Butterfly God knew this Sea God’s Pearl was a predecessor of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, which was obtained when her father cultivated in Douluo Continent, then brought into the Divine Realm. It had a formidable defending power. It was obvious that her father worried about her safety.



The God of Emotion carefully put the Sea God’s Pearl on the Butterfly God’s forehead. Immediately, the Golden Trident symbol on the Butterfly God’s forehead flared up. The Sea God’s Pearl inscribed onto her forehead, only revealing half of it. It sent out a faint blue color, becoming a part of that Golden Trident symbol.



The God of Emotion said with a smile: “This time you have gotten three eyes, we also look more like husband and wife.”



The Butterfly God was angry: “At this point of time, you can still have mood to joke like this, actually what does father want us to do?”



The God of Emotion said: “Don’t worry, father-in-law, mother-in-law, nothing will happen to father-in-law and mother-in-law as well as our families. Father-in-law has soon predicted it and is well prepared for this. He wants us to go meet some people.”



At the same time, he put his index finger slightly on that pearl of the Sea God. Immediately, an aura lit up, a red crystal hexagon came out from that pearl, falling into the God of Emotion’s hand.



“This is…” The Butterfly God surprisingly looked at that red crystal hexagon, her eyes were full of shock.



That crystal was not big, but after it appeared, the temperature of the air around suddenly dropped drastically, making people feel suffocated. It wasn’t the cold air, but a murderous aura, an extremely intimidating murderous aura. After this murderous aura had just appeared, everything around became still, the surroundings in this place was blocked by that murderous aura. Any creature in this range would tremble with this murderous aura.



Both the Butterfly God and the God of Emotion had never encountered such a situation like this. The God of Emotion’s cultivation was too formidable, but the Butterfly God had soon realized this thing.



“This is father’s Law Executor badge, did he even give us this?” The Butterfly God was frightened, said.



The God of Emotion nodded his head, said: “Father-in-law told me to collect some important stuffs inside the Sea God’s pearl, which was hidden under his tongue. The God of Destruction can no way discover this. The God of Destruction certainly needs time to control the Divine Realm’s key, after he can control it, he will come find us for sure. With this Law Executor Badge in my hand, I am not afraid of him anymore. The Divine Realm’s key also can’t continue to find our location.”



The Butterfly God nodded her head slightly, sighed: “This is Asura God’s Law Executor badge. It definitely has a strong murderous aura, normally. Father rarely used the Asura God’s power, because the Asura God’s murderous aura is too strong, could easily affect people’s minds. It was somehow like the situation of the God of Destruction, who are affected by his own God Power.”



The God of Emotion said: “That’s right, father-in-law is actually visionary, an outstanding leader. With his wisdom, nothing will happen.”



The Butterfly God leaned against his chest, her worry was slightly lessened.



The God of Emotion appreciated the Law Executor badge in his hand, his pupils couldn’t help but show a respectful look.


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