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Floating above the cloud, the fog around the God of Destruction turned into a deep purple, with careful observation, one could see the water molecules around his body disappear into the void in a second, the dark purple halo became more profound.

“What are you doing today?” An elegant voice came from behind him. The Life Goddess didn’t know when the Life Goddess had arrived behind his back.

The voice of the God of Destruction was somewhat frigid, he said: “He is conservative, how can the Divine Realm develop? In the future, if we want to control more galaxies, we definitely have to expand the Divine Realm. This path must be taken, but he doesn’t want to take it, which is against the development of the Divine Realm. Seems like he has forgotten, he had led many people into Divine Realm after joining. Did he follow the rules then? Such a selfish guy, I don’t understand how two of you, as a God King, could believe and let him be in charge of the Divine Realm: If I were you, the Divine Realm would not have been in this state.”

The Life Goddess furrowed her eyes and said: “Devastation, actually the Sea God doesn’t do anything wrong. It is right that after he joined the Divine Realm, he has led many people into this, but we can’t deny in Douluo Continent at that time, many talents appeared, which were the results of their successful cultivation, finally they were acknowledged as Gods. Moreover, at that time, many Gods wanted to go traveling, leaving their title behind. Back then when he had come to the Divine Realm, he had been inherited the positions of the Sea God and the Asura God at the same time. The Sea God is the fist -level, the position itself allows one to bring ordinary people to the Divine Realm, even though the quantity is limited, but it is still permitted. Not to mention the position of the Asura God, the Asura God is like us, the oldest existence of Divine Realm, the member of Divine Realm’s committee, the inheritance of the Asura God’s position is an important matter, it was understandable to bring many second-level ones to Divine Realm. At that time, it had gone to the approvals of two God Kings.”


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“I know, you are a little discontent with the fact that two God Kings have given Divine Realm to the Sea God when they moved to another life, if I were them, I am afraid I would do the same.”

Right after the Life Goddess finished her words, the God of Destruction turned around, under his robe, his eyes were boiling red, staring at her, throwing a thrill-to-the-bone destructive look at her.

Wherever the Devastation passed by, that place would be ruined and become part of Devastation. But when his primary force of heaven and earth approached her, it was shaped back to its original form. Life and devastation were indeed mysterious.

The Life Goddess sighed and said: “Your world is really devastating. But you are a righteous man, this point we believe in you. But using devastation to control Divine Realm is also not a good thing for the Divine Realm. For this matter, other two God Kings have especially asked for my permission, they just made the decision after I agreed. I suppose they have looked for you too, it is you who ignore them.”

“Devastation is a stupid thing to do, promise me you wouldn’t do that?” The Life Goddess didn’t care about the devastation intent surrounding her body, she floated  to the God of Destruction’s side, gently leaned her body against his.

The God of Destruction opened his arms, pulled her to his chest, the redness in his eyes became more gentle as well. Using deep and loud voice, he said: “The Divine Realm’s future, I can’t see it clearly. How can he see it? He always says the Divine Realm will be in danger, I think if there is going to be a disaster, it is meant for him. If not, how can’t we sense that while we are the initial existences of the Divine Realm?”

The Life Goddess said softly: “I believe the Sea God doesn’t lie, moreover, this kind of event should happen or else life would be boring, if something like this happens, we will have more hopes to live.”

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The God of the Destruction said: “Have you just told him he was going to have another baby?”

“Uhm, right! His wife is pregnant again, this time it is a boy.” The Life Goddess sighed and said.

The God of Destruction held onto her soft body, “It’s all my fault… I have been blind with the devastation intent, which keeps us from having our child.”

The Life Goddess smiled and said: “No need to blame yourself, this is not your own problem? This is our mutual problem, I create life, you create devastation, life and death, let us stay together, which makes me very satisfied, how could I ask for more? Moreover, for Gods like us, continuing our bloodline is not a big deal, continuing our will is more important, wait until we meet a kid that we like, we pass our abilities to him, isn’t he our child then?”

“Um.” The God of Destruction slight nodded, a red gleam flashed out from a corner of his eyes, he turned around to look at the Divine Realm’s Committee not far away, his eyes suddenly became gloomy again.
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