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“Yes, father.” After hearing Sea God’s arrangement, the God of Emotion sighed with a relief. As long as his father-in-law was not panic, everything would have a chance to get better. After all, his father-in-law had controlled the Divine Realm for many years, it seemed he had soon prepared for this.



“Father, can you predict the God of Destruction’s action this time?” The God of Emotion lowered his voice and asked.



The Sea God slightly nodded his head, “He has been discontented for a long time. But in fact, we just have conflicting opinions. This is also not a big deal. God of Destruction himself is influenced by the God origin. He works radically and agrees to pursue the apex. This is also the reason why I was entrusted with the Divine Realm by the God Kings back then. The long history with the Divine Realm is also not the main reason. It’s just that, I haven’t thought that he could do this regardless the fact that I have promised him if within one year that crisis doesn’t happen, I would agree to expand the Divine Realm as he wants. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to wait for that long.”



After finishing talking, he reluctantly glanced at the warm atmosphere where Xiao Wu and his daughter were talking, his eyes also became more gentle.


The God of Emotion didn’t ask, he was a brilliant man, he could understand many things from the look of Sea God’s eyes.



The God of Destruction and the Sea God, both were the Law executors of the Divine Realm. The Sea God was also the one ruling the Divine Realm. In terms of individual strength, the God of Destruction could not defeat the Sea God.  If these two Law Executors really fought, they would have stirred the entire Divine Realm. It is not that easy to get the Sea God sealed like this. Perhaps, his mother-in-law might be the big cause for this matter.



The God of Destruction had chosen the time when the due date of his mother-in-law was coming close to start the attack. In a situation like this, the Sea God possibly comprised because he was afraid of his wife and child getting hurt. The God of Destruction of course thought this was a rare opportunity. In fact, it was. However, his action was somewhat a little reptile!



The Sea God said: “Yu Hao, come here, I want to tell you something.” Immediately, he took the God of Emotion to a side, lowered his voice, instructing him. After that, a blue pearly slowly flowed out from his mouth, then he put it into the God of Emotion’s hand.



“This is the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, which I have refined for many years. It has turned into a divine pearl, I named it Sea God’s Pearl. There is something you need inside. Bring it with you and Wu Tong. Regarding the way you handle things, I am not worried. If you have no way to fight back, definitely keeping your life first even if you are captured by the God of Destruction. Are you clear?”



Seeing the gentle look in Sea God’s eyes, the God of Emotion couldn’t help but feel warm. Until now, he in fact always had some barriers with his father-in-law. Now, his father-in-law had been imprisoned, but still didn’t get any damage, he was still calm as before, like he had already gotten everything in his hands. Just only his look could make people feel at ease. Such a strong attitude like this, how couldn’t anyone not believe? Let alone, even though his words didn’t carry many concerns in it, from his eyes, the God of Emotion could feel that he had become a member of the Sea God’s family.



“Yes. Father, please don’t worry. I definitely don’t let anyone offend you and Wu Tong. Even if I have to die, I will bring her back by your side safe and sound.”



The Sea God patted his shoulder, half-hugged him, and said: “Let’s go.”



The Butterfly God arrived at this moment, her eyes was a little red, She definitely had just cried.



When the Sea God saw his daughter, his pupils were full of kindness. He slightly gave a kiss on his daughter’s cheek, “Wu Tong, you have to listen to Yu Hao, do not behave recklessly.”



“Father.”  Tang Wu Tong’s eyes were once again welled up in tears, hugged her father tightly.



“Silly girl. You can’t have a rainbow, without a little rain. These things will happen sooner or later. As for that unknown disaster, I just let it occur a little earlier. I will try to protect your mother, nothing will happen to us. Quickly go with Yu Hao.”



The Butterfly God ‘s mind was distracted, she couldn’t hear what Sea God said, tiptoed to kiss her father. After that, she turned around, pulled the God of Emotion’s hand, both of them changed into a streak of light, flew away through the window.



As standing in front of the window and watching them leave, the Sea God pulled up a smile, slightly shook his head and said: “This little rascal, definitely doesn’t let me down in the end.”



Xiao Wu had already arrived beside him, also looking  out of the window, “Have you soon guessed that they could break the siege? But this time matter is so sudden, have you done anything beforehand?”



The Sea God slightly smiled, said: “There is something, if we do it in advance, will others take it to their hearts? Just let them happen naturally, only then can we see its real self.”



Xiao Wu was somewhat discontented, pouted her lips, said: “San ge, don’t you think your smile right now is deceitful? What if your daughter and son-in-law also get caught, how will you be then?”



The Sea God Tang San shrugged his shoulders, said. “Definitely disappointed.”



Xiao Wu was a little surprised, looking at him, “How can you say something like this, you…”


[1]Ge: Chinese way to call an older brother


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